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The Enlightened Clock

Live Kryon Channelling
May 25, 2019

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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This live channelling was given in the Azores
May 25, 2019
To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in the Azores.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is the tenth channel and the final one of the Azores series. We are on the small island of Pico. This was an eventful day where many experienced the joy and bliss and actually felt a connection with the dolphins and the whales. The sea was quieter, the sun shone, and Gaia really blossomed for so many.

For nine channellings on these islands, we have spoken about so many different things. We've spoken of the connection you have with these islands, the past ancestors of Lemuria, and the Earth. We've spoken of the purity of the grid in this area and how so many can feel it. We've given information that we haven't before about the dolphins and the whales and why it is that humanity, in general, is starting to revere and protect them, where it wasn't that way even fifty years ago. We've also talked about your connection with the Akashic Record, and how that also may be related to the dolphins and whales. We've mentioned many things, but this channel is different, very different.

For those of you who have experienced a personal connection with these animals, are you aware that there's something far larger going on? Did you think that, perhaps, there is a bigger picture? When I say that, I mean that what you've experienced in these days may be simply one piece of something far, far larger. What if the amazing consciousness you have experienced with these animals is more than a system. Perhaps it's a plan? You've experienced a connection and you've been told that these animals have a consciousness that is different from any other animals in the world. Could it be spiritual? Could it just be physical? Whatever it is, you sit, and you love it! It's amazing! There are those who want to experience it over and over and over.

But have you really sat and thought about if this phenomenon might be one tiny gear in a beautiful timepiece of the Universe, or of humanity, or the solar system, which is very special? Those of you here only saw this one special thing. Could there be more? Could it be that this is only a tiny piece of a bigger reality?

The subject of the channel is linked with a question: Why should someone listen to this channel? There are many who come across my voice [or writings], perhaps for the first time and they may listen for a moment and they might say, "Well this is not for me; there's nothing here for me." They may think, "I have a good life. I feel I know what I'm doing. Of course, there have been life issues, but I've gotten through them. I'm surviving. I'm okay." And that's the end of it. There is no reason to continue listening for them. They believe they are complete. Dear ones, in an older energy of Earth, most of humanity until 2012 had that attitude.

Then there are some others who might say, "I don't need your information, Kryon, because I'm in an organized spiritual system." Let me tell you, dear ones, that your organized religious system is not what we're speaking of - not at all. I'm not discussing another organized system. Organized religion may give you the rules, the do's and the don'ts, and how to live within the box of belief, but they're not going to give you true core truth of how things work. Instead, they are going to give you a specific, detailed doctrine. We are not talking about that at all.

There are so many who say that everything you do, which smacks of the esoteric or new age, is absolutely bizarre. They will tell you, "I don't want any part of it. I've heard of some of the things you believe, and I don't want to go there. Why should anyone listen to these far-out words of Kryon?"

If you are one of these, I ask you: When you first heard about the belief system you belong to, remember when they told you emphatically that you must do this or that or you will be punished? There is an enormous fear aspect involved right away, yet you listened, didn't you? Did it ever bother you that your loving God would torture you forever if you didn't do something the organization told you to do? For the record, for thirty years, I have spoken about the same loving, creative God, and never have I mentioned, "You must do this or that." I've never given you a fear scenario. Instead, there's the invitation to discover larger, more complete, and logical truths. I have invited you to "discover yourself."

"Kryon, what does that mean, discover yourself?" I would like to tell you, dear ones, that there is a plan - an enormous, loving plan for you and all who might look. There isn't just a system, but a plan. There are parts working together in this plan, all for the common good of humanity and each individual person. It's far more than a system. It's a plan, it's a universal plan, and it's greased with love and compassion of the Creator [God] in a way that you can't begin to understand. You can't really see what it looks like if you're standing from the outside looking in.

Spirituality and the study of it allow you to find things that you don't know are there. Unless you are willing to look and listen and examine it with a pure consciousness, you won't see it. The one who says, "I'm doing fine. I've had my troubles, but I'm okay; I'm surviving," is in a paradigm of survival. Dear ones, is that the goal? Is it okay with you to have survival as your goal? You may even be doing "spiritual survival" and don't realize it. Many of you are "toeing the line" in fear.

Your culture may say, "Okay, it's survival and we admit it. But really, that's all there is! We find happiness when we can, and we survive in this difficult world. That's life." If that is your mantra, then you really don't know what's available, or what the "core truth" really is. That is such a low energy, linear, and simple approach to a magnificent life that you have - magnificent! Your life is a Boeing 747 and you have decided to cruise up and down the runway of the planet - and then tell me that this is all there is!

