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Dear Radiant One, friend and co-creator,
may you be blessed with the connection to the Source within you,
to your peace, love and joy
as you shine your light so bright.

I don’t know if you felt the amazing energies from the Inner Earth Sun, Black Pearl on 25th November, it was so beautiful, I could feel the love coming from the heart of the Earth so strongly, and as this happened there was a huge shift. I notice we have stepped it up again into such a clear space after so much intensity for all of this year, and for many in the face stuff that’s been stirred up to be loved and embraced, accepted and transcended.
For many of us our contracts have completed and the new is coming in.
I feel the excitement as we open up from our love
and into a whole new hologram and light matrix as a collective.
We now exist in a new matrix and things are changing fast.

If you are interested in tuning into your Contracts and Star Alliances I have just made a MP3
I have also madea new mandala and MP3 for Accelerated Healing.

There is so much information being download and I have just organised some very different workshops for February in S.E Queensland Australia, withTemplate of Light created through our Love in nature and Dreamtime Awakening

For those of you who may have wondered if I have a new home, not yet,
I live in paradise and always felt I would go to Shambala after I left here.
Will I am! It just so happens that my last day 16th December is the day before the Shambala Retreat up the East Cape place of first light for the December Solstice and days before.
I have just completed a new article on Shambala Anchoring and it’s below.
As well as Cosmic Alerts for December 5thFull Manifestation of Cosmic Consciousness
and December 18thHigher Dimensional Starmap anchoring 5D,
as well as so much else jammed backed into December including of course the Solstice

The radio show that I did for one hour thirty minutes can be heard on 

On the cosmic, solar and earth energy shifts
and changes taking place within us at a cellular and DNA level
and our awakening multi-dimensional self.
With meditations and activations into the new you, just waiting to unfold.

Greeting you in the One Heart and with gratitude for the journey you have taken to assist
yourself, me, all humanity and all creation, thank you for Being here Now.

May your Christmas time be full of love, laughter and joy with family and friends

and open to the divine loving energies that come through at this time.
Blessing for a New Year full of ease and grace, happy transformations and amazing transmutations.
That you can connect even more deeply to the Source within, and your inner wisdom and knowing.
That you experience radiant wellbeing and unlimited abundance always.
See you in the Diamond Light shining so bright.
Love in the One Heart



 Shambala Retreat East Cape New Zealand, December Solstice 2015

        Shambala, sometimes called Shangri-La or spelt Shambhala, or Shamballa is what appears to most to be a mythical place where Goddess and Gods live in harmony with all life and observe and assist humanity to evolve. Some say it came into being after the last great Earth changes and flood, when Lord Vishnu was floating on the water and was at the first dry land, and it was Shambala.
Lord Vishnu in Shambala is on his last incarnation as Lord Kalki who will bring in the time of peace for all Earth/s. Lord Maitreya resides over Shambala and is the Buddha to come. The Goddess Tara, the "mother of liberation" also resides in Shambala. The beings there are immortal and do not need to eat food and exist in much higher dimensions. Now Shambala is anchoring on to the earth plane more fully, it’s not about having to make a huge initiational journey to get to it in the Gobi desert anymore. It’s a matter of how pure ones heart is and being of service that anchors that loving energy here on the earth plane for all to experience.

Shambala itself is in the thirteenth dimension so presently it is being anchored only fifth and sixth dimensionally as not many can access higher frequencies of light at present. Living even in a fifth dimensional Earth means that most of the duality games will finish. There is still learning at this stage but at this level humanity will have learnt that all is within them and not to blame or want to get things from others. This in itself will be huge and change the way we operate.

     Sixth dimensional is where we fully embody the Christed Buddha state of being and this may still take some time as humanity will be happy to enjoy the earth plane at its fifth dimensional zone for a few aeons, which in the greater reality is not even a blink of the eye.

   Many beings from Shambala are here on the earth plane and have come specifically to do this mission of raising the consciousness of humanity. Not every soul will enjoy this beautiful ride, some still need and choose to experience fear and hatred, and all that involves and so they shall keep experiencing it until they have had enough. But for the majority on Earth now we chose to be in peace and harmony with open hearts, not to live in a world controlled by fear and greed and terror and war. But a place of balance with nature and harmony with all living beings and so it is. For some it is already here.

     A world that is in the thirteenth dimension but now able to be available for those who can become and are fifth dimensional at least. Meaning that the individual trusts, is surrendered into divine will and here to be of service and holds a unified resonance that means they are a beam through time and space to provide the doorway if any stuck souls, living or dead chose too want help.
       The next level up is as world planetary server who lives selfless and is not attached to others and things, but walks free on the earth and in the stars.

       The expansion of heart energy continues as the love that the individual feels for humanity and all other creatures and beings is a natural thing
     That all attachments to other aspects of self are also let go and all memories of other stories as they have integrated within the individual now in pure love, acceptance and allowing and they now know of density fully from immersion into that vibration and have the unified matrix within so that Shambala is anchored through the dimensions as the dimensions become clearer and more available due to the nature of love and the that opening more fully now as each soul on earth is given this divine gift.

   Shambala exists now in the 5th dimension to make it easy for so many to access the love frequencies and purity of heart and mind that Shambala holds at the 13th dimension when a soul can experience the full connection.

     But now we are gifted with love and the support, as Shambala is the highest example of heaven on earth, and the new earth. That is why Shambala is coming so prominent at this time again, it already is Heaven on Earth and we are healing ourselves enough to be there.
   There used to be a physical way to get to Shambala with great tests along the way, but since the great shift that is no longer available or necessary.
       Then the other way was by spending one’s life purifying oneself, inner healing and work, an open heart, humility, surrender to the divine, service to others, in actions as well as state of Being. Giving love and joy, upliftment where ever one walks.
     These are still the prerequisite but now there are so many souls of earth challenged to walk this path and doing so with much grace and joy and the beauty of creation shines all the more brighter for it.

     So we are meeting the level of Shambala and Shambala is also meeting us, as the divine beings from there are of pure loving service to humanity and all life and the great shift in cycle right now. Where the level of consciousness has raised to create many Shambala is on Earth, until eventually it will be all Earth.

      Shambala is a state of being, even though it is a collective of divine beings who are world servers and who exist in this beautiful world, it is from a state of being. Each person has Shambala in their heart and when awakened it will awaken all humanity to live in the higher dimensional Earth.

   The energies from Mt Kailash were transferred to Mt Titiroa and it is the crown chakra of the New Earth with Shambala anchoring more fully each time. Shambala is also anchoring at other places on Earth as well so there is no exclusive. Shambala as I mentioned is really in our hearts.

      Please see links below for the most recent anchoring of Shambala November 2014, as well as two previous missions and also the story of the transference of energies form Mt Kailash to Mt Titiroa.

    The Shambala field is well established now and it means that many other beings can access
their 6D Formless Light Body when ready.


   Shambala is a name and vibration that is synonymous with Light, Love and an ideal life in harmony and peace with all Beings. But Shambala is so much more than that, it is a centre of operations for the higher light beings who have experienced the Earth plane and are overseeing the raising of consciousness.
     In regards to Councils of Light it could be considered on an equal footing, there are Councils of Light that I work with that are at the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun and Shambala is like a mission control for their decisions. Even Lord Kalki (the rebirthed Lord Vishnu) will not proceed with any works unless it has been agreed upon but the Councils of Light. All are in accordance with the great plan and the spiritualisation of matter.
     This mission came about in the first place as Beings decided to descend into matter and forgot their divinity. This then produced much drama as many gods and goddesses came to Earth to experience their creation and sort it out as it got a bit out of hand. Or to corrupt their creations even further as they too sank into the mire of matter and amnesia, or to work with genetics to make a more advanced race of humanoids on Earth.                                
     There were also many Beings from different star systems who came with different agendas, some for control, some to rape the Earth of its precious gold and other minerals, some to continue the DNA splicing to assist their own races who were dying for varying reasons. This all created divisions and fights over DNA, over minerals, over the population and these divisions and fights filtered down into the humans who then started to fight each other and learnt about greed, control by fear, sexual energies that were abused and controlled. It all got to be quiet a mess.

