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Merge With The Creator's Eternal Flow Of Love Now ! By Ann Albers & The Angels

Merge With The Creator's Eternal Flow Of Love Now !

By Ann Albers & The Angels

Hi All,

Today the angels talk about the unceasing flow of love and goodness coming from the Source and we'll both share thoughts and tips about how to stay in this flow instead of letting the world, or others, suck you out of it :)

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine a pure, clean, and clear stream. It flows ceaselessly, nourishing everything along its banks. Unobstructed it would be a mighty force, but its flow is blocked, directed, limited, or allowed by all that stands along its banks or in its way. The stream doesn't judge any of this. It nourishes equally the trees that block or divert its flow as well as the ones that adapt to allow its natural flow.

You could say that the stream influences all of life around it, nourishing and supporting the ecosystem, and as well, all around influences the flow of the stream. The trees, rocks, and animals can block, direct, limit, or allow the flow, but they cannot stop it.

The stream will push against boulders blocking its path, but if they won't roll, it will go around them. If the stream runs against a dam, its flow may slow and seep underground or find a new path.

The flow comes from a source that the life along the path can influence, direct, but not change. The source and the stream don't quit no matter who or what is blocking, directing, limiting, or allowing. They continue to provide.

So too, there is an eternal stream of love that flows through all of creation. With your thoughts, words, and deeds you shape the flow. You direct it with your loving thoughts and desires. You block it, to a degree, with your doubt, disbelief, hate, and other lower emotions. You allow it to nourish your heart and your life when you have a moment of love or appreciation. You limit its ability to nourish you with the lower vibrations.

This Divine Love Stream never quits. You can resist it to a degree until it begins to push against you with only loving intent. To the degree you allow love to flow to you and through you, you feel carried by the currents of Grace, supported by the Source, and guided. Your life flows. Miracles seem commonplace. All you need is brought directly to you, or the guidance is brought to your attention.

To the degree that you resist feeling love, you will feel increasing levels of discomfort and pain because love is always streaming. Resisting it takes increasing levels of effort. At first, you will feel mental or emotional discomfort, and then eventually physical pain. Resistance hurts. Allowing the stream of love feels amazing.

This, dear ones, is why we encourage you to find the most loving thought you can find in a given moment, and if you can't find a loving one, find a soothing one. If you can't feel good about life, feel good about a single sip of water, tea, or coffee.

If you are in pain, find the parts of your life that aren't painful and use your free will to focus there. Alternately, breathe, or sleep, or meditate, watch the clouds, watch happy videos, or read inspiring material. Think of someone you love. Savor a snack.

Do something to get yourself back into the endless stream of love. The scale of the topic you choose to focus on doesn't matter. Finding something that feels like love does.

You experience the Love-Stream more and more, with every kinder thought, every loving thought, word, or deed for yourself or another. You experience the Love-Stream whenever you appreciate anyone or anything. You re-enter the Love-Stream after you get knocked out of it, when you choose to be kind to yourself.

Suppose, for example, someone or some news really upsets you. On the surface it would appear that someone or something has power over your feelings. It is understandable and human to feel this way.

But deep down your upset stems from one thing and only one thing – you feel disconnected from the Love-Stream In the minute someone angers you you feel bad, not because of their actions but because you've disconnected from the Love-Stream.

Consider these examples from a perspective of connection. Suppose you have worked to feel loving and happy and someone is unkind or some news is upsetting. You might have a temporary wobble but you'd remember how good it feels to feel loving and you'd return to praying for the situation, doing something, or walking away.

When you feel sad, but are willing to comfort yourself, soothe yourself, and ask the universe or dear ones for the love you can't find for yourself at that moment, then you'll soon be feeling the gentle currents of the Love-Stream once again.

Suppose you hare feeling jealous of someone. As you choose kinder thoughts – maybe ones of appreciation for what you do have, and ones of appreciation for the good person you are, you will re-enter the Love-Stream and be reminded that you too can manifest what you want while being in integrity with yourself.

In the Love-Stream , dear ones, you will experience the support, love, abundance, guidance, grace, ease, flow, and joy that you truly deserve. You get there one choice at a time, one better feeling thought at a time, one moment of a appreciation at a time. And in the Love-Stream , you are a powerful influence on your world as well.

So how do you stop war? Stop fighting love and appreciation for the beautiful things in life. Surrender to the most loving thought you can. Seek out all the people doing good. Step into the Love-Stream . Let it flow to you and through you, allowing more love into your world which will help tip the balance away from the frequencies of hatred and war.

How do you create abundance? Stop fighting love. Stop focusing on lack and surrender to the truth - you are loved! The Divine wants to guide you to an abundant life. Appreciate all you can. Give thanks for what you do have and look forward to more. In that good feeling, you've stepped back into the Love-Stream.

