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Embracing Your Divine Child By Ann Albers & The Angels

Hi All,

Today the angels talk about reconnecting with the innocent, pure, wise, loving essence of our being, the Divine child. I'll share some thoughts about how this looks in my life, and how you can tap into this pure and authentic part of you as well.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :)
♥ Ann

Message From The Angels ...

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Play with us for a moment here... Imagine living your life as an innocent child. For a moment, set aside your worldly concerns and either remember, or if your childhood did not permit such freedom, imagine living this way...

Imagine waking up, eager for the adventure of the following day. Perhaps you were doing something you enjoyed before bed and you can’t wait to wake up and get your chores done and play again. Perhaps you have the promise of going on an outing that you are looking forward to and you’re not sure if it is tomorrow or ten days from now since time isn’t a concept you’ve fully mastered. Perhaps you are thinking of all the fun things you can do in your life. You may have school and school work, but you just do it and you breeze through it while looking forward to the rest of the fun you have imagined.

Perhaps you look at someone very angry and different from you and you watch them with a sense of wonder. “I wonder why they’re so mad? What’s wrong with them? Are they OK?” Perhaps you see someone crying. “I wonder why they’re so sad. I want to give them a hug. It's going to be OK.” You’re fresh from heaven. You know the truth. Perhaps, someone you love died. You miss them but you know they’re in heaven and you talk to them in your mind.

Dear ones, this innocent wise one still lives within you. It is the authentic you at your very core. It is the pure, unadulterated, innocent, wise, knowing, trusting, spirit within you. No matter who did or didn’t acknowledge this bright beautiful core of your being, it exists. No matter who abandoned you or controlled you, it exists. No matter who cherished you, advocated for you, belittled, ridiculed, shamed, or abused you, it still exists – untainted, innocent, pure, wise, and waiting for you to bring this beautiful light of God within to the surface.

We hear you. “I was abandoned.” Many of you were abandoned by human beings – some physically, and many emotionally –  but you need not abandon your own pure and beautiful spirit. “I was abused.” Yes, we see this. Many of you were treated in unthinkable ways by those who lost their ability to think and feel from their spirit years before you were born. You need not abuse yourself any longer by denying the purity and grace and beauty within. “But I was stolen from, robbed of my innocence.” Dear ones, we understand that others who felt impure have convinced many of you that you are not pure, but that is a lie!

Even if someone has defiled the temple of your body, the spirit within is pure, holy, unadulterated, and innocent still. You may have forgotten. You may have been convinced by those who were convinced of their own lies. You may have been conditioned and trained to please the belief systems of others, and nonetheless, this pure, wise, innocent, holy being exists within, patiently waiting for you to acknowledge its presence.

Take a moment. Breathe deeply. Allow yourself for a moment to relax into the knowing that there is a pure, wise, innocent, and holy being within you. This is no less than the spirit of the Divine – in the form of your unique, precious, and very individual soul. This is your core essence, the true you as an individual. This is the part of you that although you may have forgotten it, it has not forgotten you.

This is the part of you that is pure light and will never abuse you but waits patiently to surface, knowing that as soon as you stop abusing yourself it will arise within. This is the part of you that can never abandon you and never will, although you can temporarily forget and thus "abandon" it. This, dear ones, is the you that you want to re-connect with or connect with more deeply because this is the you that is unfettered, unbounded, and knows no limits on what is possible in life. This is the you that dares to dream.

Take time to connect with this part of yourself. Take time to ask, “Spirit within, innocent one, dear core of my being, wise one within… (or whatever name you choose) come to the surface. Rise up within me. I love you. I am here for you. I will not abandon you a minute longer. I will not criticize you when you come up within me, offering suggestions that delight even if they seem unachievable or impractical.

I will not negate your purity, your innocence, or your wisdom. Rise up within me, and guide me. I love you. I know you are the truth within me. What would you like me to know right now?” Then wait. Breathe. Wait for the pure, innocent, wise, loving being within to tell you – present-day you – what it wants you to know. Then, be open to receive the pure, innocent, wise, loving guidance from your true self.