     In the land of Tibet there was a vortex energy that sustained life in the higher realms (it is shifting now to many other places), but was still accessible to those on Earth if they had integrity and a high enough vibration to access it. That was ruled and lived in by Beings who had also come from Sirius to oversee the healing of all this discord. Sirius is our Greater Central Sun and over cycle’s Sirians have come here to anchor higher teachings, and assist those who are ready to move into higher dimensions in the Earth itself. They utilised the vortex and created a world they could exist in that was close enough to Earth but invisible from those who would try and destroy them and their work.
     It has not been all love and light, there have been great battles with demons and negative ETs who wanted full control over humanity and Earth itself. There is one final battle that will take place to throw off the cloak of despair and entrapment that humanity has felt for so long from the Reptilians and others, (this is being worked on all the time and many of these so called negatives have opened their heart and more all the time), but there are the diehards. That is why the beings from Shambala work from within and from the invisible. Because the core of the darkness is within each of us and it is up to each of us to love that within our self. The outer demons have no power when the inner demons are loved and embraced. Shambala is more than anything a place of learning where souls go who are ready for the final stages of their spiritual journey on Earth.
   We go to many schools of learning in the universes and dimensional realms, but Shambala is the one that is concerned with how we operate here on Earth. And Earth is so important to us she; is our home, we exist on her to learn so many lesson, she is our support, our nurturer and healer, and her heart is the expression of our hearts.

         Shambala is the overseer of Earth and the parallel Earth’s. On every star system and planet where there is life there is such a place for us to reside if we are called to come into our creation. Then we decide if we go any denser.
   If Shambala wasn’t overseeing Earth then wars could have escalated even more, and more would be starving and nuclear war a reality but that will never happen. Shambala is from the Earth, for the Earth, of the Earth but always been in higher dimensions of the Earth.

    The start of Shambala has versions depending upon where one is coming from at the time in their level of awareness. At the last great flood one story says that Lord Vishnu was in a walnut hull and as the waters went down it was there that Shambala stared in the Gobi desert. As Lord Vishnu is the sustainer of energies and can balance the negative and positives beautifully so it helps those who are very earth density bound to understand.
     For those who know and have experienced themselves as multi-dimensional then know that Shambala was and has always been in the higher dimensions.
     Shambala has been there since before the Tibetan Buddhist religion came about and before the Hindu religion came about. But those devotees embraced Shambala and understood it, and so a doorway was created in the Gobi Desert for those that could to find it and enter. They kept the ancient, ancient knowledge from other cycles, even though so much was lost. Through all their prayers and meditations, deep inner work and dedication to the divine and to world peace and the upliftment of humanity.

     For those that feel a connection to Shambala, you came out of the prism as a Founder Creator creating whole universes and worlds, as did everything and everyone else. As you become clear and expand your consciousness you know yourself as one with the Source within your heart, and also know yourself in the higher realms and dimensions. As you came into density more fully at the level of the goddess and gods, observing whole worlds going through their dance in a blink of an eye, you have chosen to serve in those worlds as a beam of love that can hold them together.
     As you fragmented more you still kept that core essence of Love, even though experiencing your creation in a myriad of forms and dimensions. This core of Love you kept, but many lost this core. For those who kept it, once you came further into density and into the third dimensional matrix of heaviness and illusion, your core was still not compromised so it lead you to be part of the overseers of Earth in the Shambala linage. Which is slightly different to other linages that you in fact are part of too; like the Dragon, Crystalline frequencies, or the Dolphin, joy, wisdom and dance, or the Devic natural world these you have also.
     So your connection to Shambala is important as a ‘Server of the Light’, you also have this with the Galactic Federation and RA suns, these are different but all part of it. Each aspect plays slightly different roles and different missions, but all are part of the grand dance of creation for those who are of service to others. This service to others does not mean you have to be a healer, charity volunteer or other mission. It means loving yourself fully, loving and accepting all others and doing the best you can. Living your life by taking responsibility for yourself and being the love in any situation. There is no designated roles or one better than the other. We are all these roles and so much more. Shambala is coming more into the open now as the veils clear and it’s time to deal with the final throes of Duality.

   Anyone is welcome to come to Shambala and experience the love and higher frequencies of light, but it is not a place that people come for healing, there are other places set aside for that. It is a place for world server’s to recharge, grow spiritually and receive new codes and new contracts and missons.
There are Shambalas on other planets similar to Earth and Shambala is multi-d also and works on different levels depending on where others are at.

     Below are some of the types of missions and contracts we may have with Shambala:
1.     To spread the love and wisdom of Shambala as a way to awaken humanity to their greater responsibilities of being a beam to anchor oneness and Being guardians of Earth. This happens once each individual has healed enough in themselves that they are not focused on self, but on the bigger picture. You choose to be a vehicle to heal and unify for humanity and take responsibly not only for yourself but how your energy, words, actions and inner work influences all sentential beings.    
2.     For many it is the last mission on Earth, and to be the Beam of unity consciousness assisting others to be in the higher consciousness of love and acceptance, rather than magic and control.
3.       As an example of Physical Immortality, or to come back for one last time on Earth once it is in the New Earth cycle and then be part of the next step which is full Light. So existing in the New Earth joyfully.
4.   Clearing of the demons on Earth, by the Goddesses and Gods of Shambala and those contracted on the earth plane who do their part. As we have other parts working in unison from the higher and lower realms. This work is done in divine will and plan and there is of course timings for this to take place so that all demons and those who harbour their own inner demons can still learn and complete their lessons. The principle of non-interference always applies so it is still up to those in the ground crew to take responsibility for themselves to assist this process.
5.     To be in Shambala to serve from this higher plane of consciousness, in this time we are in now this is happening by Shambala anchoring on the earth plane. The Earth herself is shining, her heart sun so bright that the union can take place. The Stargates have opened and as the dimensions merge, by us awakening to our multi-d selves and that we exist in Shambala, the New Earth, the Suns and in other Universes.

In a recent Soul Travel l went to Shambala and then to its origin’s in the stars through the Lyra prism and doorway and to a manifest universe, a universe parallel to ours. But the universe is all milky, muted colours and at the same time it’s so bright and luminous. Out of this milky, beautiful light that is metallic coloured like streams of star dust glowing through birthing new stars.
     I travelled to a planet, this planet is also made of the same light substances, but as I got closer I saw that it was their atmosphere. With a Sun like we have and day and night, the structures they live in are like Crystalline Light Cities, like the ones on Earth I have seen from other cycles.
     This universe mirrors ours but has stayed in the higher dimensions. Shambala is not just a higher world but also a higher dimensional Universe that does mirror ours. It has always held the higher light frequencies and unity consciousness to assist us in the fragmented duality Universe, to compare the difference and allow for more growth in their realm as well as ours. Just like we have needed the dark forces and limitations by fear based controllers on Earth and lower astral planes within to give us a hard enough time in our inner and external worlds. Until we realise it’s all in us, love and accept it and so move beyond that lower vibrational lower astral world. They too in Shambala need our lower vibrational games to also grow. Our universe affects theirs and vice versa, so we sustain each other until the duality game completes here.
     It has been a stepping up, going deeper within process, and still is in the illusion, but in oneness all is unified and we are Shambala right here through all Universes and the Earth.

So Shambala is now anchoring through the denser dimensions because we are allowing it too. We have awakened enough and many are ready for the next step. The word ascension is not truly what it’s about. We are not leaving, where do we go? We are already one with Infinite Creator, we already exist everywhere, all at once. See Unity Consciousness.
     We just need to love and accept everything about ourselves and so be at peace. This ripples out to others and the final step for each of us is no to ascend off planet. That is an illusion as well. It is to become one in our consciousness with each other and all creation. To know we are each a bright star, as now we can even access the higher dimensional Stars of this Solar System, the inner and outer are one. The new, or more correctly higher dimensional Stars couldn’t come through until after the Big Shift December 2012 as we had to shift enough within us to accept that we are divine, and that the Sun does shine out of each of us.

       With Shambala anchoring into the earth plane more fully there are those who are coming in as Bodhisattva, you see it in so many babies and children.
Lord Maitreya said it’s important to know what is taking place with Shambala and that many of the divine beings who have always lived in Shambala have incarnated to Earth now to assist in the great awakening of consciousness.

