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Celtic Tree of the Month - Hazel

Dates: August 5 - September 1

Art by: Unknown

Elemental Affinity: Air

Energy Alignment: Feminine

Most Prominent Birth Totems: Salmon & Bear

Gems and Crystals Associated with Hazel: Amethyst

Other Creature Being Affinity: Crane, Elves

Deities: Manannan mac Lir, Danu, Diana, Lazdona, & Thor

Commonly Known As: The Tree of Wisdom

Ogham Symbol: Coll


Wisdom * Optimism * Divination * Honesty

Contact with the Spirit World * Fertility * Intelligent

Discovering the Treasure Within * Artistic Expression * Visionary

The Hazel Tree is steeped in Celtic tradition and lore which includes being used as one of the woods for the belfire of Beltane. It is said that the use of the wood in this manner, would imbue those gathered with wisdom. Indeed, the ancients came to call this Standing One the Wisdom Tree due to its magickal properties and ability to bless those who wielded wands, staves, and talismans crafted from its wood with the ability to tap into and receive universal knowledge.

The delicious nut of the Hazel Tree gives us our next clue in ascertaining what this Standing One has to teach us. Initially, this protein and potassium rich delight begins as a rather ordinary looking yellow flower. Yet as time goes by, the Hazelnut (or filbert) begins to develop. To protect its growth, a husk forms around this nut as it continues to mature across the summer months and into early autumn. By mid-autumn, the husk rips open and drops the Hazelnut to the ground, the nut is now encased in a very tough outer shell. In order to get to the delicious kernel at the center of this hardened outer layer, we must crack it open. Hence, we understand that Hazel Tree is teaching us that in order to get to the treasures that lay deep within us, we must crack open the shell of our self-limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears. In putting forth this effort, we will be rewarded with the delightful treasure that awaits within.
Healing Properties

Hazel Tree wood is renowned for its ability to absorb excess acid from our bodies. Many ancient philosophers and herbalists also stated a belief that this amazing Standing One was able to slough off toxins and allow for proper drainage of excess bodily fluids, including infections and lung ailments.

Yet beyond its ability to relieve physical ailments, the Hazel Tree has also been revered for its ability to heal strained relationships. This wood was used as a talisman for a couple encountering difficulties. The Hazel wood would imbue both partners with the ability to access their inner wisdom and gain insight into the patterns and behaviors which were creating difficulties in the relationship, thus allowing room for greater understanding, and invoking the change needed to heal the old emotional wounds.

Magickal Properties

Celtic tradition tells us that the Hazel Tree stands as a guardian between the ordinary world, and the magickal realm of the Otherworld. Any time that we see a tree thus placed, we know that magick is afoot, and if we're not careful, we may slip through dimensions to the realm of the Fae. To be a welcomed guest amongst the fairy folk is one thing, however, intruding upon that magickal plane uninvited comes with a heavy price. Therefore, reverence and respect should be shown, both to the sacred Hazel tree, and to the environs around which it grows, as you never know when a fae may appear . . . or when you may slip through!

As one of the Sacred Trees of the Druids, the Hazel Tree has a wide range of magickal properties and attributes, and thus, an equally wide range of mystical work can be achieved with its assistance. Some examples of this work is as follows:

* Reconciliation of strained or broken relationships

* As a conduit to the Otherworld of the Fae and as a means of making contact with the Fairy Folk

* Reaching across to the Spirit World for contacting departed loved ones.

* To invoke needed change in one's life

* As a means to attract prosperity

* To gain greater wisdom, insight, and understanding of ancient magick and teachings

* For manifesting and inspiring greater creativity.

* As a protection against evil forces, demons, and spirits

Attributes of Those Born During Hawthorn's Reign

If you entered this plane of existence during the time when Hazel reigned (August 5 - September 1), then you have arrived with the gift of wisdom that comes from the ability to perceive the meaning behind seemingly random occurrences. Yet just as the sweet meat of the Hazel nut is contained within a hard exterior that must first be cracked in order to get to the treasure within, so too does your gift of wisdom come through the experiences that you encounter in life. For while it's true that you have a keen intellect and naturally high mental acuity, wisdom is all together different from intelligence, a concept you are well familiar with as you have applied the lessons learned through those experiences to future circumstances.

As a Hazel soul, you were also imbued by the Divine Source with visionary abilities that possess the potential to transport not only yourself, but others, to a place of splendor. Thus, many individuals born under the twisting limbs of this tree find that conveying their vision through artistic expression in some way, shape, or form, is one way that they can share their visionary gifts with humanity. Many gifted artists from all mediums and expressions have been born beneath the Hazel Moon, and gifted the world with the beauty of their inspired take on life.

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