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I recognise that in the following message my channelling may offend some people who have a religious belief system, but whenever, “God” is mentioned we do not mean to offend anybody or cause upset.  The term “God” respectfully refers to the unknowable existence that is the ultimate creative source, sometimes otherwise referred to as “The Universe”, “Upstairs” or “The Management”.

This week we have received two questions that flow rather nicely from our previous subjects of destiny and manifestation.


1) If God's plan is perfect and everything that is meant to happen, happens, does what I do/think/believe have any effect?


2) What is the purpose of forgetting our connection to each other and to God? 




“Let us focus on this message: I am Myrddin, I bring only good to those who choose to hear me and listen.


The question asked today is, if God’s plan is perfect, does my contribution (meaning the questioners contribution) have any effect?


Again, these are very good questions, very interesting questions, very philosophical questions, they are at the root of people’s wanderings and ponderings on “why”, what is this life?


So, to the answer, my answer, Myrddin’s answer: a spiritual and intuitive, enigmatic response from a realm beyond the three dimensions of physicality.


My first response would be to ask the question, is God’s plan perfect? What is perfection?

The budding of a flower?

Every moment of existence?

The laughter of a child?


Are these things perfect?


They are perfect in two senses: one, the subjective experience of the thing. Two, the objective third dimensional observation of the thing. The observation of the laughing child creates a sense of wonder and enjoyment and perfection. The observation of the budding flower creates the same: the perfection, the process, the analysis, the wonderment, the crystallisation, the acknowledgement of “perfect”.


Without the observer, perfection does not exist.


And therein is the answer.


The human species is one species that observes and co-creates using the source energy that we have spoken of on many occasions. Thereby it manifests a being of perfection: an observational judgement of perfection.


For a being that has a different moral outlet, a different moral code, a different standpoint from which to judge, the perfection the human race judges as perfect, is not perfect.


The creative energy is Source energy. The creative energy is God energy. The creative energy is God. It is the Oneness. It is simply, “All That Is”. This is not blasphemous, it is simply fact: “God” is a label of supreme creative energy. There are no words to describe what this is. I am not God, you are not God and yet we all have elements of God within us. This makes us “God” collectively.


This is outrageous, you say. But it is not outrageous: it is an element of God. Look in your eyes and you see a reflection of God. Look in somebody else’s eyes and you see a reflection of God. Look outside yourselves, look through your windows you see the manifestation of God in physicality. Everything you see has God within it. It is all created from source energy. God’s plan is perfect because God is perfect, because it is God. Perfection is God.


Do you therefore, as the questioner, the person asking this question, have a role to play in this perfection?


Why would you doubt? Do your decisions make a difference to this perfection? Yes. Your decisions make a difference and the perfection is built upon every decision that is made.


Every decision that is made is not destined, is not pre-determined. All that is exists before you were born and after you die, but your awareness of it is unfolding moment by moment through the choices that you make. It is the moment by moment linear exploration of different opportunities given by the choices you make, that unfold your perfection and your experience of God.


I can put this no other way: time is the building block.” 





“The question is what is the purpose of forgetting your connection to God?


That is not a purpose, that is a result. It is a result of many decades of human freewill and choice which has taken a course which has led to this point that you are experiencing now, where the species as a whole has indeed forgotten its connection.


In the original plan, the plan was to remain connected. You are always connected even if you do not recognise it. Your bodies, your experiences are made up of the Yin and the Yang, the two, the duality. You have a physicality which functions, you have a spiritual soul which functions both are intertwined in the years that you live in the three dimensions. When you die your soul exists as a separate part. (To clarify: here, he means separate from the physical)  


Your soul is the subjective realisation of all that you have experienced and all that you do experience in your lifetime.


The mechanism is such that you can remember and remain attached to the source energy. The current structure of the planet of human society is that in the West the materialism has overridden the spiritual desire to remain conscious of the attachment.


The plan is being rectified. From the 1960s onwards and with each passing day.