Mt Ttitroa/Akum, the Crown Chakra of the New Earth,
the clear light of the mountain,
new vortex and the Shambala realms are here as we open to in our unlimited potential and radiance.

and about the
and I took a group here for the
12:12 in 2008 and the  13TH DOORWAY anchoring.
Also read about theJOURNEY OF THE NINTH WAVE MARCH 2011
and how the Inner Earth Sun changed after the big shift at that time.

AND STARGATES 2013 to 2014






     I was told on the inner; ‘the Shambala field was established more fully in the southern hemisphere on the mountain yesterday’. The Dali Lama will incarnate there as well as other places, I had been told this before. The transference of energy from Mt Kailash to Mt Titiroa was the beginning of the transference of energies from the northern hemisphere and Shambala field to the southern hemisphere so that both places could be in balance. The north has dominated spiritually and in war, and population and all things in this last cycle with the male energy supreme, even the Tibetans are and have been mostly monks. That is why many of us are in a female body’s now and in Shambala because it is now time to balance the two.
     The Ancient Elemental speaks; ‘the Shambala field is well established here now and it means that many other beings can access their 6D Light Body when ready.



The Shambala field has anchored fully in the Earth plane to the 5th dimension, it cannot come through any lower. But for those who resonate 5D it’s the gateway to be free and dance in joy, and move beyond the entrapments of the dense realms and duality play and drama. The duality play will still continue on 4D and 3D and many have just started to experience this, let them be, it’s all perfect as it is. Shambala exists in the 13th dimension but now as it comes through into the fifth dimension we can live in harmony and peace with each other and all creation.

At the Equinox the doorway opened even more fully and the Stargates have gone into phase two of their operation. This means the union of the un-manifest and manifest has created a space, a doorway into what looks like the void, but is actually the new Universe where things are not yet created into form. The void-ness and space is so beautiful, I feel so excited to be at the edge of this space yet manifest into 3d, the new creation has started on the higher dimensions already from the 19th dimension.
Shambala is in there, like a floating island peaceful and serene and the divine beings there waving like they know that things are changing for them also. With Shambala anchoring into the earth plane more fully they will either come into the earth plane again, as more divine beings are needed at this crucial time of the shift or will go into higher dimensions and still assist from there.
You may wish to spend some time in the stillness and take yourself into the new Universe and Shambala. You can so this simply by your intent and sit and allow whatever unfolds in the stillness, or do a Soul Travel.


The Shambala anchoring at Hicks Bay, East Cape New Zealand at the solstice will exhilarate the process everywhere else on Earth. This is happening at the Umbilical Cord of the New Earth .


 greentara     The Goddess Tara who comes in many colours with varying aspects of the divine energies. Her love is there to support us on the inner planes. She comes to us in the sleep state or we consciously connect with her. She is an outer deity but shows us the inner deity we are, the inner Tara that each of us have of such love and serenity and all-encompassing compassion for all life and nature.
Tara wishes to transmit an energy to you the reader and an inner journey in Shambala.
Please at the end
of this article.

     Lord Maitre
ya the Buddha to come, of course the Tibetans kept the energy of Shambala alive, living in that vortex in the physical realm with lifetimes of devotion and prayers, chants and deep meditation they developed amazing supernatural skills and abilities. Most still hidden as those who are meant to utilise these skills have to go through many initiations until all ego and power issues are no longer there. As this power comes from love and wisdom, diskitgroupmaitreyastatueso Lord Maitreya is there to help us to raise our frequency of light within us.
      In June 2014 on the Stargate journey to Ladakh we stopped at the Chamba Temple on the mountainous road from Leh in Ladakh to Srinagar in Kashmir. I had been there before and had amazing experiences and downloads, but this time I guided the group and then once we were in the zone I went to the 13th dimension and the physical me froze, pen in hand. It unsettled some of the group and eventually I came back but one of my friends said she wondered if I would come back. I had a big clean out after that, being in such high frequency light. Maitreya is a wonderful teacher and he too comes on the inner realms.
Lord Maitreya embraces you in so much love as you allow yourself to feel at peace and so light as you radiate out your light to all creation.
Please see meditation at the end of this article.

       Lord Kalki who is Lord Vishnu reborn is here at this time to deal with the changes in a more direct way. It is the part of us that actions the letting go of the old, so we can embrace the love and the real us more fully. Lord Kalki also has battles with demons as we battle the demons within us. An example of these battles was the two terrible earthquakes in Nepal in 2015 and how the demons were rooted and destroyed. But it created havoc on the physical plane with many passing over, and many without shelter and food and so much work to be done to repair Kathmandu and so many towns, villages and farms. But out of the ruins a new light comes. There was too much collective conscious there that feed the demons as the ignorance and lack of understanding festered and created much poverty and strife for those who stayed stuck in the old ways.
       All change comes regardless, but often we need a big shake up to get it. We all experience this in our own life even if we don’t need to create demons or earthquakes, we create relationships to learn from and then grieve from, or resentment, anger, jealousy, possessiveness and fear. We create lack to learn how it is to go without, so we can eventually realise we are abundant and whole and healed, and that if we stay in the flow then we live in abundance. Which has nothing to do with how big our bank balance is or how many proprieties we do or don’t own.
       Lord Kalki will keep striking and so that is us, we keep creating our own change from our consciousness. That’s stored all our experiences and from our cells and nuclei, and the etheric blueprint we brought in with the programs of our experiences good and bad. The often undervalued bad ones of course are the ones that give us the learning.


     There is also in Shambala a Red Ruby, an energy that generates life there and creates a space that it is not necessary to consume food. The Red Ruby is the generator of the field of divine energy that keeps Shambala invisible and protects it from the dark beings how would destroy it and all life. It is the core portal of Shambala.
     It is not like any ruby on Earth, it was formed aeons ago by the ancients and is a portal of high frequency light that allows for a vacuum around it that gives them the space to exist in Shambala. The Red Ruby is so bright and radiant, and its field of light and frequency is extended not in distance but in space. The space required for Shambala to be is not quantified by earthly distance or measurements, it is multi-dimensional.

We live on Light, I have observed that over the years. When I used to fast a lot and felt hungry I would just fill myself with light and the hunger would go. Breatherians take this all the way and live on light fully. I have experienced not even needing to breathe with my lungs and went into no breathe with Light flowing through me. Also moving in my Light Body through two great stone pyramids when a man tried to kill me with a machete, in the inner chamber of the pyramid of the sun at Becan, Mexican initiation site. So we can be in our body but it is Light, so we are not limited by it. The only secret to coming from this space is to love all your fear and clear your chakras.
     In fact you get to a point where you have no chakras. I have not had chakras for some time now but still exist here, I just don’t need them anymore to assimilate the cosmic energy into me and through my body, as I am one with all that is (so are you) and so it flows through me/us without needing the old processes. This happens organically in your own time. I worked for so long with my chakras and activation of the chakras and light bodies into One Chakra, then One Body of Light. For those going to Shambala this is one of the things that happens in preparation, but this is not everyone’s story, so don’t try and get rid of your chakras , you can’t anyway. All these things are a process and we each are guided from within, our soul and inner self have it all in hand. All you have to do is listen within and be guided by your inner knowing or intuition.
See Light Code Activation book andDVD

     Shambala is showing us the way. It’s like a stepping up level for us as we are still in bodies on Earth to be in the most glorious aspects of our divine self here in our body on Earth. We are no longer trapped by the illusion and focus on all the bad things going on with our self or the planet or what’s in the news.
       When you have loved yourself enough then you see with eyes of love, and you can see the soul of everyone you meet and greet. Not with judgement or even thinking it, but respond to them at a soul level, and so help their soul to come through more fully. This often still needs to be done the Lord Kalki way and with tough love, it’s not all lovey lightly.
     The lovey lightly stage of where we are at is just the beginning stages of learning about our self and things are still projected outside our self at this stage, because the inner demons haven’t been fully unified and loved. So at this stage it can be a mine field of psychic attack and crazy stuff, lots of it light and wonderful, but then down into another emotional, mental, physical slump or trauma. The ‘yo yo’ affect until we realise that whatever light we create, there is the opposite and dark. So embrace that dark and move into the unified matrix, and then the turmoil stops and peace starts to come into play in one’s life more fully. Even though there are still challenges they can be dealt with, loved and accepted and embraced.

