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June 13, 2011

The High Council of Orion: Spiritual detox

"Welcome once again beloveds, we are blessed to be able to communicate with you once more. We once more take this opportunity to guide and encourage you to realise the power that each one of you has within their very BEing. It is now more important than ever to keep your energy systems clean and protected. This is easily done but needs to be done regularly and mindfully to begin with.


Much change is sweeping across the planet and the energies will concentrate even further mid month. It is important that you are not dragged back down by the illusion as this may cause you to feel ill and then confusion may set in. The simplest way to be protect your energy system is to keep it maintained from the inside out. This is done through food and water. Be MINDFUL of what you put into your bodies during the next few days and weeks. Foodstuffs that are highly processed and are in effect “dead” foods will cause your vibration to lower and to wobble. This will result in many of you feeling as if you are ill. This also allows the illusion to begin the sowing of seeds.

Human BEings when they are ill tend to absorb the energies of all that is around them, the weakness in your energy field will allow the seeds of fear and confusion to grow. This is not what you are trying to do in raising your vibration. You must remain clear and focused to maintain the highest vibration that you can during this month. It is a powerful month and it is the start of many things for the human race.

We recognise and acknowledge that many of you are totally unaware of the best foodstuffs to eat at this time. It will be a matter of trial and error for many of you as you take reactions to foodstuffs and drinks that you may have consumed en masse until this time. Please be aware that as you change and heighten your vibration you become more and more sensitised to the foodstuffs that you consume.

The illusion would have you hooked on fast foods and chemical laiden foodstuffs that appear on the outset to be CONVENIENT. This has been pushed onto the human race more and more and we guide you most strongly to look behind the packaging and digest what is being sold to you. Foodstuffs that lead you to feeling an energy dip straight after consuming will continue to build up in your energy system and will continue to allow your vibration to dip and rise at will.

The guidance we give most strongly is to MAINTAIN AN EVEN VIBRATION. This is done by being mindful. You have foods that agree with you but you have been trained to ignore your inner guidance and to consume the latest “fad”. You have been trained to think that you have no time in the day to sit down and consume fuel for your bodies. You have been trained to allow the manufacturers of foodstuffs to dictate what YOU put into YOUR body.

We guide most strongly the need to put “live”, “wholesome” foodstuffs into your body for fuel. Energy is all around you, when you eat plants and animals that have not been chemically altered you consume and align that energy within you. Please re read our words and digest the meaning of them. Taking back the power that you have within you entails you being responsible for what you do with and to your body.

We fully acknowledge how difficult our words of guidance will be for many of you. Many of you will have no idea of what is good for you and what is not and the illusion seeks to keep it that way. You are also trained to think that good, wholesome, “alive” food is bad for you. We guide most strongly that mother nature is part of you, we are all ONE. Why would something in nature be “bad” for you?


Chemicals cause major disruption to the human energy system. It is important to realise the effects that chemicals have on your body and take small steps to adjust this. Many of you have no idea how addicted to certain chemicals that you are until you stop pouring them into your body. Be wary of stopping a certain foodstuff straight away. We are in no way guiding you to stop all that you do, we are guiding you to be mindful.


The energies will have affected many of you who will start to be more intune with all that is around you. Many of you will already be at the point of discerning the chemical foods from the more wholesome ones just by the messages that your body gives you. Many of you will not until reading these words perhaps understand why you no longer eat certain products or drink certain products.

This is all about becoming WHOLE and coming back into your BEing. All of you already know what is good for you, you just have to remember what it is. To detach from the illusion is the first step to remembering. Many of you reading our words may now feel total confusion about why we guide you about such practical matters and do not concentrate on how you are thinking and FEELING with your minds.

We guide most strongly that you need to balance the WHOLE of the human body, your mind is one part of that whole. The chemicals that are disseminated across the whole planet work to further enslave the human race. When you are numbed with certain chemicals you are much easier to control. The seeds of fear grow much better in a body that is fighting with itself and trying to maintain balance all the time. How you FEEL about your body will affect your energy system. If you feel that you SHOULD be doing more, SHOULD be fitter, SHOULD be thinner then you will look at those around you who already have created that which you hunger after. You will then be in competition with them. You will view them as somehow a threat to you. They are NOT. They are equal to you.

Do our words resonate with you? Do you see how the illusion further divides you through using your own feelings against you? If you felt loved and whole and truly alive then you would not resort to the chemicals that promise you this. It is a vicious cycle that is perpetuated at all times through your media. Why is it a dream to be the thinnest? What is wrong with the unique BEing that you are? Why do you strive always to be something different to what in reality you are? Why does this matter to you?

