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Birth of the Light Body - Divine Will - Matthew Part 2

Free Will, Divine Will and The Christ Jesus through the Disciple Matthew by Nada – Yolanda in the book Birth of the Light Body.

While implanting the Will of God Quality, in order to anchor the Light Body fully into the third dimensional body, each Spiritual Worker must weigh the consequences of his free will choices: choose for challenges, problems, conditionings, changes, pains, doubts and unknown functions of that Light Body form, or choose against such. Whatever blossoms from our choice, we each must be ready to reap those consequences to ourselves individually to our presently established society; to the race as a whole.

Before we may assume Spiritual Power and Mastership over all other kingdoms and species which are the natural consequences of the receptive, responsive alternating side of our Spiritual Will characteristic, we must implant the proper Spiritual Will firmly and unequivocally through every thought, word and deed. There is enough evidence everywhere on Earth to demonstrate what the selfish, error, limited, mortal type of will can do in wreaking havoc throughout the other kingdoms. Spiritual Powers can come only as a partner aspect to that of Spiritual Will. The former depends on the latter. The proper Spiritual Will expresses only when the individual's mortal thinking, say­ing and believing accepts totally align to "Not my will be done, but Thy Will through me as Your instrument be done."

Releasing the self centered, mortal will is not easy. It takes more than intellectual logic, and well intended platitudes. The will to release this free gift of God to each of His Children is monumental, extraordinarily complex, and requires strict discipline of self; all the mortal energies combined. This takes an extremely dedicated and strong individual.  

Spiritual Workers especially are called upon now, in this present age of chaos and demonstrations, to show man of Earth how to release his moral will gift to the Higher One; to think in terms of ''The Will of My I Am Self be done through me”. If those in the advance guard do not demonstrate submission to Divine Will, each one in his own sphere of influence and in his particular role and mission, it will make for unbelievable difficulties for others to desire, to experience and actually to release themselves to, the Higher Self. The race moves together as a whole species. ­Individuals may pioneer the path into the fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies, but they do not evolve separately and independently from the whole. We interact on one another exactly as the cells of our own body do.

Just as the cells of our bodies make up the citizens of our personal I Am Nation, so the citizens of Earth make up the cells in the body of the Cosmic Christ, the Son of God Creation. Each single cell/citizen has an effect on the whole, just as the whole evolutionary pattern has an effect on each one of its parts as the people that make up the human race as a whole.

As each one relinquishes selfish interests, mortal will, self serving desires to those ideals of the Higher Vibration, the I Am Will for the good of all equally; the Spiritual Energy and Purpose shall raise all simultaneously. Without this shift of attention, which is energy, from mortal and personal will into immortal and Spiritual Will, the desired sequence of events cannot occur. Here is the evolution of our son of man pattern (spiritual being in animal form) back to Son of God (Spiritual Being in I Am, Light Body Form). Jesus with His twelve Apost1es, (characteristics of the Christ), firmly set this evolutionary pattern. There is no possible way of changing the pattern or creating a separate path on this particular planet.

It was no accident, nor should it be overlooked for the symbolism intended, that Jesus selected a tax collector, Matthew, to portray the Will quality of the Son of God, Christed man. The tax collector takes only a percentage of the total substance and earnings from the citizen of the nation, energy from the cell of the body. The tax collector is a representative of the one who rules the land (the body of the individual).

Whether the ruler is righteous or malicious more or less depends on the consciousness and the karma of the group being ruled. So it is in our own bodies that our conscious mind (ruler) is just or unjust, sane or insane, fair minded or tyrannical. Our thoughts and desires constitute the type of conscious mind (ruler) we are over ourselves and our affairs. If the ruler becomes too unruly, it is up to the collective Citizens/cells of the nation/body to repent and to replace him.

The tax collected from all the citizens is supposed to be used to keep law and order within the whole nation/body. When the ruler (conscious mind) is governed by the I Am, the order is just and fair to each of the citizens/cells equally. Only from the I Am Consciousness can one understand all facets of the nation in proper perspective: the mental faculties and perceptions, the physical requirements and opportunities, the soul responsibilities and cleansings, the emotional development and expres­sions. Therefore, from this elevated viewpoint of the I Am Self, the per­centage of tax extracted from each cell/citizen is right and good, proper and pure. From this correct percentage the tithing principle of Spiri­tua1 Law, Order and Harmony, further development and future evolvement of the individual and the race grow in a graceful manner.

Even from the most crass, materialistic, mortal viewpoint it is obvi­ous that the ruler and his representative, the tax collector, would be fool­ish to tax the citizens/cells beyond their resources. Taking more than a rightful share or of the ability to give without undue strain, eventually must result in drying up the very source itself. The Cosmic View sees this clearly. The mortal view often is blinded and cannot see beyond its mo­mentary, temporary lust. Mortal man time and time again has killed the goose that lays the golden egg; has cut off his own nose to spite his face.

Therefore, to rise up to Spiritual thinking we must recognize there is a just and correct duty to be paid to the I Am Self.  Freely we must give a percentage of our energy, thoughts and desires to the Higher Self. This duty or tax becomes the leavening in the bread; a term Jesus used allegori­cally to represent our physical bodies or forms. The leavening or tax raises the whole, it serves the basic needs required to govern the whole being. This Spiritual Will or tax is spread throughout the land/body and acts to serve those other parts which as yet have not become enlightened enough, or has not the energy and Spiritual dedication enough, to serve the ruler, the I Am Self.

The I Am Self, a wise judge and Master over all aspects of our being, raises each part of its kingdom so that all are in proper harmony and have equal portions of the energy/supply. The I Am Self is right acting and discerns Spiritually or Wholly; therefore, it Knows what is best for the total being (physical, mental, emotional, soul psychic aspects). It takes the taxes/tithes from those who have supply, and equalizes them with the needs of those who have not sufficient supply.

