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 Today has been quite a day, the first part, I was connecting in prayer on Christ and the golden Flame spent quite a while reading a prayer and then went into the silence, please do not think I am writing this lightly, I saw a foot yes a foot and it was Christ's foot it filled with light, the light shone from within and all around.  I just knew it christ, I burst into tears, but they were tears of joy.

The other aspect is quite major, I sat in tonight at 8.58pm uk time and felt compelled to work with the Violet Ray because of the news about Sierra, 

Now after I had only just completed the connection  I suddenely was shown Two humongous carriages these looked like the death carriers with horses as if this was to say there is going to be a lot of deaths.  Now I realise we can not change elements that are going to occur, but may thoughts are do we still send our healing and love to the suffering that is being shown, I felt sad to see this, and that it seems I/we can not over ride all out comes.  

What can be done, can or do we send light and love still or do we still send the Violet light in, or would this be seen as treading on sensitive situations.

Would all Violet Flamers send there violet Flames and Ray to help transmute suffering, and volatile disruptions, lets combine our energies as more are needed.

What does every one think, I was some what surprised to see this 

and felt they may be were trying to say this is happening, so may be the Violet light and Christ  golden light will sooth and heal what may come.

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Comment by ayana on April 26, 2013 at 1:54pm

Wow Jan Marie. In prayer and meditation will see what comes forth.

Christ also holds the energy of renewal; a transformation of suffering into sacred miracles...rebirth. Over the last century, there many souls left this realm for various purposes. It can be saddening to experience the energy of humanity's suffering or loss. Perhaps, ask to be shown a wider perspective in a follow-up meditation, to get a deeper understanding.

Thank you for sharing your experience Jan. Would like others' opinions, as well.

Blessings ~ Love,

ayanna k

Comment by Myriel RAouine on April 26, 2013 at 10:27pm

Dear Jan Marie,

The carriage may and horse may also announce the death of the old world in general - we need not take these pictures literally.

I experienced last night's full moon eclipse in all its might and power - as an eternal BLESSING passed on to us NOW - and the waking up is a DYING, too ... the caterpillar must die for the butterfly to emerge. 

Never forget - death is REBIRTH INTO THE LIFE BEYOND :-)

Love light BLESSINGS,

Sonja MYriel

Comment by Myriel RAouine on April 26, 2013 at 10:28pm

PS.: Doing some more VIOLET LIGHTENING NOW, lol :-)

Comment by jan marie price on April 26, 2013 at 11:15pm

Yes Sonja, but these did not come in pictures, it was 2 huge horse driven like tripple cages in size and I actually saw them like coming through the Ethers, it was not as pictures this was live and moving.

I guess because I had been sending the Violet Ray over to Syria, it was as I was fininshing this connection is when the Two Carriages came out side as if it was a response, Well just in case with the chemical Attack they said on the news, if there are many killed if America goes in as said yesterday,   I was only informing in a blog what Came and appeared at nine pm.

The Christ foot came in my 4pm conection and I had just connected with Gold Flame within my heart.

When I saw this foot, I looked, and looked and saw light flowing in and from the Foot, toes, why only a foot, but then it was his foot, his presence in flesh.  It was the light that brought me the realization.

Again like the White Buffalo Calf when light flow was pouring upon this little Babe.

This must be me seeing The Light or being shown the Light as stages, or revelations. I cried for ages when it dawned onme who it was, well I felt this was special, The human part of me thinks why a foot?

Do you think that something like this where it is aspects of light filling places, it is part of simply representing the light, it has really opened my heart to christ even stronger than ever, very deep passion stirring my want to pour more love out, and wanting him too. Love in christ

Comment by Myriel RAouine on April 27, 2013 at 12:10am

Connecting to Lightgrid - CONNECTED we are ...

DEATH - a new beginning - the foot of christ - setting foot on new untrotten land - RESURRECTION - Peace to Syria!


Comment by TheFlashRon on April 27, 2013 at 9:25am

Jan, I feel compelled to pass on what was brought into my awareness in just the past few hours so that it could given to you as a gift of equanimity. As you are probably aware, ALL major news media sources are controlled by the ones working in opposition to the Light. Just today it was reported that the BBC had been zealously reporting human tragedy stories based on a letter from an unreliable source that had been a complete fabrication. Can you imagine the shock, horror and fear that this reporting caused that never actually happened? Ultimately, then, as we as a unified collective awaken into full conscious remembrance that we are the Divine Sonship, we will realize that none of the horrible things experienced here never actually happened.  They only seemed to happen in the illusion of separation. The Violet Flame functions to transmute darkness and negativity into Light through Forgiveness and Unconditional Love. It is Perfect Correction of mis-qualified energy and it can only function in the absence of the drama of the perceived condition.  Know that God's Divine Plan is working perfectly and forgive yourself for all negative experiences and you will be in your true Self, unlimited in power and in peace. Thank you for sharing your revelation and remember, as I always used to say, "Save the Drama for your Mama" but that was in another timeline.

Peace, Love and Light.


Comment by Apple Goddess on April 28, 2013 at 5:15am

hi Jan Marie!   I knew I needed to read your post but took me all day to get to it. Christ's foot.......very very important. Like when Mary Magdalene poured the spikenard on his feet and washed them with her hair.   like when you sit at the feet of a guru, and touch them reverently.  they are what carries Him.   something super important and holy about feet!! hope this is helpful, thank you so much for posting this.

Comment by jan marie price on April 29, 2013 at 10:26pm

Hi Shenna, 

I have reflected on the experience of Christ's foot and the light which was that meditation and connection, and someone remarked a good possibility, thinking of Mary magdelene when she bathed christ's foot, well because when his foot appeared and the light shone through and around, it brought the thought that may be now as representive the light is restoring all, and will do.

I felt so emotional when it dawned on me as it only came through right near the end of my hour connecting with the Christ Flame.

It was a humbling moment and blessed Be to all, to witness and share the light and love beholding us

Comment by Laurel Ann Browne on May 1, 2013 at 3:53am

Yes the symbolism of the Christ's foot is the beginning of his divine intervention...


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