   So Shambala is anchoring into the Earth plane by each of us. It means we have stepped it up in our self, enough to now access those realms more fully within. We are not going anywhere it’s all within. As hard as that is to comprehend sometimes, it becomes very obvious when you have loved another aspect in you that someone outside is showing you. And you see the shift in yourself, and your relationship with them and everyone and also the change in them by you taking responsibility for yourself.
   Then you are living the Shambala principles and life becomes a flow as your heart is open and you trust.


       Shambala is expanded, encompassing more of the Earth, and many more humans and other beings are visiting and staying there. The work that we have done is anchoring and filtering through the collective consciousness like beautiful rainbow filaments of multi-prismed rays of light.

       Shambala has shifted as well and now it is inclusive of Earth due to so many from Shambala incarnating into the physical and anchoring the divine energies from there.
     Once the anchoring happens at the Galactic Gate, Umbilical Cord of the New Earth December Solstice 2015, then its influence will have even more affect. It will shift the consciousness of the collective into a receptive state. so that Lord Maitreya and the divine ones and Rishis will be able to come into the dream state of most. To help them awaken and desire peace within, and start to open their hearts more fully.

       This is not a dream or wishful thinking, it is happening and it needs to happen fast as Earth herself is moving into the higher realms now. She can’t carry the fragments and lower stuck astral energies in her aura much longer, she wishes to throw it off. Just like we feel confined in our own pain and fear, so too does the Earth with all the pain and fear that is played out on her surface. The Sun is also supporting this with so many solar rays and light codes coming in.
     A lot of people get caught up in time and how long will this take. But time only exists in the third dimension as a constraint to have something to ground into matter. It was never meant as a limitation past the fifth dimension. So those who vibrate 5th dimensionally and higher will notice that there is no time. We have observed this for years, less time. Now it has compressed so much that it’s teaching us to go within and be in the stillness and peace, the calm and surrendered into divine will. Then we are in no time, no space as we merge all worlds within us and can access all worlds when needed.

         We don’t teleport, bi locate or travel because we are already there. So it’s not being a manipulator anymore, the more we go within the easier it is for us in our life. And we exist in the New Earth and Shambala has integrated more fully.
     Shambala of course is in a higher dimension than the New Earth, as the New Earth is part of the stepping up process and to live 5D, a great blessing for humanity as a whole to just be at that level and injoy the peace. Of course at 5D it’s still not fully integrated but we have as a collective got out of the programs of ‘pain to grow’, lack and struggle and are open hearted enough to listen within, and to know that abundance comes from joy. Living in this plane will be such a joy to experience as we will still be on the Earth but the negative control will not be an influence any more.

     Everyone is free to go to Shambala, it’s not an exclusive club, but a higher dimensional world where world servers of the light exist from, for their work with humans on Earth.
     To be in Shambala fully one needs to be at the level of their Violet Light Body, this is because we need to be clear, with an open heart and listening to our inner guidance. This is quiet a journey in itself.
In all my work with Shambala I also find there are certain multi-dimensional doorways that help us to access those amazing energies more easily. The one I find is a great gateway is at Lake Tsomoriri in Ladakh where I had a group for the Stargate opening there for the June Solstice 2014. But you don’t need to physically go there just lie you don’t need to physically got to the Gobi Desrt.

   The simplest way to go the Shambala is to do a Soul Travel with the intention of being there for awakening yourself more as a world server, or to remember your own connection to Shambala. It is not a place you can get to if just to check it out. It has a very important purpose in our shift in consciousness, and as beings of Light here as we come from love, compassion and acceptance for humanity and earth in this great shift in cycle. It may not resonate to everyone. We all serve in our own ways, none better or more important than others.


Lord Maitreya embraces you in so much Love, as you allow yourself to feel at peace and so light, as you radiate out your light to all creation.

Connect and be one with the suns in your heart and through your bodies, as you allow the illuminations to come out of your being and through your energy field.
Become more aware of your energy field and how it connects you with all your other selves, and with the all that is…Allow yourself to just be in your own energy field and sense the connection to the love of creation and the light that gives life to you and all creation at level of creation you exist right now.
See the beauty you are, and creation is and then draw that beauty and love into your physical body and cells. Go into your cells deeper and deeper until they too are one with all creation. The inner and outer are one. There is nothing and everything.
Allow the energy you are to illuminate and heal you and then look out into your energy field and see the residues of dross and imbalances there in your energy field for you to aware of.
Look/see/sense /inner know what is shown in your energy field that is dross.
What do you pick up? Is it just a matter of realisation and it’s gone, or is there more to be aware of to unify? Now it’s in your energy field and exposed it has no power anymore over you, or sabotaging you.
This meditation is more expanded on
MP3 in combination with my new mandala “Accelerated Healing”

Tara wishes to transmit an energy to you.

She says to put yourself into a holographic energy of your multi-d self. Not to be concerned with what it looks like but just know it is all your multi-d selves in this radiant holographic field of light that all your soul and union with source and facets are there united in love and at peace with each other….
If you notice that any of these aspects are not at peace then to go into the field and love the conflicting aspects until all is calm at peace and feels loving.
Then connect to the Red Ruby and allow it to infuse you with its radiance until you feel you are in Shambala and observe what is shown to you with your inner filters and sight.

Now sense all of your energy in Shambala and ask if there are contracts you have with Shambala, if you have got this far then you will have. If nothing comes it’s not the right time to know. You can do this again and again, and what are your origins with Shambala?

These meditations are much more in-depth in the Shambala anchoring retreat as well as the book and MP3s that will be available early next year.

No matter if you feel you resonate to Shambala or not, it’s real and we are never alone, we have so many divine beings that love and support us. They are here assisting us the ground crew with the great shift in consciousness and cycle.
You can just ask for a blessing from the Shambala beings or guidance through your heart.
Or be open for any downloads.

We are all being made more aware of Shambala now for a reason.
The invisible realms are becoming visible because we have hearts and eyes of Love.


    The Shamballa principles are not the Lore of the One and the basic degrees of the third dimension that get people to move out of the illusion and take responsibility for them selves. The Shamballa  principles are how to complete being your body of light and live on light fully.     How to travel without being noticed and being invisible, which is necessary now.
     The way of the heart in a Galactic and Universal sense, beyond your understanding of wisdom right now but without this it is not possible to fully travel through the world.     The transference of energies to fully assist those passing over, not only personally but in a big way as many will be exciting on mass soon and the things that have already taken place like the 2004 tsunami and the Haiti earthquake are nothing compared to what will unfold soon. (This was written before the Christchurch earthquakes and Japanese tsunami of 2011).

      The ability to be fully multi-dimensional and so not be affected by changes on the third density Earth. This you already know and can do spontaneously but now you need to take it to another level and be able to give transference of light to others to be able to do this also.

      The ability to see where a person is at on a soul level, instantly to access a situation and be able to work with it to full potential without conflict or negative reactions.

     The channelling of Light through the Earth and all kingdoms is now being opened up in the light matrix fully and learning to see and work with this for the betterment of all creation and the establishment of the New Earth fully.                                                

      The ability to travel not only invisibly which will be so necessary soon which means your light will not be detected as it is in too high a frequency, but also at times you will need to dance the song lines fast to be in other locations and often at more than one at a time.

     To live on light and not require food and to be able to be in no breathe fully. In other words fully Light but also still in a human body on Earth all one and you can still eat if required as there maybe times when it is necessary for many reasons.
      To be conscious fully of the work in the Councils of Light and Galactic Federation and Confederation and beyond, and communicating consciously with other life in other worlds and dimensions.

Copyright © 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 Soluntra King
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all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed.

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This means Antares is sighted before the Sun on this day. Antares is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius, the Scorpion. In mythology Scorpius stings and kills Orion which is opposite it in the Heavens and Orion sets below the horizon as Scorpius rises. Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. In cosmology Antares is a Stargate that many walk-ins and higher frequency being use from the Andromedan Galaxy to get to Earth. The star essences I made of Antares is "I am the anchor of your multi-dimensional self into your third dimensional body.”