This plan I'm speaking of offers an awareness of what is around you which you don't have right now, and it involves having the courage and openness to ask: "Dear Spirit, is there more than I have been told? Could it be that I've hit that wall of belief, and never really examined the things that go beyond the reality that I know? Is it possible that there may be an elegant way, a better path that may involve things which are esoteric? Is it possible that I could have dodged the bullet, as they say, of the difficulties of my life if I had known more about myself? Is it possible that I can know more about what to do than I do now? Is it possible that my life can be changed or extended if I could know about that path?"

I've used the example before of walking through darkness and just feeling your way, and when you stumble, you get up. But you survived, didn't you? You are proud of that. However, what if you had a light and you didn't have to stumble? That is the study of self.

The Metaphoric Clock

I want you to take just a moment and visualize a fine clock. It can be as big or small as you wish, but let's say that you are able to put yourself into it and watch how everything works. Let's say, you become the size of a tiny little ant and you're watching everything around you. You are amazed! The precision of this clock is astonishing. It's obvious that the creator has spent some time with every single piece and that makes the clock so much fun to watch. The parts work so flawlessly together that it's almost like they are enlightened, like they are aware of the parts around them. They are almost alive as you see the windings and the click, click, click which happens in perfect synchronicity. One part moves to allow another to interface. It's beautiful! Then, at a certain point in time, after so many clicks, something happens, and they do it again and again. It's so precise and beautiful! There's a plan there, dear ones, and you can clearly see it. Whoever made this clock must love it very much.

Now I present another clock. If you could name the first clock, it's an enlightened clock. The second clock is not. The second clock is the survival clock. It's emotionally hard to watch because each piece does its best, but the pieces are not shaped quite right. It doesn't seem to know itself, or the fact that it's part of a bigger plan. It doesn't even know it's part of a clock, but it still works and it still survives. It's interesting to watch the pieces work together, or not. If they're not aware of each other and they don't know the plan of the clock, they bump into each other quite often.

"Kryon, how does a clock part bump into another part? Aren't they mechanically meshed together?" Imagine the gears of this clock are not quite the right shape and they break easily because of it. Instead of interfacing with the others with precision, they will bump, grind, and they'll eventually break. Some may actually be destroyed and fall. Others will take their place and then go through the very same thing. So the clock exists and seems to work, but very poorly. Not only that, but it's stressful to keep it working. When the parts don't know who they are, or what they're doing, they simply survive the best they can. But the clock keeps ticking and working - poorly, perhaps, but it does. I think you know what I'm talking about.

A person who discovers self looks at esoteric things as the potential of unknown things becoming known. This is a person who decides to journey into places that are beyond what they are used to. It's a journey that must be something they want to do. Sometimes, there is a spontaneous awareness because they are put into a situation where they almost have to look and discover. Other times, they are simply "ready" and are listening, like you are to this message.

If that's you, perhaps the next question would be: "How do I proceed? How do I find out if there is more than I've been told?" This is the beauty of a process we've told you about before. When you start looking, your soul knows it, and starts to deliver. Free choice of the Human Being is defined as "The freedom to look or not." It's simple. That's your choice. If you don't want to look, you'll survive, or not, but you'll have a life. If you start looking, dear ones, you will see the pathways, based on knowledge that you don't yet have, but that you are about to discover. These are the esoterics: Did you have a past life? Did you interface with others who are also here now? What did it mean? How does it affect this life? What has it shown you? Can you use your intuition to find a better path that is clearer for you? Can you enhance your intuition, so it "knows" better how to guide you?

The big one: Can you control the idea of chance? Do you expect synchronicity? In the second clock, others will tell you that accidents when meeting the correct people who help you in life is part of luck. Did you know that, instead, it's part of the way the first clock works? It's a plan! It's not an accident. Have I got your interest yet?

The Story of the Souls

I want to take you to a place in your mind. It's not a real place; it's a metaphor place after you leave this planet. It's interesting, isn't it, that almost all humanity believes in the afterlife in some form or way? Then, when you pass over, there's going to be some kind of meeting right away. Don't you find it interesting that organized religious systems, as well as very esoteric systems, all see you coming together at some level after a life? Did you know that? There is always the perception of some kind of meeting that wraps things up.

In some systems, this meeting becomes a judgment where your soul, if it doesn't come up to certain expectation levels while you were alive, will then be tortured forever. By the way, I'll say it again: That idea is not commensurate with the loving God who made your soul. That was not in the plan of the clock; it never was and never will be. That is a children's story. That comes from humanizing God and making the loving Creator of the Universe behave like a dysfunctional Human father. It comes from a lower Human nature of fear. That's humanism, not compassion.

Every single Human expects something to happen after death. So, let's go there. Let's go there in this trip as a metaphor. Let's see your soul in a meeting after you've lived this life.

The Grand Meeting

In this gathering, you're with other souls and it's a meeting of joy - it always is. You've come through Earth yet again, and this is a celebration where you'll have a planning session with those you "know" well.

