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Avalon and Avebury * Stonehenge * Sacred Sites of Britain Arising *


namaste dearest friends


a wonderful documentary made in year of 1999

on the ancient sacred sites of  stonehenge and avebury and glastonbury/avalon

that has been constructed on lightgrid of luz / light

of our mother earth


connecting earth with heaven  and heavenly stars

avebury was  and is especially aligned to  the northern cross  and southern cross constellations

crux, southern cross  that is beneath Centaurus Constellatiion  was visible at time of construction of avebury

norther cross   is Cygnus Constellation that lies exactly on spot

where are Milky Way splits in TWO


this wonderful  magnificent video is made by people of Atlantis Rising

that is I believe a magazine 

J Douglas Kenyon  is the writer and narrator 



the second video  is of Alan Seinfeld

new realities series

interviewing nicholas mann

one of most indepth and knowable researchers and writers on ancient sacred sites

giving detailed insights in the meaning and star connections

his latest book is Avebury Cosmos

he lives at the Windmill Hill at Glastonbury

one of avalon's sacred hill 

where was an ancient star observatory





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Comment by dirk hertveldt on April 22, 2012 at 4:46pm


Avalon Avalon Avalon

The Storm sweeps the vessel on the shore
The Grail lives on forevermore

Journeying for days, time must haste
love begins and endures this way

Avalon Avalon Avalon

Over the waters of Mothers wave
Violent journey of mist swept haze
Navigating the rocky edge
Lands the Bloodline upon the Druid Isle

Avalon Avalon Avalon

The Children now wear a crown of Vines
No more thorns or pain this time

Avalon Avalon Avalon

The Storm sweeps the Vessel on the shore
The Grail lives on forevermore


Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on April 27, 2012 at 3:31am

just listened to the second video. I visited Sedona a few years ago and was spellbound by it. I walked by a book store that was playing flute music and had to buy it to take with me.

Alan Seinfeld talks about seeing with consciousness, and consciousness informs and creates our physical connection to our eyes and ears. I think I can understand that a bit.

Sedona is a feast for the consciousness, and it feels very sacred!

Many blessings, Ishema


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