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The Reshel Grid

A long, long time ago our Universe was generated as a relatively temporary reality with the express purpose of creating a new form of human (stellar) race with a much modified version of the 12-strand DNA molecule. This “New Race” would more efficiently unify the three realms: angelic, human and devic. In effect this Universe is parallel with our real one which is in the Metatronic range of Universes, but organized to permit new operative principles relative to Free-Will, albeit at lower frequencies. 

This universe experiment developed problems. One of the sub-orders of the Melchizedek Order hoped to correct a problem and was experimenting with an ill-conceived program that created a time implosion in the Lucifer Star-gate, the polar complement to the Christos Star-gate. This event propelled a wave of souls into a half-light universe we now call the Oritronic Universe. 

In this universe-reality we experience a “Fall Factor” not known in the real Universes; this means that we have radically dropped in energetic frequencies and the quality of consciousness that those energy systems support. One spin-off effect results in death, disease and “evil” as we term it. (This is often unfortunately called “duality” in the Mystic Community, but duality means the ability to be more than one, which is a process of creation.) 

The wave of souls who have come here will experience and transcend the Fall Factor while still achieving the original objectives, thereby effectively returning to their normal future real Universe with the higher degree of wisdom and experience possible with the new DNA. The projected “schedule” for achieving the objectives has 20 major civilization cycles, each with its intended curriculum. We are now in the last of the 19th and are rapidly phasing into the 20th in a carefully controlled transition.

After about half a million years of linear time an unprecedented opportunity has been brought forth. The time has come for humankind to raise its collective State of Being and consciousness beyond the paradigm of The Fall. We have the responsibility to co-create with the Earth (as an entity, “Gaia” or “Dion”) and our fellow human beings a return to the Metatronic Ranna Time Wave of Unity Consciousness in all the Universes. 

The implications of this shift are staggering. Because it will be a quantum shift, most of the potential realities are inconceivable to us. Those persons not able to transition will re-cycle into temporary shards or unstable Time-reality frames. These will be like pieces of a broken mirror formed by whatever fears and delusions are entertained by the souls who magnetize those particular forms of insanity, “Time” being mainly created by mental thought forms. 

The fragments will eventually dissolve back into a common Oritronic continuum and the souls will then have to work their way back to the same point again. There are programs in place to phase through marginal souls, but basically you’re either on board or you’re not. This is what we call incentive.

It behooves us then to ask by what means we can safely, effectively and successfully vault ourselves back into the full-light reality from which we fell. Happily, everything we need to achieve this has been placed at our disposal. All that remains now is for us to avail ourselves of it.

About 500,000 years ago the Reshel Grids were installed on Earth by the legions working under the direction of Archangels Michael and Metatron. This program is overseen at the highest level by the Seraphic Ennead (Nine Seraphim) and is being carried out under the Mandate of the Violet Flame, or Michael Mandate, supervised by Archangel Michael.

 The inner-planes Master or ‘Thoth”, as translated by Maia Nartoomid tells us, “Its purpose is to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe. Its main tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races through the redemption of the Nephilim “Fallen Factor”. Since all races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousnesses, this principle of solvency must begin at the DNA level of each individual on the planet.

The Reshel Grids were and are artifact grids using the 3rd Breastplate (of 24) of Metatron. This means they were installed for a specific purpose. In this case the purpose was to provide a spiritual technology that would assist the Human race in achieving a radical leap in consciousness at a specified time in the future. That time is now. 

There were two major upgrades of the grid system made in the more recent past. The first was made by the Priests of the Holy Isle of Ruta about 12,000 years ago, before the last of Atlantis went down. This was the undefiled, last outpost of the uncorrupted priests from the fallen civilization of Atlantis. 

Their Reshel work established the Holy Isle of Ruta (now an undersea mount in the Atlantic, one of the Faraday Seamounts at 49N, 29W) as a key Reshel grid point, and re-invested the American and European systems with light and consciousness. 

The second upgrade was installed by the Knights Templar who were established in Jerusalem in 1119 by a group of nine men who initially worked for nine years to excavate the Temple of Soloman. Over a period of roughly 300 years they grew into a rich and powerful organization and built a series of Marian Cathedrals and chapels in Europe using sacred geometry, including the Reshel. 

These sacred temples act as condensers and tuners of the Divine Feminine energy. They are keys for unlocking the prison into which the Goddess energy has been thrown, and generate and disseminate sacred light codes for the resurrection of the fallen female pillar. (The Female Pillar as a state of being and energy-consciousness matrix in the collective World-Soul was seriously collapsed in the time of Lemuria and Atlantis.) The success of the Ascension rests on this restoration process, for we must ascend in balance. If the male and female energies are represented as the wings of an eagle one can see that it will need both to fly.

In the late 14th century, after an attempt by the King of France to crush the Templars in 1307, a Reshel installation (the Hierarchy anticipating the creation of the Iroquois Confederation and new American nations) was made by an expedition to America led by Sir Henry Sinclair. The essential generative matrix of the North American Arkhom Grid was installed in Nova Scotia to project to the Northeastern US. Then a key coded energy seeding system for the great Bakhira Grid, which covers most of North and South America, was chiseled in stone in what is now Westford, Massachusetts. Through the Bakhira, communication is made possible between North and South America, which is essential in the uniting of the eagle and the condor.

The connection with the more highly-refined European system is established through the Holy Isle of Ruta. These systems have made it possible to prepare North America for its role as the host location for the “Landing of the Dove”. This event is occurring in stages, the first of which is now, by and large, complete. The second stage is dawning and we are ready to begin building the foundation of the “New Jerusalem”. 

A local sacred site “Trinity Point” has played an enormous role in our work thus far and will continue to be the central hub for receiving and disseminating vast redemptive light codes for this entire half of the planet.

That’s a quick look at the history of the Reshel and a brief sketch of how it plots out over the planet. Work is being done now to understand the Reshel on a Galactic level and to install the Reshel in the Racial Mind/Soul (World Soul) as well as in one’s personal light body. This star map information and the installation processes need a great deal more space and time to explore, and we will begin to open up to them in the near future.

 Now let’s look at the Reshel Grid itself.

The word “Reshel” is a Hebrew word that means “Chief Headstone of God”. “Resh” means “Chief Headstone” and “El” means “God”. It can’t be an accident that the essential time-gate mechanism in the Reshel matrix is called the “L-gate” or “El-gate”. The L-gate consists of two lines from a right triangle that are in a Phi relationship--1 to 1.618…, an infinite (i.e. irrational) number, mathematically expressing our relationship with God. In fact each geometric component of the Reshel grid contains the Phi relationship, the most sacred proportional interaction in our universe and the driver of evolution. The Phi spiral, or, actually, its finite-world corollary, the Fibonacci sequence, is seen everywhere in nature. All natural forms express the Phi proportion. The great Marian Cathedrals built by the Knights Templar incorporate Phi throughout all their component part relationships.

The “L” glyph represents the two axes of a golden ratio rhombus format that is the more complete system for Time gates and associated manifestation events. The rhombus is also a pillar or light-tube system, an important dynamic in using the Pillars of the Temple and other pillar or tower applications. There are characteristically two pillars/gates with a central one known as the “Layooesh Pillar” in contemporary mysticism (Psalm 118: 19-23 applies). 

The form of the Reshel is seen as two pentagonally-generated triangles or “Spear points” from the 5-pointed star that join either at the bases or tips as they “flash” between the two forms of universes through a universe of infinite possibility called the “neutra” universe (this process is usually called the “Flashing Universe” although three universe forms are employed). An internal matrix of nine sacred “poles” construct two more sacred triangles and interact as they cross between universes providing communication both between universes and between those universes and ourselves. Since the flashing universe system can access all Universes—they all use it, including ours—the Reshel system can safely connect real and fallen versions of Anti-matter and Matter formats. New ARK systems, now being rebooted in the World Soul, appear to make this process more precise, expanded, and efficient. (This is in keeping with the rapidly-evolving state of the World Soul.)

The source of the Reshel is from the third of the 24 breastplates of Metatron. Its position, linked with the new ARK physically installed in a human, gives it tremendous power as a heart conditioner. It bears mentioning here that recent studies in geneto-biology have shown a direct link between heart electricity and the DNA. The DNA is programmed by the electricity of the heart. When you are feeling love, the electrical charge of the heart, as measured by spectrum analysis, approaches Phi. The Phi ratio allows electrical power to change harmonic octaves without losing any power or information.

Twenty cycles of time have been allotted for the Ascension Program. We are now fast approaching the end of the 19th cycle and transitioning into the 20th. Each cycle builds a portion of a synergistic creation matrix in non-linear time. Ultimately this will unify the Nephilim (Fallen Factor) and Solarian (Unfallen) Light Races through the redemption of the Nephilim. Since all human races contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousnesses, the principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA level of each individual on the planet.

Intensive work must be done on the mental and etheric planes where Time is defined, and the Reshel Grid has been designed to be uniquely useful in this respect. This inner-planes work will establish a basic grid orientation or Critical Rotational Position (CRP) which will attune the X-gram (grid) to the desired reinitiating position. At this point the link to the full-light Ranna Time Wave will be made and the transition gate will open between realities. Through this process a new possibility will have been engendered, that of the fully Christed Human. For this being there will be no limits.