Do this often dear ones, and your life will start to change. The Divine child wants you to enjoy life and embrace every moment with a sense of adventure. The Divine child rests in the security of God’s love. The Divine child does not think to judge fact, fiction, or form. The Divine child loves to love…and dear ones, that is the true, deep, real, wise, innocent, loving, you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message From Ann ...

Hi Everyone,

I remember being entertained by so many things as a child. I loved the smell of pine sap, the clank of a pile of acorns in my pail, the color of the bright rocks I picked up in nature. I loved the little fuzzy caterpillars and the tickle of their tiny feet on my hand, and oh my gosh the taste of fresh sun-baked, just-picked strawberries from a local farm! The list went on. It wasn't the big things I remember from childhood like trips or special events... I recall the tiny delights so much more clearly.

To this day I delight in the small, simple pleasures of life. I love the way a cool glass of milk makes me feel, and while I know that’s not for all of us, it makes me happy. I love the perfect shape and feel of an egg, and I can’t help but admire the chickens who shared it with me. I love the basil buds bursting forth and even though I have to pinch them off to keep the plant growing its fragrant leaves, the experience of crushing and sniffing it is pure heaven.

I love the way the sunlight filters through my window at just the right time of day and casts shadows of the ferny plant I've had for a decade whose name I still don’t know. I love that an Easter balloon, given to me by a friend three years ago is still inflated! I'm going to see how long it lasts! I love the perfection of a bright color, the sound of the wind rustling in the leaves, and even the tap, tap, tap of the fingers on the keyboard. I love my little silicone drinking glass covers with butterfly handles, and the drinking glasses I got at a thrift store. They feel heavy and smooth to the touch and do their job quite well.

I love my clients and their dedication to reaching for more – more joy, more love, more connection. I love my friends who all take responsibility for their own life and happiness and who love to celebrate each other’s success and happiness.

I love this crazy wild world even with all its angry, crazy, spiritually insanity because while the “nuts make the news” as someone I know once said, there are so many wonderful people doing wonderful things. I meet them all the time. I run into healers in the forest, and artists or poets at the coffee shop. I run into moms who are clearly stretched but still kind to their kids in the checkout lines, and delightful clerks everywhere I go.

There is so much to love in life and when we can see it through the eyes of that. Pure, innocent, wise, loving being, that the angels call “The Divine child within” we can experience so much joy.

The child observes without judgment.

The child looks for what is pleasant, interesting, and fun.

The child has compassion for others who seem upset or sad.

The Divine child has no problem doing something simply for the joy of it, whether there is an outcome produced or not.

I know that we're loved beyond anything we can even begin to imagine.

I know we have challenges that kids don’t have to worry about. We have bills and ills and people we love in need. I know the world has challenges like wars and viruses and contentiousness beyond measure at times. But like that innocent one, we also have God, and the flow of energy to replenish us, and the guidance to know when to give, when to receive, and when to wait. That part of us is in harmony with all creation. That part of us knows that its very being and natural urges are a part of the contribution it came to make.

The Divine child does live within us, and if we can – even a little bit – connect with its sense of wonder at being alive, and all the beautiful things to enjoy in life, then we too can begin to experience life through the eyes of wonder, which of course, makes life very wonder-full :)

Here are some tips to help you connect with and experience life through the eyes of the Divine child.

1. Become an observer

See if you can take some time each day to simply observe what is going on around you. Observe your home or room without judgment and see how it feels. Do you want to change anything? Observe others even if they’re ranting and raving. For a little while refrain from judgment, “trying to understand, agreeing or disagreeing, and just watch.”

It is quite a different reality when you detach a bit and simply observe. You see so much more. The angels do this in readings. They see beneath the anger, the frustration, the pain, the grief, and they see the soul needing love, acknowledgment, validation, soothing, or kindness. They see the Divine child within asking for itself to be recognized.

Try to observe the person who is speaking to you more than worrying about what to say next or judging the content. Just listen. Observe. You’ll understand so much more and automatically have more compassion.