The unfolding plan of awakening has been sped up this year of 2015 that is the big Year of Change. We are awakening and becoming conscious so fast now and time is condensing faster as we do, into the stillness and peace wi...
We open up to cosmic consciousness and I have noticed for the last few years anything I need to unify within me is the collective cosmic dramas, not my own but my body allows me to see it, as my body is the cosmos. Then it is toned and light sung into oneness and love.
So many now are completing their cosmic karmic patterning as we are open up to the divine in all life and nature.
From the heart of the Cosmic consciousness, the source a beam of awakening energy is available for us to be open to receive at this time for our expansion of consciousness, unification of duality and deeper heart connection. A window of opportunity for those who chose.
From 8pm to 11pm NZ daylight saving time, Aust EST summer time 6pm to 9pm
GMT/UTC 7am to 10am
You may think it is strange that it is only for a time, but often our Inner Self, the Councils of Light, Rishis are able to open a doorway for us with certain cosmic alignments happening that might not ordinarily be able to happen. This I one such opening, so take advantage of the gift.
I have some MP3 meditations to help you be in the zone
Also see the Light Template anchoring Feb 13, 14 at Natural Bridge Qld Oz

Conjunctions are rare events where two or more objects will appear extremely close together in the night sky. The crescent moon will come with 2 degrees of bright planet Venus in the early morning sky. Look to the east just before sunrise.

NZ 11.30pm 11th       AUST EST 9.30pm 11th     GMT/UTC 10.30am 10th November
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.
The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth.
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden. It is also the seed of the new beginning as the Sun and Moon are One.
Unification in joy is illuminated through the energy of the Sagittarius, the spiritual warrior as we aim for the centre and create new beginnings within our Heart, the Heart of the Sun and Universe, illuminated from within we can make a great leap in consciousness right now.

Read also about the Moon as the Final Initiation

12 DECEMBER 12-12 
The number twelve as a temporary vibration means a change of view and waiting period. Where you realise your self-imposed limitations and negative thoughts and what they have created and by awareness can set yourself free. You centre into the stillness more.
In 2012 it was the day of all the 12 numbers 12-12-12 that rebooted the crystal matrixes that are opening to new Light codings.
In the 12th December 1994 the Gateways of Freedom opened, this created a paradigm shift at that time, look at what was happening in your life then?
At 12 minutes to 12, to 12 minutes past, noon and midnight are good times to connect.
What doorway do you need to open now to be the free being who your truly are?
This year is the twenty first year since the doorway opened, so you will be onto a new way of expressing your being as you would have freed limitations in the last twenty one years, so new adventures in the book of life come in a more loving, unified way.
The 12:12 Twelfth Gate is the union of opposites, the polarized energies have now unified thanks to the 11:11 doorway opening in 1992 as we loved ourselves on deeper levels and were given the opportunity to gain inner awareness and heal with acceptance and love. As the disguises peeled away until all that was left was the self without attachments, the light prismed holograms of our love, one with Source and our multi-prismed, multi-dimensional being, no attachments, simply Being, in the moment, now.
This union has been challenging and from the first 12:12 doorway opening 12th December 1994 it has been highs and lows, pain and joy, love and fear, with the union of opposites and the merging into the higher light octaves in our body, opening our body of light more fully with each unification. The initiations through the chakras and the unification of inner/outer male and female, inner and outer parents, child,
no longer focused on external love but internal bliss.
As the Twelfth Gate anchors now and the unification of inner male and female the battle is over and peace within. No more games, the sexual energy is now free to ascend the chakras and central channel, into Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer as we reunite with our ancestors and the fear and love, the life and the death become one as we move beyond duality and into the higher dimensional matrix of Light. The journey is within the self, the Earth, the Solar System, one with the Sun as the
Second Sun returns, doorway to the New Earth , the Galaxy, into the centre, no breathe, Galactic Centre, cross over point…the stillness, the black hole where all is manifest.
We are doing this now; you are already Light, divine, radiant, with awareness of our thoughts and feelings of our self and others in joy and love as we shine. Whatever manifestations of illusion we may still be holding onto our soul has chosen to Be the Light in this great shift that is now.
If you wish to work more with the energies please click here.
Taking yourself to a sacred site, beautiful place in nature, your garden, room as you create a scared space and be open to the light illuminating you and give thanks for the abundance of grace and unlimited love. Completion of the old duality dance and polarised energies, and now into the new cycle, new earth, new self, real self.  As we expand our awareness and stabilise through our union of opposites.

The Geminids is the king of the meteor showers. It is considered by many to be the best shower in the heavens, producing up to 120 multicolored meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by debris left behind by an asteroid known as 3200 Phaethon, which was discovered in 1982. The shower runs annually from December 7-17. It peaks this year on the night of the 13th and morning of the 14th. The crescent moon will set early in the evening leaving dark skies for what should be an excellent show. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Gemini, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

Ophiuchus is the thirteenth sign in the zodiac between Scorpio and Sagittarius, it is sighted before the Sun on this day. The Star System of Ophiuchus is the Serpent Bearer, and extends into the rich star fields of the Milky Way looking towards the Galactic Centre. Ophiuchus is opposite Orion in the Heavens and when we have moved beyond duality and unified the Serpent rises within us, the Kundalini, up the 22 vertebrae, the 22 initiations and is illuminated out the Crown. We become our Body of Light and master of our molecules.
Ophiuchus is the next initiation after we have worked through the duality dramas that the Orion gave us and the 11:11 doorway is completed. In Orion we experienced duality and birth and death, in Ophiuchus we experience Life, Physical Immortality and Being our Body of Light fully present in a body.
As the RA Light from the Second Sun intensifies.
The RA Light activates and illuminates the chakras to one chakra, the kundalini flow all one with the universal and cosmic flow. The DNA strands awakening the Divine Blueprint.
Be open and lie on the earth if possible skin touching the earth and receive the light codes from the Earth, the DNA activates within you and the Earth all one. Grounding the RA Light illuminating from the Second Sun.
This day assists humanity to rise out of the underworld and the desire body, out of the illusion of survival and lack and into total trust in the Creator, divine love from within our heart and the Source of all. We are the Creators of our world and become a being who walks between worlds, in the world but not of it as we have no fear. With the RA Light illuminating us from the Second Sun
as well it’s a great time to just BE and receive and give in the flow.
Please see the 12:12 and 20th December below for more information.

Shambala Retreat East Cape New Zealand, December Solstice 2015

The Higher Dimensional Starmap that was anchored at the June Solstice 2015 and has been integrating since. With two new stars one above and one below the Starmap as it’s anchored through the Earth at Wave X.
It has been operating in the ninth dimension but is coming into the fifth dimension on this day.
If this is part of your soul resonance then go to somewhere you love in nature and meditate on the stars and places on the Earth that they have anchored into.
Allow; with the intention that the Starmap is anchoring into the fifth dimensional matrix
of the Earth and through you.
You may like to link in with us Shambala Retreat East Cape New Zealand (not necessary)
at Hick Bays Onepoto Beach where I first got downloaded with the higher dimensional stars in February 2013 and ongoing since.
We will doing this out under the stars in the evening, NZ first light time.
But as we work in no time no space anytime you feel to connect is fine.

Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27 degree Sagittarius on December 20th each year.
The Galactic Centre is 26,000 Light Years from the Sun, and we are merging with it now as we come to the end of the cycle. It is the cross over point, the Void, Zero Point and our Solar System is moving through it as the end of the Mayan Calendar. As we become the Sun of our true Self (Second coming, Christ within) as our Earth becomes a Sun, illuminated from within, the Sun becomes a Central Sun, the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun, and as we unify we experience Heaven on Earth that we create through our love and divinity, all is Light.
The official thought is that the Galactic Centre is a super-massive Black Hole, a Black Hole sucks in all light and matter that comes its way, time and space and the dimensions compress,
zero magnetics and the Void where all is manifest.

There are many Black Holes which to the astronomers are dying stars that have super-noved and which creates a strong gravitational field, the original star gets smaller until it forms a Black Hole. At the centre of the Black Hole the original star has been compressed and crushed out of existence and around the central point of this gravitational boundary nothing can escape being sucked in. There could be as many as 10 million Black Holes in our Galaxy.
The Galactic Centre also has a few dense stellar supper clusters that host massive stars
and a collection of wispy magnetic filaments.