The Reshel program is rapidly upgrading and as of the writing of this article there are two recent upgrades of tremendous importance: (1) the Ark generation in the world soul, including in physical humans, and (2) a massive shift in the world soul involving hundreds of thousands of souls called “Titans”. These beings generally fit the profile of warrior/priests and operate only in the fallen continuum; they specialize in dealing with severe problems when the race and earth are threatened. The Ark system is a system for generation of the New Race and related DNA and operates in every atom, galaxy and thought form. It is an interface matrix providing all humans with a wider range of managing consciousness/energies with the neutra universe. Maia Nartoomid, channel for Thoth Raismes, says, “The new arks are a much higher and more dimensional type of communication vector. They inscribe into Numis‘Om (the New Earth Star) the key creation codes from what Thoth calls the diamond star systems of the Metatronic universe.” 

I would like to close this short article with a statement made by Bill Buehler, the world’s leading authority and proponent of the Reshel, when he was asked to sum up his work:
This is more than a new age, it is the completion of the work of all the ages: to create a new future that has always been created—our return into the Ranna Time Wave or Metatronic reality…. My main message is that we have no other more demanding task now as souls and as a cosmic race than to facilitate the Ascension and to realize our initial objective in creating the new DNA.

“Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono.”
(The life of the land is perpetuated in Righteousness.)

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Bill Buehler Interview - Question on breastplate of Metatron

3rd Breastplate of Metatron - drawing

Ariat Grid


(This reports discovery of a new (ancient) grid covering most of the British Isles. I believe it is a key Rutan system and was used by the Templars, probably St. Columba, and Arthur before them. This assumption is based on its interaction with Reshel grids known to the Clan Sinclair (Templars) and Columba. I am relating to the Grid as "the" Round Table with the actual physical Round Table being the "control panel", ie the device permitting human interface and dynamic software punching the grid with changing, responsive x-grams in company with the Hierarchy, angels and devachan. I see the two as effectively one unit.) 


Dear Friends,

This is probably the most important of the 6 major European/GB Reshel earth grids (collectively named "Bar-Sheeba Grid") that I've found yet. It covers all of GB and I believe it to be the larger half of the Round Table, including the grail geometrics. As a Reshel (Techad; Aeriopax) it is the primary Metatronic system designed to facilitate the present Transition. This was the intention of the original Rutan priests who installed them although they have always been in place to pace Humanity's evolution. 

Thanks to Barry Dunford for prompting the look at the line connecting Montrose (Scotland) with Monte Rosa (Switzerland). This led to finding the basic grid. Also acknowledging basic comments from Revs. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid, Church of the Johannine Grove. 

A ONE PARAGRAPH DESCRIPTION: The grid appears as two large (Reshel) triangles oriented N-S from Loch Ness to Devon, centered just offshore of the Isle of Man. It has a 70 mile diameter circle around the center, having two 5-point stars in it thus making a central 10- point spinner (HOLOS seed) format. I view this whole thing as the real (working) Round Table with grail integrated. The Arthurian connection is from Thoth's comment that Camelot, etc. was on the Isle of Man. One key triangle expands to generate the Whole; it is formed by the holy Mt. Schiehallion, to Montrose, to the center of the 40 mile diameter Edinburgh Reshel matrix. 


I asked Thoth (via Maia) to name this grid, to be consistent with the other names. Thoth has named them: (1) New Grid: "ARIAT" (variation: aarat, "clouds of glory," also "island of light," "the midst of the sea."); (2) Grid's middle altitude-axis: "EL-ROD" (variation: elrood, "staff of the divine lords") . Maia also noted: "There is another aspect coming through, Thoth is calling "Bar ben Ach." You don't mention anything else here to be named, so I am not sure what he is assigning to that name. But it seems to have to do with a path WITHIN the ARIAT grid--something that sustains it, that carries the charge and that is "fed" by the consciousness of those "beings" or whatever that are the "master controllers" of the EL-ROD." 

I have named the Anglesey "man" (discussed below): "EALAROD BARBENACH." The first name is Scot Gaelic, the second is Hebrew. Eala means: "a mute swan, pillared stone, sanctuary." In Hebrew of course, the El is the divine name including "not/nothing (ie the Selah Essence), strength, Almighty, motion towards, quiescent position (ie the MOVING Selah?)." Elah can mean "oak, other strong tree, adjure, invocation, bewail, God." The letters' code would say:"The divine creation field organizes with the golden ratio spiral (a rod results) and is given a magna soul (basically feminine)" which is the "god" that becomes ELOHIM (God) as a synergic unity of all gods or high souls. So it is very appropriate that both Gaelic and Hebrew are understood in the "Eala" sound. "Rod" in Gaelic is "Way, road, path, track, ditch, rood of mason work, measure of 6 lineal yards; foaming sea against the shore; blade, come through the ground, scarify." 

(A comment below will connect the SWAN with Henry Sinclair's ship ORPHEUS.) 


These describe the Grid and it is not necessary to have to wade through the amplifying commentary. (Many basic concepts are those of Thoth Raismes of Aphra via Rev. Maia Nartoomid of the Church of the Johannine Grove of the Machanaim. This does not imply that Revs. Maia or Simeon Nartoomid, or Thoth, would necessarily agree with my own applications of his basic revelations.) 

1. The Ariat Grid uses Reshel formats and in a unique way. The two Reshel halves (Christos and Shekinah) center themselves in the "Ulta" or Aleph pole (sacred center) of the Grid by their respective "Kronos" poles. This effectively creates a double 5-point star "HOLOS" or seed system around the center, having a 70 mile diameter. This is not large when considering that the Grid covers all the British Isles. Besides creating this seed spinner of 10 points ...the "Jewel in the Lotus"... The Kronos poles are the points where time is initiated, thus the HOLOS system is "out of time." The points are also the apices of the Eye of Ra or L-Gates (Ps 118:18-24 applies.) This point generates the central Pillar of the archetypal 3-pillar system, the other two are the Boaz and Yah-chen standards. This axis is the EL ROD noted above. 

2. The center of the Ariat Grid is immediately offshore from the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is the primary Arthurian (Grail King/Queen) center: Merlin was born there and Arthur built Camelot there, ostensibly in the Peel area. The site was established by the priests of Ruta before Atlantis sank. The ROUND TABLE had a fragment of the Stone of Destiny under it as a primary power source. 

3. The Isle of Man is in the chakra matrix over the Anglesey Head (Ealarod-Barbenoch). The "Holy Head" (of Holy Island, Anglesey) has a heart: Mt. Snowdon, and an extended arm with an open hand, palm down. Cardigan Bay, next to the Head, contains the grail geometry of the Bethlehem Angle vesica, the same used in the Engrailed Cross, throughout Great Britains' grids, in major temples in Europe and in the key codes of the Reshel and Aeriopax. In effect Ealarod-Barbenoch "creates" this grail format with the open hand and heart. The Isle of Man and the Anglesey man are a unified matrix. 

4. The line from the Snowdon Heart across Cardigan Bay and St. David's Head is extended to the lower base line of the Reshel Grid and intersects it at the "Threshold of Sythia" on that line, this point also marking the Great Pyramids' sockets and a few other things. These poles define the codes generating the specific reality frame or "continuum" set up with the two Kronos poles in the center. Thus the prime line from the Heart (Snowdon) of Ealarod-Barbenoch, creating the Cardigan Bay grail vesica, then downloads via the Shekinah's reality generators. The Heart of the Man contains dozens of other major systems directly linking to Planetary Reshel grids. 

5. Since the higest charka matrix (Isle of Man) has continuity from Ruta up through the 16th and last Grail King/Queen, and its being the site of the Round Table and Grail associated with it, I view the Isle of Man and the physical Round Table (now as the Stone still there) as a form of "control station" for the larger Ariat Grid. In that the Ariat Grid is a SPINNER it is also effectively a large extension of the Round Table and I believe it is the MAIN Round Table. This spinner field can "strobe" in any combination of poles including the 12 of a zodiacal field. This would seem to be the main harmonic in keeping with the specific functions of the 12 Knights within a synergic unity of 12. They were a light group in the modern context; their projects uploaded through the Ariat Grid. 

6. I feel that the Ariat Grid is the PRIMARY RESHEL GRID IN EUROPE, it being in a direct resonance with the Grail harmonics. The actual Grail in the Glastonbury Tor links with Edinburgh which is the apex of a "Grail Triangle" of the Edinburgh Matrix, Mt. Schiehallion and Montrose. Mt. Schiehallion holds the Christos Alpha Pole for the Planet and Fortingall next to it, the Academy of Christ. The main altitude line of this triangle is part of the Tavhara Line from Thurso to San Sebastian, Spain. This line sets up the main grail vesica between the Tor, Edinburgh, and their apex at the Anglesey Head. This geometry is also duplicated in the link with Schiehallion/Fortingall and Edinburgh. All this feeds through SNOWDON in the Icarius Grid axis connecting the Gaia forebrain: Europe to Middle East. 