How do you create health? Stop fighting love. Focus on the well-being that each cell in your body is working towards. Love your cells. Appreciate them. Appreciate all that is good in life and know you will be guided to take care of yourself in ways that are perfect for your body, mind, and soul.

Dear ones, if you really take a look at your own thoughts and feelings for even an hour you will easily detect when you feel love and when you feel less than love. When you don't feel good, don't settle. Choose a better thought, a kinder action, a new focus. You deserve to feel good, whether or not the external world is making it easy.

By choosing to feel better, just a little at a time, you step ever deeper into the currents of the mighty Love-Stream that will nourish, guide, and care for you. As you stop resisting love – by choosing things that feel better, little by little – you'll feel the force of its flow ever more powerfully in your life until your life becomes as it was intended to be – kind, flowing, miraculous, abundant, and a joyful. You are all worthy of this love. Like the stream of water, there is no judgment, no withholding, only an unceasing offering of life-giving flow.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Activate The Light Of Love" -


Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

These days I'm paying close attention to how I feel. I used to wait till things became intolerable, but now I try to shift gears the minute I feel a shred of emotional discomfort. If a thought doesn't feel good – say someone says something unkind – the minute I catch myself reacting with a frustrated thought, I tell myself, "I prefer to feel good!" Then I refocus my attention – either towards that person's good qualities or towards anything else more agreeable.

The minute a negative thought pops in my head about myself, because they occasionally still do, I tell myself, "Don't lie to yourself!" and then I tell myself something sweet. Anything less than love is a lie and as I've mentioned many times before, the people who told you that you weren't worthy of unconditional love didn't even know they were lying.

The minute a circumstance happens in my life that I'd prefer not to experience, I tell myself again, "I prefer to feel good." I find something good about it, or I think of how great it will feel when handled, even if I don't have a clue how to handle it.

For example, my dad came down with covid last week. He's active, intelligent, fit, and young for his 80+ years. He's passionately engaged in scientific research. Being scientific, covid has been one of his biggest concerns these past few years. He's been very cautious and has taken all the scientific precautions. The virus didn't care. He got a little worn down on a recent trip and in it came.

I didn't spend a second worrying about the outcome. I shared my confidence with him that he'd heal and that all would be well quickly, and told him the prayer team was on it, made a few recommendations without pushing, and focused all my love on him.

I pictured him confident, happy, and healthy, glowing with light. He did his part, by resting long hours and going the medical route which suited his paradigm. Long story short, three days later he's almost all better, back to exercising, and doing his work. I didn't worry because I prefer to feel good, and I prefer my loved ones do too. That is the reality I focus on because it yields results.

The world tries to tell us how we should feel. The world tells me I should fear death. The world tells me I should worry about the future. The world tells me if a person over a certain age catches covid, I may as well kiss them goodbye. The world tells me I have to earn love. The world tells me that the markets are going to tank the economy is ruined. Fooey on all of that!

I prefer to feel good.

There are those who will tell you that you don't live in reality if you choose to feel good. I do not live in their "reality." I don't live in a reality of separation, lack, and limitation. I live in a reality that is closer to the Love-Stream, closer to the Divine reality, closer to the real reality in which we are all unconditionally loved more than we can ever imagine and supported in ways we can't even conceive.

I live in a world, where there are so many wonderful people doing wonderful things, and at times, good people who are so hurt that they do bad things. I pray for them and focus on their light.

I live in a world where I respect the fact that the Love-Stream informs and nourishes all the trillions of cells in my body. When I unconsciously block the flow and mess myself up, I know my only task is to get back in the Love-Stream by focusing on anything positive and then letting my cells do their thing.

I live in a world where no one and nothing else has permission to define my vibration, no matter how much they may influence me.

I live in a world where I constantly seek to dive deeper into the Love-Stream. I consciously look for things to feel good about. I pray to see even the difficult people through God's eyes. When something knocks me down, I give myself a hug and start over in the very next second.

I prefer to feel good.

You were born to feel Good and feel God. You were born to direct this Love-Stream and flow with it to your desires. You were born knowing that in a given moment there would be a buffet of thoughts and things vying for your attention and you could select the ones that felt good.

This world is offering a very diverse "buffet" of frequencies right now. Give yourself permission to find the ones that feel good. Tell yourself often as you can, "I prefer to feel good."

Here are a few tips to help you give you permission to stop resisting love...

1. Question why you feel you must stay stuck in bad feelings

We rarely stop to ask ourselves – deeply – why we feel bad. Instead, we give a programmed answer, "I feel bad because someone was rude. I feel bad because I don't know how to pay a bill. I feel bad because my tummy hurts. I feel bad because so and so didn't do their job." "I feel bad because there are horrible things going on in the world...."

