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The following is only a part of Suzan Carroll's latest newsletter.

I felt the urge to post it here that all of you who are interested in ORION, feeling a connection to this star constellation, may receive this important message.

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Sonja Myriel Aouine



Dear Ascending Expression of Our SELF,

You, our Ascending Ones, are experiencing not just what is happening with you, but what is happening throughout the entire planet. Hence, many of you are feeling many symptoms of transformation, which likely feel like an illness. The reality is that you feel sick and tired within your earth vessel for it has grown too small for you. The habit of being third dimensional is creating a final battle between the realities of the YOU that you thought you should be and the YOU that you have always been. Many of our ascending ones feel this way, but each of you is moving through this process in your own personal manner.


You see the third dimension is coming to its completion. The Illusions that have held that matrix in place are buckling under the weight of the ever expanding unveiling of Truth. This Truth is that you DO have control over your reality and that YOU, the Ascending Ones, have called in enough Light that we, the Galactics, can intervene. We of the Galactic Federation can now directly interface with the Core of Darkness, which has taken on the false name of "the Illuminati." It is the old story of the "wolf in sheep's clothing." We can also deal directly with these dark ones because they are the decedents of our first genetic seeding of Earth.


The "Service to Self" Draconians were among the first explorers to inhabit your planet. Their species reproduces by laying eggs. Once the eggs are hatched, it is the survival of the fittest as to who survives and who does not. Therefore, from birth on it is each Drac for him or herself. Love is not a driving force in their society. In fact, it is practically unknown. Therefore, they have no sense of guilt if they harm others because that behavior is the foundation of their reality. For many millennia the Drac ruled our Galaxy with an iron fist and might ruled over right. In fact, for them might WAS right, and weakness in any fashion was intolerable.


Fortunately, many Draconians have moved beyond that worldview, and some have even ascended. However, those who have reincarnated again and again on Earth have not evolved at all. They now hide within their earth vessels and look quite human. However, inside they hold the consciousness and genetic memory of being a Draconian. It is these ones that were responsible for the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, and were fully prepared to create a similar scenario for your present time period. However, because we were able to remove the extra-terrestrial Draconians from all contact with Earth, the grounded ones in human form have lost their inter-galactic support.


Meanwhile, the ascended Draconians within our Galactic Federation are extremely intelligent and scientific, as well as advanced alchemists with a wonderful sense of humor. We tell you this so that you do not develop a prejudice against all Dracs. Indeed, humans have a great deal of Draconian DNA. Furthermore, the ascended Dracs are working diligently to assist their grounded expressions in the Illuminati to embrace the light as they have. They are also telling them that their days are numbered, and it is best that they participate in this opportunity to awaken rather than fall into the depths of the dark energy that they have created within and around them.


They are reminding their grounded ones that, already, many bankers are "retiring," which will cut the Illuminati's NWO off from many of their financial resources. Then, the politician who they have bought off will be relieved of their office. With the corrupted politicians gone, the NWO will lose their power over the masses because old rules of domination will be replaced with laws that assist the people rather than the hidden rulers. The ascended Dracs are called upon to communicate with their descendants because these dark ones are more inclined to listen to their ancestors than to those they have always perceived as enemies. If only a few dark ones can look towards the light, it will greatly affect that collective consciousness.


You must realize that it is not the Galactics' intention to punish, as that is a third dimensional concept. We do not perceive darkness and fear to be "bad." In fact, it was vital to have this darkness to create a polarized reality. However, the innocence of the light ones who had never known the dark could not imagine the power of that which was hidden. Love and light lives in the open to be shared with all. Hence, the original innocent ones could not imagine the degree of darkness that lay hidden in their world like a snake in its hole.


On the other hand, it was the very darkness that threatened to destroy them that forced them to awaken to their full wisdom and power. The darkness also forced them, that is you-the ascending ones, to gain the wisdom to know the full power of love. Love, free of all the conditions of fear, is the highest frequency of light and the core of your greatest power. Therefore, we ask you not to be angry or vengeful towards those that you are ascending beyond. Allow the Law of Return to teach them the lesson that energy out-is energy back. Do not taint your ascending consciousness with the anger of being a victim.


