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Birth of the Light Body - Divine Will - Matthew Part 1

Free Will, Divine Will and The Christ Jesus through the Disciple Matthew by Nada – Yolanda in the book Birth of the Light Body.

For those who are following the group 'A Call To Grace'  and anyone else who may be interested in the Embodiment of the Light Body, I wish to share this with you.  Partly because it was part of something that happened to me during my engagement with the Elemental Grace Alliance, and partly because of its relationship, both with the requirements for Light Body activation and the importance of its use within the task we are procuring to assist in the release of the pressures regarding the Cascadia Subduction Zone and San Andreas Fault lines.  It is essential reading as I see feel it, and I do believe that it does offer great value and importance toward our conscious awareness of the karmic responsibilities we are accepting as we proceed toward the Light within this task and so much more within our lives right now. It holds great wisdom and Knowledge as we approach the Higher Vibrational Frequencies of 'Not my will, but Thy Will be done.' I have placed it in two parts again due to its length, sorry about that!

Freewill choice is a primary gift of our Father-Mother God to each of Its personalized, individual beings. Moreover, it is a recurring contract of faith and trust in our Parent-Creator which we seem to repeat at each new level of growth, with each new challenge or problem we confront in our I Am unfolding.

It is our first positive performance as an infant emerging from the safety and the protection of our mother's womb. It is our first voluntary decision or will to live separately and independently from our parent creator. The mortal part of us, like the spiritual part; never actually can be totally separate from our Creator, since we are made in the image, the likeness, the pattern, the form, the substance of our Parent God. But in our formation stages we are totally dependent on the life giving func­tions of our parent. The first thing we do of own volition, our first free will action is to breathe through our own apparatus (the respiratory system) the air of this new environment. Those who refuse to breathe, are stillborn. Will, therefore, relates to air in this embryonic development of the Christ Self. We must ‘will’ air.

The letter W for ‘will’ forms two inverted triangles. Descending from the Creative Force of our Father-Mother God, we enter into manifested form. Ascending from this point of individualized form, we must will to return to the Creative Force from which we originated. This is the invo­lution into third dimensional frequency matter and the evolution back into fourth and fifth dimensional structure toward the I Am Presence. Since will is the first independent action of the individualized Spiri­tual Self, we must express this will repeatedly at various steps in our growth and development into total I Am Expression as a full Christed Being. To prove this point, we use Jesus of Nazareth as our perfect example. Review how many times and in how many situations He ex­pressed consciously that His personal, mortal will was to be one with the Higher, Divine Will of the I Am Self.

His first challenge as an independent, free mortal was at twelve years of age in the Temple of Jerusalem. Twelve generally was accepted as the age of decision and the beginning of adulthood. So, although his mortal parents were returning to their home in Nazareth He chose to lag behind and to serve His Spiritual Parent God, by conversing with, and challenging the ideas of the learned rabbis in the Temple. When Mary scolded him, he replied; "Why do you scold me? Do you not know I was about my Father's Business?"

Later, when he asked John the Baptist to bless him, the prophet at first refused, saying that Jesus was more worthy than he; in fact, he should be baptized by Jesus, the Messiah. Jesus could have been flat­tered by and have accepted this compliment; it was the truth. Instead he answered, "It is the Will of my Father; and it is the proper order of events that you baptize me first." Then the I Am Self could say, "Here is My Son in whom I Am well pleased."

The next-challenge to Jesus was a series of battles of the mortal will versus the Spiritual Will, the temptations in the wilderness. These are the temptations of the soul in the wilderness of this alien and mortal envi­ronment, plus the weaknesses of the flesh body. Jesus played out the problems, the heartaches, the questions, the confusions which beset any Spiritual Teachers or leaders on Earth. He was presented with a choice: Spiritual Thoughts and Actions, or immediate but temporary glory and acclaim. Jesus never was forced to play the role of Spiritual Teacher and Messiah. He freely chose the opportunities presented to Him by time, cir­cumstances arid Divine Revelations.