Consider this. We were taught to feel bad under those conditions. The innocent ones don't.

If someone is rude to an innocent child, they move away and wonder what's wrong with the rude person.

If a child doesn't know how to manage something they run to someone they intuitively perceive does know.

If a child has a tummy ache and feels bad, they may cry a bit, then soon reach for comfort, distraction, or a nap.

If someone lets a child down, they have a momentary reaction and shift to something that feels better.

If a child sees horrible things going on in the world and they've not yet been taught to fear, judge, or hate, they'll come up with sweet innocent ways to help.

We were taught that we have to nurture bad feelings instead of moving through them as soon as we can. That's not the best programming.

So even if you have a perfectly understandable human reaction to something that feels bad, question, "Why do I have to stay in those bad feelings?" Do you really have to stay upset because someone was rude, or do you prefer to feel better?

Do you really have to feel consistently bad in your body because you're ill, or can you slowly seek comfort and soothing. – by napping, listening to good music, getting some sunshine, calling friends, etc.

Do you really have to stay angry because your ex was a jerk to you ten years ago? Question that. Why give them that power!

Do you have to feel less than worthy, less than pure, less than holy because someone did the unthinkable to you as a child? That's a tough one, but I've had brave clients decide that they preferred to feel good now and their desire to feel good was strong enough to carry them away from the painful past.

Question whether or not you truly have to stay stuck in bad feelings. Prefer to feel good. It takes courage to go against the mandates of the world to "feel bad" under various circumstances, but the Divine, who never judges us when we're down, is always calling us to feel better as we get closer to the Love-Stream.

2. Refuse to let the World Dictate Your Mood

We give away our power a thousand times a day because we've been conditioned to do it. We let others' behaviors, actions, judgments, opinions, and you name it dictate how we feel about ourselves, our choices, and our lives.

Enough of that.

You were given the right, by God, to be whoever you wanted to be. You were given the right to choose things that please you. You were given the right to think your own thoughts, feel your own feelings, and choose your own vibration.

Don't let the world or other people dictate your mood. If someone cuts you off in traffic and you don't like it, have a moment of huffiness, then refocus. Don t' let others own your mind.

I once heard the Dalai Lama interviewed. The person asked him why he didn't hate the Chinese armies that had occupied and driven him out of Tibet. His answer was brilliant. "I gave them my land. I gave them my men. I gave them many lives. Why should I give them my mind?" Perfection. He knew that his mind belonged to him and him alone. Yours belongs to you too. Reclaim it as often as you can :)

3. Give yourself permission to feel good

You have permission from the Creator of Universes, at all times, to choose to feel good, or at least better. You don't have to earn it. You don't have to buy into the lie of worthiness or unworthiness. You don't have to prove your value to the heavens.

In the eyes of the Divine, you are perfect as you expand into more. You are worthy of feeling good now no matter what you've done or not done, said or not said, thought or not thought. You are loved now. You are guided now. You are cherished now... The Divine has already granted you unceasing permission to feel good... no matter what.

I know that conditioning is a tough undertow always trying to suck us under into the lower vibes. I also know that the Heavenly news is that the vast majority of people in this world are quietly doing good. The vast majority are trying to be more loving.

I know that our trillions of cells are always seeking balance so we can enjoy health. I know that the universe wants to share its abundance with us. I know that you and I are loved no matter whether we feel we deserve it or not.

Give yourself permission this week to inch closer and closer, deeper, and deeper into the Love-Stream - one better, more loving thought at a time :)

Have a beautiful week :)

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Video - "Diamond Christ Light Stream With Archangel Gabriel" By Melanie Beckler -



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Light in me greets the Light in you ~  Lots of Love for Loving share ~  Love energy within you is reminding you to be aware of the Love Energy within you ~ and Love energy around you is increasing its presence ~ you are to live in awareness of these energy and dispel the non Love energy.  It is simple love yourself and all around you as one ~ for Oneness is the key, Oneness is the Source.  The entire creation in Oneness is perfect and whole.  Accept and Love.  Take baby steps towards expanding Love Energy and it will help you expand beyond your imagination ~ in turn it will start helping others to become aware of this Love Energy ~ One by One we can all merge into Ocean of Love as Love.  I reciprocate Love from you.  

Lots of Love to each soul in creation and a warm Loving Hug * pass on the warm Loving hug *  Love, our collective Love, to Source from us in Oneness.  

Thanks so much for your beautiful share and Divine Wisdom. Infinite Blessings of the Creator's Peace, Love, & Joy.



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