We, your Galactic Family, wish to commend you for finding and following the multidimensional light in the midst of one of the darkest times in Gaia's history. We also remind you that you have chosen to be born during this time of great challenge. Many of you were the volunteers from our ranks that came to assist Gaia at the fall of Atlantis. Since then, you have lived many, many lives in preparation for this final act of third dimensional Earth. We do not need to punish the dark, for as their once conquered world (Earth) returns to Her true resonance, they will no longer be able to even perceive Her reality.


As we take them from their position of domination over others, they all have the opportunity to find the light and change the direction of their gaze. If they choose to see power over others rather than find the true power within unconditional love, they shall naturally adhere to a reality of a very low frequency. Fortunately, you, our beloved ascending ones, have raised your resonance, along with the resonance of Gaia, to the percentage of Light Quotient, which allows our intervention. Without the Illuminati's constant projection of domination and fear into your world, those who have, until now, been too downtrodden to awaken can more easily find their inner light.


In closing, we wish to tell you about how the Draconians were able to find the Light of Ascension. We tell you this story to relieve you from the burden of prejudice and to give you the hope that even those of the dark can look towards the light.




My name is Franquoix. I am sorry to say that much of what you have heard about the Draconians is true. However, much like our human cousins, we are evolving more now at a greater and greater speed. Yes, we are directly related to humans. We came to Earth as one of the first starseeds that inhabited Earth many millions of years ago. We Draconians were among the first Galactic Beings to implant Earth with our DNA. Since then, Earth has had some form of reptilian creatures, which are actually less evolved forms of our being. We were the first to receive permission for this implantation of our DNA because your atmosphere at that time best fitted our species.


We chose to inhabit the forms of the dinosaurs in which we existed for many millennia. When the atmosphere changed, many of us died. Some of us went underground to live, and our Star Ships that came to rescue us took some back to our Homeworld in the Orion system. Our planets in the Orion System were undergoing an evolutionary process to which we could easily adapt. Unfortunately, those of us that were extremely large in size could not be taken aboard the ships and could also not find safety underground. Therefore, that portion of our species died off. From our experiment on Earth, we learned that it was too difficult to adapt to the many changes of evolution while living in such a huge body. The ones who survived were those who went underground to live.


Eventually, after Lemuria and then Atlantis fell, the vibration of the planet fell, as well. Some of the underground residents maintained the fourth dimensional vibration of their Lemurian and Atlantian friends who also took refuge underground. Others adapted to the evolutionary change of the third dimensional vibration by taking other, smaller bodies. It was those members that you still see now, for they became snakes, lizards, birds and other reptiles. Those known as humanity have much of our DNA. Also, their forms were, also, created with the elements inherent to this planet.


However, humanity does not just have our DNA. You are a collection of DNA from all your galactic ancestors merged together in your earth vessel, which was created by the elements and fourth dimensional Elementals of your planet. All of us, humans and reptilians, were, and are, members of the first consciousness that decided to experiment with physical manifestation upon the planet known in your day as Earth.


As I said before, the larger members of our species became extinct when the planet's atmosphere became hostile to them. Those of us that were rescued by the Star Ships banded together like immigrants to our own Homeworld. Those who had been carnivores on Earth found an easier adjustment to the militaristic Draconian Society. On the other hand, those who had become herbivores on Earth had a very difficult adjustment. We had not killed in millennia and did not fit into the society based on killing others in order to prosper, or even to survive. It was this second group which was my ancestors.  


Because we were not accustomed to hunting and killing, we had a hard time defending ourselves against the trained warriors of the Draconian society. These warriors felt embarrassed by us because we were different and went against their "way." Therefore, they threatened us at every turn and ridiculed us for not wanting to fight. They called us cowards. We were not cowards. In fact, we were very brave to stand up against their ridicule and not give up our essence merely because it was not the norm.


We didn't choose to avoid fighting because we were afraid. Instead, we chose our non-violent ways because we did not want to kill. We had witnessed that many of the warrior's battles did indeed end in death for one of them and sometimes for both of them. We knew from those of us that had killed, that killing changed our essence. It would not change it so much that we were like the warriors, but it would change us enough that we would no longer fit into either group. Those who had killed usually died soon from loneliness, or they became even more ferocious killers than the warriors because they had no honor to give them dignity.


