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Shiva, why are you so tall and blue? He said that his form helps people remember him and is what many have come to expect from him. Then he changed into a formless "ball" of energy to make his point that how he appears to people helps them realize it is he, Shiva that is visiting them (a tall blue being is more memorable than a ball of energy).
Where are we going today Shiva (why do I ask, when I know it will be amazing no matter where it is)?
We went back to the inside of a Hawaiian Mountain, what I now think is Haleakala. He said he brought me back to this amazing place to show me how many people are waking up to their angelic selves and joining Archangel Michael's army of angels. He said the people I'm seeing are present as a direct result of my awakening to my angel self. I don't know how many were present, but I'll guess at 100's or 1000's and more were arriving all the time. Of course as they awaken, they will also awaken more.
I asked him why Archangel Everian is such an unknown in the world of Archangels. He said that is because I have been gallivanting around the universe working with other angels and galactic beings. He said there are far more angels than people and cultures have names for. Archangel Michael has his blue sword, so I asked him what attribute or gift I, as Archangel Everian has. He said that my joking references to myself as Archangel Everian -"Light Bringer" is a good reference to keep. He said that Archangel Michael returned my Iridescent Flame sword to me, as well as my wings, so isn't that enough... (said with humor)? He then placed a crown on my head. The crown was made of vines and living flowers that sustain themselves from my energy field. My twin flame, Goddess Sophia, particularly enjoyed this part of my experience.
I asked Shiva if I needed to focus on anything in particular and if my Kundalini and higher-realm spirit energies were in balance yet. He said I don't need to coddle the Kundalini serpent and that the energy flows are going very well. Basically he said not to worry about it and to continue the energy work I'm doing. He said that channeling the energies of the beings around me in meditation (Gaia, elementals, animals, trees, faeries, elves, dragons, galactics, angels, ascended masters, divine mother, Goddess Isis, etc...) through my physical and spiritual bodies is activating more people and elevating all more effectively than if I focused on any one energy. He said this is why so many people are present in this great hall in the mountain remembering their spiritual heritage.
I asked him if I should be focused on my angel self more so than my Galactic, Dragon or Eagle God selves. He said that fully embracing myself as an Archangel will visibly manifest for some already awakened people, and that it will be much easier for them to see me as an Archangel than to see me as an enormous Dragon or half man, half Eagle, Egyptian god-like being... I think he has a good point...
He said that Archangel Michael wanted to speak now, so we switched gears (I won't go into all of that as it was more personal).

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Thank you Paul for continuing to share these experiences.

With gratitude,


Thank you so much for sharing, Paul! Now I begin to see how the two of us are connected ... this month is BABAJI's month for me :-)


Sonja Myriel

Hello, everyONE!  Great post, Paul!!  And so funny as only just a few hours ago I had surmised that the reason Krishna is depicted as blue is due to his *heavenly light*.  And, as Krishna was God's son or *God, incarnate* (as was Jesus!) it would show that his light would also be blue. 

I have always had a *thing* for Krishna...ever since I saw a beautiful picture of him on a calendar that my mom had hanging in our kitchen (1978).  It was a scene of Krishna driving his golden chariot, drawn by four magnificent white stallions!!  There was just *something* about his beautiful blue colored skin.  I was born a Roman Catholic but never really felt comfortable with the *religion*.  I have always loved Jesus and no one had to make me do was just natural and in-born in me...I have always believed in Him and know it as the truth.  When I was eleven or twelve, I was compelled to read the entire set of volumes (twelve in all, I believe) of the children's bible (those big blue hard-backed books).  No one told me to do it; I just wanted to read them.  I read an entire book per day and loved every minute of it.  (By the way, blue and purple are my favorite the gorgeous nebula wallpaper here!)

Anyway, going off track...but I wanted to share how happy I am to get *confirmation* about why Shiva and Krishna are blue!!  LOVE and LIGHT to everyONE!!!


Hello, Myriel - it's so wonderful to *meet* you and thank you so much for responding!! 

