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Hello Dear Friends,


Let us speak now of Trees. And Dragons. And Pearls ... !!!


A story from last summer  ... to share with you all, Beloved Family of Light:




The Feasting of Galaxies:


Last weekend I went back to a sacred forest – it is called “Beartown State Forest” and is located in Monterey, MA in the mountains of the Berkshires. As I write this I am gently reminded of the “Bear Energy” …. The loving masculine part of us all that is here to protect and to guard … to make sure the bear cubs are safe …


For the past 2 years something peculiar would happen when I would enter the forest and approach the pond in the middle. The Trees would ask to “activate the fountain.” At first I did not understand … so I took a walk to the edge of the pond and again they would ask to “activate the fountain”.  I simply said, “yes, please activate the fountain …. “


Then I would see a bright, violet, cone-shaped fountain “burst forth” from the waters of the oval-shaped pond … it was HUGE! Then, small basketball-sized spheres of red energy would be forcefully ejected from the fountain up into the sky … every 3 seconds this would occur. I would watch in wonder as the trees would devour this energy and feed hungrily on it.  They would report to me on occasion during my camping stay and say, “We are Feasting.”


Always upon my departure the Trees would confirm with me that they were going to “deactivate the fountain” and I would see it in my mind’s eye “vanish” and fall back mightily into the water.


I have told the Trees that they should activate this fountain upon their own desire and appetite – without me being present. They simply refuse to do so.


I have born witness to the fountain about 2 dozen times now. Last year was a bit different though … during one of my stays while the fountain was active the Trees reported to me:


“There are others now present!”


I looked up into the sky and I saw a blinking star .. .that is what it looked like – as big and bright as a star but blinking … this “Star” addressed me and in my mind I heard a gentle voice say:


“We are honored and Blessed to be here as Well. We wish to join this Feast!”

I simply said, “Of course, you are welcome …” and this “Star” happily joined the “meal” for about 15 minutes … then another very peculiar thing happened … I heard human jet fighter air planes screaming across the sky … right to the Forest and to the Area of the “Star” … I could see their lights crisscrossing each other in a panicked flight pattern.


There is an air force base about one hour away from the Forest – Westover Air Force Base. This base is involved in many international military missions.


Once the jet fighters arrived the blinking “Star” was mysteriously gone … with a whisper … “thank you …”


Again, as I write this I am told that this was indeed an ARCTURIAN vessel of some sort …


So now to “present Time” and last weekend. I arrived. The fountain was activated. All feasted gloriously for several hours. Night fell. I started my campfire and the Trees once again reported:


“There are Others present!”


I looked to the sky and I saw a very large, very bright object appear in my mind’s eye. Then many “serpent” heads came out of this bright object. It looked like a “hydra” snake being.


One “Head” came very close to me and said:


“We wish to ask permission to … “


And then a separate but connected “head” opened its Mighty Jaws and hungrily devoured one of the red energy spheres … then there was a moment of chaos as all of the heads began to hungrily compete for the single sphere being ejected into the sky …


Alarms began to sound and the Trees activated additional protocols … the Reptilian Light Commander, Cerik (pronounced “SHE-rook”) was with me. I had not seen him for a few years … he began to frantically issue commands and Light Forces appeared everywhere … the Trees reported they could not sustain the supply to meet the appetite of demand … Gaia appeared and said:


“Let us Assist Now.”


She activated the violet GateWay Crystal located within the Manatee cradle of her EarthStar and instantly fountains of all sizes sprouted from the water of the pond … always overlapping in cone shapes … the pond looked like a beautiful “rhododendron flower bud” of purple violet flowers pumping out red little spheres that were then “feasted upon” by the hydra being …


Then other hydra beings came … and still others … and a huge feast was had by all …


I was then shown that these “hydra” beings were Galactic Centers from all over the Multi-Verse System … come home to Gaia’s heart center to feed upon her loving and nurturing energy …


Gaia and all of her beings, including humans, are massive generators of energy and as a central “heart” of the Multi-verse system we provided a grand banquet for all of the Galaxies to take part.