Do not underestimate the power of “downloads” into the genetic structure of the human being. The antenna is also the receiver. The DNA can be activated with intent. The subtle realms push and pull on the physical in order that judgements and plans and schemes, be completed. When I say “schemes” I do not mean “dark” schemes, I do not mean “scheming”, I do not mean anything untoward. I mean the playing of the players. I mean the experience that is the human experience of life: set, emotional scenarios carried out to the order in which energetic beings can learn: humans being energetic beings! Emotional scenarios carried out for learning purposes. The best way to learn is to do, to experience for oneself, to go through the experience and come out the other side having learnt.


We in The Management set the emotional agenda for your lives in consultation with you as spiritual beings when you are in our dimension. When you pass through into your current existence, the process, in order for you to survive, switches on the physical mechanism and your “filters” override the soul mechanism.


Not everybody is detached from their soul purpose or their spiritual aspect. Much can be learned when you establish a connection if you are “supposed to” remain with your spiritual connection and learn spiritual lessons.


What do I mean by this? I do not mean to put one person above another, to say that “old soul” in your terms is what is classified as “a good thing”. An old soul can be a “bad thing”.  An “old soul” is just what it is, it just simply “is” in relation to another in relation on your time-line old or new.


This does not mean that a person that you call in egoistic terms an “old soul” is any better than another. You are all equal, we are all equal, we just exist differently.


One of the lessons for humanity is to learn that! Equality: you are boundary driven (as Timothy would say), you are constrained, your thinking is box-like. You identify with others that appear to be as yourselves, but you exclude others who appear to be different, through fear!


It is unnecessary. Fear is a survival mechanism. Fight or flight. When the species was preyed upon it was necessary to have fear. It is still necessary to be fearful of some things like high places! You do not want to step off a high place! This is not a good thing. Therefore fear stops you doing that. Fear will always be there until you are in this realm when fear does not exist.


I sense I am being patronising!


So, the connection need not be lost. It is not the intention of humanity to be disconnected which is why the spiritual message is flooding across the world. The desperate need to re-connect before it is too late. And indeed it will never be too late, because it is integral to the human species. They come from spirit, they remain partly as spirit, they return to spirit. Spirit understands, does not judge, acknowledges the problem, works in harmony with the physical world and recognises the structures of the physical world. The physical world is in place because of spirit, not the other way round.


I have no more to say on this subject at this time. This was an interesting reading. Thank you for your questions. Farewell.”       


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Comment by Lejla Djurovic on June 8, 2013 at 11:52am

Beautiful and useful message and comments too.  Love to all <3

Comment by Tim Walter on June 8, 2013 at 1:25pm

Hello all, THANK YOU so much for your wonderful comments and observations. Mukesh, I will ask Myrddin your question directly when I sit with him in the next few days. Early next week I will do as Sonja suggests and open a group for these postings as they are fairly regular. My time is limited (although he has suggested one day he will show me how to play with time - apparently he really enjoys it!) but I will post when I can. 

heartfelt thanks once again to all.


Comment by martha nance on June 8, 2013 at 6:27pm

Comment by Myriel RAouine on June 8, 2013 at 7:16pm

Big smile :-)

Comment by Tim Walter on June 9, 2013 at 10:55am

Wow - those images from Martha and Sonja are fantastic. Martha, where does that one come from? It's beautiful!

Erika, this point about "who" it is that comes through is the most valuable one and the hardest part about mediumship, I think. I have been/am being trained by a lady who acknowledges the "new energy" that is pouring through in our time BUT who still uses the traditional methods of spirit contact to ensure the development of a safe and true connection in her students. I have to admit that it was this potential of "not knowing" that was the most concerning for me in the early days but with experience one learns to identify the intended guide and one establishes a protocol for the connection before any spirit energy is allowed through. But fundamentally it is about feeling and truly "knowing".

Psychic attack, which is what voodoo is a part of, is a horrible thing and many people are susceptible to it through their sensitivity.  As a form of control and dominance it is truly diabolical. Sending you best wishes and strength and it is good that you are free from it now. The angelic realms are amazing. I have been fortunate to encounter a few of them over the years; their grace and purity simply takes my breath away every time. It is to the angels that humanity aspires.

Myrddin is an enigma for while he insists he was once incarnate on this earth he also comes with enormous feelings of  understanding Nature and the natural subtle energies of the earth along with empathy and compassion for the human condition. But he also is clear that there is work to be done to assist people in waking up and recognising themselves as enlightened beings of far more strength and compassion than humanity has habitually demonstrated.