Not forgetting the SWAN connection, the swan is the 3rd primary Solarian holy bird of purity, grace, redemption, transformation. In the heavens Thoth has said that Cygnus is the resh (chief head stone) of the Reshel organizing the stars. Cygnus connects with the myth that the swan is Orpheus: the bard's bard who manifested with song, whose decapitated head (resh) still sings. Henry Sinclair named his temple ship ORPHEUS and the sword over the ship TITAN. These are codes that connect with the European grids. The golden ratio portion of the Reshel duplicates the stars of Cygnus, not exactly, but by number and rough placement. Lyra, the harp of Orpheus is next to Cygnus. In the Reshel the harp: Lyra is a Sacred Chamber of the Sun. The chief "program" engrammed into Henry's ORPHEUS was the bird- serpent dynamic. The bird was the water-bird, the swan, invoking the Cygnus/lyra connection with Orpheus and the Anglesey head correspondence. 

Who is Henry Sinclair and why should I be mentioning his ship? I'm still talking about "heads" and Henry apparently associated the Anglesey Head with the other: ORPHEUS. Henry led the Grail Expedition (1398 CE) to Nova Scotia and the East Coast, establishing a Grail colony on Nova Scotia. He transferred the European grid chagre (Titan Oceanus) to America/Canada and rebooted the same Rutan grids that cover North and South America. (These Reshels are the Grail energetics in geometric terms.) By invoking Orpheus aka Cygnus aka the Anglesey Head (with Isle of Man) he was unifying his Templar alchemic Reshel creation with the primary chief head stone (Cygnus) and the supreme alchemy of the greatest bard: Orpheus. 

The "Holy Head" in the Ariat Grid is the Anglesey "Holy Head" which connects with St. David's Head across Cardigan Bay next to the Head. The connection is from the heart of the man: Mt. SNOWDON and the heart generates the main line, through St. David's Head (creating a grail in the Bay on the way by) that creates the Ariat and associated sequences. In this very complex matrix Henry not only carried the Grail and Round Table codes with him (the Ariat Grid) but also in terms of the heavens and Greek parallel with the Harp of Taliesin. 

The Harp of Taliesan is an Atlantian harp connecting with the Stone of Tara, the harp accompanied the Stone. (It had also been the Harp of David.) The harp is attuned to Metatronic frequencies, a matter of a state of being more than simply frequency. Taliesin was informed of the harp's location by Merlin in a dream. Guided by the dream he then found the harp at Tara. The harp was named "Brochai" while at Tara, meaning "dancing spirit." (Reference is Temple Doors, Vol 1-99, pg 11.) Although the Ariat grid is Rutan, it was used by Arthur, and Taliesin, and later by Clan Sinclair. By connecting the ideas of Orpheus' harp Lyra, Cygnus and the Solarians, the Ariat grid and the Round Table ...I think that Henry also saw the Ariat Grid as the Harp of Taliesin corresponding to the Orpheus parallel. Whereas Orpheus' head is linked to the Isle of Lebos, the Anglesey head is attached to England. The Head is "singing" and "playing the harp" and creating all the Reshel grids of Europe and by resonance, the massive grids of the Americas. FOR THIS PRESENT TIME! 

By transferring the Orpheus/Taliesin functions to his ship he was enhancing the codes built into it and supplemented by other alchemy. He was actually carrying the Head and Harp (and the magic) AS the ship ...the ship was alive. (He had 5 of these "temple" ships so crafted.) This action was centered on the most holy dynamics of Ruta. On his voyage he transited Ruta's position (49N, 29W) and connected with it through the time gates built into the system ...Ruta was too holy to fall and was located in the Heliomar creation realm. Henry's fleet encountered 8 days of intensive storms which indicated the warping of the continua to permit this linkage of the 3 continua via Ruta in the Telos.akhara (control matrix of the continua). Ruta was the source of spiritual empowerment for his mission of grid and Grail anchoring in the Americas. This mission spread over time to this present time and was completed last year. His formation of 5 ships duplicated the Grail format in his Arms: the Thurso to Edinburgh to Fortingall Bethlehem Angle and also the same to Glastonbury and the Anglesey Head. (Source: my own conversation with Henry's high self via Phyllis McCoy. Henry is now incarnated and involved in this work.) 

One should ask: "What connection does a harp have with a stone?" There will be resonance between a Rutan harp and its alchemy and the capstone of the most holy Temple of the Sun, called the Cairthur Stone. We have all the powerful dynamics of the Great Pyramid but Metatronically amplified in the Cairthur Stone. A part of this stone, at Tara, is enchambered under the Round Table position ostensibly at Peel on the Isle of Man. One went to Fortingal and the third Tara fraqment became the Coronation Stone of Scotland. Consider this: the stone is a power base with information and energy. It powers up the Round Table which is a light matrix. Suppose that the same empowering alchemy went into a companion harp or, in Hebrew, a "kinowr" (fiery light and lightning of the 3 chens, ie Enochian creation functions: grace, pillar, form). The harp is portable and will establish resonance in any distant location effectively transferring the Round Table matrix AND responding to human/angelic/devic to do the project at hand. To make the system go one has to come up to it in purity, grace and right action (resonance with the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord). Thus the Stone is the Chief Head Stone that becomes the corner, opens the gates and all that. It is the Christ. It carries Reshel codes (Chief head stone of God). So, the Cairthur fragment at the Isle of man NOW resonates with the stone of Scotland and the one in Fortingall ...and all the other fragments. Also, the codes are in other systems; we as a light group can and are duplicating them. 

The Anglesey "Chief Head" is the Stone (Resh) format. It now appears to create ALL OTHER RESHEL GRIDS in Europe and the Americas. The "Isle of Man" is the Isle of the Anglesey Man, it is the matrix over his crown, ie the essential chakra. The EL-Rod Line goes through the Man's Roil/Royale point at the back of his head so that the center of the complete grid, and all others in resonance, is his essential chakra via the Royale! 

In short: the Harp of Orpheus, Taliesin, Tara (Brochai) harmonically duplicates the Rutan Sun Temple capstone and can project that state of mind and being via music: Metatronic harmonics. The music, with the bard's song, then overlays the stone-harp with the intention of the harpist- bard. If the essence of the Stone and Harp, then, is the Metatronic breastplates ...of which the Reshel is the Chief Stone... then the ability to duplicate and use the Reshel (or Aeriopax) and resonant systems is to become the Taliesin for King Arthur or more likely for Gwenifaer. This is very oversimplified but the bottom line is to create a light group who can program their light bodies with the breastplate(s) to carry the energetic load and function of the Reshel on up to Metatronic level. The group then BECOMES the Harp, Stone, Round Table, Cygnus, and the rest. 


The main axis of this grid stretches from the lower end of Loch Ness in Scotland south to the middle of Devon in England. In its spin it covers almost all of the British Isles including Ireland. It is centered on the Isle of Man (just offshore) which I see as the "island of light in the midst of the sea." The name, Aarat, is also a direct correlation with the mountain that Noach perched the Ark on so the grid ...I am assuming I think correctly... also contains the hidden codes in the Ark sequences. This body of scripture is a detailed description of creation process, the three sons of Noach (Silence, Rest ie the Selah) are the three functions of creation in a step down process in Genesis which describes the Cabalists' Tree of Life et al. Noach is one of the sephiroth. I will not explain that large story but simply state that the Isle of Man should correlate with Noach's Aarat and the creation sequence. Noach's "veil" is a teleplalne and this correlates with the "clouds of glory" and the "island in the sea (teleplane: mar) of light." The island with its tower or castle in the midst of the teleplane-sea is the archetypal tholus. We see this in Glastonbury Tor, Mont St. Michel, and the Magdelene Tower at Rennes le Chateau. It is Nephthys or Mari Migdal(ene) (migdal means tower of vision) relative to ISIS or Martha as examples. 

With the Isle of Man, Thoth (via Maia) has noted that Merlin was born there. (Thoth Raismes was one of Merlins' 5 "layered" souls in that synergic unity.) Further, Thoth remarked that Arthur had his main castle: Camelot there although Arthur had a number of notable castles. A fragment of the "Cairthur Stone of Destiny" was buried under Camelot. I believe that the central power object of Arthur's foundation is that stone and that it still remains in place as the power of the Ariat Grid and the center of the El Rod or "Ulta" point of the Grid (the "Aleph" pole in the Reshel). This stone is offset from the grid center by probably 12 miles ..."Peel Castle" on the Isle is likely to be the ancient site. However based on this information I am correlating the Airat Grid with the ROUND TABLE due to several major points noted below. 

FIRST:a quote from TEMPLE DOORS Vol 1-99, pg 4 (published by Johannine Grove of the Machenaim, Revs. Maia and Simeon Nartoomid. Available through them at I am emphasizing the Cairthur Stone as a source of spiritual power keying into Ruta's great templar matrix. Remember that the context for the Metatronic Reshel (3rd breastplate of 24) grids ...Ariat being one of them in Europe... includes nonlinear time and the necessity for intra continua communications. That is, Ruta is still viable as a major source in the Solarian work across the 3 continua leading to our evolutionary movement back to the Ranna Wave, NOW ONGOING! The Cairthur capstone contains the vital codes in this huge project within the Michael Mandate. This the quote: 

"There is one part of the Cairthur stone which is engraved with Rutan symbols: the capstone which was atop the original monolith in the Rutan Sun Temple. It is of the same monolithic meteor stone, but was originally quite highly polished, much more so than the rest of the stone. It is the piece which now lies beneath Arthur's castle. It is very worn now, and the symbols are barely visible. Even by the time Merlin received it, this part of the stone had shown signs of being poorly cared for. This was due to the fact that for a very long period, it had been in the possession of those who did not understand its true sacredness. This capstone portion is what later became known as the Tara Stone (...)." 

