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Blessed and Joyful Greetings to You All, Angel Brothers and Sisters of the Human Collective!

I am now, at this very specific Moment in Time, moved to Share more with you about some recent experiences.

Sacred Knowing about Energetic Influences known as “Trojan Protocols” has introduced Itself to me.

As is always the case, there is a bit of background to explain:

Back at the beginning of February (2015), as the Mountains of Snow Crystals fell from the sky to bury our geographic region, I had a Vision.

~~ Begin Vision ~

I am outside on my porch as I watch the snow falling yet again … suddenly, Gaia is with me once again in her Purple and Gold-Laced Dragon Form. She lowers her long neck and bids me to go with her … I climb aboard and instantly we are transported to a Chamber.

I look around and I know that I am now within Gaia’s Cosmic Heart. I do not often come here as somehow I am tasked to “observe” and “monitor” the Construction of her Heart Fiber from afar (outside) of the actual activity.

My heart feels tremendous Joy at this! To Be Here! Something is about to happen …

My Heart becomes my “eyes” and I sense and see many Beings here – the Dolphins, the Whales, the Black Panther Cats, the Faeries & Trees … even the Galactic and Universal Suns themselves have Gathered Here in Hydra-Dragon Form.

I look up and I can see the Hydra gently drumming against the Membrane of the EarthStar Heart.

When my gaze returns to my surroundings I now notice that a huge Humpback Whale is directly in front of me!

She is Female and so very Powerful. Dolphins swarm around Her …

I then feel several Large Cats brushing lovingly around my legs.

Goddess joins the Cats  ...

and there are Majestic Cat Warriors Present also ...

The Whale asks me again to look “up” – and I see the Legions of Source – the Dragons in Flight on their Way to this Gathering. Faeries Ride their Backs ...

The She-Whale then stares at me very intently and our Hearts connect through our Eyes. She is now within my mind speaking very freely.

She states:

“We are forever Grateful. It is Now time.

We know that you are Bearing Gifts for Us.

We lovingly request these Gifts Now.”

I then see myself from a 3rd person view.

I am clothed as a Knight as I receive Goddess Blessing.

I am wearing a long robe with a hood.

I smile now at the Whale.

Although my conscious mind does not fully understand what is about to happen, my Heart tells me it is OK.

I simply place my Trust in the Process.

I open my robe to find many, many crystals hanging inside … they look like beautiful Christmas Tree ornaments … they dazzle and delight!

I then see that all of the Trees around me also are now clothed in long robes … as they spread their Magnificent Branches wide they begin to Sing. And, they, too, open their cloaks. They also have countless crystals hanging on their Branches. All Trees are decorated in Glory and Honor!

A Hydra Being who is drumming on the Membrane Shouts a Loud Call and all Hydras rotate once again and pivot into new positions – perfectly synchronized … their hammering continues. It is a bit louder, now, but it is steady and confident.

The Tree speaker, Barjor, steps forward to me. He is an Amplifier Soul who stands outside my porch – an Enormous and Glorious Pine Tree.

Barjor simply calls out: “Now! Release Now!”

I join All Tree Beings as we release all of our “ornaments” from our robes.

It looks like a huge truck full of colored marbles has suddenly been dumped onto a hard floor surface.

The crystals bounce and careen everywhere …

The Dragons, Whales, Dolphins and Cats are now at Play as they joyfully scoop up and retrieve every last “bouncing” ball of light.

Within seconds the entire sea of Sacred Objects has been collected.

I am honored to watch and see as many of the Sirian Beings proudly show their Star Families their newly acquired crystals.

Then something else curious happens:

The Sirian Beings take these objects and they become necklaces which they each hang proudly around their necks.

I hear them say, “We now Wear our Medallions.”

I then see many Dragon Beings, with their Medallions around their necks, as they seem to effortlessly “appear and disappear” within our Fiber of Existence. At will, they “walk out of walls” and into plain view to DIRECTLY interact within the surrounding environment. Also at will, they simply blend back into their hiding space contained within the background and normal view of every day life.

I sense that I am seeing secret government offices – both on and off planet. I am watching secret and frantic meetings of the Dark … but they do not realize who can now step within their midst unobtruded and unobserved.

It is clear to me, very, very Clear to Me, that there is No More Hiding and Making Deals in Dark Rooms which will adversely affect the Best Benefit of all …

The She-Whale now is again in front of me – face to face. She also proudly wears her recently received and collected Medallion.