The light has been turned on. What I mean by this is that you now understand everything that is, and you're sitting around at this beautiful table, let's call the table the sky if you wish, or the mantle of the compassion of God. You're sitting there as a beautiful soul and you're discussing what happened in your last incarnation.

You and the other magnificent souls go around the table discussing all the things from your immediate past life and you've got plenty of time - for there is no time where you are. You're listening to the others and you hear the discussions.

"How was it for you?" one soul asks.

"Well, my name was Frank, and I didn't find it," says one soul.

There is no sorrow in his words, but everybody understands what Frank means. Frank walked through life yet again without looking past the old clock of survival. Frank didn't go looking for himself or asking any esoteric questions about the Universe. He didn't ask: "Did I live before? What's the purpose of a soul? Is there more than I was taught? Could it be that there is beauty I have missed in everything?"

Instead, Frank says that he learned early that he was born dirty, and that suffering was something expected to make up for that. He never got beyond the suffering.

Frank suddenly says, "I can hardly wait to get back, because I know there's a new energy happening on Earth now, and when I'm a Human again, I can hardly wait to work the puzzle. Because now I know I will find it. I know I can make the right choice."

Around this table, all of the souls had died as a Human in the past Earth day or so, and most of them had the same or similar stories. Then one soul took her turn:

"My name was Sally and I found it."

Oh, there is so much cheering! The souls were so pleased! Then Sally tells her story.

"I started looking. I wasn't young when I did, and I spent most of my life raising my children. I was busy. But shortly after mid-life, I started awakening and asking questions because I became curious. Could there be more? And there was. I learned that the energies of my past incarnations had created some potentials of the problems I had in this life, as this soul walking the Earth. I worked the puzzle and, slowly, I had joy in my life and not suffering. I was able to find a better path that didn't have those pitfalls in them that I had before. I found my plan. I found that creative niche that I always thought I could be. I discovered myself. I could write; I could paint; it's just that I never thought of that. I had good intuition that led me to good people and friends, and oh, it wasn't an accident! My life was blessed because I found out that I was magnificent in the eyes of the Creator."

There was silence at the table. Every soul was contemplating her journey into her place in that beautiful clock. Then one soul said,

"My name was John."

Everyone was thinking that John would tell his story, but not today.

"Sally, I would like to meet you in our next life, whatever gender you are going to be. Could we make an arrangement the next time we go down and I'll be in your town? Through my free choice, I'll meet you intuitively. There will be synchronicity. Then Mary or Sarah or John - whoever you are going to be - let's make a deal: You will tell me about the plan. I promise that I'll recognize you and listen."

This was new. The souls at the table recognized that a new energy was at hand on the Earth. It was one that would allow for such an agreement, and they laughed and laughed and had joy at the idea that souls could agree in advance to go beyond the normal old clock in the past and move right into the enlightened one. Indeed, these souls would meet.


Let me reveal something to you, dear ones: You cannot go backward in consciousness from lifetime to lifetime. You cannot go backward in consciousness when moving from one lifetime to another. If you've had a shamanic experience in one lifetime, dear ones, you may not be a Shaman today, but at some level, you remember that there's something more. This pushes you to look, and so, all of those who have found it had found themselves first in a way where they started a process of awareness and discovery.

Not everyone who has been a Shaman before will be again. Not everyone who discovers self will be interested in metaphysics. Some will simply be what I call closet Lightworkers. They will be Humans who have greater integrity and understanding. They will be life coaches and self-help guides. They will be part of the Enlightened Clock because it's obvious and intuitive. They will have joy. This is the new Human. It's for everyone to discover: that they are magnificent.

In the story I just told you, the one soul said:

"Come with me. Let's make an arrangement so that when I come back, I'll find you. I'll find you in some way and listen to you talk and realize that I want the joy you have."

That's the actual plan, dear ones, and some of you in this group know it. That's why I gave you the story. Some of you don't believe it, but through your own free choice, you've heard how it works. Why are you reading? Is there something inside that is asking you to look? Is it possible that things are not always as they seem?

So, we return to the question: Why should someone listen to this channelled message?The reason? You just heard the rest of the story, that's why. It's part of this pristine, aware clock that almost works by itself, because it knows you are magnificent. Was there an agreement for you to actually read this message all the way to here? Does anything here invite you to look at yourself? Think on these things.

And so it is.


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Thanks a lot for Kryon dear Carol. :-))))) I love him.

Thank you for stopping by Eckart. There is always so much wisdom and reassurance in these messages. I am glad that you like them too. 



Dear Eckart,

Thanks for this beautiful Picture for this beautiful Message !1


Dear Ishema,

Thanks for this essential message to know about !!


Thank you Sohini for your presence and for your appreciative comment. 

With gratitude and love,




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