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I was going to save my efforts and energy for the Lunar Eclipse, but, the moon is effectively full right now, and I needed some meditation time, so I did some of my energy work today anyway. I'll just do more later. :)

I tried something a little different today as I prepared to do my energy anchoring with Gaia Sophia. I always try to spend at least some energy acknowledging the individual guides around me as well as the realms I associate them with. Today, I started at what I think of as "the top" by acknowledging Source/God first as being in all aspects of myself, physical and spiritual. Then I worked my way "down" (meaning slightly more dense with each step) through each individual aspect of myself that I focus on in meditations. It sounds a little odd to call an aspect of my being in the 5th dimension dense in any way, so please forgive the term.

I acknowledged with love and joy, my "Godhead" Arak and asked him to join me by anchoring into my body. His golden light feels very nice, and I know it is only a small fragment of the energy so my body doesn't blow out. When he anchored into "our" body, I spoke aloud as Arak, and acknowledged Goddess Sophia, Gaia Sophia, Shiva, and Goddess Isis. After the Gods and Goddesses were acknowledged I, as Arak, acknowledged and invited Archangel Everian to anchor into our physical body. Then I spoke as Archangel Everian and acknowledged Commander Arryn and so forth. Each aspect also acknowledged the beings and representatives in attendance from their realm. So in the case of Commander Arryn, he spoke about the Pleiadian ships and crew, the Pleiadian Counsel, Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation, and etc. Clearly it took awhile to do this, but it was also very good to do it. Archangel Everian acknowledged each of the Archangels and the Ascended Masters.

As each aspect of myself anchored, the previous aspects to anchor stayed in my/our body as well. Each Iridescent color associated with each aspect just brightened and expanded with each addition. Soon I had Arak, Everian, Arryn, Luna, Sjernafina, Talliander, "the Shaman," and my "human" self all present and anchored. It was very interesting to me to speak as each one in turn introducing the next. I really felt like I was feeling their personalities and mannerisms, and I was basically channeling them.

As Sjernafina (Faery), she acknowledged some of the specific faeries Pan, Ginger, Uri, Nee and Te, and the Unicorn Nina as well as each of the remaining realms, including celestial beings.

Sitting in the tub, with all these facets and layers of myself together, I as Paul, was feeling VERY loved. It was like everyone was just looking at me from the inside out with great compassion, appreciation, and thankfulness. It was deeply felt and my emotions made it difficult to speak.

I asked for guidance on what to do next, and I was guided to hold these anchored energies all together, and "let her rip." So, of course, that is what I did, and the energies just built stronger and stronger. But being these are all aspects of myself, it wasn't at all overwhelming. It just felt good. It felt so good that I invited Archangel Michael to join in and anchor with us. Turned out that all of the Archangels present did the same (with my blessing and invitation) and the energy was very high indeed.

I asked for the "Diamond Light" to enter in through my upper chakras, into my crown and on down, which just added to the overall blast of energy. Gaia was full of it for sure.

Then ONE started talking to me, kind of out of the blue.

He said that embracing my multidimensional self is a critical key to my personal ascension and that my personal ascension is a key to other's doing the same. I didn't interpret this as me being more important or anything like that, just that it's part of a chain reaction of sorts. We are already seeing that in our interpersonal relations as each of us reaches out and touches others.

He said I could ask my questions...

Of course I had to ask about the Spiritual Retreat I want to build, that I can see so clearly in my mind. I wanted to know "when" I can start on this. He said that it already exists in the 5th, for I have been creating it all along. Then we went to it, and I stood inside the pyramid and put my hand on the internal structure and felt it as physical, solid and very real. I could see the beauty of it as art and function. We took a walk around the outside as I slid my hand along the smooth outer surface. He commented on how it was wise to have this community space and separate pyramids for each chakra so people can really focus and gradually build up to their full potential in balance, and to have yurts where people can sleep and gather without the rarified energies of the pyramid energizing them too much. He talked about how the animals on the retreat would be a beacon for people that needed to ground and find solace in their energies.

It was wonderful to have this tour of something I'm creating/co-creating and feel it so distinctly and see it so clearly. It felt different than when I have daydreamed about it in the past.

He said the blessings are near and I will be able to start on the nuts and bolts of manifesting "soon." This is so exciting to me!

I also asked him some questions about personal matters and I feel very good about the answers, so I will leave it at that... :)

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 8, 2014 at 7:43pm

Will read now - and share tomorrow!

BLESSINGS, Paul - we are LOVE!


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