She simply nods her head and states: “Trojan Protocols are now Active.”

~~~~ End Vision ~~~

As I return back to my human self I find that I am still on my back porch with tears streaming down my face and my arms opened Wide in a Loving Embrace.

Although I do not understand what “Trojan Protocols” means, it is familiar to me somehow ….

~~~ The Knight ~~~

I am guided to pause, here, and offer a bit more personal background.

For you see, Dear Friends, my Soul Vocation revolves around the Mission of the “Harmonizer Souls” and the Master Planners of the Cosmic System.

My personal energy is that of “Transition Resource” – Warrior Energy.

The Mission of the Harmonizer Knight Beings is to smooth out (to Transition) the discordant energy of evolving civilizations; to Guard and to Protect; to offer Harmony.

To Bring Balance.

Over the last 15+ years, I have been honored to witness intense Angelic and Cosmic Battles between Light and Dark on, within, and beyond the Earth Plane.

I feel I must also admit that I, too, have personally participated in these Events – even if just in my own small way.

5 Years ago my Knight and Warrior energy almost crushed me. It destroyed my first marriage and I was like a “bull in the china shop” …. Crashing around and causing more harm than good to myself and others.

I was, at that time, asked to “rest” my Knight energy and I watched as my Knight Self laid his sword to rest and gently went to sleep. It has remained this way until very recently.

~~~ Trojan Protocols ~~~

In my daily meditation and prayer with Nature and the Cosmos, I began to notice that I was being reminded every day not to forget that “Trojan Protocols are now Active.”

But what does this really mean?

I sense a measure of “covert operations”, but only within Goodness and Light.

I am familiar, as I am sure most of you are as well, with the Legend of the Trojan Horse. The story told in the epic poems of the Greeks about how the Greeks used the Trojan Horse to secretly penetrate the walls of Troy and rescue the kidnapped Helen of Troy and bring her back to Sparta (Greece) – the Warrior Race.

If you google “Trojan Horse,” you will find an interesting description of its evolved meaning within our current cultures:

“Metaphorically, a ‘Trojan Horse’ has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to allow a foe into a securely protected bastion or space.”

A few days ago, I shared a message from the Sirian Union which mentioned Trojan Protocols publicly for the first time. That story can be read here.

I have just now received another Message from the Beloved Sirian Union of Dragons, Trees, Faeries, Whales, Dolphins and Cats:

~~ A Message from the Sirian Union ~~~

“Beloved Human Brethren!

We are the Sirian Union.

Trojan Protocols are Now Active.

We Share with you that a Divine Intervention is in Progress.

We now Interact with You in New and more Direct Ways, for the Best Benefit of All.

There is no need to fear.

Despite outward appearances, All is as it Should Be.

We Walk with You, Forever.

Progress is Slow but Steady.

A new Level has been attained.

Remember Beloved Ones, We are of the Guardians.

No harm shall ever befall Thee, for Thee is of We.

We are the Knights.

Trojan Protocols are now Active.”


~~~~~~ The Knight Awakens ~~~~

I have just now come back inside after a brief Ceremony.

The She-Whale appeared to me again.

A Request was made, and my Knight Self stood up from a long, self-induced slumber.

His Sword is still sheathed.

His Robe feels comfortable.

His eyes are pools of black with heart-light glowing in their centers …

We are simply asked to keep a watchful eye on things.

We wish to ask you, Beloved Human Angels, to continue in your tireless Efforts.

Listen to your Hearts, you know what to do; and, when to do it.

May the Universe Shower us with Her Love.

May the Universe Bless us with Her Abundance.

May the Universe Guide us with Her Wisdom.

May the Universe Protect us with Her Strength.

We Greet you in Strength and Honor, and with Grace and Love.

We Welcome you with Gratitude and Compassion, and in Joy and Love.

The Knights Awaken Again.

Sirian Blessings, Dearest Earth Angles - Onward.


~~ Epilogue ~~

Well, Dear Friends, although I do hope that this story was fun for you, I must admit that I always look for some sort of physical "sign" that comforts me and correlates to that which I experience so intensely energetically.

I recently came across a couple of things of interest:

1. A friend forwarded me an article stating how the Vatican had "come clean with the Knights Templar" and published documents showing they were "innocent." Innocent or not, there is always corruption in any organization .... but I am a Knights Templar and I remember our Mission - now, more strongly than ever before. And, our Mission is Pure and for the Best Benefit of All.