The comprehensive information in TD also notes that the original stone was broken into 16 pieces (by the Dark Order). That fragment given to Arthur by Merlin (of Clan Galataine, the keepers) was buried in a hollow chamber under the Round Table. The Tara Stone had been broken into 3 pieces. One part went to Fortingall, a critical site in the Clan Sinclair operations in the Edinburgh grids, site of the Academy of Christ which educated the Nathan soul hosting the Christos eventually born as Yeshua. Fortingall linked with Mt. Schiehallion are a key point in the basic triangle creating the much expanded Ariat Grid. Another fragment went to Clan Galataine (Merlin) and then to Arthur. The third became the original Coronation Stone of the Scot Kings. (The later "Tara Stone" was not this original stone.) 

SECOND: My feeling regarding the ROUND TABLE is that it is a model of a zodiacal temple, a Mazzarothic template. However I also believe own idea I think... is that it contains engrammed Aegii (Breastplate) of Metatron dynamics most specifically the "Techad" or Reshel which is the Arieopax/ISIS Eye. This is the Stargate into the Atassic or complete universe containing all universes. It is the Eye of Ra reconciliation, the Eye of Ra relating to the golden rhombus "L" gate and life support environment. This system of "gates" is the subject of Ps. 118:18-24, the "corner" being the L or rhombus dynamic. The Reshel system, used in the major earth grids, contains the Eye of Ra formats. This system is primary in facilitating the LP-40 gate, the Transformation of our whole continuum of stars, dimensions, and dynamic historical experience. The Templars used it, so did Columba.Clan Sinclair led in its applied technology and correct use. Arthur was the last of the 16 grail kings and queens. I firmly believe that he understood the Reshel, as did his primary "Knights of the Round Table." Just as we received the main Reshel information from Thoth Raismes, I think that the same knights (again reincarnated) received the same instruction from Merlin (which included Thoth Raismes as part of that soul at that time). 

The core of the Ariat Grid is a pentagonal 5-point star combined with the "heavenly" complement to create a 10-point HOLOS or seed format. Thoth calls this the Jewel of the Lotus. Gawain's Arms included the 5- point star ...his soul, and the others, also were layered synergic unities of 5 souls. Gawain would have been the "seeding" knight "of the Pillar", the equivalent of Nathaniel in Yeshus' 12. Remembering that the knowledge, with the STONE (that becomes the Corner, etc.), came from Merlin/Thoth via Arthur and Gwenifaer (the power of the regency). 

THIRD: View the Round Table, with the Stone under it, as a SPINNING SEED FIELD. The Table is engrammed with the Mazzaroth or higher zodiacal codes, a lower harmonic of the Metatronic Mazzaloth. Also (my theory) it contains the 24 Aegii of Metatron in which the 3rd breastplate or Aeriopax (Reshel) is the working system for time communication across the 3 continua and evolutionary transformation including projects such as the redemption of Lucifer and the fallen angels, and the creation of a hybrid race of cocreators: human, angelic, devic. The Rutans installed the Reshel grids in Europe and the Americas ...probably Asia(?)... anticipating their use in humanity's evolutionary return to the Ranna Wave, now well into its last phase of Transformation. These are primary seed codes and their keys. 

FOURTH: It is my strong belief that the Grail in its larger definition ...from a geometric perspective, is best described by the Reshel geometry and function. Its core, as the Aeriopax, is the Bethlehem Angle of 26 deg., 18 minutes. or the "2618" numeric which also includes phi- squared or 2.618 (golden ratio). This triangle or vesica-cup is the core generator of the Aeriopax and Pyramid capstone. Its geometry is found in the vast Reshel grids in Europe and the Americas and in major temples: Chartres, Rosslyn, Stonehenge, St. Mary's crypt at Glastonbury as examples. Within the Bethlehem Angle is another contained vital dynamic: the angle for the CHAMBER OF THE SON. The appears to correlate with the harmonic of the "Second Coming" of the Christ in its more spiritual understanding. For my purposes here I am suggesting that the "host in the cup" of the Reshel's crescent is the Body of the Christ represented by the Metatronic "Son" and that the "Resh" (Chief Head Stone) pole on the lip of the cup is the highest Christ Presence manifested within the Oritronic or Fallen continuum but unified with that of the Metatronic level. 

If I am correct, then the Grail MECHANISM is contained within the Aeriopax (Reshel) formats engrammed into the Table's seed codes. Thus Galahad would see the Grail over the Table and within the core-beam of light in its center, the primary Layooesh PILLAR that must also be a part of the Aeriopaxs' formation. Which it is. Also remember that although I am speaking of FORM here, the ESSENCE of the form is consciousness or divine intelligence, life and grace, ie the "Sat-Chit-Ananda." Without this the form will remain dormant or nonexistent. 



Barry Dunford suggested linking the two sites: Montrose in Scotland and Monte Rosa in Switzerland. This produced a long ley line from Malta up through the two Mont-Roses. This line apparently extends into the sea north of Scotland, meeting a line found by Peter Dawkins from Stes. Maries de la Mer in France up through a number of zodiacal temple sites including Edinburgh and to the NW coastal area of Scotland. I also use that line in the Urmaga Grid as one side of a pentagonal triangle, Reshel grid. The Sea pole north of Scotland connects with its prime initiator: a line from Ruta into the Shetland Islands and Norway. 

I then found that by swinging an arc from Mt. Schiehallion: the Christos ALPHA Pole and Templa Mar (Christic planetary indwelling point) it hit Montrose AND the main Tavhara Line from Thurso to San Sebastian centered the arc exactly. Thus we had a primary triangle for the whole grid: Schiehallion (pirmary planetary Christos indwelling point) to Montrose to the center of the Edinburgh Matrix Grid: St. Mary's Chapel (ruin), Mt. Lothian. The Edinburgh Matrix is 40 miles in diameter and is the apex for all the Reshel grids in Europe. It is also the complementary Grail pole to Glastonbury Tor where the original Grail and its 7 specialized "clones" are sealed. This vital Bethlehem Triangle: Edinburgh- Glastonbury- the Anglesey "Man" or Holy Island (Angelsey) is the main Grail Grid for Alba-On and apparently all of Europe. This connection is very important in understanding the function of the Ariat Grid. 

I expanded the basic triangle two times to eventually form the same enlarged triangle with corners at Barra Island (line goes to Stonehenge... Thoth says that connection was last used by the Rutans who transferred the sacred functions from Ruta into the Hebrides and Orkney), then to a point north of Aberdeen, then to the Isle of Man about 8 miles from the island and 18 miles form Peel, assuming that is the site of Camelot. I believe that the sea center is necessary to insure that it is inviolate and safe for humans. It also permits access to cetaceans (13th zodiacal sign: Delphinus). 

The central axis of this triangle, the primary grid, is at Loch Ness' SW end, south to the middle of Devon. This is the EL ROD axis. The northern triangle (pointing south) complements the same triangle pointing north. 


This large grid is also one of the Metatronic Reshel grids in Europe and Alba-On. Whereas the others fill the basic requirements: (1) Connective Pillar: the Key of David ASTARA or Flower of Life: cycles new life and supporting new systems/consciousness frames into the Planet via Europe. (2) Pentagonal Seed format: the URMAGA system establishing seed formats in conjunction with the Pillar that bridges in synaptic connections. The Urmaga stabilizes and actualizes in the conception and gestation of the new seeding. (3) Manifestation and application: the TITAN OCEANUS grid is the main working system complementing the main seed and connective grids. (All these grids focus in Edinburgh.) The L-GRID and ICARIUS grids expand the primarys and also connects them to Gaia's left forebrain (Mid East) at Mt. Sinai. 

All the Reshel grids are collectively called the BAR/BEER-SHEBA Grid. As the "Pure Son of Sheeba: the 7 flames of the brilliant gem." She is effectively the Black Virgin Madonna, seeded by 7 flame codes. Europe works in an overall 7 vibration, ie "Sheba" ...also used to describe the female dynamic as "shakti" is used in the East. "Beer-Shebah" (Gen 26:17- 33) also tells of creating a series of wells (ayin in Hebrew) In the Reshel the "ayin" (eye, well; drawn as a vesica with point in it) is a system for shifting the Aleph dynamic to different poles, each having a function. This parallel is found in the scripture, using LIVING water (26:19; "springing" is "living"). Beer-Shebah also means "the well of the covenant." 