Therefore, those of us who would not fight hid in caves and worked on developing our spirit and our minds. Our hearts were not to be opened for many millennia. Therefore, our spiritual life was very mental. However, it offered us the rules of conduct that gave us honor, just as obedience to certain rules offered honor to the warriors. As we receded deeper and deeper into the caves, our scales began to change colors and become softer. The warriors had dark green, or dark brown scales, which were very thick and tough, like armor.


Our scales were never that dark or tough even before we moved into our desert caves. Then, as we continued to live in dark caves, our scales became more delicate and gained a luminescence to assist us in navigating the dark caves. Furthermore, as we became more spiritual we gradually began to emanate light from within our bodies, as well. This inner light allowed us to go even deeper into the caves, all the way to the deepest caverns and underground waterways. Once we discovered these waterways, we were able to travel great distances with much less effort. Since there was little material in the cave that could float, we became excellent swimmers. Over a few generations, we developed fins such as the ones I have now and gills like fish so that we could breathe underwater for more extended periods of time.


Our tails became longer and stronger than the warrior's tails, and we developed our crowns, which eventually ran from the top of our head all the way down to the tip of our tail. These crowns helped us to navigate our huge bodies underwater. As we became more spiritual, our long crowns also emanated light. Eventually the crown at the middle of our back evolved into wings so that now we could better swim, as well as fly. With these added talents of flying and swimming, we were able to fly through the immense underground caves and make more short journeys onto the land. We usually did so at night because we had developed excellent night vision in the caves, which afforded us greater protection against the warriors. However, we were still far too vulnerable to be able to be a part of the Draconian society.


As we became more spiritual, we became more powerful. Then, we did not like hiding in caves, even though we had definitely made the most of the experience. This is when we attracted the attention of the Arcturians. The Arcturians recognized our huge evolutionary shift, but also saw that we had not yet learned much about love. On the other hand, because of our isolation from the others, we had learned a great deal about unity and protectiveness for our group. The Arcturians saw these traits as a precursor to the development of the ability to feel love.


Love had never been a component of the Draconian Civilization. Hence, only intervention from another civilization could introduce this new concept. Since the Arcturians had already developed their Lightbody, they could meet up deep in our caves or high in our night skies. In fact, this is how their contact began. They began their contact by whishing past us in their Lightbodies, either in the caves or the night sky and leaving a trail of unconditional love behind them. At first we could only experience this love as a pleasing aroma. Indeed, it was so pleasing that we began to follow these wispy rays of light to learn more about them.


Over time, we began to look forward to their appearance, and even anticipated their arrival. Until that time, our spirituality was a mental concept of changing, interacting with and even creating reality. We had grown very much from our lessons and had gained such mind control that we could communicate telepathically and clearly read the minds of the warriors and their prey. We also learned that we could control the thinking of the warriors to distract them from their prey, as well as to warn the prey that they were in danger. Furthermore, the Warriors had no idea what was happening to them, as we had learned to shield ourselves from their perception of what we were doing, as well as who we were.


Unfortunately, this power was beginning to cause problems, as power without the regulation of wisdom or love can be very destructive. We slowly were beginning to realize this, but we had no concept of love to serve as a balancing agent to power. If the Arcturians had not arrived we may have become as vicious as the warriors, or maybe worse. When the Arcturians could feel that we were coming to this realization, they moved into the next level of their teachings.


Up until now there had been no communication, except via the essence that they later identified as unconditional love. The next thing that happened was that we didn't see them for what appeared to be a very long time. We finally decided to band together and send out our unified mental intention of asking them to return. It was a resounding success. Almost immediately they appeared in our deepest cave wearing their forms of Lightbody. We were so happy to see them, that we actually had a brief experience of feeling love. They commended us so deeply that the feeling of love returned.


Our power grew exponentially when we incorporated the feeling of love into our essence. We could no longer stay on that world without totally disrupting the warrior's power or threatening our newfound experience of love. Consequently, the Arcturians took us into their Star Ships. Many different members of the Milky Way Galaxy serve on Arcturian Ships. Therefore, even though we were different, we were completely accepted and, yes, even loved.



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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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