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Kryon Channelling


What are nodes and nulls? Why do we care? What is this all about?
This page is the explanation, and gives the newly channelled information from KRYON:

The 2012 Kundalini Tour was one of the most spectacular Kryon excursions I have ever done. If you want to see it for yourself, check out this nine-minute video: HERE

We started in October 2012, and created an amazing adventure that lasted more than 30 days. We were in cars, buses, boats and airplanes (and some vehicles we didn't recognize). We crossed the Andes and visited four countries, travelling to the most amazing spiritual places on the Earth. We felt the new energy, profoundly. We were met by the guardians of the canyons and the mountains, who spoke to us through Kryon. We realized the Pleiadian connection was alive and well, and we "heard” through a multitude of Kryon channellings, about the kinds of energies that the Pleadians had imprinted and created on planet Earth. This included the careful placement of time capsules that would release energy and information, should the planet ever reach a certain vibration. We are now at that vibration!

We sat on top of the Island of the Sun at Lake Titicaca at an altitude of 4,000 meters (13,123 ft), and felt the incredible serenity of the lake and surrounding mountains while Kryon channelled about the energy we were feeling ... nodes and nulls. I felt the whisper of the ancients and the gentle love of GAIA as I began to channel within a field of grass at the base of the highest mountain in the Andes (Mt. Aconcagua), where Kryon identified a null. I stood and channelled on a ledge overlooking Machu Picchu, where KRYON talked about the Awakening of The Puma – and the node we were sitting in.

Twenty eight channellings were given on that tour, but in all that, there was never a complete explanation of nodes and nulls ... what they were, why, or especially where they were. Now that has changed.


In the last few months of 2013, in channellings that were mostly overseas (countries outside of America), Kryon has given detailed information in many pieces and parts. Some of the channellings were given in Dr. Todd Ovokaity's workshops, some in regular events, and some were given in response to direct questions from an up-coming book. The majority of this information is not found on the audio page of this site or the channelling page you are looking at. So, with the help of a new author and her future book, I wish to fill in the gap. (I'll explain in a moment). Even after you read all this, the information is still incomplete. That's how new it is.

Nodes and Nulls represent different attributes of energies on the planet. There are numerous nodes and nulls all over the planet. The "Pleiadians" are our spiritual parents who seeded this planet with divine DNA. This is the creation story of many of the indigenous of the planet, and also represents the teachings of KRYON. It's also responsible for our "fused DNA" issue, giving us twenty three instead of the normal twenty four pairs of Chromosomes that other animals have. It "yells" to biologists that "we didn't come from here." At the same time that the Pleiadians seeded humanity they also placed "time capsules” within our DNA, GAIA and the cetaceans (whales and dolphins).

Kryon has revealed that amongst the many time capsules on GAIA, there are 12 major ones. These twelve time capsules are represented by twenty four geographic locations. The reason is because each time capsules comprises a polarized pair of a node and null.

The information about nodes and nulls is brand new and complex, and it's not all found in one place. In fact, it is so well hidden it's almost like Kryon wanted us to start a compilation and ask custom questions, so that specific answers would be given. That's exactly what happened.

In the next months in 2013, there will be another KRYON book, but it will not deal with this issue. Instead, a new author has combined her passion for the environment with the spiritual knowledge of Kryon.

I would like to introduce you to the first Kryon related book that isn't one of mine! The Gaia Effect – The Remarkable System of Collaboration Between Gaia and Humanity, is planned for a 2013 release. (Ariane Publishing). This book, by Australian author and naturalist Monika Muranyi, is a compilation of everything that Kryon has ever channelled about Gaia! It is something I never would have had time for, and it includes new channellings from Kryon that have never been published. So it also includes (you guessed it), questions about nodes and nulls and time capsules.

