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A little tree frog friend of mine died today. He has been greeting me at the rim of the hot tub pretty much everyday. I would make sure he moved away from the edge and I'd tell him he needs to stay out of the hot tub. Then I would ask my Faery Friend Uri to make sure he stayed out.

But the next day he would be there, enjoying the warmth at the edge of the hot tub cover.

Today, he was there again, but I had only opened it to put more water in and then closed it up over the water hose. When I came out later, he was gone. I found him in the filter basket.

I've been on an emotional roller coaster for the last several days and this was a little too much. He had not been in there long, and frankly it doesn't take much to kill a frog with heat and chlorine. The water wasn't dirty and I got him out and back into nature where he belongs.

Then I cried, and I asked for help from my guides who waited with compassion. I asked to talk to my friend the frog and his spirit form appeared on my shoulder. I apologized for allowing him to get into the tub. For not supervising him when I put the lid back down.

This is what he had to say.

"It's almost winter, and it was just about my time to go anyway. My passing is a trigger for you, a symbol of death and the destruction of the old so the new can be born. You are struggling with this as your father grows older and weaker, as your entire life is about to be turned upside down, and you question what to do with the old and how to make room for new."

Wise little frog...

I told him I would dedicate my meditation time to him, but said he didn't have to stay. With that my vision of his frog spirit turned into a faery and off he went.

A nice vision, but honestly, I was kind of pissed off. Thank you Blood Moon for opening my emotional walls up! I mean that as a double meaning of course, for this opening is actually important. But with the power of my emotions, and knowing I needed to do some clearing, I turned on the Violet Flame and didn't hold back. I can say it was a blast furnace of flames without any risk of exaggeration. It was extremely intense and I just wanted to burn it all out, crying the whole time.

While this furnace was blasting, I asked Sananda for his help. He consoled me and told me it was okay. We talked for awhile about the elements in my life still in old energy, and what to do about it. I can't say I have concrete answers for those questions, but I felt better talking with him and the tears stopped and I decided I needed to get on with some more "work."

I incorporated my multidimensional parts together and added the Atlantis Priest to the mix. I'm not actually sure if this is a priest or a priestess, but the energy has felt male most of the time, so I'll go with that. Although I cleared that aspect of myself several months ago, he was quite pleased to participate without the guilt that was associated with him/me before.

When I added Commander Arryn to my-self (what a weird way to say that...), He said we were going for a little ride. I joined him in a space craft, or at least a merkaba of energy (not sure which, or if it matters). We went to the Pleiades and I watched as we approached the planet we were going to. We walked into an auditorium filled with Pleiadians waiting for our arrival. As we walked in they were applauding, and at that same time several extremely loud dump trucks were driving by my house. Now that I am used to co-location, I stopped walking in the auditorium and waited for the trucks to pass, all the while being aware of both events. Then I went back to the auditorium as my primary focus.

I asked Arryn what the event was about and he said I was the guest of honor, and would be speaking to the audience. I'm sure glad I don't get nervous speaking in these spontaneous events. It's not like I had a speech prepared or anything.

The audience went quiet and Arryn and I were standing at a podium together. He introduced me, as an aspect of him, the human aspect anchoring him in physical with Gaia as we progress through ascension. It seems this makes me a bit of a rockstar with the Pleiadians, as not all of them are able to experience this first hand. I was there to talk about it and make it "more real" for them.

This is something like I said (paraphrasing again).

"Thank you for having me as your guest. It has been a real trip incarnating on Gaia and experiencing what it is like to be separated from the knowledge of who I really am, and often losing sight of what is most important in life. I have been in many different forms and played many different roles in the thousand or so physical lives I've tried out. Some worked out better than others, but all have been learning experiences and enlightening in their own way. We are now at the end of this cycle, and are graduating so we can help others learn from our experiences. I thank you all, not only from the bottom of MY heart, but for all humanity and for Gaia herself. You have offered your love and support, and sent help to Gaia in her time of need. I applaud you for the sacrifices and energy you have given freely to humanity and Gaia."

Lots of applause...

"While the certainty of ascension is now assured, I ask that you continue your support and add more love, and more energy for this final step in our journey. We are almost across the finish line, and with your continued  help, we will ascend even more gracefully and beautifully. I am truly humbled to be in your presence and to accept your warmth and love at this moment."

End of speech...

Throughout this "speech" Arryn and I would sort of cycle in and out with each other, sometimes occupying the same space and sometimes being side by side.

Arryn now spoke for both of us to the assembly. He publically thanked me for coming to speak for Gaia and humanity, to tell them how wondrous it is to participate in the emergence of Gaia in her ascension and how everyone in the galaxy is benefiting from this event. He was charming and well spoken, a true diplomat and commander in every sense. Writing this, I can say that I am too, for he is me.

The audience gave us a standing ovation and it was really cool! the whole experience was fantastic and really makes me feel we are more special that we realize.

In the remaining time in the tub I added the Iridescent Flame from my multidimensional self to the still blasting, violet flame and asked the other beings to contribute their energy as well. It was now a very colorful blast furnace, now expanded to the full extent of Gaia. Why blast just myself when I can blast everyone?

I'm still feeling emotional and anxious, even after all of this. I think this is going to be the norm for a little while. Violet Flame to the rescue...  :)

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on October 11, 2014 at 11:21am

Oh Paul, your story holds so much wisdom which is essential for ALL of us right NOW! This time inbetween eclipses is a contionued cleansing process which makes space for the NEW Codes to Anchor with the Solar Eclipse on Ocotober 23rd. What happens when our cup is full and we want fresh tea is known by all ...

I also find the multidimensional part intriguing in its simplicity and get the impression that the passing truck was like a test for your your ability to stay focussed in the Higher Realms while something loud is happening around your Earthly Incarnation, too ... not only did you succeeed in this, but you also rememberd your speech afterward to write it down! Congratulations, my dear friend, this grants you my full adoration :-)

Moving on we ARE,

Sonja MYriel RAouine

Comment by Param Gian ~ Kathryn on October 13, 2014 at 4:01pm

How wondrous is the infinite of expanse and wisdom ~ you love so deeply you are the seeing and knowing of this wisdom with your embrace of love expression through your dear froggy companion ~ yes yes yes we are soooo one with all that is ... and your BeLoved Pleiadians know with al heart the great gift and love of seva we live here with Gaia ~ our love families know and are so grateful for our part and seva love within All that Is ~ I looooved your story ~ I have a little series of stories about such gifts from our beloved animal companions... the beings who live in my little suburban yard admidst all the human take over .... and yet, yet they are soooo one with Gaia, so present to show us Her Grace Her Patience Her Creative Expression Her Oneness with All that is ~ and yes yes yes Dear Brother Love ~ we know this sooooo in our Hearts and I am soooooo grateful for your Being and Your Love for beloved Froggy and all beings <3 <3 <3 ~~~ I have a tiny froggy pond in my yard (bathtub size) and love to commune with the 5 - 10 froggy friends who live there and/or visit (the tree frogs visit and like to explore many locations :) ) and oh how I enjoy their song!  I share your gratitude for their wisdom ~ loving you dear beloved brother ~~ loving you beyond the words ~~ thank you for the gift of heart ~~

Comment by Patrizia on October 13, 2014 at 6:35pm

Thanks Paul, touching story, Froggy,  wise  friend...Thanks for letting us know your Heart, dear Brother...

In Love and Oneness


Comment by Sylvia Liney on October 29, 2014 at 7:57am

I am awestruck. I have not the words to express myself as well as the lovely Param Gian has...

I just send you Love, & am truly grateful for the reading of this wonderful event...Thank You...xx


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