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I wanted to inspire you, even more with an experience I had yesterday.

I had a gentle man who came for a reading, and as the session got underway, all of a sudden i felt I needed to draw his attension to his solar plexus, where I could detect he needed to focus on clearing and restoring his light through personal issues that he had been going through, now when I work I always call on AA Michael and AA Raphael to stand with me, and I am finding with all the changes happening there are more Ascended Masters and other Angelic beings coming in.

I next relayed a sense of him needing to work with Archangel Jophiel and gave him a simple but effective excercise to use on his solar plexus well the next thing astounded even myself as he began to breath in and I talked him through several breath visules that would benefit him and then around him I saw Golden yellow wings and I looked again still there, I said out loud oh my God, The wings looked almost like they were his own, then I asked him to carry on alittle longer as I carried on with my angel reading, as I observed what was happening there was like a layer of the light within his first etheric body.

It doesen't matter that I am an Angel lady what amazes me is that, in a humble way I am always made to smile and to share with you, that your thoughts are very important, no matter how hard life seems, or  times appear low in life, the show must go on.

You are guided, and have Christ and other Angelic Hosts so much assistance now, just if you feel doubtful at times, let it ride, accept you feel that way for that moment then let it go, breath in Christ's golden light and stand in his Ray from the Divine and be blessed

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Comment by ayana on May 2, 2013 at 4:44pm

Yes :-)! Thank you so much Jan marie!

Many Blessings ~ Much Love,


Comment by josephandchristine on May 2, 2013 at 4:58pm

...beautiful!,  we too work with j and c,  ;)

Comment by jan marie price on May 2, 2013 at 9:21pm

Well lovely, I have only seen or experienced him personally three times, The article and the man when I looked at him these wings of like a golden yellow appeared like just behind his shoulders and then golden yellow hues filled around his etheric layer a healing and connection.

I said to my client He needs to connect to Archangel Jophiel and explained the simplist of connections, it is hard if someone hears this for the first time, the earthly 3 dimensional bodies do not always believe untill they see for them selves.  But this was so strong even I was smitten lol.

The other times when I was taking a class and that same day on lightgrid some of us were doing 40 days cleansing period, it was the day of enlightenment and healing fragmented parts of the soul etc, and in the evening I got the group to focus on enlightenment and right at the end I had this figure appear on me as if an inch from my physical body, his body was golden like a sunshine I felt a real buzz as that was surreil. The only other one was on an evening class where one Student I had seen that she needed a clearing after this she suddendly went ow! felt that, and a beautiful yellow light appeared about 3inches in length sitting right infront of her solar plexus, it was also incredible to witness and share now.

I never hear them speaking, though I would to hear of your experiences, The only one time AA Michael did speak and that you could say was very clear even words came flying across the street in my local town. My other favourite is Qwan Yin, she is very connected and I am growing very fond of her, as she seems to often help and assist with her essensce.

What brought you to the connection of working with angels, and how did you know it was AA Jophiel the first time.

Blessed Be jan marie 

Comment by Don D. Lang on May 3, 2013 at 3:17am

Comment by Don D. Lang on May 3, 2013 at 3:20am

Comment by Myriel RAouine on May 3, 2013 at 9:11am

Dear Jan Marie,

I have never had such a beautiful contact as you describe it - it must have been awsome!

I suppose that COLOR helps us a lot to identify the Angels - and the next layer is the issue we are currently dealing with ... SOLAR POWER is in your words ... THANK YOU so much for sharing your experience here with us!

As for me - I have to say that sometimes it takes me quite a while, too, to identify the beings who help me, lol! But in the course of time I am learning to bring the pieces together - until, finally, a bigger picture begins to emerge.

I was led to Saint Germain by LADY Portia - and I didn't know ANYTHING about them at that point in time - and it took me years to realize that, actually, it was HER who prepared me for my work here at lightgrid. Her home - and mine, too, in a time past and yet not past at all, is AVALON ...



Comment by jan marie price on May 3, 2013 at 4:00pm

I do agree there is a change even I have noticed it is Sun empowerment, within the light, we are light expansive. lol

It was lovely to hear from that couple who said they too work with Archangel Jopeil, you can tell when people are genuine, with my experiences the Angels are coming through for the person the only time I recall being taken aback was when I saw Archangel Uriel appear in a healing session, i remember looking was not shocked, my eyes were open, he placed his hands over this young girls solar plexus he was not as big as Archangel michael it was his wings I found stood out they looked like huge swan wings, very good looking as they all appear beautiful to me, all of them, they radiate a serene air around them which is amazing.  The only other one is one evening I was taking an angel group, and only had a few people, but I say small is quaint lol, and Archangel Chamuel came between myself and this other lady, well I could feel this total transformation come over half my body, the lightness, well being, purity and love was so tangable,  you can not convey this in words. 

I wish I could have this now.  I know this was going to the others to, even though they could not see they could feel the calmness that enfolded around us. haha  There are thousands and I have not met all, it is funny that I met AA Jophiel  in whole form and one of them was when we worked on the 40 days of cleansing when he communicated more or less on my first layer, the Etheric and it was related to the day I worked on enlightment, his light perfection. I absolutely love him

Every one will see when they clear fear, true clearance especially healing the Third eye, it is conditioning and how we have been told to fear, and religion has created a lot of lower vibration. Although when your ready to seek you will find, open your ears and you will hear.

I guess it is as a healer and Shamballa master, you work  within your field this heightens your vibration, your light, so The Heirachy from on high can assist us all in many ways.

Comment by jan marie price on May 3, 2013 at 4:07pm

Well it was Archangel Michael that ever , ever communicated with me first back many years ago 1989, isen't it funny how our path opens, it does not open up over night like some people live in dream world. it takes a true Master a life time to perfect his gift..........................

This is why I am writing a book to cover my journey, a gradual winding road, not always perfect, people need to be more real.  loose the ego and materialism that is soul growth.

Comment by Myriel RAouine on May 3, 2013 at 9:00pm

Indeed, a winding path it is, lol!

You are blessed with such beuatiful visions - third eye wide open :-)

Love Light BLESSINGS, dear Jan Marie,

Sonja Myriel


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