The Galactic Centre is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius and is just 3 degrees off the December Solstice and whenever the Sun makes a seasonal ingress it is within days/degrees of a major aspect to the Galactic Centre. On the June Solstice 2001 and Solar Eclipse, that was also aligned with the Galactic Centre, the Earth moved fifth dimensional.
The Galactic Centre according the Maya and many other cosmic cultures is where souls pass after death, and re-birthed, where time and space have collapsed totally and do not exist, the impulse from the Void, the universe pulses out creating life and flows in creating transformation, the cross over place. The Galactic Centre is a gateway of change. It opens us up to multi-dimensional spaces and we can access our past and future all now in holograms of light. The Galactic Centre emits massive amounts of infra red rays which activate us to remember our true radiance and light and ground it within us, we are continually stimulated by the Galactic Centre and the pulses are measured by the Mayan Calendar as our collective consciousness becomes lighter and we open up
to our multi-dimensional self and body of Light.
The Mayan pyramids were built expressing the levels of consciousness and the initiations we had to transcend in the nine underworlds. At the centre of the pyramid was the portal that allowed these pulses in their highest light to ground in the physical through the initiation of King/Queen/Priest/Priestess and through the grids to all humanity, now we are the initiate, the portal, the pyramid, the doorway.
We have aligned with the Galactic Centre, the Interstellar Dust Cloud as we completed the great cycle and become one with the Sun within, as we open to the codes of light that illuminate from the Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun and Inner Earth Sun.

The Central Sun in our Solar System is Alycone, the brightest star in the Pleiadian System and our Solar System rotates around it in a cycle of 26,000 years, we are coming to the end of this cycle now as we merge through the Galactic Centre. The Central Sun revolves around the Greater Central Sun, Sirius and as our Solar System moves through the Galactic Centre it aligns us with the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. As we become the Sun of our true self, the Quetzalcoatl, winged serpent, christed ones return, the second coming, the Christ from within the Galactic Centre, the Christ, Light Being within us, its all the one, as above as below.
From the Codex Vindobonensis the Mayan's say that Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl (is the Toltec name), will come from the Galactic Centre at the end of the Mayan Calendar and also believe we are birthed
out of the Galactic Centre and return when we die.
Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl is the winged serpent, the Christed one and there is
scientific evidence from NASA of a type of magnetic rope of plasmic filaments that acts as a transmission across inter-planetary and inter-stellar space coming from the Galactic Centre. A multi-dimensional doorway in other words, and as we become more liquid light plasmic we travel in our body through the centre of us, through the love of our open heart into the multi-dimensional realms of existence. We become our Body of Light fully and Physically Immortal.  
Now as we have completed the old great cycle we move through the Galactic Centre beyond birth and death and into the higher dimensional Earth, New Solar System, we become a Sun, as the Sun becomes a Central Sun, and the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun…..
The light from the Core of our Galaxy that is calling us home to our self. We have always lived off the Light and waves of consciousness that have pulsed from the Galactic Core connecting to our core and the Earths core. It has taken us on a journey of experiencing the levels of creation from the densest levels of consciousness to the highest we can achieve in the realms of duality. Now we are moving through into the realms of the unified matrix and the higher dimensional realms of existence. As long as we allow ourselves the time and space to be still and allow, then we can easily absorb the higher light octaves that are preparing us for the shift in cycle and consciousness. As you know this has been a gradual process and now we are ready to make the big leap, across the gap and into the
New Solar System,New Earth.
Galactic Centre is changing fast just as you are, its frequencies of light pulses that come from it are now creating great surges or sunspots and solar waves to illuminate you more fully. The Sun, Second Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun are all working in alignment already with the Galactic Core and assimilating and disseminating the light to be filtered to Earth as well as all your Solar System and Galaxy this is in preparation for the shift into the new Solar System and Galaxy that works on higher photons of light now that your Inner Earth Sun and you have been recalibrated. Know that you are here to be one with the Sun and all Suns from with your heart.
This mandala is of the alignment of the Suns through the Galactic Centre,
through the centre of your cells. 

As the Earth moves through the Galactic Plane, the axis shifts and then Draco becomes the North Pole Star and the serpent is seen all the time in the heavens rather than before the Hunter, Orion. Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre 27 degree Sagittarius on December 20th each year.
Ophiuchus; the Serpent Bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Draco the dragon are the new gatekeepers in the Heavens, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Draco. As the initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The cosmic egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves, just as the Maya did in their time, to show the way for all humanity to do this now in our body,
not by dying but by living.
As we love and accept our fears without realizing it we are becoming more connected to our inner self and Source, and the love of self and all creation. Our light shines bright through our cells. We are the pyramid, the diamond, the doorway, the crossover point and we are creating a New Earth, one in higher frequencies of light. Through our connection within we move through the great shift in ease and grace, in our body of Light as it vibrates at the sixth dimensional light waves of unified cosmic consciousness.
We are doing this now; you are already Light, divine, radiant, with awareness of our thoughts and feelings of ourself and others in joy and love as we shine. Whatever manifestations of illusion we may still be holding onto our soul has chosen to Be the Light

Star essence of Eltanin assists in the purification of the old energies still held in the cells, DNA and energy field, opening us up to the matrix of unity and the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth. Its energy resides as the dragon at the base of your spine and as you activate and awaken it ignites up your spine and en-livens you.
Eltanin speaks "I am the fire that comes from the core of my soul, the spirit of fire is ignited with my song, the light of the universe is created through my breath. I create new worlds to inhabit within the light of consciousness of the unified matrix. Acknowledge me not as destroyer or negative but as creator and unified. The fire I breathe only destroys that not of spirit in unity. I transmute and purify that which is old, tired and ready to move on. I give rebirth, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the new comes from the old, all form changes through the fire I breathe. I herald the new birth, the new creation as transmuted through the fire of spirit and through the eye of the needle. My alignment with the Earth plane again is a sign that the purification is happening. Be at peace and transcend as the fire of my breath awakens the spirit of thee."
The doorway of Draco is opening as it is the new initiation in our body of Light. The gateway through Orion has closed as we completed the
11:11, unify as the chakras spin and glow, the kundalini serpent travels our central channel and opens us to our body of light, multi-dimensional self.
As the Earth moves through the Galactic Plane, the axis shifts and then Draco becomes the North Pole Star and the serpent is seen all the time in the heavens rather than before the Hunter, Orion. Ophiuchus; the Serpent Bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Draco the dragon are the new gatekeepers in the Heaven, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Draco. As the initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The
cosmic egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves, just as the Maya did in their time, to show the way for all humanity to do this now.

The world of the Dragons and Serpents is governed by one thing and that is the law of one. All is from source and one with source, not separate in any way. That is how they hold the energy here in the Earth and with the Inner Earth, Milky Way and Universe. The stars they resonate the most with are the ones that link through the Earth and are dimensional doorways through our world. That is Orion, Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pleiades, Procyon, Southern Cross, Wega in Lyra, Altair, Corona Borealis and Ophiuchus, Draco and Altraea.
The serpent tunnels and pathways are resonating now for more to travel through and to be one with the serpent wisdom inside the self. The stars are aligning now through the portal vortexes and opening up dimensional doorways that allow humanity to access deeper aspects of self and go into the void and stillness, the peace. Once we have felt that connection we can no longer fight and steal from each other, we know and are the oneness. The job now with the Golden Solar Discs, the Solar Grid and the Solar Rays through the Suns is to awaken the serpent genetic codes in all humanity that has been dormant until this time of change in the root race, the DNA, the capability to move and merge with dimensions of higher aspects of self and to be able to jump across the gap in the worlds and be a Star and Earth walker…
The serpent wisdom energy is now calling all to awaken; the DNA and the kundalini and chakras, the RA Light from the Second Sun is illuminating more strongly as it anchors on more vortexes on Earth and shifts the fields of energy so the ones holding the energy move on also (the Ancestor, Goddesses and Gods, Ancient Ones), and the humans now become Gods and Goddesses, fully co-creating in love and unity.
As Draco moves in the heavens the old dross is shaken all over, creating doorways of light, dark and void stillness. The energies are getting rattled as the worlds merge and the stars align, the dense energies become light and higher and the dense fear energy becomes even mere dense and fearful and so worlds are created from the polarised thought field and then a new dance is made for them to discover their own unique abilities and bring them back into harmony with the polarised.
For information on unifying yourself please see my books and articles in and under