The Feast Part II


The Trees Sing of an “EVENT” – August 20, 2011


I am now on my way to the Mountains to camp for the last time this summer in the Sacred Forest. Honestly, I am not really looking forward to it. My wife has decided not to go. My friend who is coming with me is a bit “high maintenance” and I’d honestly prefer just to be going by myself. However, I am committed to the trip so I’ll just have to make do.


During the drive as I enter the mountains a very deep and profound peace settles upon me and within my heart. I feel very much at ease in a way that I have not felt before. It is a calming, peaceful, sacred and joyful feeling.


I hear the Trees singing of an “EVENT”. They joyfully chorus:


“The fountains will once again become active for the FEAST!


ALL beings shall participate – the ENTIRE multi-verse SYSTEM shall be present!


We have prepared everything – we hope you are pleased!”


I knew immediately what they were talking about. I have written before about my experiences in the forest on the pond where I “see” great fountains of Light emanating from the water … and these fountains eject red glowing spheres of energy which the Dragons, Trees and Galaxies of our Universe come to ‘FEAST’ upon … much to my amazement, though, I immediately understood what the trees were saying – this time would be different. This would be a feast of the ENTIRE MULTI-VERSE SYSTEM – all Universes of our system would be present.


I smiled and said a prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude.


THE EVENT – August 20, 2011


As I entered the forest a big wave of energy hit me. The Trees again chorused:


We have prepared everything – we hope you are pleased!”


As I approached the water I heard the Trees say:


“We shall activate the fountains now …”


I then saw many violet fountains “flower” from the pond like the buds on the rhododendron – the fountains were everywhere and began ejecting red glowing spheres ….


I then saw IT:


The Crystalline Pentagram Gate appeared directly above the pond itself! It was magnificent!!! Beings from the ENTIRE multi-verse system began to feast together in intense joy and love …


The “feast” lasted all weekend. At times I found I needed to go lie down in my tent where I received a rather unique, but beautiful vision:


I saw the many different Universes of the entire system “joining together” into the shape of a CUBE! And, in the middle of the cube was a glowing red sphere – the soul of our planet, Gaia Terra Shan! I saw this “cube” streaming and “flying” through space …. Confidently upon a path of knowing and understanding …


Tears began to stream down my cheeks as I whispered yet another prayer:


“Thank you, Dear Brothers and Sisters for joining in this way. Follow her – follow Gaia Terra Shan; she knows where to go …”



Now, mind you, I thought I must surely be crazy!!  I mean Dragons and glowing red spheres and such ... why red? why not blue or yellow or white, for that matter. Then a friend sent me this article one day. She had no conscious knowledge of my experieces. She just thougt it was "cool" and I might "like it".


There are many tales of the East where dragons held a powerful pearl. They were said to be the dragon's most coveted treasure, as not all dragons had them.

Dragons and Pearls symbolize DNA.

One of the great mysteries of world mythology and symbolism is the universal association of a cosmic serpent with a glowing sphere in the heavens. The association is too consistent to be explained as accidental convergence.

East-Asian dragons are almost invariably portrayed with a RED sphere in their mouths, in front of their mouths, or -- as in Javanese art--on top of their heads. In the famous lantern procession celebrated by Chinese people on the 15th of the first month, the red sphere precedes the dragon. This sphere is called huoh chuh, "fire pearl". The flames that erupt from the pearl in some representations parallel the flames exhaled by dragons in other traditions. But what does the red sphere signify? And where does the image of the dragon itself come from?

Scholars agree that the pearl is celestial. But does it signify the moon, as some have suggested? Or is it the Sun, as others have claimed?

The Caribs of Dominica believed in a serpent with a sparkling stone on its head, described as an eye. And scores of other dragons around the world swallowed, enclosed, or carried similar spherical objects, alternately identified as the sun, an egg, an eye, the heart or soul of the serpent, or a precious stone.

The catastrophist model interprets the serpent and the sphere as a vagrant luminous object in the sky accompanied by glowing plasma effects. Today, several independent researchers connect both the enclosing serpent and the primordial "sun" to the axis mundi, a column said to have once risen from the earth to the sky.


~UnKnown Author~




And a picture now that hangs in my living room that I found on Bali, Indonesia ....


Here is the Asian dragon grabbing a glowing, fiery sphere ... the pearl ...