Ms Muranyi's book represents an amazing job of research that includes listening to Kryon channellings, reading the Kryon books, plus reviewing all the questions and answers on-line. Add to that, she posed over thirty new questions, answered by Kryon in her book – answers that have never been seen before. Furthermore, there is even more information available through fairly obscure KRYON channellings, only recorded by others, about the places where these time capsules are located.

So thanks to her, we now have a far better picture of what the nodes and nulls are and the role of the time capsules. What follows, is her research on the subject. Some of the information will be featured in her book and some will not, because Kryon only revealed it recently. Following the new information that Kryon has slowly been revealing, she has created a map over the last three months which shows the locations of these energies (see below).

Don't write me letters to ask why your favorite portal didn't make it to the list. It's not about portals on the planet. It's about twelve major time capsules represented by twenty four paired locations of nodes and nulls. Some of these have attracted Humans by the thousands, and some are so remote that Humans can't go there easily. So don't be disappointed if the place you had your epiphany, isn't there. There are many time capsules on the planet, but only twelve major ones.

Kryon has yet to reveal the exact pairing of the nodes and nulls. Remember: The twelve major time capsules are polarized pairs. Only one paired node and null has been revealed during the recent trip to Moscow, Russia. This pair is the time capsule contained within the node of Maui, Hawaii and the null of the Tibetsi Mountains, Chad (Africa). It was the first time capsule pair to be stimulated by the Lemurian Choir on December 21, 2012. Kryon gave the metaphor of this event, as putting a key in a lock to open access to all the other time capsules.

What are we supposed to do with this information? Many things. But one of them is right in front of us, for the time capsule pairs respond to "designed compassionate action." In the Lemurian Choir experience in Maui, KRYON told us to repeat the choir experience using other tone combinations to change the planet. This then, is the first immediate action we know about ... large groups of people giving intent and singing specific tones, can release some of the energy (held within the time capsules) that the Pleiadians knew we would need... right about NOW.

Lee Carroll


Information gathered by Monika Muranyi for her new book:
The Gaia Effect – The Remarkable System of Collaboration Between Gaia and Humanity
(A compendium of KRYON channelled information)
Also (below)... unpublished KYRON channelling - 2013


Here are the specific definitions as given by Kryon:

NODES: There are three kinds of nodes: portal, vortex and vortal. A portal is a node that overlaps and amplifies Gaia. A vortex is when energies collide and the energy is constantly moving. To some, being in a vortex may feel good for a while but it's hard to live there. A vortal is half portal and half vortex. There is no symmetry with these lines and they occur beneath the Earth as well as on the Earth. So it becomes more complex than what you think. All of these lines are created by The Crystalline Grid, and The Crystalline Grid is created by Human consciousness.
--KRYON (paraphrased)--

Part of a Kryon answer to a question in Monika's Gaia book

Nodes are exactly what has been stated: They are places of immense intensity where The Crystalline Grid can store the time capsules of the creation template, as placed there by the Pleiadians. So nodes can also be ascended land, and feel very good. However, as mentioned before, nodes are often in places that are less accessible or desirable for normal Human habitation due to the intense energy. But Humans are very attracted to them anyway, and the indigenous of the Earth often built their temples there.

These time capsules need to be on the planet as a guide or blueprint for the starting creative energy of Gaia. We have told you that as they are slowly released, they modify The Crystalline Grid to help Human consciousness shift, and eventually create an ascended planet.

The templates are not just information. They are quantum portals of Pleiadian life. This is difficult to explain, but consider for a moment that quantum energy can exist in two places at the same time. This is an attribute even of your own quantum physics, so it can't be that odd to you. So consider for a moment that even life can have these attributes (existing in multiple places). Therefore know that your seed creators have always been here in a certain quantum way, and are in the time capsules.

When you feel these energies in 3D, you tend to linearize them all. Therefore those who are sensitive will see "a city" or feel entities that might even talk to you. But the reality is that these feelings are only the attributes of looking at profound quantum energy while in 3D.

