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Dear Friends,


Sonja has just mentioned that she will be conducting a loving ceremony tonight with her Christmas tree. It will be the last day that the beloved tree remains with her in her home. I know the tree has shared much joy and love with Sonja and her family this holiday season.


I feel moved to share with you the following short story of my own experience with a Christmas tree several years ago. I know Christmas is over but I feel that the love and joy of the holidays truly does live on - especially in this very special year of 2012.


This story also has wider implications for our understanding of the roles and lifetimes that our Brother Trees share with us all. May this provide some inspiration for us all moving forward into this new year.




Over the years, having conversations with trees and plants has enriched my existence and I never quite know what might happen next. This has given me a very new perspective on "things" and I thought I’d share this Christmas Tree story with you.

Four years ago, around Christmas time, I really struggled with whether or not to have a Christmas tree at all. I had previously thought it "would be cool" to go cut down my own tree at a tree farm. Once trees began speaking to me and expressing their intelligence and conscious awareness, I knew that I could NOT in good conscience go and cut a tree down for this ... .


I almost decided not to even buy a tree at all but I asked the other trees about it. They didn't seem to have a problem with it and they even encouraged me to have one. They told me: "Any one of us would be honored to be your tree - to be with you in your home. Remember, we choose our lifetimes as well. Those trees who will become Christmas trees have specifically chosen to do so. They look forward to sharing their love and energy with humankind during this season; another opportunity for us to nurture our relationship with humanity."


So ... on a bright, sunny and cold Saturday afternoon I went to a local church to buy a tree. As the kind man held the tree for me to look at, I said to the man: "Well, this looks like a very beautiful tree." At which time the tree said to me: "I AM a beautiful tree. Pick me!!" How could I say no to that?!


So, I brought him home and as I struggled to get him situated nice and straight in the tree stand, he very kindly told me his name. "I am Omzkar", he said. He further told me, "I am honored to be here in your home with you. I am honored to be your tree. My family will be very pleased, indeed!"


I told Omzkar that I was honored to have him as well. To which, the standard reply "We are both honored, then," was his answer. I also told him how beautiful he is and that I love him, and all of the other trees, very much. My cat (at the time), Lila, spent the better part of the first 36 hours "snuggled" up against Omzkar and his trunk. He seemed to like that and stated that it is "very pleasing" when she does that.


Apparently, although Christmas trees are severed from their roots, they are indeed very much "alive and aware" for at least a couple of weeks as they stand in people's homes - providing much beauty and fragrance as they drink up much water.


As I sat in my cold car the following morning and waited for the engine to heat up, I heard the trees around me say: "Thank you for taking in Omzkar" - again providing confirmation to me that they approved. I told the other trees, "Well, he (Omzkar) seems pretty pleased about it." At which time they answered me: "Oh, he is! He is happily singing right now - we can hear him!!" I was more than a little surprised and told them that it never really dawned on me that the Trees "could sing". They said, "but of course we can - but we sing at a much different frequency than we speak to you" - explaining why I haven't heard the trees "sing" yet.


I was too tired to put lights on Omzkar when I returned home from work that day, but I did at least manage to test them (the lights, that is). Omzkar seemed to grow especially excited at the lights when he saw them and he proudly stated: "Those are my lights! I am excited to wear them - a very special time in the life of a Christmas tree!!"


I promised Omzkar the next morning before I left for work that "tonight would be the night" - the night he would "wear his lights."


May all of the trees, and especially the Christmas trees you may have or encounter, shed their grace and love on all of you this Holiday Season and through this entire New Year.










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Great pictures - thank you, Frank :-)


What a unique BLESSING that we have all finally found each other! So the tree's Spirit is home now :-)


After the ceremony I realized why it seems so cruel to us to cut a tree when we are at the brink of awakening: Because we start realizing that everything is ALIVE - but still cannot handle DEATH!


As long as we think that death is final, in means of separation from our family and beloved ones, we fear it - and we think it is "bad" ... so the trees - our presciouis Christmas Tree - has taught me yet another lesson in his leaving: that DEATH is part of dualistic life  - and not only not to be feared but in tghe case that we have fulfilled our purpose - it can even be considered a BLESSING! It makes room for the next step on our way ... the Blessed Spirit of our Christmas Tree has been set free to move on and become a Deva - or whatever may fit his soul's evolution most ...


THANK YOU, Christmas Tree!


THANK YOU, Amoran, for you have helped me realize all this!


THANK YOU, soul family, for CONECTING :-)


Sending and SEEDING LOVE and newly born CHRISTMAS LIGHT,


Sonja Myriel



Perfectly spoken and well said, Dear Sonja. You may be interested to know that the year after my Christmas Tree, Omzkar, was with me, there was a new evergreen planted right in front of my window ... one sunny summer day I was walking in my front door and I heard this new evergreen tree "giggling" as I walked by ... I turned to him and he said in a very familiar voice:


"Do you remember me? I sang to you in your home once upon a time, not too long ago!"


I laughed and rejoiced for I KNEW it was him! "Omzkar!! I gleefully said - welcome back!"


He did a "bow" and said, 'At your service!'


So, Dear Sonja, yes, all is but a step in existence as we are each time set free and born anew for another experience among those we love.


Peace and Love, Always, in All Ways,






I am looking forward to our future encounter - the Christmas tree and me :-)


wow, this is such a great story, and very important information for me to have, to know that Christmas trees are happy to be with us!!!   And singing trees reminds me of the Anastasia books by Vladimir Megre...................they talk of the 'ringing cedars' in Siberia.....beautiful books...Merry Christmas to all here!

Merr Chistmas, dear Apple Goddess - and enjoy the magnification of energies in your home which the antenna, which your Christmas Tree is, gifts you with :-)

Thank you Dear Sister Sonja for "dusting off" this story at the most appropriate time!


Heppy and I have been thinking of you quite often and remembering our beautiful time with you and your family last year at Christmas and New Year's. I was also thinking of this story as I posted it right after we had arrived home from our trip to see you.


RasaMdd and Apple Goddess - my deep gratitude to you both for stopping by to enjoy this tale with all of us.


Blessing of Peace and Love to you All,



Me, too, I was thinking of our time together and  I remembered the insights I was allowed to gain concerning the Christmas Tree being a living Antenna :-)

NOW we are experiencing the 13 Holy Nights - from December 24th to January 6th. Each night stands for a moon to come ...

Love Light Blessings,

ALWAYS yours,


Dear Amoran, thanks



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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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