Part II of this story can be found here:

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Wow, ok ... now I feel this is not the end of the story, yet, LOL!

I am grasping bits and parts ... understanding partially ... but the bigger picture is still hidden from my eyes who observe in wonder.

Do the dragons eat these red spheres? Or are these red spheres dragons? If they EAT these red spheres, what ARE these red spheres, then?

I told you about the importance of the cube, Frank ... now, this time I realized that the cube may be connected to the MULITVERSE, somehow ... the most SACRED form, as Argüelles put it ...

I cannot see the picture of the dragon all too well ... probably due to my old computer screen which displays all colours, lol ;-)

I am very much looking forward to understanding MORE of this visision that you were given, Frank - and there is ONE thing which became apparent when I read the story this time: YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL and an important messenger for the trees!!! They do not feast without you ... no meeting of galaxies and universes, left alone multiverses without you, there! And no feast for the trees, either ...

WHO provides the ENERGY for these feasts - is it Gaia?

And what about the violet GateWay Crystal located within the Manatee cradle of her EarthStar??? I would LOVE to learn more about all this - and the Crystalline Pentagram Gate ...

Sending you a love filled HUG and Violet Ray Embrace, dear Amoran,

Sonja MYriel Aouine

Hello Dear Sister!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and for all of your wonderful questions!


Please understand that I do not fully know what this all means, either. I share it with you all so that it may provide information to any who may need it. I do understand SOME of it, however, and will gladly share what I do know with you now:


- the red spheres are definitely ENERGY spheres; the spheres are NOT dragons; yes the dragons "eat" them or "consume" them ... these "fire pearls" are somehow very important to them and highly desired


- GAIA and the Trees create these Spheres for the "feast" ... I get the sense that somehow these spheres provide "nutrition" to and for the dragons - strengthened energy, ancient wisdom, ancient connections - all energetically, of course!


- Yes, sacred geometry and the platonic solids play a HUGE role in so many things - including the fabric of the Universe/Multi-verse, the plantets, the galaxies, etc ... I am still in the process of tying this all together and will provide more information when it is available


- Over the next couple of days I will provide more info on the Gateway crystal and the pentagram gate


- You are correct, of course, that this is not the end of the story! Other things have happened recently as well and I will endeavor to share those as well.


Thank you again, Dear One!





Thank you for your explanations, Frank :-))

I am still marvelling about the bigger picture which I have got a glimpse of through part two, lol! What I noticed is that you often mention the colours violet and purple in your descriptions - and that you were presented the octahedron diamond shape in 2009 exactly when we  were given the channeling to place etheric crystals where healing is needed and fill them with Violet Light until they start rotating ... What a beautiful connection is what I am thinking ...

We will find out more in the course of time - and I am very much looking forward to it :-).

Love and LIGHT to you and your BELOVED ONES,

Sonja Myriel

I do enjoy these stories Amoran,

Still learning and wondering!

Much love,


Thank you, Dear Ishema! Your loving support is so very, very much appreciated!

Thank You Dear Amoran. Love, Amanda

My Blessings to you, Dear One! Thank you for taking the time to share my story.


Peace and Love,



Thank you, Dearest Friend! Sonja asked many questions above and I have begun to answer them with what little I do know ... I shall try to provide more information soon.


My Love to you,



Thank you, Dear Shenna! I did try to provide a bit more information in response to Sonja above ... I will also try to post a bit more over the next few days. I am honored that you took the time to share my story.


In Gratitude,



Hello Dear Peg!

Your wonderfully confirming message comes to me now at a most appropriate time. For this I am deeply grateful and thank you.


Yes, I believe you have very accurately and beautifully described the Process. My first (and most intense) kundalini experience happened at the very beginning of my own Awakening 13 years ago. It has all just flowed ever since. The Dragons came to me a few years later and have remained a vital and important aspect of my own experience.


It has been a most amazing, often unbelievable, yet sacred and profound journey.


Dragon Blessings,



This is a beautiful experience Amoran! I agree with are a messenger!!!! I too was picturing all of this in my head-absorbing and found it to be absolutely amazing especially for you to share this with all of us! I hope you continue to share as you continue to have experiences. I am eager to hear more!

Thank You again for sharing!!!

Love and Light to you!




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