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Last week sometime, I decided I wanted to connect to a being that I hadn't consciously communicated with before. I chose to connect with a Mothership that is also a Lightship. I had a very specific Lightship in mind.

I am strongly associated with the Pleiadians. I have met an aspect of myself on a ship, that I feel is a Pleiadian ship. I've been told this is my higher-self, and based on the amazing eye contact and feelings it stirred in me, I don't doubt it. It so happens I'm finding I have a few "higher-selves" so far, so this whole multidimensional being thing can become big really quick.

Anyway, back to my Pleiadian higher-self. His name is Arryn, and he is a commander on this ship. Being my higher-self, I also call this ship "my ship," for I AM him and he is me. I also met Arryn's significant other, who was actually doing most of the talking in our meeting, but I have no idea what she said now. I wish I did... She is very beautiful and they make a nice couple. :)

The Pleiadian lightships are sentient beings whose incarnation happens to be in the form of a ship. Many of the higher-dimension galactic ships are beings, there are however some "nuts and bolts" ships that have been constructed which are not sentient beings. I'm not sure which races of beings use these types of ships.

In order to communicate with my ship, I first connected with Arryn, and merged in with his energy. I projected myself onto the bridge of the ship with him. The ship is magnificent and the bridge is a very interesting place to explore. I could see and feel the interior, although I can't say it was as physical as my physical presence on the planet. I'm not quite "there" yet, but I don't think it's that far off for me.

I asked to be connected to the ship's consciousness and started asking questions. Being this was last week, I'm not sure I can remember all the questions, but I'll cover the bigger points.

I asked what her name is, and I got nothing, and I decided it wasn't particularly important what her name is. I do know some of the Galactic beings refer to ships by name, but I'm suspecting it is more to make us feel comfortable than anything. I'll ask this again in the future to see if something comes up.

I asked her how Arryn and the crew interact with her to guide and "control" her. She said that she is telepathic just like the crew and I are, and that she also has technology enhancements that integrate in with her "body" which can convey information as well. So in essence there are "controls" on the bridge, but most communication is via telepathy. She is not beholden to command or control, for she is a sentient being, but they operate in a cooperative and loving "oneness," so the idea of being commanded isn't really something that is considered.

She told me that she is very old, not in a rundown or linear time way, but that ship beings do not have lifespans as such.

I asked her what it "feels" like to be a lightship, and I asked if she would allow me to feel this through her. She allowed me to do this, which I feel very honored to experience. It is similar to those few fleeting moments when I have had a sense of oneness with others and the universe. It's not an easy type of experience to explain in words. The individual beings and other ships inside of her are an integral part of her body when they are inside or nearby. She said they are like cells and organs in our physical bodies, but in her case, are inside her body. These cells and organs can come and go, or be replaced by other beings, and she can feel those changes, but it is all seamless to her.

I asked her how the "technology" for things lie what we think of as "light beams" (beam me up) work for her. She said that she has chakras like we do, and the different chakras perform different functions, such as teleportation/energy transfer.

This is when my human side kicked in. I had the thought, that as a commander, I could command that a scout ship be deployed to a clearing near my house where it could land and meet me there then bring me back in physical. Something I really want to do... So I tried it. I "commanded" (asked) Arryn and my/our crew to deploy the scout ship. Then a long silence (seemed long) commenced. It was like the crew was whispering and asking Arryn for guidance. Then they said that they could not fulfill this command... It happened to be daytime when I was doing this, so I suggested they wait until cover of darkness... Another silence... Then the answer that they are not yet allowed to land where I live, that it hasn't been approved yet.

Honestly, this is all in fun, and I agreed that I didn't want to do anything that wasn't appropriate or not in the best interest of all concerned. I asked that they consider it when they are allowed to do so. :)

It was a fun exercise in seeing what is and is not possible within the structure of my Galactic relationships. I'm sure they got a bit of a chuckle out of it if nothing else.

I finished up just enjoying the feeling of being within and near her. She is majestic and I can't wait to visit her in physical form.

Two nights ago, when starring at the night sky, she flew directly over my head and my house. I say this because I "felt" it was her and that Arryn was at the bridge. She was a VERY bright, omni-directional white light that moved silently a few thousand feet above me. I waved and projected a beam of light in her/their direction and was grateful for their appearance.

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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on June 6, 2014 at 6:06am

Dear Paul,

Thanks for this message....

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on June 6, 2014 at 10:12pm

A most interesting experience!

Thank you Paul for sharing it with us.



Comment by martha nance on June 11, 2014 at 8:30pm

Blessings :)


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