Moreover, He never was given the whole drama, the entire picture and all of the consequences resulting from these decisions, at any given moment. It was a constantly unfolding, gradual, step-by-step realization; as it is to all who are evolving back into their Spiritual, Child of God Status. At each challenge, with each step forward, Jesus had to make His own freewill choice to accept what was presented, to ignore it and thus to stand still (be stillborn), or to retreat or in effect to go backwards into deeper human involvement and karma.

Each of Jesus' demonstrations as a Christed Being likewise was a choice of His free will: the various healings, the transfiguration on the Mount for three of His Apostles, the walking on water, the changing of water into wine, the feeding of the five thousand, the giving of teachings and prophecies for the next two thousand years of Earthman’s evolution, and so forth. None of these conscious acts were forced upon Him; nor were they inevitable, beyond His control. Only Judas the betrayer forced his hand, and even then Jesus permitted the betrayal to take its course. At each new step of our growth, at each new challenge or problem in the developing state of Christhood, we may move forward, stand still or go backwards; any of these three courses, according to our free will.

The greatest decision is at the total crucifixion of the mortal life for the Spiritual One. Knowing that death would come of Judas' betrayal, Jesus prayed in Gethsemane for further illumination, guidance, clarity, strength; but, above all, for God's Will to be done through Him. Until His actual expiration (breathing out for the last time), Jesus still was making free will choices as to how far and how long He might carry Spirit's resolve and desire to demonstrate the resurrection of the flesh and the dissolving of the myth that man had created, that of so called death.

He continued to demonstrate free will during the three dark days in the tomb. For during that stage of His transformation Jesus the man and the Christ/Father/Self within acted as One. The Father's Will was the son's will. He and the Father within were One Will and One Expression: I am That I Am.

Therefore, in our mortal personality growth into the full expression of the I Am Self in embodiment, we also must demonstrate that act or willing, regardless of costs, pain, disillusionment, misunderstandings, betrayals, hatreds, our own fears to bring the mortal will into at-one-ment with the Spiritual Will of Our Divine Self.

The demonstration does not get necessarily easier, either. For with each new stage of unfoldment the tasks become more difficult, the re­sponsibilities more serious, the challenges and possible failures greater.

When we are embryonic in form, the parent mother takes care of all decisions and needs. When we are little children, both parents aid in helping us make decisions; particularly where the consequences are unknown to our limited experiences in this environment. But as we become adult and are given opportunities of power in co-creator functions and responsibilities as Children of God our Parent, our freewill choices have long range, serious consequences; but, at the same time, opportunities for service and glory.

On the mortal level, our will aspect can be self defeating. This is shown in the drama of Jesus wherein the disciple Levi, son of Alphaeus, was a tax gatherer. Until that one is called by the Christ Self (Jesus) to follow Him, he is engaged in gathering up substance and livelihood from the leftovers, the taxes of all the other citizens in the nation or personal­ity expression. Levi means a unifier, one who gathers or binds things up for another. Alphaeus means a chief or a leader, a supplanter who represents another higher than himself; (one who wrongfully or illegally seizes and holds the place of  another).

When this mortal expression willingly follows the Higher Self, he transforms into Matthew: a gift of Yahweh (I Am); one who gives wholly to the I Am Being. Charles Fillmore in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary stated for the aspect of Matthew, "When the individual will has become a Disciple of the Christ, Spiritual I Am, the schooling of the man begins." Thus it follows that after the four cornerstones faith, strength, love, wisdom have been laid to build (birth) the Light Body/Temple, the mor­tal self must consciously express its willingness for it, then be schooled methodically by the Father/Mother God as to, his role and mission as One of His/Her Children.

The most flagrant abuse of free will comes through Judas, representative in the I Am, for the regenerative Life Force. Judas made his free will choice; though he later did regret that choice and tried to stop the sequence of events which inevitably followed his act. But the I Am (Jesus), for its Own Higher Purposes, permitted (willed) him to follow through; to show dynamically and without question what consequences would result from those choices.