Remember that Cosmic Truth serves on every level. Therefore, when the Hierarchy of this Solar System Planned this present evolutionary program to raise all men of Earth from third dimensional form into fourth and fifth dimensional, Light Body form, the Ascended Masters instructed to help enlighten and raise one hundred and forty four thousand program workers to work for this Second Coming. The Second Coming is not only the return of the Light Body to man of Earth, but also the return of the Spiritual Ruler, the I Am Pattern Maker; He who was last Known as Christ Jesus.

Those one hundred and forty four thousand individuals comprise only a small percentage, a symbolic as well as a literal tax or duty, to serve the 7.3 billion souls incarnated to date on the planet, plus those untold billions who affect the Earth through their astral influences and connections. When the one hundred and forty four thousand Light Workers consciously are working for the I Am Nation of enlightened Souls on Earth and in the astral, they will be able to leaven or to raise the whole race. Their Lights will enlighten those who have not the Light, the Truth, the way of Spiritual thoughts, desires, motives and plans.

Remember too, that this Cosmic Pattern of Truth is similar in our personal body/nation, in that there are one hundred and forty four thousand Spiritual Centers in the brain, which, when infused with Light, transmit it to all the others parts of the brain. This Light then sparks all cells to function at the Higher Frequencies; the fourth and fifth dimensional, Spiritual Level of Consciousness and Service.  This is to say that since the cerebrum of the brain is the central computer of the entire body, those one hundred and forty four thousand Spiritual Centers automatically trigger a chain reaction that Spiritualizes all functions, concepts and abilities of the individual’s functioning on all levels.

Thus, through this Cosmic Principle, exampling on multiple levels and for myriad purposes, we recall now that it is not necessary to transmute every thought, each aspect of our mortal will, each cell of our physical body, each experience within the total soul records of the unknown numbers of incarnations, in order for us to raise our entire expression of the body, mind and soul into the I Am Light Body Expression. A tax col­lector, the will quality in us which desires to be a Child of God instead of a child of man, is sufficient to raise and to assist all other lower thought forms and conditions.

Will to be and Will to do the Work of the I Am ruler; even if you do not know fully or understand yet the Will in each situation, demand that the conscious mind be governed by the Will of the I Am Self in all matters, ideas, and situations.  Rest securely then in the knowledge that this token taxing of the will nature serves the entire being. The I Am Self, a just and righteous governor, does the rest for all parts of itself equally, harmoniously and in the proper sequence and time. Through the Will Characteristic of the I Am Self; all parts will be as One in the, One Con­sciousness. 

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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on September 24, 2015 at 1:43pm

Dear Peter,

Yes, Our Higher self is very important to help us...

This is our connection to the Source of all and I Am That I Am...

And all the messages we receive are coming thro' our Higher Self...

Thanks for your post..

Comment by Cheryl on September 28, 2015 at 2:27am
There is a certain religion that I was raised in ( that I don't practice!) that spoke of the number 144,000 as being the only number of people that would asend to heaven and stay there. (those were the ones with a heavenly hope) and everyone else would live on the Earth. Where is this number coming from? What is it's origin? Why that exact number? Please explain, I questioned the number then and here it is again!
Comment by Peter Melchizedek on September 28, 2015 at 9:31am

Dear Cheryl,

You were very right to question your religious practice for it did like so many have done defiles the Truth to suit their own agenda.  I know which religion you speak of, but all religions are designed with the Truth at their foundation or core, but unfortuneately all have tended to be swayed and altered away from the Laws Of Love by ego and mortal man, who found that they through manipulation could use these domains to garner power of the people and use them for their own selfish desires.  Not all religions are that radical, but all have limitations and all have created certain aspects of themselves that in Truth are not completely aligned to God I Am.

The only religion that will do that is Love, Love of the I Am Presence (Holy Spirit within you) Love of God the Father/Mother and Love of Jesus the Christ.  This takes many forms and there are many ways to Love but in this Love there is no fear, no darkness, no manipulation of your fellowman and a Service that is Holy for the Greatest Good of All Concerned, Man, and all other sentient life forms no matter what their form or formlessness.

The 144,00 is a code, and encodement within the DNA of human biology and human consciousness. In is held within us as a trigger for change, and trigger to move from one level of consciousness to another.  The number 144 is the trigger but the 144, 000 is reflective of the number 12. which is also reflective of the 12 Apostles and the number of Members within a Christ Council or High Council of the I Am Presence.

Humanity has not yet reach this level of understanding yet where their governments, organizations and communities will function by this Law of Council and when they do we shall move from a primitive society to an evolved society.  This is another subject for another time perhaps. But for now know that 144 number is a code, and one that when one is ready will allow that individual to through the next grand shift of the "ring passeth not". At this level we are speaking of what is being called ascension, but ascension has nothing to do with going anywhere, it is simply the raising of consciousness to a new paradigm of understanding and Knowledge that allows us to partake within human experience is a totally more enlightened way.  The way of Love for the I Am Presence.

I pray that this is of help and if you would like further details I would be happy to share The Love that we all are, The Love that does not separate nor segregate our fellow human beings, no matter their race colour or creed, no matter what their religion, beliefs or way they express themselves.

All actions and there are no exceptions have consequences, and if one is creating negative consequences through their words, thoughts and actions, that trigger of 144 cannot, will not be activated. That is a Universal Law!  That is why we are all now so moving toward the I Am Presence within!

God Bless You 


Comment by Cheryl on September 28, 2015 at 9:39am
Thank You! With Love ~


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