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WHITE BROTHERHOOD - Eileen Zizecli Coleman

Trance Group 23rd August 2017

At the beginning of meditation, I asked the girls to visualise their roots going deep into Mother Earth, spreading further and further around the globe to link with other Light workers.

There is a growing network of services as you join with other Lightworkers and make a difference in the world, a grand difference. We reach out to one another and spread this Love that is within you, fed by us to you all. We will see a greater happening, greater life force energy travelling all around the globe at high speed. We sanction a going within to rest and recuperate and we deem it necessary now to retreat to your heart centre, keeping anchoring to Earth, bring that golden energy back into your heart space. We are linked forever to our Master in Heaven and we welcome you to join us, at any time that you wish to open that golden door. Reside in your heart space and see the door we speak of with chinks of light emanating. We dare you to open the door, to open the portal within your heart and to transcend all cares and worries. Go beyond the beyond! Go into that great wilderness of Love. Go into the Light and be welcomed by us, those that walk with you and watch over you on the Earth plane. We rise above the dismal anomalies of your world and go into that Peace.

There is a wider knowledge being brought in for you to share, listen with your heart, believe in yourselves for you are LOVE. Tap into those reserves of energy that are within you, allow us the grace and favour of drawing closer into your orbit. Feel that gentility of Spirit as it coils and wraps around you, preparing you for those times ahead where you will be in greatest need.

This is the beginning of a new journey for many of you. Journey into the unknown, you shall not be alone for we are ever beside you, taking the helm and guiding you. We are challenged at times by your behaviour but we ascertain your strengths and weaknesses and steer you as best we may towards that course destined. We glide over some rough patches and press you further forward, ironing out the creases and coming to your aid when you stumble and fall. This is all in a day’s work for us, for we are forever near, watching your toing’s and froing’s and bending to whisper in your ear, when at times you are out of control. Listen to these prodding’s, listen with your heart and give yourselves a break! Do not be so hard on yourselves, let go and let LOVE, for this is your guiding force, this is the ‘power’ and energy of Love that we shower upon you this day!

Feel the difference in your energy fields, feel the power of Love, there can be no other energy source more magnificent than this. We undulate with the energies, bending and swaying in perfect harmony, registering your thought streams and opening up to greater wisdom. Be not put off by those who would lead you astray, centre your thoughts, do not waver from the course you have set! We bring this from the Great Divine to help you in your studies, to help you answer those questions niggling in your mind. It is there, all that you seek, you need only tap into those reserves of energy within you, that will bring you to the great library of all that is, of all happenings registered of great consequence!

The bond of friendship grows between you and shall be strengthened with greater Love, for Love has no bounds, Love is the be all and end all! Blossom and grow and help one another upon this journey that you have chosen for yourselves. There are many that fall along the wayside and we pick them up and dust them down so they may start again with renewed strength and courage. Do not feel that you have failed in any way, shape or form for it takes great courage to set out on this pathway of Love and Hope. There is great strength in you all!

We go now into the mists of time, shrouded with secrets that shall be uncovered and brought into view. Dig deep into that treasure chest of Love, take out the clothes you have worn in your previous lives. Look and see all you have been and know, without a shadow of doubt, that you have come so far along this pathway. There are many roads yet to be walked, many different garbs to be worn. Life and Love are endless, and there can be no separation from those you Love for they are brought into the equation of each life you live. Mothers and brothers may become sons and lovers, the choice is yours! The format changes, the experiences alter giving you a wealth of knowledge and walking in another man’s shoes can teach you so much about yourselves.

We are open for questions, dear friends!

Thank you for joining us today in the sanctuary, we are very grateful for your wise words and I wonder if I could ask a question please?

It is our pleasure!

Q. I’d like to ask you your opinion about the religious practices that mankind take part in? Do you consider them all to be equal?

We consider the strength of feelings on this subject, mankind has warred for centuries over this very subject! It is so sad to see the turmoil, the anguish, the anger and a futility borne from religion. There is only Love, there is no religion in these higher realms. We attend to those devout beings that pass through the veil of death and abide here with us. They have new sight and see the error of their ways, they see that Love conquers over all imperfections. Love is not a material concept, Love is born in the heart and transcends the physical. There are many different souls of different religions that abide here with us now and they live in truth and harmony within this realm of Light. They see past judgements slip away and see the greater truth of all that is. Love and harmony prevail through all adversity!

Thank you for your reply because it’s been something that’s been perplexing me. Your answer is very reassuring and its lovely to know that Love will conquer all. Thank you!

You are very welcome my dear, very welcome indeed! Thank you for coming forward to ask these questions for they will help many who have the same reservations, and these messages go out far and wide, spread around the globe. So, these sessions and discussions are very important to us for they help so many people realise that we ‘can’ be contacted, we ‘can’ speak and answer those who are in turmoil!

There is no need to fear, we are among friends and we help as best we may. If we cannot answer your questions today, we will find those who will draw close to help you! Thank you.