'Why is Krishna blue?' hunch is that as the light of the Angelic Realm is blue (the Blue Ray) that the *light* given off from such Great Beings came across to the people that witnessed Them as being cast in blue.  And so, I assume, in artwork, they were depicted this way.  This is only my feeling...but I too have always wondered why Krishna was such a beautiful shade of beautiful (sooo Heavenly!).  :-)

Yeah, this is exactly the explanation you find in the article (link above), too :-)

And it makes a lot of sense to me ... I associate the colour blue with AA Michael, first and forward - but from now on the blue Indian gods will accompany my vision of BLUE :-) 

The god I most resonate with is Lord Shiva - I suppose that I need not wonder why as my life's purpose is so closely connected to transmutation and cleansing, lol! I see the Violet Ray as a mixture between the Blue Ray - Angelic realm, as I have learnt now from you, Septima :-) - and the Pink Ray of LOVE. Masculine and feminine ... Yin and Yang ... the Violet Ray being the "Child, so to say ... now this connects the Violet Ray to Lord Ganesh, then, does it not? Lol! Interestingly I have a tapestry from India which shows Lord Ganesh in front of a violet background ... Now, what about the colour PINK? Any goddesses who are intimately connected to this colour? Or gods? Would be nice to find more about this topic :-)

LOVE and Light on our way,

Sonja Myriel

Interesting article about this blue image and perception. I've heard that some of our galactic space brothers and sisters are blue. The Blue Avians have become a popular topic on some sites and the Pleiadeans also have been described as having a bluish cast (I see their energy as blue, but when face to face, their skin doesn't look blue to me).

I have described my light body self (dragon man) several times in various posts. Lately, while "he" has darker skin, I have started seeing this blue color as well, albeit in a subtle hue. I kind a like it... ;)

Ah, extraterrestrial blue, too!!! Yes ... light beings of the BLUE hue ... Now, in THIS context and thinking of the Pink Love Ray to match the Blue, who comes to mind first are Andromedans ... to me they are pure LOVE - and the connexion to the PLANET which they - or in our case we - inhabit ...

And blue - why comes to mind Arcturus? ...

Light Beings, Angels, Extraterrestrials ... I suppose these are images from different cultures to describe the very same ...

What interesting perspectives that come to light here :-)

Love and LIGHT - now and always in all ways,

Sonja Myriel

That's something to think about, in regard to the Pleiadians especially, as I have a strong connection to them.  Not sure exactly how, maybe simply from *existing with them* at different times.  Also, it was a photo of the Pleiades that first triggered my awakening five years ago.  When I saw nebulae photos of both the Pleiades and Orion, I became obsessed with looking up more nebulae photos...before I knew it, I discovered that I am a starseed.  Everything just makes sense...I just know it to be *true*. 

Also, when I was twelve years old, I was walking to school around 7.00am when I noticed an aquamarine shade of a light blue ring of light around the middle of me (like a hula-hoop but much finer, like an icy-blue electric thread).  I knew that this was my aura (or a part of it) and was so thrilled to be able to see it.  So, maybe I am a Pleiadian starseed?   I know that I have come from some place with a *blue star*...that just came to me the other day (I have a very good connection with my Higher Self).  From which blue star am I...hmmm, not sure yet. 

Also, as you've mentioned your *dragon man*, I thought I'd tell you about a vision I had...a vision of myself in a past-life as a lizard/reptilian-like being.  At the time, I felt it was of me back in Lemuria.  I was with two other beings that looked just like me.  We were programming large crystals with crystal laser wands.  We were silent/telepathic beings.  I had this vision during a dream-state.  When I awoke, I knew that the central being in my vision/memory was me programming the crystal that I had just bought the day before.  This is how it happened...On the Friday night, I dreamed of a large rainbow crystal; I could see it in my mind's eye very clearly.  The next day, my husband and I went to Glastonbury (near where we lived at the time) because I knew I had to get this crystal (and I knew we would find each other).  Sure enough, I found it, high up on its own shelf, looking down over the tiny crystal shop.  I just knew that this was the exact same crystal from my vision/dream.  I took it outside and, sure enough, it was full of rainbows and white light.  It was that night that I had the vision/dream of me programming the crystal in Lemuria.  The crystal is from Madagascar (which I feel was an ancient part of Lemuria at one time).  I've attached a photo of this special crystal (which measures 5.5-inches across x 5-inches tall x 3.5-inches deep, to give it some scale).  I am reading a book at the moment called, 'The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom,' by Mark Amaru Pinkham...very interesting indeed!  Look it up if you haven't read it yet.


Wow, what a celestial being, dear Septima! And how I love your story about yourSELF programming the crystal in another timeline / dimension!!! Madagascar is truly part of the ancient legends and Lemuria is RIGHT HERE - in this parallel world where TIME is but an illusion ....

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing, dear Septima,

Sonja Myriel

PS: You can post pictures directly with the text by clicking the second icon right beside LINK above the text box ;-)

Look here:

Lady Quan Yin and Mother Mary - an answer to the question I just asked? It was kind of the next message which I opened after having written the comments here ...



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