Mt. Shasta is one of these time capsules. The mountain is ready for activation, and the release of the time capsule there has already begun. But now, with the passing of 2012, the Pleiadians can take a more active role. You will know what this means in a later time.

NULLS: When The Crystalline Grid overlaps with the Gaia grid in a way that cancels each other out in energy, you get a null. A null is therefore a place where there is an absence of The Crystalline Grid, and so what you get is pure Gaia energy only.
--KRYON (paraphrased)--

Part of a Kryon answer to a question in Monika's Gaia book

A null, or void land may feel wonderful, but it's too overwhelming to be in for long time periods. It represents pure creative energy. It's far harder to live in, and the places on Earth where it exists are often uninhabited for that reason (some are in the ocean as well). It also has odd magnetic field characteristics, making it difficult for life force and balanced brain synapse (which requires a magnetic field balance of what you are used to). Unbalance and confusion are the result.

Further information about the time capsules

Kryon has said that as the Compassion Choir sings specific paired tones to the time capsules, the time capsules are being quantumly stimulated. There is not an opening or closing such as imagined in a linear fashion. For instance, in the case of Maui in 2012 you stimulated the Lemurian one and it's polarity partner. The TWO of them sent a signal.

If you were to return to Maui and you did it again, it would be just as profound with new attributes of time capsules being released. So the capsules are tuned to respond to the consciousness of the day.
--KRYON May 22, 2013 Moscow, Russia--

The complete pairs are not known yet, however Kryon has given one of them. Maui is paired with the Tibetsi Mountains in Chad (Africa) and this was one of the twelve time capsules that was stimulated during the Lemurian Choir event on Dec 21, 2012. Research has shown that this area has some geological similarities with Maui, in that it is also volcanic. It is also appears to be on the exact opposite side of the earth from Maui.

The next event will be the Compassion Choir which will be performed in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This pairing is not yet known, nor is the exact purpose and intent yet realized. But as the tones are developed, it will be given to Dr. Todd by KRYON when appropriate. But the instructions are clear... do it!

Finally, here is an excerpt from a channelling given in Moscow, Russia – May 26, 2013 following Dr. Todd's toning workshop. (It's typical that these smaller channellings do not get posted on the Kryon website).

This information is not available on the audio site, and the transcription is
presented here for the first time!

From the Kryon channel in Moscow, Russia – May 26, 2013
Following Dr Todd Ovokaitys' toning workshop:


Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There is so much to discuss and so much to try to explain. Each time we sit in front of those who would come to a meeting like this, we're openly able to release a small portion of the bigger picture. But let us today speak of the whole picture a little differently.

There is something that has just happened in the evolution of the tones. We're starting to discuss what they are really for. The first set was revealed and also performed at the place formerly called Lemuria. The reason it was done there is actually a bit disguised and now has been revealed. So stay with me, for my partner [Lee] is going to try to explain some things that are very complex.

The place where the choir performed in Hawaii is actually one of two polarities, and actually represents two places on the planet. We have revealed to Dr Todd Ovokaitys that there are a number of what we would call Pleiadian "time capsules" on the planet. They represent twenty four places, but for simplicity we'll say that twelve of them are charged in one way and that twelve of them are charged in another. So really, they all have a polarity that creates twelve complete pairs of time capsules. When you touch one, the other one is affected. These profound time capsules have been waiting for this energy on the planet.

The end of 2012 was a time when the key was put into the lock, which opened the access for all of them. So part of the tone-sets that were sung there [Maui] created a way of opening potential access to all of these on the planet. Now, that's fairly simple for you to understand, but now it gets harder. As many times as we try to explain this, there are many who don't understand. So I'm going to step out of physics for a moment and step into the metaphor that most of you will understand.

I would like to tell you about something you are very familiar with in order to give you a scenario that makes sense to you. I hope that you will leave this place not in confusion, but with an "A-Ha! Now I get it!" experience.

