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For those of you interested in Dragon adventures, this post goes that direction eventually...

After my "Ascension Venturi" experience a couple nights ago, I had to take a night off. Even this night off, I was still buzzing with energy when I went to bed, and I could feel the portal energies running. But I had a good night's sleep and felt much better the next day.

Now it was time to try it again and see if it would be different than the overwhelming and runaway feeling I had before.

My party of spiritual supporters were literally waiting for me in the hot tub as I entered. Maybe that is a benefit of creating a portal in a hot tub...

I did my normal grounding and energetic sync with the Violet Flame, Golden Flame, Blue Flame, Silver and Platinum Flames, and then activated the Iridescent Flame. In each case I state the intention and manifestation of the flames filling my heart, then filling every cell of my being, the space between the cells, and all aspects of my being, known and unknown, past, present and future, and across all dimensions.

With the energies flowing I sent it from my Crystal Heart to Gaia's Crystal Heart (both in her planetary body as well as the energetic human-like body sitting across from me in the tub) through the pillar of Iridescent Flame. From there I intend and manifest that the energies be magnified and spread through all aspects of Gaia, in all dimensions, and through all beings in and on her (like I do with my own body), including back to myself. I also intend that it travel through all portals, to all ships and beings on ships, and up the pillar of Iridescent Flame throughout the universe all the way to source. I also invoke that this energy is done in concert with the efforts and energies of all lightworkers, the angelic, fairy, and elemental kingdoms.

That's my basic routine to get my meditation efforts going. Seems to work well for me and always feels very moving and powerful.

Now that I was grounded and the pillar of Iridescent Flame was in place, all I needed to do was acknowledge the ascension portal as being open, and to invite souls to use it. So I did.

At first the energy was strong, but there were very few adventurous streaks of light passing by. To have any come at all, should be thrilling, but after the ridiculously high energies of the previous attempt, I thought maybe something was wrong... I invited again, including all light and dark to come. Play in the energy and see what it feels like... I'm some sort of spiritual carnival ride operator or something...

I tried inviting specific friends and family to participate, which arrived when invited, and they mostly just watched the process. I don't think any went in (they did the previous time).

So now, I am doubting myself. Was the previous one just super powerful? Had I imagined what happened?

I asked Sananda and Archangel Michael for advice. They said not to worry about it, those that are ready to come, will come.

More did come, I would say hundreds did, just at a more leisurely pace. It was actually nicer because I didn't feel I would lose myself in the process or that I had to focus so much to stay open and clear.

Since I had more "room" for myself to be in the portal myself, I invited my wife and daughter to join me in the portal. I connected to each one in turn by reaching out energetically with my heart-mind and asking them to come. Both of them were asleep in physical and both joined me in the portal.

The three of us danced a waltz while I heard angelic music being played. We just hovered a few feet above the hot tub and swayed and circled in the Iridescent Flames. It was wonderful. I could see some of their true selves while we danced, with my wife having this element of a unicorn standing by (she is an equestrian in real-life), and my daughter in her fairy and elf aspects.

As we danced we began to ascend in the pillar of Iridescent Flames. As we rose higher and higher, my wife stopped, and seemed concerned about going any farther. We descended back to her and I told her she would be fine. She told me she won't be going to the ship, as that is not her place to go. We ascended farther "up" and she departed for her own kingdom and her own unique place of ascension.

My daughter also went her own way, into the fairy realms, to have her own experience whatever experience that may be.

Now on my own (so to speak), I continued up the pillar of Iridescent Flame and entered into "my ship". I was enjoying myself, along with my galactic higher-self Arryn, talking with crew members and could see many souls "popping" into the ship as they ascended in the pillar of Iridescent Flame.

It was then that I realized how many were passing through the ascension portal that I wasn't noticing when my family was dancing together. Maybe I don't need to see and notice every single one of them. Maybe the ascension portal is just open all the time and it gets used even if I don't notice it being used. Maybe it's important that I spend quality time in this energy for myself as well.

As I'm watching souls pop in, my daughter popped in. She also has Pleiadian aspects of herself and I met what I think was her high-self, a female named Alyssa (I think she visited me in the hospital as well). I'll have to see if that resonates for her.

After greeting my daughter with love, I decided I had something I needed to do as my Dragon self.

I transformed into my Iridescent White Dragon self while on the ship (nobody seemed even slightly surprised) and departed to visit my time spiral.

Clearing out the Time Spiral

My time spiral is a place where I can walk (or fly) backward through time in a descending spiral shaped like a giant tornado. This is a place where Raven helped me see where I can meet aspects of myself stuck in a shadow or regret, pain, loss, etc. A place where I can clear and release them, and by so doing, release myself as well. The previous time I did this, I was in my spiritual human form. This time I was a dragon.

There were maybe a dozen shadow forms present at different places in the spiral. I focused on three of them, but I can only remember now what one was about. He/I was a dark wizard that was trapped by feelings of having done so much evil that he could never be forgiven. We talked about it Dragon to Wizard, and with unconditional love, I breathed my Iridescent Flame through is being, and the darkness streamed off of him, cleansing him, transmuting that shadowing muck into light. He was brilliant laced with light and energy. He leapt into the flames of creation and that was that.

There was one shadow that was not like the others. I elevated in the spiral, and this one was not on the timeline, but rather was inside of the spiral, floating there. I asked who it was, and got no response. I asked then what I could do, and got no response.

Time to bring in the big guns... I called on Obsidian, Dharma, Ruby, Archangel Michael, and Sananda. Who is this one? I asked them. The answer was that it was darkness, "evil" if you will. Not a being as such, and not an incarnation like the other shadows on the timeline.

I asked what I was supposed to do when I can't really communicate with an amorphous energy like this. They said that I cannot cleanse this shadow, for it has done nothing to feel guilty about, it has no lifetime to be trapped in, or any karma to clear. It just is.

Hmm, this is different... I didn't expect this.

The answer I was seeking was to embrace this darkness as part of myself. IT JUST IS. I AM and IT IS. And so I DID.

I embraced this energy as a part of myself and let it merge with me, as I did so, it did have a clearing and cleansing effect, for when merged, it was no longer dark and seemingly menacing (although it was never frightening). It was now just blended with me, balanced as part of the whole me.

This felt REALLY important to me. A big step towards oneness of being.

I also felt like being in my dragon form made a difference in which shadows I encountered. Maybe the dark wizard wouldn't have presented to me as a human, but as a dragon, the respect of the wizard brought him forward.

Between my ascension experience this night as well as this clearing work over the course of an hour in the hot tub, I was REALLY tired and my physical body was having difficulty standing much less walking. Passing out in a hot tub is not a good plan, so in the house I went.

I considered just keeping the pillar and portal going while I went to sleep, but Archangel Michael, told me to shut it down. I had to get some sleep and I already had a pretty good sized headache.

Today, after all of these events, I have been light-headed most of the day, my body has been floating around, even when I've tried to ground myself. I can feel energy coursing through my head and limbs, and colors are super saturated and brighter. I asked my daughter if the colors on the TV seemed way brighter than normal. She didn't think so...

I feel the ascension experiences I had last night have changed me once again. I suspect that my second Ascension Venturi didn't feel as dramatic because my energetic frequencies had changed, and it didn't seem as overwhelming. I'm guessing it will be different every time I do this.

Here's to the adventure! Cheers. :)

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