The magnificent, governing dynamic of the grid system, and a physical image of a human wearing a helmet and a beard is the position and function of the "Anglesey Man/Woman" in the lower Shekinah half of the grid. If I were to be asked for the single most inspiring feature and action of the grid system I might be tempted to say that it is the Grail as the Essence of the Round Table ...which I believe the whole grid to be in unity with the physical Round Table. However I think that the "Grail and Round Table" may be described in connection with the Anglesey human figure. I now see it as a man with a beard (I know that women pharaohs wore beards) who has created an eternal "well" which is actually a vesica in the grail geometry that pours living water. (The ayin is a well and eye, drawn as a vesica.) This vesica-well is formed from Mt. Snowdon, the HEART of the figure across Cardigan Bay. The main axis of the vesica, extended, connects exactly with the basic reference point or Pyramid socket point for the Grid. The angle of this amazing line is the 51.8 Pyramid angle! The sphere created inside the Cardigan Bay grail vesica is tangent to the main grid line from socket point (really called the Threshold of Sythia) to center off the Isle of Man, Edinburgh and Montrose. 

This powerful statement is, that from the heart of the "figure" the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid AND the Reshel) is created as a well or grail of living water pouring eternally into the cup of the Goddess. This "goddess' cup" is the grail, crescent, horns formed by the Reshel just below the upper Cardigan Bay vesica. THEY BOTH use the same Bethlehem Angle geometry! Thus effectively this combination is the collective GRAIL WITHIN THE ROUND TABLE! The figure is astounding in its location and function. The upper tip of its Ureaus on the helmet is the point of the grail vesica...same geometry again!... formed between Edinburgh and Glastonbury Tor where the original Grail is. The primary lines in the other Reshel grids come up through the figure's outstretched open hand. The large (70 mile) 10-pointed HOLOS wheel is above the figure's head as a creation field in its essential chakras area over the crown. This field effectively becomes the Grail and Round Table in the figures' highest chakras! 

This new grid is centered on the Arthurian center: the Isle of Man, actually about 8 miles offshore. It has a very specific geometry expanded from a basic triangle formed by the most holy Christic ALPHA Pole at Mt. Schiehallion, to Montrose with the apex in the center of the Edinburgh Reshel Matrix (40 mile diameter). The center there is St. Mary's Chapel (ruin). The specific geometry creates a 70 mile diameter ring with the pentagonal seed function. The whole system is a ring 540 miles or more in diameter. 

The two Reshel triangles locate their "Kronos" poles in the center. This appears to establish this form at the boundry of time, the inner HOLOS or seeding pentagrams ...a 10-point Wheel... is located out of time but this more perfect, undistorted seed charges both Kronos poles and thus their Eyes of Ra or L-systems. Psalm 118:18-24 applies. 


The primary triangles noted above are Reshel proportioned. The center or "ulta" pole (called the Aleph pole) off the Isle of Man is in the "Kronos" poles of the Reshel "spears" (triangle). This is the time gate point in the Eye of Ra that governs low frequencies and its outer extremity. This is also the major time gate system and central pillar dynamic. There is one point "above" the Kronos point and that is called the "zayin" or the "ze-on/zion" pole, essentially beyond time and at the apex of the Reshel's 5-point star. As it turns out, the zayin pole for each of the Reshel spears is in the "vau" pole of the other spear. The Reshels' two spears are the Christos' system (northern spear pointing south) and the Shekinah (goddess) system pointing north. The "vau" pole is the governing pole for the tetrahedron system or "Haepathia." This creates a star tetrahedron which is the initial format for creating the Layooesh Pillar. There are two more steps in that sequence but these are also in the format. The hexagonal field is the Dweller of Divine Fire which permits the interaction of the three realms. This vau-zayin overlay is not precise but near enough for signifiant interaction. 

The main effect of the specific set up is to create two 5-point stars in the area around the Aleph pole. The pentagram is a HOLOS or seed format. It creates a spinner which holographically inseminates the whole form. This spinner field is 70 miles in diameter around the Aleph. This configuration appears to represent the "Set" point or point of reference for the main working field. 

However, the two spears continually interpenetrate to the point where their zayin poles meet in the Aleph point. This represents the "Temple Vault" and is the geometry for all temples. The 3 to 1 ratio of the Solomon temple is this one with just a small overlap at the zaying poles for a small HOLOS field. It is the same as the Ariat Grid in concept except for the much larger HOLOS in the Ariat with the Kronos poles in the Aleph. This establishes the Set Point at the entrance to the time continuum and gateway between time and no-time. The HOLOS is coming out of no-time, that is the primary divine fire codes (seeds) are not distorted by continuum definitions. The proximity of the Zayin points to the two Vaus appear to stimulate the pillar effect directly feeding into the pillar or tube of light connective system. As the two zayins proceed into the Aleph the seed field collapses and the system is in a torus mode as compared to a cube-sphere mode. (This gets into a "Flashing Universe" dynamic which requires a whole study to explain.) The zayins recharge directly from the Aleph, then reverse the cycle to withdraw, thus recreating the seed field again with the new charge of codes. 

This part of the cycle is the interpenetration movement where the zaying poles are now outbound, the Shekinah spear, pointing north, is headed in that direction, in a Matter-to-Spirit vector. The Christos spear is headed south in a Spirit-to-Matter vector. The Kronos poles remeet and time begins in the new cycle. This generates the time gate implosion effect which is safe under the right conditions but is extremely dangerous when out of control and done out of resonance with the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord. There are many events that occur in this cyclic interchange. 

THIS TOTAL GRID FIELD IS SPINNING around the Aleph pole. As it spins around it "strobes" on specific Critical Rotational Positions (CRPs) which creates different functions in the reality being created. The primary field can duplicate itself in any other position and thus create 12 (or any number) poles in its spinner ring, a zodiacal temple as it were, if that is the intention, as well as other formats. 

One of its functions or "vaults" (realities) is the star tetrahedron format. This one is the pivotal format for the Key of David (Rev 3:7- 13) or "Pillar in the temple of my God." This is the pivotal format for the Layooesh Pillar (connects to the Metatronic range when complete with the other sequences), the expanded version as the Pillorah, and also what is called the ainayanda ...which again goes too far into the technology for this paper. However, this Key of David is quite important because it most importantly creates a harmonic with the Pyralilium or 1st breastplate of Metatron ...the pillars, et al being part of that. The grid ring for the Key of David is 240 miles in diameter. 

There are many rings for the various states. The main Grail format ...which I believe to be the Aeriopax, has the Great Pyramid capstones at the Aleph pole. This very special set up or "vault" is called the "Vault of the 3000 Lotum" or the "Sunflower." This is the point where matter (apparently) begins to form and a star pentahedron is begun (one of the steps in the forming of the Layooesh). 

As these cycles continue the collective consciousness field in the Racial Mind shifts and is downloaded into the rest of the Planet via the grid systems. These are much like the nervous system in humans. The Metatronic breastplates are special "artifact" grids that complement the normal Platonic solid grid forms. Thus the special attention given to the Reshel over the ages by spiritual orders. It has been secret prior to this and still is to some extent however now in the end/beginning times it is a go-for-Broke situation and Katy bar the door for all hands. Seals are being opened (hopefully in their proper time) and we are expected to move into our full potential. So these grid systems are being widely taught. 


I think that the Round table, as I noted above, is a spinner field which is charged with the advanced codes feeding through all zodiacal devices/temples/light groups. It also contains the Reshel system with its many specific "vaults" or reality frames. "Vaults" that are well known are the Ark of the Covnent (two of them), Noach's Ark, the vault in the King's Chamber, Solomon's Temple, New Jerusalem, Islam's Kaaba. The spinner is not limited to a flat plane but will produce a sphere. Each CRP downloads a different "x-gram" or consciousness codes. A light group can use the Reshel in company with innerplanes mentors and "team mates." This is what I believe Merlin taught and Arthur used with his core knights. So did St. Columba and the Knights Templar. This is the format in the Arkhom grid and others in America and Europe. 

Assume that Arthur's knightly light group set up operations at the Round Table, charged by the Cairthur Stone from Ruta. The Table is a physical working temple and light matrix. The knights input human dynamic judgement and intent in combination with angel, hierarchy, and devic team members. They work in a no-time, all-time mode cooperating with Solarians and others in the other two REAL continua in the Ranna Wave or Atassic universe. History itself is dynamic and always changing; the Round Table is a teleplane equivalent. Essentially the Table is a schematic of the universe and its mechanisms. The humans, et al, unify in and as the system and state of being. 

The large earth grids are then stimulated, controlled, coded by the central "bindu" point offshore. This Aleph pole reproduces itself with an Ayin pole which can be moved where it is needed and in as many reproductions of itself as is required. The Ayin links with the actual physical Round Table ...the dynamic creation model or seed format involving humans "on the ground." The large earth grids ...the key Ariat Grid... becomes the much expanded version of the physical Round Table but it is now 560 miles in diameter. Further, it is a part of the Gaia collective consciousness and is driving the whole Reshel system in Gaia's right forebrain (Europe). This level of activity is GRAIL essence, setting up an energetic planetary condition that facilitates not only the many cultural groups but also specialized formats for elemental agencies as well as special angelic orders. All in a unified format! 

Note that the Edinburgh Reshel grid (40 miles) is the apex or controlling matrix for all the Bar-Sheba Grid, the collective unity of all the Reshel grids. Rosslyn Chapel is the controlling Resh pole. This chapel's main power charge is a chamber of interred knights under its crypt or lower chapel. The installation of the Christic Alpha Pole (Mt. Schiehallion) and Omega Pole (Montserrat basilica) over a year ago inserted the Alpha pole ground in the crypt, further recharging Rosslyn. 