One of the grand inventions that you have right now is what you would call high definition television. It represents those enormous screens that carry some of the most beautiful pictures anyone has ever seen on TV. What an invention! You can see pieces and parts of the grandness of the earth, right on the screen in front of you. It often takes your breath away, how real it is. Now, if you don't even know basic science, many of you know the secret of how television works. It's simple. Your science discovered long ago that all of those beautiful colors you see can be presented to you in what they would call an "additive color system." It's based on something called tri-chromatic human sight. Quite simply, it means that the most beautiful pictures on earth, can all be presented by using combinations of only three colors! They are red, green and blue. It's all you need. When combined correctly, these colors create almost every possible color that Humans have the ability to see. Three colors.

Now, as you watch any television, you're not aware of the three colors. Instead, you're aware of millions of colors hitting your eyes, put together by only three basic colors. This is the secret of color television. It simplifies the transmission of sending you millions of colors.

So when the transmission occurs, the system sends "information" to the TV on how to combine the three colors that the TV device creates. It then gives you something that you recognize - the full color spectrum of sight, and the "big picture."

So now let us apply this knowledge to what's going on in an area you really are not familiar with. I can apply this metaphor of the TV in several ways: Let's talk about physics first. You are in 3D. So let's pretend that you are a "quantum" TV receiver, as a Human on earth. Let's say that your 3D reality corresponds only to all the red color pixels (millions of spots of information on your TV screen). Let us say that as I come and speak to you, I would be talking to only the red pixels of a much larger system. In 3D, you only get a "partial" download of what is actually happening.

Now, let's further tell you that the red pixels have no idea about the blue ones or the green ones. In this metaphor, you might believe they exist, but you've never seen the big picture - all you understand is red. Your reality is like that. As long as you remain in 3D survival, no quantum or multi-dimensional energy is viewable to you. In fact, you walk around with all the pixel colors available, but red is all you get in 3D.

Let's say I now go to a physicists convention. Here will be the smartest brains on the planet, and I start talking about red and blue pixels. I get their attention! They have a far better idea that the blue ones exist... but without ever seeing them together, even they don't have the HD picture, and the green ones haven't even occurred to them yet. No picture can be transmitted, since there is no true way to combine all three colors. So there's no beautiful picture to look at, and all Humans know about are the pieces "without a reference to the big picture."

There's no one on the planet who really has all three colors of physics (using the metaphor). Oh, you're close! But that means there is actually no one on the planet who can see the big picture, which is constantly being broadcast to you. You only have two of the colors of three that are necessary to see what is really happening. Without the information on how to combine the colors, and without the final color, it's just a "chaos of pixels"... pieces that often don't make sense.

So let us apply this same principle to the tones that are being sung and learned in this workshop. There are twelve time capsules, which have been placed on the planet. If you have been paying attention to the "physics of Kryon," you know that everything in physics comes in pairs. Even the 3D laws of physics you now have come in pairs. So the idea that even quantum laws are also polarized, should not be difficult for you. So you should know that the twelve time capsules of the planet also come in pairs - three dimensional pairs represented as locations on the planet.

The tones: One tone, sung against (with) another, also represents polarity. Now you know why there are two. For they "talk" to the polarity of the time capsules they are sung to activate. Now, this is far more complex and so we're not going to get into it now. But know that the tones are also polarized, and when sung together they create a third energy. Remember that for now.

The time capsules represent places on the planet where something is happening energetically, but still you're only looking at two... nodes and nulls. So let us call these pairs, the red and blue time capsules of the planet. So let's say (for the TV metaphor) that you have a red tone and a blue tone. You're singing them together. Where is the third color? In the time capsules, there are only two parts - the positive and the negative (the node and the null). There is no triad in physics that you are seeing, and as described, everything is in pairs. So what's up with this?