FIRST LIGHT TIME NZ 5.48pm 22nd AUST EST 3.48pm 22nd   GMT/UTC 4.48am 22nd
on the 21st for Americas
The South Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its southernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Capricorn at 23.44 degrees south latitude. This is the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the northern hemisphere and the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the southern hemisphere.
The Summer Solstice is when the life force and creativity of nature climax. What budded in youth has now blossomed into maturity, nature attains its peak of perfection, the transformation has been accomplished. The Solar Rays are at their peak, the Light that permeated the core of the Earth at the Winter Solstice is now radiating fully through the Earth and through all of nature. The Summer Solstice is a time when the Light has been brought back from the core of the Earth and all is illuminated, a celebration of life and the bounty, grace and abundance that is given to us from the Sun. 
The Winter Solstice is when the Sun again turns Southward in the Northern Hemisphere, after having reached its furthermost northern declination. At the Winter Solstice the Divine Light reaches the inner most centre of the globe, there it remains for four days, impregnating the Earth with its Life. It is the birth of the Sun, and creates a new growth cycle; the Earth and all beings are made ready for a fresh beginning. It is a time when a great amount of Cosmic energy is given to us to heighten our vibrations and expand our awareness, through the new Sun. Each year the energy is increased as we awaken and attain our fulfilment. The Sun is within our heart and so our Solar Self is Divine Love. At the Summer Solstice we started our inner journey and purification, now we are completing and ready to step into the new and heightened frequencies through the Sun, Central Sun, and Greater Central Sun as all the cycles are now merging in alignment of the Suns. As we ourselves step into the Golden Cycle by being our Solar Self. 

My focus for this Solstice is the Shambala anchoring for Shambala Retreat at the Light House, place of first light at sunrise, East Cape New Zealand. 
At noon at the Umbilical Cord of the New Earth.
Sunset at the great Diamond
You are welcome to link in, or connect in your own way with Shambala. 
Or be guided from your soul as you connect to yourself as a Being in the Councils of Light 
and as a Creator Goddesses God.

We are three years into the New Earth and New Cycle, the alignment of the Suns through the Sun within our hearts as the outer Suns merge all one through the core of our Galaxy and the centre of you. On December 21st 2012 Solstice we experienced the Great Shift in the sixth dimension and beyond, it did happen, it depends on what dimensions you resonate to. 
Dimensions are really states of consciousness and your consciousness creates everything. In a higher state of consciousness in unity, peace within and unconditional love, acceptance and allowing we open our awareness to the divine essence that flows eternally from our hearts and Source. We move beyond the small dramas in the third dimension, the illusion and life becomes beautiful all the time. Still there are challenges transiting to the higher dimensions fully, as it’s the shift in our consciousness which can only occur when we are ready and have let go our ego and dramas. Choosing to come from an open heart, in love and peace, and in harmony with all other beings and creation.
Before the alignment of the Suns through the Galactic plane I used to connect to the Galactic Centre outside of myself, now it is within, and to me the Mayan Calendar is over as it got us to the place we are meant to be, in the stillness and in tune with the cosmos. This all happened two years ago in the higher dimensions and is filtering down now, and has made it possible for the 
Earth Stargates to open and the union of heaven and earth, matter and spirit is taking place.
That is why it is so intense and why we need so much rest, water, connecting with nature at present to allow these changes to take effect.
On this Solstice more than doing anything with the Councils of Light it’s about allowing. They the higher aspects of you, and would love for you to be still enough to allow the changes to really take affect within you.
Below I have some exercises for aligning to the Suns, Being the Sun of your true self, connecting to your Earthsun Body, and the centre of the Galaxy within
 you and out into the new creation. Aligned to the all the Suns within all of you and the centre of the Galaxy, within your third dimensional cells, all one, open to the new light codes and Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow.

I work with the Source energy through the Suns and Earth, in this way I am going direct, which is simple and clear and one cannot get caught up in old paradigm energies and aspects of duality that may not be conscious.
With your prayer and intention know that you are connected to the Source of all that is, in Divine Love and Oneness. From the Source through the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun and Sun as the golden light that illuminates from the Source through the Suns and illuminates down through your higher chakras in through the crown, down through your head....down your neck…chest and into your heart.....In your heart is the Sun of your true self, solar self, divine essence that connects you to the Source of all that is...Be aware of the warm soft glowing golden light in your heart as it illuminates out through your body...then down through your pelvis…legs...feet and into the earth...Down through the earth and into the Inner Earth and the Sun in the Inner Earth, as you connect to the centre of the Earth.....
Then be aware of the beautiful earth energy as it flows back through from the Inner Earth Sun, up through the Earth...In through your feet....legs...pelvis...body and into your heart as your heart is the doorway that connects Heaven and Earth within you...As the earth energy flows up through your chest...neck…head ....out your crown and higher chakras....through the Suns and back to you are one with the Earth and Source merged though you......
The beautiful vessel that allows the energies to flow both ways..........Then breathe in the earth and become one with the earth....breathe in the sky and become one with the sky....Breathe in and as you breathe out the earth and sky merge within open to the flow of your life force energy as it flows from the Earth Star Chakra up through your base...central channel...out your crown and settles back at your heart as it opens the doorway of your heart....

Taking your awareness back into your heart with each breathe In you go deeper and deeper into the stillness and aware of the beautiful Sun of your true self right there in your heart. The soft glowing golden light, your solar self, divine presence……as the Sun that you are illuminates out to every cell in your physical body, as every cells opens to its divinity and glows in golden light, alive and tingling with life force energy….. As the golden rays of the Sun within you illuminate out through every cell in your physical body, then out to your Etheric Body clear and vibrant……Then from the Source within you the Sun glows through all your cells, out through your Etheric Body and then into your Emotional Bodies, clear and radiant…..As the golden light from the Sun of you illuminates every cell of your physical body tingling and alive, through your clear, cleansed Etheric Body and Health Aura…..Out through your Emotional Bodies and into your Mental Bodies, clear and radiant….
As the Golden Light from your Solar Self from the Source within you illuminates out through every cell in your physical body, then out to your Etheric Body, out through your Emotional Bodies, Mental Bodies clear and radiant and out to your Spiritual Bodies from the Source within you, your Solar self the Sun that you are glows brightly from within out… through all your bodies…One Golden Body of Light.

Being really connected is to have all our energy bodies and physical body connected with the Earth and the Inner Earth Sun. We are doing this in our Earthsun Body; that assists us to be clear and is a tuning rod that is connecting our physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with those bodies of the Earth.
This is especially important if you are a healer, teacher or you give a lot of your energies and self in assisting others who vibrate in lower frequencies than yourself. Even though you channel the Source energy you are still human and can get affected without even realising.
Also important when you are doing your own inner healing to be fully connected, or doing your own inner healing.
For full details about the Earthsun Body and Soulight Chakra please see the Light Code Activation book.

from the "
Light Code Activation" book       
Align and connect through prayer and intention to Source, in Divine Love and Oneness, through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun as the Golden Light from Source illuminates through the Suns and down through your Crown, down through into your Heart. You become aware of the radiant Sun in your Heart, your connection to the Source within you, as the warm glowing Golden Light illuminates from your Heart out through your body, down your pelvis, legs, feet and into the Earth, to the very core of the Earth. As you become aware of the Sun in the centre of the Earth and connect into the centre of the Earth. Then aware of the beautiful earth energy as it flows up from the core of the Earth, through the earth in through your feet, legs, pelvis, body and into your heart. You are one with the centre of the Earth through the doorway of your heart, as the earth energy flows up your chest, neck, head, out your crown and back to Source. 

You are the doorway that allows the energies to flow through you both ways, through your heart and body.
Be aware of your connection to the Earth….. take your awareness down into the Inner Earth Sun, in the centre of the Earth… it illuminates up through the earth and into the Earth Star Chakra, then up into the Link Chakra and into your Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, until it moves into the Soulight Chakra, half-way between the Solar Plexus and the Heart Chakra……..
Be aware that the Inner Earth Sun is in your Soulight Chakra……

Deep breathe in as you connect deeper into your centre….into the Sun in your Heart…warm and glowing, soft and loving….Now be aware of the Sun in the sky… as you greet it… its golden rays illuminate down through the Cosmic Gateway and down through Universal Gateway, Stellar Gateway, Soul Star and into the Crown, then down the Central Channel through the Causal Chakra, Frontal, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, and into your Heart…..As the outer and inner Sun are One…….