There has been a massive imbalance in energies of recent but this is changing, the energies are becoming stronger and more powerful, and more and more people are beginning to realise that there is more to life than that which they are presently experiencing! The heavenly realms are drawing closer and closer, your relatives here are finding the contact easier. Your families gather and send you their Love, they are forever close. Send them a thought in your quiet moments and listen to their response.

Q. Thank you for coming today! May I ask that those on Earth who don’t believe in Spirits, can I ask what happens to them when they go over?

They are attended to with the greatest Love, it can be a shock for them to realise that life goes on, that there is no ‘dead end’ so to speak. And on the whole, they are pleasantly surprised, especially when they find relatives that have gone before who come to see them, and to help them and to reassure them that all is well! And there is much joy at these reunions when the penny drops and they realise, they need not have worried at all. Again, it is the point of Love for Love can never die, Love is the strongest emotion, the most powerful energy on Earth and in Heaven alike. And we welcome those souls, each and every soul to come join with us here!

Q. What happens when people who are very unpleasant or perhaps evil or bad pass over? When they pass into Spirit what happens to their personalities, do they remain nasty or are they transformed?

They are helped and healed, as is everyone but this can be a length process for some! It can take an eternity for them to realise that they were born from Love and to Love they will return. Some continue living out their worst fears and fantasies, some insist on living in degradation, some refuse to believe that they have indeed passed over! But we do not give up on them, we send the Light their way and indeed there are parties that work in this field, they give their strength and energy and descend to those realms where these creatures live. And they work to help them, to raise them up to the level where they can be lifted into a higher state of existence and be brought back into the fold so to speak. They will eventually be drawn like a magnet back to the Light but it can take eons for this to happen. It is all a matter of perspective but they are as important to us as are you, and there is great rejoicing when this occurs and this Light, that was shrouded in darkness, can now be brought back into the Light! We never give up on any of you! We hope this answers your question, my dear? Yes, thank you!

We are so grateful to you all for coming here today, we feel your Love and your enquiring minds and it gives us much joy. We understand there has been a spate of birthdays and we would like to wish you all ‘Happy Birthday’ celebrating your entry into this world! And we are all here on this side of the veil and there are crowds behind us wishing you well, wishing you Love and happiness!

That’s a lovely thought and we send much Love and wishes for happiness back!

We thank you, and we know that you will have joyous years to come, and we are so excited for you, we see your smiles, your sighs and we are most proud of you! 

Are there any other questions that you would like to ask?

Q. Yes, I know when we die we go into Heaven and it’s a beautiful place, yet why do I fear death so much?

The fear of the unknown is always a tricky one! Is it the manner of your death, you are worried about? Yes, I think so!

I see before me candles and garlands of flowers surrounding you, and when you are being brought back into the Light, it shall be a joyous occasion for us here to receive you home once more. We protect you and Love you and no harm shall befall you, your passing shall be a gentle one, full of upliftment and Light. There is nothing to fear but fear itself! Know that you are most cherished, you will gently slip away from this world into the higher realms. And that is all we wish for those who work for us, and bring that Light into this world for the lost and lonely. Death is only a doorway, a transition into another realm, you simply awake from sleep to find yourself in a different dimension and the Love here awaiting you all will calm you and soothe you.

It is harder for those who pass over through accidents for it is a shock to the system! But for those of you who walk this path of Light there is much for you to do and we don’t intend to lose you quickly or in this moment of time. Your days shall be blessed, (really loud click) and long, do not fret or worry about this! 

Thank you!

And Love has a way of softening even the hardest of blows, those that are taken from us, wrenched from this world, their passing may seem hard to those that are left behind but they are received in the greatest Love. Is this of some help to you?

Yes, it is, thank you!

Then we are satisfied and it ‘shall’ be so!  This one thinks her days are numbered but there is much also for her to do. And we would wish her here with us but we know that we too have work to do alongside her, and she shall grow in great esteem within these realms.

We are blessed to have her with us!

We thank you for the help you do in encouraging her and lifting her up, for there are times that she sinks very low. There are times when she wishes she could return home, for there is so much sadness in the world, but we bolster her up and push her forward as we do with you all. And there shall be a governing of services where we ask that you gather around her and keep her safe in your loving embrace as we give our words to the people of Earth. We bring about a grand reunion from those here, blending with you on your plane of existence. And we make a strong and handsome team of that there is no doubt, with strength and courage that we shall muster for you to be able to share with the masses!

More loud clicks here.

We thank the Great Spirit for the Love produced here in this room and in the higher realms of Light, we blend together with perfect ease and we salute those who work alongside us, we salute you and thank you, and you shall be rewarded! We give to you all a hamper, a basket of great delights and we leave these with you to look at within your own homes. Go into that silence, that place of meditation, open your baskets and see what is within, we think you will be well pleased and excited! For these choices are being given to you so that you may open up and evolve to a higher level of awareness and greater wisdom that you may pass on to others. And we share this with those very special few who are willing to do this work!