Isn't it interesting that when the drama or the effect of that, free will choice was concluded, the remaining eleven Apostles were obligated to replace Judas with another disciple, named Matthias? The name Mat­thias is a derivative of Matthew, the Disciple of Spiritual Will. Self will of the mortal, abuse of will through Judas, resulted in reinforcement by another who represents Divine Will being done.

The most frequently asked question by students of Spiritual Life is: What is God's Will? Since God is good, God's Will is good for all that is involved in the condition. God is synonymous with Cosmic (good) Laws in action: harmony, justice, peace, love, proper thinking, speaking and acting toward one and all.

Thus, when there is strife, anxiety, fear, worry and rage, there can be no Divine Will involved. For these conditions are the antitheses of what God's Will is for His/Her Creations. These are the symptoms of mortal, temporary self will in operation. It is not so much that these conditions are sins in themselves, but that they are signals that our mortal wills are superseding what Divine Will Desires for us: Never can there be proper fulfillment until Spiritual Will dominates the individual mortal self­ centered will of the human part of our nature. Thus the will aspect is the pivotal action, the most complex and the most involved, of all the twelve characteristics of the Christ Self.

Although it is free and seemingly independent and individual, nevertheless Divine Will is the quality which creates more interdependence and responsibility to others than any of the other qualities. In our freedom to choose, we are obligated to be responsible for many unseen and unknown acts and associates in future development.

It may be put this way. At the moment the newborn chooses to live or not to live in that body, his choice has an immediate effect upon the pat­ents, their lives and future decisions, relatives, friends; in fact, upon the whole sociological structure in which all of them live. If the child chooses to breathe and to live, there will be adjustments, sacrifices and obligations, as well as many joys, pleasures, sharing, fulfillments of hopes and desires on the part of all with whom that individual comes into contact during his life span.

If the individual chooses not to breathe, not to live at that time and through that body prepared for him by the parents; there still are enor­mous adjustments, emotional reactions, responsibilities of others; conditions which ensue through the parents, family, associates, and society in general. There also are unknown and countless decisions and activities which the soul and those connected with him must resolves in other realms of existence in order to adjust to that decision not to participate physically in that given time and place.

Now consider how much more is involved if a Spiritual Worker or leader that makes the wrong choice. This could be through wrong teachings and ideas, wrong messages and information, by wrong motives and actions. The implications are vast, because the sphere of influence of a Spiritual Teacher is considerably more vast than those who have only average consciousness and responsibilities within the race evolvement.   When righteous action is inaugurated, a chain of circumstances is boundless; and equally so when evil, self-serving, careless, ignorant, non-caring thoughts, teachings or deeds are performed by those with Spiritual Force behind them. Unimaginable damages are triggered in a chain of seemingly endless circumstances.

Suppose Jesus, at any point in His Ministry, had made the free will choice not to continue. Let your thoughts unfold as to what might have transpired to each individual of that time and place. What would have been the history of man on this planet?

When Mary asked Jesus to change the water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana, suppose He had said, "It is not my time and I do not want to take further responsibility." This was His first mortal reaction to His mother's request. But something Higher superseded and made Him change His mind. Suppose, challenged and thwarted by all kinds of learned authorities, He had just given up and said, "That's it. I've had it. This is the end of the line, Good-bye". Suppose that in Gethsemane He had decided to flee; or to go underground with His teachings, or to forget the revelation that He as the 'Messiah’ was to vanquish man's mortal and last enemy; that which is called death.

            How many lives, how many generations would His wrong decisions have affected; how many families; future commitments, societies, nations in fact, the whole evolutionary progression of man's return unto his rightful condition and understanding of his status as a Child of the Father/Mother Creator?  Go to Part 2

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:(( KeNah Peter, I Will Reread This :)))

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Dear Peter,

very helpful message...

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