2. Become an adventurer

Kids like to try things until they’re programmed to feel fear. They like to try a bit or a bite of food. If they like it they want more. If not they spit It out... which is a natural reaction to life. They want to see the inside of cupboards and cabinets. They want to know what is in the bag or box you just brought home and they’re curious about every little nook and cranny of life. They want to touch or eat nearly everything when they’re really little.

They’re adventurous, searching for new and fun ways to interact with life. While, as an adult, I’m no longer putting rocks in my mouth (or raisins in my nose - that was interesting!) I do like to feel the textures around me, take a whiff of the plants and flowers in nature, enjoy tasting new foods that appeal, and in general try out new things that call to my heart.

Have you wanted to try something but let fear hold you back? Fear of not having enough money, time, skill, tenacity, or whatever it is you think you lack? Why not give it a whirl whether it is as simple as cleaning out the junk drawer that never seems to be organized, starting to intend and manifest that trip you’ve always wanted to take, or riding a zip line?

I was in my late twenties, newly divorced, and driving a very old car, when I suddenly realized life was happening now. I got in that old car, trusted someone would bail me out if it died on the highway, and started driving a few hours north to hike every weekend. I got a book of hikes and started going through them. It was a choice, born from an innocent sense of adventure, that healed me then, and still serves me to this day. Not so coincidentally, the car never died.

My mom was in her 70s was on a cruise with my dad years ago, when I called to see how they were enjoying it. Dad was napping. Mom, meanwhile, was gleefully, naturally high from repeatedly riding the ship’s zip line that spanned four decks! A few years later she and her friend, who was ten years older, went to Disney World for a joyful, playful ladies' trip!

I once had a client in her 80s who proudly showed me the scars from her motorcycle accident in South America, and told me with such joy about her adventurous travels. It makes my heart sing to see people doing things they love – no matter what that is.

The list of interesting things to do or learn or explore is never-ending. Those who stay open to life’s adventures and connected to their Divine child are very much alive. Those who have been conditioned or brainwashed to judge such adventures to be without point or purpose miss the point. We are here for the joy in the journey.

Adventure doesn’t have to be something risky or big. It can be as simple as going to a new restaurant that you've been wanting to try, giving a go at a new hobby that seems fascinating, watching a new program that intrigues you… Adventure is doing anything new you’ve wanted to do.

3. Choose to love yourself

The Divine child is proud of everything about themselves. As I mentioned a few newsletters back, kids are enamored with their bodies. They’re fascinated with the vehicle. They don’t judge their appearance. They admire it. The hair can be sticking out all over the place, the belly can be huge after a large meal, the hands can be sticky from the latest Popsicle, and the feet coated with dirt from running in the yard… and they love themselves.

They like to look at themselves in the mirror because they know that bodies are fascinating. They’re quirky. The innocent ones know they're not their bodies, but rather they live in these little miracle machines. Try out an attitude of wonder about your own body and stop the judgments. You live in it. You can heal it or reshape it. You are so much more... and as you identify with that pure, happy, innocent one within things will start fixing themselves.

Children are also proud of any little effort they make. If they draw something, even if no one else can recognize the subject matter, they feel like Picasso! If they play music that sounds like “bang, bang, bang” to adult ears they are delighted! If they mix something and make a mess, it is OH so much fun. There’s a kid on YouTube on a channel called "Roman's Cooking Corner" who at a very young age decided to cook on camera! Mom is a YouTuber, and she started filming him. For a while, he reveled in his messy creations and mom encouraged every little bit of wild experimentation. He's wild, free, and adorable. Mom encourages him to explore. This kid is going to grow up knowing he’s both capable and loved.

There's no need to be so hard on yourself when something doesn’t turn out “perfect” – whatever that is. Instead, revel in the effort you put into trying it.

It may take a while to resurrect the Divine child within, but if you make an effort to look at life with wonder, with an eye for what is pleasing, fun interesting, with a healthy sense of “why not,” and a willingness to try, fail but enjoy it anyway, then that pure, wise, innocent, loving, and holy part of you will eventually begin to live in and through you again, and life will become once again, the joy it was meant to be.

Have a beautiful week :)

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