Clan Sinclair has traditionally operated these sensitive control points in Europe and the Clan, in this involvement, also includes "paragenetic" Sinclairs. That is, those souls who carry the special charge given that clan even though they have incarnated with different names in different tribal cultural groups. I am not saying that this clan is any "better" than any other tribe, just that they have a special commission. Others have their roles but the Saint Clares' charge comes from Yeshu the Messiah Himself. This is called the "Olgive" which is the body of Christic mysteries including, with others, the Reshel formats. Christ is the Chief Head Stone that may not be ignored and the Reshel (Chief head stone of God) is a central format in the Olgive. This special charge was engrammed into the souls of John, Nathaniel, and Peter (Kaffa). Each disciple had a layered soul of 5. 

John's and Nathaniel's Olgive was slightly different (Johannine) than Kaffa's (Petrine). The Johannine (John) line eventually surfaced in Clan Sinclair and the Petrine line in Clan Fingal. The "True Vine" had shifted its flowering back into the Holy Land of Scotland when the French Templars bailed out of Europe and moved their power base to Scotland where the Sinclairs integrated their energetics. Before this the Olgive had surfaced in Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. 5 disciples had merged in synergic unity to form Gawain's soul. Probably the others were in the the other knights but I don't have knowledge of those. You remember that Arthur and his Queen were the last of the Grail regencies ...where else would the apostles serve best? Nathaniel was one of Gawain's synergic crew and thus Gawain carried the Olgive charge. He was the "May Falcon" or Gwalchmai and the Green Knight. His Green Chapel is/was Rosslyn. Thus the harmonic is established between the Edinburgh Matrix in nonlinear time and the Round Table.

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with William S. Buehler

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I can't recall how i came across Bill (may have been via Dan Winter late 90's). Bill is very well regarded and respected in the field of earth grid and planetary alignment for well over 30 years. You can read more about Bill at the following link.


[ Begin Interview November 2000 ]

Hi Bill,

Thanks for taking the time for this interview ..

RAPHIEM : Bill, you special in the study of the grid called the "Techad" or the "Reshel" grid as transcribed from Thoth Raismes of Aphra by Maia Nartoomid .... can you tell us a little of how you initially came across this material of Thoth and perhaps why you chose the Techad/Reshel grid to specialize in ??

BILL : Yes, the grid system does have specific points of introduction. First in 1972-7, in Hawaii, we had a large "psychic" Center for mystical studies, practitioners. Principal players were brought together by the Hierarchy to insert some specific sacred geometry patterns back into the Racial Mind/Soul via Hawaii ...which has the ability to access all planetary grids. Our part of this program was to practice the application of what we now call the Star Tetrahedron and how to apply the format to group light work and its effects. We had about a dozen small groups involved in one synergically unified program, all using the techniques. The project was under an innerplanes mentor: "Orion" and was coming "back" from the distant future. A complicated situation but not unusual. Overall we were under the "Diamond Ray" and later we found this to be under the "Michael Mandate." (This is another complex topic.)

After a few years of doing this one of our groups specialized in shifting the system to one of manifestation and transmutation, which involved moving from the Key of David (Rev 3:7-14 and Matt 17:1-13) into a cross format but using the same 6 poles in a different pattern. (This pattern, many years later would resurface as the "Grail Core" in the Techad.) We were told that it was the first basic light group format resonant with that used in the innerplanes. At that time we knew nothing of its great potential, the format called "The Anchor of God" as a core system in the Techad.

The next large upgrade was years later in 1988, offered to our groups then working in the Midwest US, about 70 people in 8 groups. We were using the same earlier formats in addition to some modifications being given us by our innerplanes mentors. Since "time" is largely defined by the mental field its working in our groups' time envelopes were breaking down and we were getting time glitches. This indicated inefficient light work but it was of a high order, later described as one of the highest systems in the Planet.

Then (2) we needed a more efficient system to handle the level of the groups. At that point, Thoth Raismes (through now Rev. Maia Nartoomid, Church of Antioch) suggested with use the "Reshel" system ...we discovered about 10 years later that this is the 3rd Metatronic breastplate (of 24) or "Techad" or "ISIS Eye" (Aeiropax version). This format is the primary mechanism (grid) that is facilitating the present Transition by humanity and all the universe in this continuum into the new Metatronic continuum in the Rana Time Wave.

This new system, the Reshel or "Chief Head Stone of God" leveled out the time glitches for about a year and it became necessary to augment it with the time gate system: the Eye of Ra which uses an "L" as its short-hand energetic. The Eye of Ra is a golden ratio rhombus in its phi and phi-squared ratios. (This may be used in a group process, but it is not recommended without valid Metatronic supervision from the innerplanes.)

I specialize in the Reshel format because it is the primary system for facilitating the Transition into the new continuum and for coordinating agencies in the 3 continua all existing in nonlinear time. The Reshel has been used since Atlantis went down and has been installed (before then) into major Earth Grids. It is also used in temples, the largest group being those built by the Knights Templar, later by the Masons up to the late 18th Century CE. The "system" appears to have been dumped, then upgraded and rebooted via our light groups who were using the basics. That's the reason for its importance and my interest. (I've found many of the major European and American Reshel grids.)

RAPHIEM : Had you studied any Grid formations i.e. Earth Grids etc prior coming across this material ?

BILL : No, not beyond the average reading for any mystic. My main application had been in group formats and interpretation of scripture.

RAPHIEM : How is do you feel humans can benefit from the knowledge and understanding of these grids ?

BILL : Any grid is useful that is resonant with the Divine Harmonic of Universal Accord. The Reshel is a direct harmonic with the Metatron. It uses subsystems including the dynamics of the Great Pyramid (Star Pentahedron), Star Tetrahedron or Flower of Life, layooesh pillar, time gates as noted in Ps 118:18-23, manifestation procedures, and systems used in Transition. It can be used in programming into light bodies, also used in formats for light groups. The same concept applies to temple and earth grid geometry.

The basic intent would be to increase the individual or group resonance with Metatronic communication, manifestation, time gates and seed systems used in the future (with us now) and to facilitate this unique Transition. The more groups using the technique, the more impact in the Racial Mind/Soul in Transitional applications. This includes clearing and work with intra/inter-continua agencies working in Metatronic Ascension within the Christic streaming, under the Michael Mandate.

There are spin-off benefits: interpretation of the Scripture and its upgrade into a Rana Wave guide, better understanding of Metatronic dynamics through light body expansion techniques, more efficient interaction with time dynamics. Just a few examples. Inner work must be done using the well known procedures but along with this, it is necessary to discern the qualities of the old fallen, half light codes continuum as compared to the new. This includes being able to release many once valid systems used in this continuum.

RAPHIEM : Bill, would please expand a little, for those new to this, on the Metatron Breastplate. What exactly is it ? and What purpose does it serve ? [If Metatron's Breastplate is related to the Earth Grid, what part/role do the Urim and Thummim have to do with the Earth grid?]

BILL : According to Thoth Raismes (via Maia) the Archangel Metatron has 24 aegii or breastplates. We know of 3 and I use the 3rd one (the Techad or Reshel) as my focus of study. Thoth Raismes says that the Reshel is the one that facilitates the LP-40 event, that is, the Transitional shift into the Rana Wave.

A "breastplate" would be a specific grid system, ie a combination of consciousness aspects with energy functions to support the consciousness matrices. The breastplate would serve as a kind of "heart conditioner", that is the system is located over the heart chakra and would probably be expanded over adjacent chakras. The "Urim and Thummim" of the Jewish High Priest is an example of a breastplate.

The Techad is used in Earth Grids, one huge one at least covering North and South America and several covering Europe, however the system is also used in temples and in one's light body. It can be of any size. There are many Earth Grids, some are natural and others, like the Techad, are "artifacts" .constructed for specific application.

The Urim-Thummim is specific to the Judeo Tribal/Temple application, carrying the "Yud" codes in the Racial Mind/Soul (very simply put). If we hypothetically had only the two grids: Techad and Urim-Thummim then the Techad would be the highly complex female left-brain form building matrix relative to the male right-brain encoding or "inseminating" matrix of the "Yud-ah." Even though that is too simple a comparison it works. The Earth (Gaia) is alive and sentient and has a collective mind (elemental) which unifies with the human collective Racial Mind/Soul. The Techad is more integrated with Human-elemental components while the Urim-Thummim is more in the human-angelic range. This hypothetical combination would be a "dual-dipole" creation field.

RAPHIEM : Synchronistically I am currently finishing up reading a book called "The Stargate Conspiracy" by Picknet and Prince which strangely enough parallels something you said back in 1998 to quote you [quote]"As I understand it this type of program would be under the Michael Mandate which is under a Seraphic group called the ENNEAD which is orchestrating the evolution of this fallen continuum"[end quote]. This was in relation to a question asked about the crop circles and the Watchers.

Can you please clarify this, as the book mentioned above goes into how the "Council of Nine" which is the one and the same as the Ennead is either a malevolent body extraterrestial intelligence or some sort of population belief/mind control program by certain government agencies which seems to have a hidden/dangerous agendas tracing back to Cayce/Crowley/Bailey.