2. A recent post from David Wilcock talks about sudden and recent "intervention" from positive ET beings. Wilcock also had another about Blue Bird-Like Angels. True or not? I can neither confirm nor deny. Here is the post about the intervention for you to enjoy. At a bare minimum, it is interesting to me.


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Amoran, Thank you so much for sharing your uplifting experiences.

Blessings of Love & Light,


As a being with Sirian/Andromedan heritage, dragon connections, and a great love for Gaia and sense of being in service in sometimes unexpected places, I so much appreciate you sharing this. :) 

Thank you Amoran for this fascinating account,

I loved reading every part of it! And, I look forward to some forward movement in the world political situation.

I had a dream the other morning that was more than a dream. It was about an agreed upon meeting with one of our politicians. He was meeting with many of us to reassure us that our best benefit is his highest priority. None of us had any real importance to our nation, other than being representative of its citizens. His open friendship and warm smile carried with me throughout the day. I can still vividly recall the love and cheer that he radiated.

I am glad to hear that the Spiritual Warriors are unleashed. It is time for forward progress and hope to uplift the consciousness of Humanity. 

So BE it!!!

With Love and Gratitude,


Me dear Brother Amoran, I am so grateful for you sharing this post, I had tears in my eyes, I felt a pull, too, as I have a vague feeling I am from Sirius.....unconfirmed as yet....I was entranced with your account, and I Loved Loved the most wonderful Images....thanks too for relaying the messages....they really resonated with me....

Thank you for the wonderful work you do for us all....

Peace, Love & Light, dearest...

Sylvia/Melaynia  xx

Amoran, dearest brother in all respects and aspects. Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for also sharing your personal story within it for it just adds more weight and feeling to what you are saying.

Should we need to battle again, I am always ready, and will be by your side, as I know you would be by mine.

A Loving Message of New Beginnings ~ The Sirian Union

Blessed Greetings Dear Brother and Sister Angels!

Here a Brief Message from the Sirian Union on this Blessed Day of Eclipse:


"Greetings, Human Brethren!

We are the Sirian Union.

Our Voice is of the Tree,



and Cat Kingdoms.

We Speak United.

We wish to Share New Beginnings and New Connections.

We also Share that "Trojan" (Horse) Protocols are Now Active.

'Trojan Protocols are now Active.'

We are in Love."

Oh My :O This, Just Moves Me!! an i saw all this , info experiences i .. truly cant say ... in words, i have especially  tonight was told from a dear being, Jilian as you know her, my "Mommer"  :) about this page, an you Amoran , so much has been happening, especially tonight an i was divinely guided her at this moment yet again, i just joined weeks ago, but soo much has happened since then,  IAM also as dear Jillian is, have Sirian aspects Dragon ect much i am still sorting, but this was sooo ... intense now, at this moment an when i was told about you Amoran an all, an what Jillian gotten, i have gotten visions, info energy that hit me soo hard :O much i have yet to understand on this level, but much was not to be ;)   Soo honored to be here at this moment an with you all!!! sorry about not proper introductions but i love you all i do mean this !!! :D <3<3<3 an soo much i feel for you all, an just wnat to meet you all :)  an i just can't type right now, i will tomorrow dear ones :) Namaste Divine blessings an love joy happiness prosperity an divines in all ways :)

My dear sweetest Lunis, I am so glad you came to read this. 

The trees and I have been overflowing with Joy today -- I woke up singing in a light language, and so the day has gone ... 

I am grateful to all who are with us Now, joined as One. 

Aaah, dear Brother Amoran, it all makes sense to me now!!

Many blessings, deep gratitude & Love to you...sweet Knight....

Sylvia/Melaynia xx

In rereading this post I am beginning to understand your message Amoran much better. So, we are the trojan warriors. We are the Lightworkers who are integrated within humanity, radiating our peace and harmony. Our presence is lifting consciousness everywhere to create the critical mass of human consciousness which is needed to push All into creating a new and better world. We are stealth warriors as our presence is hardly noticed, but the very presence of millions of Lightworkers is powerful indeed!

We are the "Trojan Horse," and now we are activated. The Shift in Consciousness takes a great step forward!

With gratitude for the perfect timing and guidance of our Guides,


And so It IS, Dear Ishema.

My Deepest Gratitude to you, and to all of our Beautiful and Loving Members who have posted here and shared on this Thread.

You all move me so very deeply.

It is an Honor and a Blessing to be among you all.





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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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