We guide you most strongly to be aware of this trick of illusion, whilst you are distracted by the latest fads the illusion plants more seeds that you will be unaware of. So concentrated are you on the fear of being fatter or prettier that you will not realise how much the seeds grow. The seeds of fear are being planted at an ever increasing rate at the moment. Why would that be? Why is it that there is even a perfect human to emulate? Are you not all perfect the way that you are?


We ask these questions in an attempt to kickstart your thinking on a wider scale. The route to freedom is not by meditation alone. It is being aware of everything around you. It is taking ALL your power back, not just your mind but your body. You truly are a walking miracle, the human body is an amazing machine, it is self repairing, it is amazing. Yet it is not hailed as the miracle that it is. Many across the planet have reached the depths of cutting parts of their bodies off and of altering their shape, so distorted is their reality and so far into the illusion have they followed that they fail to see the bright light that shines wthin their BEing.


Many look in the mirror every day and loathe what they see. The depth of loathing is powerful dear ones. Every negative thought you pour onto yourself is further ground for the seeds of fear to flourish. They do not flourish if the ground is tilled with love. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? The illusion in parts is so strong that it has you doing its job for it. You are loathing yourselves, you are pouring on the fertiliser yourself.

Step back from all this and see the BEings that we see. We see your light shine bright but we see your struggle with the illusion. Be mindful dear ones, be mindful of all that you put into your body for fuel. Never underestimate the illusion which will try every trick in the book to keep you in darkness. It fears the light that you are and seeks to smother and control this light with fear and chemicals.

We guide you to become mindful of how foods and drink make you FEEL. Do you feel numb? Do you FEEL? Do you use chemicals to dull the pain that lives within your heart? Why? We guide most strongly that fear is an illusion all by itself. FEAR will tell you to have that one more drink to numb the pain that is there. The pain can be transmuted by pouring the love that is all around you through your very BEing. The illusion would further push you back down into the darkness.

The “new” world is all about love and FEELING. To reach the high vibration of this “new” world you need to detox from the “old” one. You need to get to know who YOU are. Many of you wander around blindly trying to define yourself by what the illusion dictates you must be. This is falsehood and we guide you strongly NOT to define yourself. How can you define the perfect BEings that you are?

Each one of you is alive on planet earth with skills and knowledge that will benefit and join your race together. BE AWARE of this. Together you are a strong force. Illusion will seek to divide you all, divide sister from sister, brother from brother. BE AWARE dear ones.

We acknowledge that our communication at this time may bring up more fear for you and we guide you that this is not our intention. We are here to guide and uplift you but we must make you aware of that which you do blindly. It is very difficult to see through the illusion, this we understand but we also understand how easy it will be for you if you allow yourself the space and time to get to know yourself. MINDFULLY eat your foods, MINDFULLY drink, sit down and fully focus on what you are doing. Eating whilst being distracted by the latest technology is robbing you of the power that you are trying to reclaim.


Once again we highlight the illusion and its trick of being able to afford to eat well. It is a trick dear ones. It is easily achieved and when you eat and drink bless the food that are about to consume. Energy is all around, within and through you. As you absorb the vibration of the food and drink you consume then it makes sense to pour love through it. This is done simply by holding the intention of love and honour in your mind whilst eating and drinking.


We will guide more in due course about the illusion and its tricks to keep you numb in later communications. For now we wished to highlight that which must be tackled and which you will benefit from immensely. Once more we guide you to process our words through your hearts. Experiment with your foods and drinks and work out which suit YOU. This may be completely different from the person you live with or are related to but we guide most strongly for you to be aware of the unique BEing that you truly are. Each one of you is different, it makes no sense to try to fit into something that you cannot or are not. Celebrate your difference whilst celebrating your ONENESS, the two live together.


We leave you with our words of blessings and love, sent to you from your brothers and sisters from the stars. We guide you towards the door of your jail so that you can taste and experience the freedom that is your birthright. Do all you can to keep your vibration at a level that is even. You will know when you have struck a patch of fear for your vibration will alter and you will have symptoms that alert you to WHERE the seeds of fear have fallen. Move quickly to root these out lest they grow and prosper.


We love you, we have always loved you, we are ONE. Until the next communication we leave you with much love and blessings, we are the high council of orion."

(Thru Karen Doonan


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