Love is indeed the answer!

Comment by Param Gian ~ Kathryn on June 9, 2013 at 1:12pm

Beautifully, Lovingly understood and expressed Dear Tim ~ yes, Love is indeed the answer and also our protection and also our discernment ~ each of must learn to stabilize our"human pole" to Be the conduit of the Love that We Are in actuality ~ Ultimately there is no difference between "angels" and "humans" except for the attachments of the mind to illusions that separate us from Divine Love source ~ Becoming who and what we really are ~ Divine Love expressing through the "human form" is a process also of discernment ~ Love never judges, but it also can not feed anything to do with separation, fear, intimidation ~ Love is never afraid, Love never intimidates, Love never makes another afraid, Love never intimidates another....  we are learning as sensitives to listen to the language of Love or the Heart and we are stabilizing our Being a conduit of such a Divine Source expression ~ sometimes the learning is learning to say "no" to those manipulative energies that because of ignorance (and even very developed mind streams with alot of mental "power" can still be ignorant without and attached to the separation of ego and spiritual pride and egoism and manipulation.... sometimes very subtle too, perhaps sometimes not even aware that this is what energy and attachment is being used and expressed) would seek to dominate, hurt, manipulate.... at some point each of us has to learn to "stand" a Be the the conduit we are .... we Know there is no separation, and that All is Ultimately Love, but we also need to discern what energies in any particular time and space expression are flowing with that Love Source ~ or not ~ 

We must find our own discernment,  no one can do this for us and we can not do this for anyone else.  We also can not "prove" that we can "discern if "another" is convinced that we can not .... we simply must "stand" in our truth and Be the Love we know ~~~~~~ yes! Love is indeed the answer.

Comment by Mukesh on June 9, 2013 at 7:13pm

Dear Tim ~ Pranam

Thank you.

Light ^ Love. 

Comment by Tim Walter on June 10, 2013 at 1:00pm

Thanks Param Gian ~ Kathryn f or those well-put thoughts. Very inspiring and humbling.

Comment by Param Gian ~ Kathryn on June 10, 2013 at 1:05pm

Thank You Tim ~ for Sharing such spacious Love :-) ~~~~ such Great Heart Shining ~~~

Comment by Tim Walter on June 10, 2013 at 11:38pm

Mukesh, I promised you a reply from Myrddin in answer to your question. Here it is. I hope it resonates with you. He felt very warm towards you and his comment about cherlishness is not meant as an insult, but as a friendly jibe. :) LOL

This morning Myrddin said:

"Love is indeed the answer, as we have already said. Why all the different teaching, the different processes? What is for one person is not suitable for another. There are 7 billion souls on the planet of human kind, each is an individual. Each will hear a message differently. It is as simple as this. 


Equally, you should ask, what is the past? Who says and who stipulates the messages existed? Consider your only moment that you are aware of is this one. Mukesh, you are able to understand this philosophy. You ask your question more out of cherlishness than out of true curiosity. You are intelligent. Do not hide your intelligence. Do not hide your loving soul either. Attend to yourself and attend to those that are dear to you and know that your soul is true.  Do not fret, ever.


Love can be all consuming. It is the creator. It simply “is”. But this is not the state of its existence on your plane. Here, where I am, it is. There is only love. The emotion is a deeper, wider, more beautiful love than it is possible to understand. The concept on earth is the same, but it is hard fought, hard won, hard striven and often is the source of anguish and angst. And yet a true compassionate soul when it speaks from one human being to another recognises in the fellow being the essence of the love where I am.  


It causes us anguish when we see how much strife you put yourselves through unnecessarily. The human condition is not one that is suited to peace. And yet you’re all striving and it will be the case. It will be the way. This is the right way. To grow, to aim, to strive, to find enlightenment in love: this is the way. But many will ask “how” and therefore this is the reason for process. The processes have to be in place; the guide, the ladder, many different types of process. They all at their route have the same aim and the same intention, to uncover the true love within the soul that sparks in every cell of your being. Every moment in every conscious decision. Forever."

I don't know about you but I find that quite moving.

All the best to you all. I will try to get a group up tomorrow.



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