Well, dear ones, that's not the way real "universal physics" works. This is what I want to tell you today. The third color in this metaphor is "quantum compassionate consciousness". It's a third energy that is a catalyst to the other two to create the green pixel and give you the whole picture! You might even say it's the "information" needed to put everything together. But until it is stirred into the other two, the big picture will never be seen. In addition, the irony is this: Even when it is created, if you are simply sitting there as a red and a blue pixel, you won't ever see the picture. But others can!

GAIA can; The Pleiadians can; and any civilization in the galaxy that has quantum sight, also can! They see your transmission. That's an irony isn't it? That you can generate the picture but you can't see it? Not yet, but soon. Meanwhile, you can still send pictures to those who can see them.

So now you know a little more about what happens when you sing one tone against the other. It creates, through compassionate consciousness, a third energy the great green pixel. So you have the red pixel representing a tone in three dimensions, and the blue pixel representing another tone. But when humans sing them together, the divine consciousness of the intent of the event generates the missing green pixel, and the instructions for the picture.

Doing that speaks to the pair of time capsules that are being energized on the planet. But listen: When the two polarized time capsules are energized, they also create a third energy – the missing metaphoric green pixel, and they transmit a picture with millions and millions of energies and colors. Sometimes the picture is transmitted into the earth, alerting the earth of something that you are doing that never could be transmitted before, until you turned the key in the lock on December 21st. Sometimes the tones create another picture that is sent into the galaxy to let those who see the whole picture know what you're doing. So what is the "missing piece?"

Listen dear ones: Physics is not complete without the divine consciousness of DNA which has the "seed core." Physics alone is only in pairs. But physics combined with the sacredness of compassion completes the triad... and the three of them soar into communication with the entire galaxy.

Now here's where I want to honor the Human Being: You sit in a room like this [workshop in Moscow] and you're studying the red and blue, tone by tone. Yet you are only trusting in a larger scenario. Let me give you an example of what that's like: Let's say you had one of the most complex auto engines on earth. Let us say it was a quantum race car with tens of thousands of parts, and you're here studying one nut or one bolt in that part. Let's say that the plans for the engine are not known to you, but you are putting the part together anyway. How could you possibly see the whole thing?

Instead, you're trusting that the engine works. You're learning how to make one part, and match it to another, and put it where it belongs. You haven't even seen the race car! Then... when the race car is done you don't even know where it's going to take you!

This is why we honor you today, because at some level you feel what you are doing. At some level, you are all steering the race car. You are studying the tones to create a third energy, and this very interest in the tones also begins to open time capsules within your own body, with the same big picture! You don't know where that's going to take you either.

That's the definition of faith and trust, and - an old soul. Blessed is the Human Being who remembers a big picture that they cannot yet see. But they know it's coming from the Great Central Sun and their efforts continue to build the parts of the engine that someday will bring them to an ascended planet. In the process they will have a longer life, health and love, even without ever seeing it. They never see the HD picture.

But now let me tell you something. There will come a day when you will, dear ones. It's the "City on the Hill," and it will take your breath away.

And so it is.


Nodes and Nulls (listed alphabetically)


Glastonbury, England

Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca Bolivia

Machu Picchu, Peru

Maui, Hawaii, USA

Mont Blanc, Swiss Alps France

Mt Cook, New Zealand

Mt Ida and Hot Springs, Arkansas USA

Mt Shasta, California, USA

Rila Mountain, Bulgaria

Table Mountain, South Africa

Uluru, Australia

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


Aneto, Pyrenees Spain

Gunnbjørn Fjeld, Greenland

Meili Snow Mountain China

Mt Aconcagua, Argentina

Mt Ararat, Turkey

Mt Fitz Roy, Patagonia Argentina

Mt Kailash, Tibet

Mt Kilimanjaro, Kenya, (Africa)

Mount Logan, Yukon Northern Territories, Canada

Tibetsi Mountains, Chad (Africa)

Ural Mountains, Russia

Victory Peak, Tien Shan Kazakhstan (Central Asia)

Within the below map, the nodes are pink. The nulls are blue.

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