It would seem that this is a unique statement concurring with the books findings .(i.e. That they are fallen) where as all the other well known channelers of today [not mentioning names] regard the Council of Nine as benevolent and trying to help us/rescue us and perhaps are coming back!! [wow you were spot on]

Is this a question yet ;o) Any thing you can add or expand on.?

BILL : I have not read the book so can not comment on it.

I would strenuously object to correlating the Seraphic Ennead (group) supervising the Michael Mandate agencies (including the Christic Streaming) with an evil distortion. It is true that the Nephilim/Kumir (Greys) or Luciferic agencies try an subvert valid Ennead cells by incursions using the same "9" harmonic so we find it just as we find pollution and degeneration in all basic sacred formats. That is, in the fallen Oritronic continuum. The Ennead made up of Seraphim is a very high angelic organization under the Metatron; there is a system called the "Elisa-phane Exchange" that creates a communications system between continua which uses a 5 to 9 ratio in terms of systems. A unified multi continua system would have both the 5 and 9 seed components. The higher or "Onata" Rana Wave group seeds this continuum with a pentagonal seed format ...examples are the 5 rivers/lands forming the seed: Eden, and also the 5 so-called breaths in Maitri Upn. 2.6. Revelation also opens a notable 5-seed-format after the 3rd Seal (Selah/scales), once the karmic ash and trash is transmuted.

Our system on the other hand refines our wisdom and meets the Onata's "5" with our own Christic Ennead (9). If some evil or just plain ignorant agent tries to invade the Metatronic system with a false-9 it just does not work. It could interface in the low end of the Metatronic Rana Wave .and the Grays try to vicariously access it via ensouled beings: us... but such a distorted group would not be able to sustain the Metatronic reality with only the half-light codes of this continuum.

There have been many of the "Elisa Priest(ess)hood" cells (typically 5 man and 4 women in such a group, based on seed and creation functions) but one hears little of them. The fakes on the other hand tend to advertise themselves and demonstrate half-light "miracles" as a come-on to entice humans with high tech systems. These systems in turn permit the Grays, etc. to access the low-end Metatron via human ensouled attachments. The Montauk Project is one example. The best move is to get one's own vibration up and leave the defective seeds to wither on the famished vine. As the Hawaiians say: "Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono," ..."The life of the Land is perpetuated in Righteousness." Divine Grace is the key to Transition.

In the truest context the Ennead is orchestrating our Transitional return .from the Seraphic level and that of Archangel Michael, then the many Merkaba groups under Michael. But any confusion between this most holy harmonic and the low vibe Ennead cells is disastrous.

RAPHIEM : Bill can you outline some of the more important European and American Reshel Grid spots which you have found and why do you feel they are important ? Perhaps what role do they play in the scheme/plan of things ? Are their in Reshel Grid spots in Australia that you have found ?

BILL : So far I have not done any investigation of the "other" side of the Planet/Gaia-Racial Mind. Only the right brain west of Greece, east of Hawaii. I don't have the maps. There are vital Metatronic Ascension Grid points there including Ayer's Rock in Australia (5th chakra) but I just have not had the time or resources to dig into that area.

There are a number of subsystems but these are some of the major Reshel grids in Europe/Americas; collectively they are called the "Bar-Sheeba" Grid in that all of Europe works in a "7" (sheeba) female shakti/sheeba vibration:

1. Bakhira: North and South America, from Pacific to Western Europe. Powered up by the Arkhom or "Gamaiish" from Canada past Virginia. Triggered by the Nova Scotia grail grids. (Arkhom is described in Peter Champoux's THE GAIA MATRIX, Franklin Media.)

2. Urmaga: "Star of the Magi": GB-Spain mainly. Seed grid for Gaia right forebrain.

3. Astara or Flower of Life: Edinburgh-Sintra-Rome. Equilateral triangle. Pulses cyclic life and systems input into Gaia via Europe (right forebrain).

4. Titan Oceanus: Europe: main manifesting and overall organizational system. Uses De Vinci's spread-eagled man as part of it ...sufficient keys in this human figure to strongly suggest that Leonardo drew the Man to form this grid within the Reshel geometry.

5. Arriat: GB: centered off Isle of Man, powered by the original Roundtable's "Destiny Stone" fragment still in place. Reshel overlaps to create a central (70 mile diameter) 10-point pentagonal Seed wheel. The whole Wheel includes all of GB/Ireland.

6. L-Grid: Edinburgh to Rennes le Chateau: time gate system responsive to the Astara's successful operation and its own internal poles including Mont St. Michel and St. Sulpice Chapel in Paris. The Goddess (Virgo) grid connects via Mont St. Michel as a Denebola/Mazuriel correspondent.

7. Rhun HaBar: European: resonates with the Hathor Temple at Denderah: its astrological system originally in the ceiling alchemy. Uses the Bethlehem Angle (26.3) and 17 degree angle combination: Absolution, Resolution and Evolution. Connects the two Gaia pre-frontal lobes (forebrain). Function described by the pelican archetype, feeding its three young from its heart-blood. Stretches between Hebrides and Malta.

This collective Bar-Sheeba system does not control people any more than any major temple system, such as the Zodiac would. However it has always been a significant asset to persons and groups that have strived for Christic and Metatronic "ascension/transition" in a long path of evolution. The Reshel or "Techad" is the major system facilitating the LP-40 continuum shift now begun. This program, under the Michael Mandate, is orchestrated by Solarians of Mazuriel via the Isle of Mana in the distant future (present mount of Masada).

RAPHIEM - What do you feel will happen to us (humanity) if the LP-40 makes the shift/jump before we are ready ?? Is there a rescue plan or are we on our own ? or simply the shift/jump won't go ahead ?

BILL : The shift will go ahead if there are enough ensouled beings in this continuum to form and sustain a Metatronic continuum (future). This includes those in the innerplanes as well as the stellar races. It requires a minimum of 40% and we only had about 20% as if our linear time mark in about 1995. If it does not go then we all revert to square-one and work back up again over a very long, long time.

For the 60 percenters, they are not "lost" but they will recycle. This continuum, much like a shattered mirror will form temporary "shards" or unstable reality frames (sort of mini-continua) best formed by whatever major fears and delusions are carried by the souls magnetized to that form of insanity. These will not sustain themselves but will dissolve and revert to a common continuum reality, for intent and purpose this one again, to work its way back to this point eventually, then try again. There will be programs in place for the marginal souls to try and phase them through. All this info is from Thoth/Maia ...not myself... I use it since it makes the most sense to me and the cosmology fits my studies over the years.

In this process there is no more time for karma yoga; at this point we "make it" through divine grace.


RAPHIEM : Bill, there are several newage circles, that speak about how Thoth was originally a traitor, gave information [sold out] to the otherside, against us, perhaps knowingly or unknowingly and is making up for it by trying to correct his mistakes in his incarnation as the known St. Germain. Do you know anything about this or is this a question for Maia ?

BILL : Maia and Simeon have the best information. My take on it is that the "traitor" idea is pure horsefeathers. It would reside in the lower Racial Mind, not worth serious consideration. There are also a number of Thoths ("Thoth" being a title); the Thoth, Thoth Raismes, that we work with is the gent that supervised the Pyramid's construction. Further, Thoth will communicate in various levels of the Racial Mind ...quality of info is much dependent on the clarity of the translator as always. Major delusions are created as "real" in the Racial Mind that can be perceived as "truth" .such as the "666" foul-up due to its original mistranslation by priests not familiar with the Hebrew alphabet code. This clump of misinformation can be passed along over the centuries within the magnetic memory field, in its lower levels.

[ I did ask Maia about this ... see her response at the end of this interview. ]

RAPHIEM : There is much talk about DNA Strands .... some say we have 12 strands,others say we have 24 or 48 strands ... I recall you mentioning the Metatronic DNA has 13 strands ... Why 13 ??

BILL : 13 is the synthesis of the 12, so is usable within that context. I don't have information regarding the higher number of strands but it seems logical that in the higher levels of the Metatronic Rana Wave it would be necessary.

To activate the "13th Ray" or function there is a large dynamic involved. The dynamic is best symbolized by the Bird-Serpent Staff (Moses' Staff, Staff of Jesus, Staff of Aesculpious, caduceus, the feathered-serpent is a faulty representation but is still in the ball park). This is a regeneration, rebirth, 2nd birth or "grail" dynamic. When the system is "Absolved, Resolved" then we move to "Evolve" by spinning the Staff/axis around the circle-of-12 to upgrade all poles. I've noted that the 13th aspect is attached to one of the 12. In the Zodiac it is Delphinus in Capricorn as the double. The cetaceans form this 13th unified function in this continuum in this planet.

In a DNA molecule we might look for a spinner or helical field engramming the 13th or Christic function. This might also be viewed as the Adam Kadmon or perfect human template coding. There is no reason why the field of 12 should not expand to a field of 144. This system is built into the Earth Grids in England... uses the expanded Barbury Castle crop circle Flower of Life format.

RAPHIEM : What exactly is the "Omnichron" ?? is this the same as the "Omicron" star system ??

BILL : Thoth uses the term to describe a slight frequency difference in the time continuum. A number of years ago the Hierarchy shifted frequency to block a Montauk Project brainstorm to record the Magnetic Field (memory) to "reboot" it after the Field collapse. Of course they would have regenerated the low level soap-opera memory which would be fine with the Kumir (Grays) but not well for our Transition. I don't know about the star system.