Thank you for the Love and care you send to us, we are very grateful!

(There was a long gap here as the energies changed. There were loud cracks in the room again).

My dear friends, we are beholden to you for allowing this experiment, for giving us your energies. May we say how proud we are of you all, so proud that you have made it this far! There is so much yet still to accomplish, and we ask you to bear with us in the weeks and months ahead so that we may attune our energies more strongly and enable a breakthrough of sorts, so that we may get this ball rolling! It is a great undertaking we are asking you to make, but we feel sure that you will honour us in these proceedings, and take hold, strong and fast, our hands so that we may join together and become as one.  There are great happenings occurring all around the globe and we do not mean those physical atrocities, we mean those from spirit who are joining forces with their counterparts on Earth to enable a grand awakening of the human race. And this shall occur, there is no stopping the forces available to us, they gather in power and momentum, and we join with our brothers and sisters of Light all around the world. And though it may not seem to you that we are making a difference, we feel the vibrations, we feel them rising, we ‘feel’ these channellings getting stronger and more, easy to accommodate. And all of you in turn will feel that powerful energy as it vibrates in frequency, higher and higher than ever before. And it is with your help and those of the Brotherhood of Light that we enable these frequencies to gather momentum.

Q. Are you able to explain to us, who are the Brotherhood of Light?

We are those beings who have traversed many lifetimes in different worlds and have raised to that frequency of Light that can hold that vibration, that powerful vibration and energy to help this world, and whatever world it is that we are working with at this time. There is a life force energy within us all and this vibrates most powerfully here in your world at this moment. We hold back the energies of darkness and bring forward the energies of Light and Love, we hold the frequency of Love to be used and utilised in this world, hence we are named the Brother hood of Light. Thank you.

We are not all of one gender, we are brothers and sisters, and we all morph into that Light and become pure energy.

We know it is time to take our leave, we find it hard to break away, for there is so much Love and Light within you, we do not want to leave you! But we know, we never leave you in fact, we are with you always, but we do enjoy these moments of closeness, this blending of energies so powerfully strong. Hold onto this remembrance of this closeness, hold it within you and when you have those dark and dismal times that, unfortunately, on the Earth plane can happen quite frequently for some. When these thoughts assail you, remember us, hold that ball of Light within your hands, bring it into your heart space and remember us! And we shall gather to your side and help you in whatever way you ask, whether it is for yourselves, your friends or for your families. Know that we are hear listening and we are doing all we can to rectify any disturbances in your lives. Keep on sending that Love Light out and we shall use your Love to calm the troubled waters and to bring about a resolution that will help you. We bid you farewell, dear Sisters of Light, farewell and safe journey! And we will be there with you at your tea-party, watching your laughter and giggles, and we may partake of a cup of tea or two with you, in the spiritual sense of course! Take heart fair maidens, God Bless you and keep you safe.  Bless you too, thank you!

At the end here, I saw my Lion friend, Raja, come bounding up to me for a hug! Spirit often manifest loud cracks, click or even bangs in the room during these sessions to confirm or emphasise what they are saying! It is wonderful to be part of these proceedings!


Glynis - At the beginning when we were told to go to the door. I was taken back to somewhere from my childhood, which was a very special church, it was unique in that it was a Welsh church in London. The building was quite unusual in that it had two doors at the entrance. There were steps leading to heavy doors and then into the most beautiful church that was chapel like. There were lovely mahogany benches in deep colours and a beautiful white font behind, where the congregation would sit. I was taken down the aisle to the beautiful lectern which was like a huge big Eagle outstretched in brass. Behind that was the main altar and then she looked up and saw a beautiful stained-glass window, depicting Jesus and the words ‘suffer the little children to come unto me’. It was lovely to be back there, it felt so real and I could smell the polish and the old mahogany wood.

At the end, Glynis was urged to read Thomas Campell again. His book is called ‘My Big Toe’. He was a Nasa Scientist and has views on the afterlife, healing and the greater consciousness. His book is about the theory of everything!

Cathy – When she finally settled down she sensed men of distinction dressed in robes of white and silver, gold and another in green and was told they represented the seasons, a fourth one came in surrounded in purple.

Belinda – felt her grandmother draw close and cuddled into her shawl, going very deep into the healing energies. At some stage, she opened her eyes and saw a white mist but her eyes were so heavy she had to shut them again.

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on August 27, 2017 at 7:08pm

Thank you Eileen for sharing these meetings with us.

With gratitude and love,


Comment by Steve Hutchinson, Admin. on August 27, 2017 at 11:48pm

Thank you Eileen & Ishema for sharing this uplifting message.

Infinite Blessings of Love & Abundance to all,


Comment by Melvin "Yahweh" M. Lusterio on August 28, 2017 at 2:58am

Nice posts, thanks for sharing!


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