With the Sun in your Heart and the Inner Earth Sun in the Soulight Chakra….become aware of the energy flowing between the two in a figure 8……..As the energies of the two Chakras and Suns merge, an energy body is created from the union of the Sun and Inner Earth Sun within you, the Earthsun Body…..Allow its energy to align and unify through you……..As it expands your awareness.....activates the DNA divine light codes.....As it strengthens and connects your energy bodies, they are refreshed, revitalised, rejuvenated.... as your physical body is one with the Earth's physical body...As your etheric body is one with the Earth's etheric body.....As your emotional bodies are one with the Earth's emotional bodies.....As your mental bodies are one with the Earth's mental bodies......As your spiritual bodies are one with the Earth's spiritual bodies.......
Your Earthsun Body connects you one with the are a tuning folk, as your consciousness is expanded....bringing more clarity and allowing.......Your Earthsun Body assists with unlimited awareness, and being your body of light, master of yourself, refreshed, revitalised, physically immortal, the divine being you truly are.

Having awareness of the Galactic Centre within is very helpful for all inner work, healing, meditation, activating, awakening, anchoring and unifying.
Since the Great Shift at the 21st December Solstice 2012 into the time of the Sixth Sun and the Earth and our Solar Systems alignment with the Galactic Centre. The cross over point and cosmic cross, the pulse of light and consciousness that comes to us from the Galactic Centre, it is now directly within us. 
The cross over point of the Galactic Core and our heart centre are all one, with the Inner Earth Sun. 
On the very next day December 22nd 2012 I became aware that the Inner Earth Sun and our Earthsun Body had shifted frequency and are now Liquid Light Plasma. 
Previous to the shift we connected to the outer Galactic Centre to feel the light pulse and consciousness coming from it. Then the cross over within the heart centre, as we went within the crossover point in our heart and then moved through the Galactic Centre. Now it is no longer on any outer plane but fully within our heart chakra and our centre, as we are one with the heart of the Galactic Core and the heart of the Earth. 
This has always been so, but most people were perceiving things as more outside the self before the Great Shift. Now we are in the era of unity consciousness and being from our heart, one with the divine Creator more fully as we integrate into our higher dimensional self.

Breathe deeply into yourself as each breath takes you deeper and deeper into your Heart......into the stillness…….
Be open to the pulse of Light and Consciousness that illuminates from the Galactic Centre, within you for this day. 
……Feel the Light pulses for this day.
As you go deeper into your heart, into the stillness….. The cross over point within your heart…..Into the centre of the crossover point in our Galaxy…..all one…….The inner and outer are one……
You go deeper and deeper into yourself……..into the cross-over point within you…..within the Galactic Centre….Into the stillness and absolute peace, the void…… 
As you merge one with the Galactic Centre and allow yourself to be....
If you choose; opening up to the New Creation, the New Earth, that is created from your love, from your heart, the centre of the Galaxy and beyond, the Source of all flows eternally through your heart.

On the December Solstice in 2012 as the Sun aligned with the Central Sun and Greater Central Suns and we moved through the Galactic Plane, this happened not only in the bigger cosmic picture, but within us and our cells as well, we are all One.
As all the outer Suns aligned, they aligned through the centre of you, 
through your Sun in your heart, and through your Central Sun and Greater Central Sun of your true self. 
As the alignment of the Suns glows through all the cells of your body and as our Earth and Solar System aligned through all the Suns, we moved through the cross over point, the centre of our Galaxy. 
The Black Hole, White Hole where all light and life flows to us, and where we return as we finish this creation cycle from white hole to black, as we move through the cross over point within our own heart and through the cells of our body. 
As each cell has a nuclei and heart and is a doorway too, aligned now through the centre of you, through the centre of the Galaxy, through all the Suns, all one. The inner and outer are one, as we are the Sun that we truly are and all the cells and DNA are resonating in the higher frequencies of light. Awakened and opened more fully to the love of all creation through the centre of you, through the centre of your cells.
Our RNA antenna brings in the new Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow. The higher dimensional light codes that we are now able to receive through our shift in consciousness and alignment of the Suns, as we are the Sun that we are, through the crossover point in the heart of the Galaxy, the heart of you.
THE MANDALA AND MEDITATION ‘THE ALIGNMENT OF THE SUNS, THROUGH THE ...has the sound codes with it, and can be brought on its own or in The Nine Suns set. Or with MP3 much more in-depth meditation and sounds OPENING TO YOUR MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SELF AND the MP3 OF THE FIVE LIGHT BODY ACTIVATION

The Ursids is a minor meteor shower producing about 5-10 meteors per hour. It is produced by dust grains left behind by comet Tuttle, which was first discovered in 1790. The shower runs annually from December 17-25. It peaks this year on the the night of the 22nd. This year the nearly full moon will be bright enough to hide all but the brightest meteors. If you are patient, you might still be able to catch a few good ones. Best viewing will be just after midnight from a dark location far away from city lights. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Ursa Minor, but can appear anywhere in the sky.


Whether we are Christian or not, believe it was when the Christ was born or not, it is a day a lot of humanity has set aside to share with loved ones, those less fortunate and come together in love, joy and peace. A time of goodwill, giving and gratitude, so we create a collective energy that we can use to see all beings as whole, healed and divine. The aspects of you in higher dimensions that in separation consciousness you may feel are not you but are, for example; Angles, Light Beings, Masters, Guardians, Christed/Buddhic Beings, Councils of Light are able to illuminate humanity and the aspects of you in the denser worlds with love and grace at this time also. Be open to receiving and sharing.

DECEMBER 25/26 FULL MOON IN CANCER 3.19 degrees  
NZ 0.11am 26th   AUST EST 10.11pm 25th     GMT 11.11am 25th 
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, in Cancer we have the Goddess, the nurturing, loving, caring energy polarised by the Capricorn practicality and Earth. This polarizing energy actually activates the DNA from within the water of the cells and the crystalline structures that hold the divine codes, so use sound, mandalas, intention, visualization and inner work to activate your DNA. 
This is a beautiful Moon to see over the sea, lake or water, celebrating our abundance and earthly bounty. 
Also time to be aware of the relationships you have with others on a personal and group level and see if they still are relevant to your being. The days of having time for co-dependent relationships is over, and we have choices of where we put our energy as we are illuminated with light that shines on all the webs and games to be embraced now in love and acceptance, and so transcended.
Please see my extracts from books LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS and HANDBOOK OF RA on relevant information.

Planetary Meditation link up world-wide for Peace. There are many times of the day that have been set aside for meditation and connecting around the planet for Peace. This particular link-up has been going for 25 years. As we all connect at midnight our time and link to everyone around the Earth we see and know everyone is already whole, healed, divine and at peace. In the Greater Reality all is in the Now and we create it, so how do we see it. If enough of us see it as it really is, divine, then it is. When we are at peace within, then so too does our world, the inner and the outer are One.
There is also a link-up from those who haven’t known about the original link-up please see on


Into the new year after the huge year of 2015 with such a huge shift and amazing energies, an 8 year. 
The Figure 8 played out in bringing back what we put out, for some loving, joyful, flowing and transfiguring, for many unresolved issues in the face to really see and love and embrace in oneness and transcend. 
All very intense and with Wave X and the Inner Earth Sun so the love heart of our Earth and Galactic Centre giving it to us to step it up.

We are now moving into a whole new paradigm, a new matrix of light, a new hologram that we have integrated through our love, not just through ourselves but the Earth and with nature.
So much more awareness of the Earth, all creatures as consciousness and honouring each and every one.
We continue the roll of living in integrity and grace. As the new matrix opens up to each of us in our own way to co-create the New Earth.
The old is crumbing fast now and the control and power games so transparent even to the most asleep people. The extreme reactions of violence with violence, revenge, more and more and more greed is hitting critical mass and can’t sustain itself much longer. 
Be prepared for the bubble to burst.
It is time for us to stand up and collectively choose not to participate in the madness any longer. 
You may feel too invested in the material world and how it is set up, but your soul is not invested in it and this year of 2016 is a doorway of higher light and being soul centred, not fear and ego centred.
If you feel stuck in the treadmill, then rather than thinking how to get off it, 
get out of your mind altogether, you can never figure it all out. 
Connect to your joy and that will take you on a journey so abundant and exciting, 
with unlimited possibilities able to now come in.
The year of allowing. A nine year; time to complete and tie up loose ends so we can utilise all the wonderful new technologies and harmonious ways of living with each other, nature and the Earth and Cosmos.


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Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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