RAPHIEM : Bill you mention the Bethel Star in which all three Earth's co-exist, can you explain this a little more? Are you meaning that we have three Earth's that exist in different dimensions/frequency, but share the same space-time co-ordinates ? Do these Earth's have different names eg. lower Earth = Earth, middle Earth = Tara and Higher Earth = Gaia?

BILL : Yes, the one Earth has three realities: one in each of the three main time continua we have always been working with. Each continuum has its set of dimensions and parallel realities but each is real in nonlinear time. Effectively, the first is the past and is "real" in the Rana Time Wave, as is the third version in the future. We in this "fallen" continuum are riding the "second" reality of the three: past, present, and future. We are working at accomplishing the objectives whereby this continuum was created as well as working to (1) redeem the "fallen" Lucifer and his angels as well as all of ourselves and all else connected with it, (2) then to resolve the karmic balance and wisdom gained, and (3) apply this wisdom in creative action.

This all goes on in the same time(s) ...time and evolution being dynamic ie always changing. Thus the most important mechanisms and proceedures in grid formats are intended to facilitate the concurrent, nonlinear time projects. Thus the importance of viable time gate devices synchronized with the systems that support them within a synergic unified field.

There are probably names for the three Earth versions but I don't have them. The name for the New Earth, its etheric body, is/was "Numis Om." But names are highly specific to levels and systems so I don't put much emphasis on them unless one pops up in a particular process our group is using.

RAPHIEM : How does the Reshel grid model fit in with pre-Atlantis and post-Atlantis considering the Earth had shifted/tilted and split causing continents to drift and move apart etc ? Or did the Reshel grid model only come into being after the tilt ?

BILL : The tilt occurred at the time of the Fall, that is: the composite heterodyned time implosions. The North Celestial Pole was once in (or very near) the Pole of the Ecliptic. So in nonlinear time activity we should use them both. The Reshel grid (3rd Metatronic breastplate) pre-existed this continuum and the tilt. My sense of the use of the Reshel/Techad is that it was put in place prior to the Fall in stable places. The "Fall" then occured which then created the second (fallen) continuum's own history going back to the creation of this fallen Earth. That actual "fallen continuum" in relative time is relatively only a very brief period beginning with the Crucifixion far as actual time implosions go. That was the event that officially began this fallen reality. Then that implosion linked with all the others: past and future.

RAPHIEM : Bill you've done well in detailing the Reshel grid and how it fits in to our Earth locations and the many meanings behind it, how about a cosmic/galactic grid ?? Have you done any work/research into this or has Thoth gone into this in any detail ...?? is there a galactic grid of sorts and if so where does Earth fit into the scheme of things ?

BILL : I don't have any info re the grid within this galaxy as such. I presently view one as existing, for our purposes here on Earth, as reflected best in the Hathor Temple (Dendera) astrological ceiling. The grid orients on Galactic Center as one of three main poles and it organizes the Celestial Sphere, as two of them, in one unified system involving all the constellations. So in effect this becomes a "galactic grid" tailored to our present application but also to all the past and future. Its a Metatronic system but one that also can incorporate the fallen, second continuum reality. The Celestial Pole centers this whole system so the emphasis is on our present reality but also provides us with the terms of the unified system.

The Earth is apparently relatively unique in that we have here a full set of dimensions and are also the training ground as well as "field house" for working karmic problems within the fallen continuum. Venus is our partner in this and appears to carry the Love/Grace factor in our unified polar set up. Earth and Venus, according to Thoth, both came out of Rigel and will return to their "normal" positions in Rigel at the LP-40 Transition.

RAPHIEM : - I thought i'd ask a hypothetical question. You are been quickly ushered onto a ship for an unknown destination and you are only allowed to take 3 books and 3 music CD's with you ...which ones would you take?

BILL : You really know how to blow my mind! I'm afraid my answer would only work for me; every person has their own dharmic ascension vector requiring their unique terms of reference. We'd have to specify books of this time and in English; this radically trims the list to "next to useless." I will say however that one "book" that would be of use to all would be the collected works by Thoth Raismes via Maia Nartoomid as edited by her husband Simeon Nartoomid. This body of work would cover vast stretches of history relevant to our Fall and Rise of the Planet as well as procedures for ascension. It includes both cosmology and theology, poetry and technical process.

The Thothian "book" expands on J. Hurtak's "Keys of Enoch" as a useful base reference so I'd have to add that to the bag. The Christian and Jewish scriptures (Bible) would be added but I'd have to include Strong's Concordence to do my own translation and interpretation of the scripture. (This would have to include the original protosiniatic glyphs used in the Hebrew language ...these are pictured holographic seed forms related to the Reshel.)

As to music, I like Sarah Brightman's TIME TO SAY GOODBY. Then I'd like to supplement that with a collection of semi-classical, themes from the principle operas and the best of the music of the 40's/50's.

RAPHIEM : What things would you like to focus/research, but haven't gotten around to it for whatever reason ?? IS there anything that has got you stumped, unable to go beyond, requiring more in depth research or a rethink ?

BILL : Virtually everything has me stumped! I use Thoth's information (ie Thoth Raismes via Maia Nartoomid) for basic priming of the pump, then I do the stubby pencil work with a dash of clairsentience for assistance. However my ability for clairsentient "knowing" is blocked significantly. I'm better at understanding things I am close to dharmically but all my friends are much more knowing than I am. Everything requires "re-penting" (rethinking) all the time due to the many levels and the sequential release of info within the Racial Mind where important subjects are involved. So even though I'm about the only person with the most understanding within my specialty, ie the study of the Reshel Metatronic system, I make a point of being open to constant review.

I am bringing into focus about 7 lives lived within the past 200 years, overlapping. And these lives are foci for other life-streams. Where these all meet are in the realm of applied geometric forms within sacred or "Metatronic" systems. These system bridge with the lower Oritronic systems (the best of this fallen continuum). I am trying to understand the Metatronic grid systems used by the Planet and Racial Soul in this present Ascension vector. I also apply these to group formats and more as a hobby to formats in scripture. Not to sound arrogant, I find that most of present authors are still digging up vast piles of Oritronic history and systems, most of which is water down the loo. Its good stuff in its own right but basically useless in a Metatronic continuum. The drill is to refine this material to extract Metatronic lessons used to create the future. This is not being done for the most part by most people. Thus I'm left to my own resources, admittedly short on clarity and efficiency, but I do the best with what I have.

I'm presently being told to release all attachments and open to potential through Grace. "Opening" is not all that easy but its the way to go. I admit that I'm out of balance on the phenomenal side ...too much charge on the Templars' once protected mysteries and their functions. My logo is the hawk and mouse. I'm more mouse than hawk. All my warrior's service and life's blood sacrificed under a thousand flags amounts to one drop of blood from a mouse.

The reason for it all? To reboot the upgraded original Metatronic Breastplates related to the Ascension: the return of this fallen realm and the accomplishment of the objectives in the Fall, all under the Michael Mandate. (This Mandate repeated: Source: Thoth Raismes as translated by Maia Nartoomid:


"Established by the AMETHYST THRONE (high level of Archangelic Hierarchy) under the authority of the Archangel Michael to proclaim and govern the development of Light Redemption within the Oritronic Universe.

"It's main tenet for Earth is the unification of the Nephilim and Solarian Light races, through the redemption of the Nephilim "Fallen Factor". Since all human races on Earth contain the genetics of both these supra-tribal consciousness', this principle of solvency must occur beginning at the DNA level of each individual on the planet.

" The Nature Races (Devas, animals) are also involved in the synergy of Light Forms toward development of full Light Metatronic receipt. All beings on Earth share in this program of Light Redemption.")

RAPHIEM : Bill thank you for your time to do the interview ... it is most appreciated as i know how busy you are .... lastly do you have anything at all that you'd like to add or tell .... a message to mankind perhaps or to those studying grid systems ?

BILL : My work over the past 30 years in support of many very good channels has a consistent message and theme: "Prepare for the Transition!"

This is more than a new age, it is the completion of the work of all the ages: to create a new future that has always been created: our return into the Rana Time Wave of Metatronic quality. This is now ongoing and there is no time for karma yoga; Ascension is through release and acceptance of divine grace. As of the '60s in linear time not enough souls had come up to transitional frequency match, most are too low so would not make it in this phase. My main message is that we have no other more demanding task now as souls and as a cosmic race then to facilitate this Ascension. I find that the clearest message for this is in the Judeo-Christian mysteries, that may be applied in all systems of Sat-Chit-Ananda.

Ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono: 
"The life of the Land is perpetuated in Righteousness."

Thank you for this invitation to share my thoughts; Blessed Be...

Bill Buehler


In respect to William Buehler order to protect the information provided in this article ... This interview is copyrighted (c) 2007 William S. Buehler and any respective authors that maybe be referenced.

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Dear Sonja,

Beautiful Knowledge as well as Wisdom ......

I like it and love it.....A small booklet......


Thank you so much for this post...was going to post it :-) .

Love ~ Blessings


Dear Sonja,

Thanks for this rare and important message about Grids....

Love & Blessings.....I will have to read it again.....




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