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The Current
By CM thru
Aug 2, 2010 - 6:26:41
The Current
By CM thru
August 2.
Hello beloveds, my what
an interesting day in your news. Obama is closing out the war in Iraq and
bringing all but 50,000 troops home? I hope you all are not buying into that
one, because dear ones, in the last couple of years, you haven't had much more
than 50,000 American troops there in the first place! And there are still
foreign mercenaries and US aligned local mercenaries there too. But you got
what you wanted there, the oil and the resources and the troops remaining are
to protect the wealth from the Iraqi people. Many are not being hired by the
oil firms that divided the place up. They are using slave folks from elsewhere,
a lot of elsewhere's in fact. So be it. Sadly.
We have so little hope
for America to wake up on this. Now, we have said some time ago this whole war
is an operation of genocide. It has been about a year since I gave Candace any
figures about the actual losses in that area of the world, and today I will
stick with the standard two, Iraq and Afghanistan.
The total civilian
losses to death, as a direct result of these wars is intense and increasing
greatly despite the lack of reporting on such. By direct result of these wars
here, I mean all deaths from injuries and taking fire, and all deaths from the
diseases and malnutrition, bad weather and all the like that is directly
related to the war activities of primarily the United States. So here are those
Iraq: 8,564,190
Candace: a year ago this was a little over 5 million. I don't have those
figures anymore.
Afghanistan: 11, 962,
843. Candace: OMG. Because last year it was a little under 5 million and the
two figures together were about 10 million total. This is more than double, if
my math is right.
CM: Now, to those
"Jews" who follow these and are still believing or enforcing is a better word,
the lie of 6 million Jews lost in world war 2 in camps, this is far more and
these people have suffered worse, because you see, those camps, from which only
300,000 total were lost, provided nicely for their workers. Enough food, good
entertainment, plenty of prostitutes and the like. Grand music. These ones lost
in these two countries had none of this. There was and IS great
And we have seen no
cutting back by the "churches" supposedly in my name, in their efforts to
continue to support these wars for American and Israel. The harvest will not be
good of these ones.
Now, lets move on to
the next big topic in the news. The Gulf of Mexico situation. Anderson Cooper
as been somewhat brave and worthy of doing the best they will allow him to do,
on exposing this sham of the "closure" of the leaking well. Beloveds there are
now 32 leaking wells, and the big blowout is a massive hole in the ground and
can never be capped.
There is indeed a line
about 100 of your miles long, which is leaking generously, more so every day. I
will not put Candace at risk to give the coordinates on that. Beloveds, there
is NO cap. There is NO BOP the nonexistent cap is on. That area was blown to
smithereens, as you say.
We have caught them
"deleting" oil from the satellite images since the "cap" story
and beloveds Candace is jumping for joy, because over the weekend, the crew
forgot to delete the oil from the images around the blowout area. It's all
there for the world to see.
The oil began to move
up the Atlantic around the tip of Florida in very early June. Its well on it's
way to the rest of the world. And more coming. From our perspective the surface
of most of the gulf has anywhere from a significant layer to sheen and the oil
that is settling down, is in fact much more that what is on the
Today it is being
reported on your news that the booms are being brought in. True. By the truck
loads. These ones are preparing to get out of there dear ones, the ones in the
know. And the ones in the know include a lot of those clean up workers, and the
teams doing the booms out on the ocean. THEY are sick and they know and they
are turning in their resignations.
BP is in fact moving
out of the area, getting their own out of the way. Well away. The pressures are
increasing daily. More oil is flowing than before. All these "leaking" wells
are leaking and eroding from these increases in pressure. It is only a matter
of time. Now, why are they removing the booms? Because they are trying to
create the idea all is fine.
We stopped that last
storm, on my orders in fact. We may stop the next one. These poor people need a
chance and time to realize what is going on and let some of them choose to make
their way out of there. The stories are spreading. Some will attempt to leave,
in fact many already are, but soon, as the waves begin increasing even from the
next storm and they see what is really happening as this stuff washes in
greater quantity on their shores, they will become afraid and they will leave,
and we will give some time for them to do so by keeping the storms modest and
not of hurricane strength. The people need to see. Stories will
The air is toxic there.
It is getting worse all over the planet and many of you have headaches and
tiredness are breathing bad air. All over the planet. There are numerous other
methane and oil leakages over many other oil beds on the planet. Many seafloors
are "adjusting", and so are many land areas.
There was a small 3.0
quake in Louisiana dear ones, this is due to the "leaks". Plates are moving.
The people there are also feeling these plate movements, even though the news
keeps it quiet. I will let those of you there who read here determine your
choices. You are tagged, there may be evacuations, all depending on need and
some of you could help with that. But if you are ill, get out. You cannot help
if you cannot breathe yourself.
Candace: today I
checked on Louisiana's quake history because I haven't seen any I remember.
Well, I didn't find real current data, but there were 2 tiny ones from 1990+ to
2006. I didn't fully remember the first year stated. I talked to a friend
today, who is NOT in that area, and she felt a "ripple" today where she lives.
More and more are reporting land shaking or rolling movements and ripples under
their feet. The animals are feeling them too.
CM: The fires in Russia
are extreme. The rains in Pakistan are extreme. There will not be normal
harvests in many areas of the world this fall, for those parts of the world
with "fall." There will be more shipping problems. The ocean floors are on the
move, and there are increasing wave actions.
There may be more
airline crashes, as the winds are not stable. We have
purposely kept the sun reasonably quiet during this long min, otherwise we
would be done. The people must see some truth.
Will we get on TV? We
do not know. It's on the list, it's prepared for, but we don't now. It depends
on all sorts of situations. Can we take over the news, yes we can. Not a
problem. But will the people listen or experience more fear? I have to take the
pulse the people before we get on the news and the gulf may not allow that, or
much of it.
We have been saying for
several months now, we are at the tipping point. We started this heavily last
winter, and so we continue that story. Many of you readers here are still not
fully awake, some of you still just wanting out of here, but dear ones you came
to assist your fellow man, until that point when stasis or evacuations occur,
You assist in any evacuations. You stand strong with your families and friends
and show the way as you can. They may well finally listen to you when the going
gets a bit tougher.
Now, since I talked a
bit more than we have about the leaks, and we have officially stated there are
NO caps, what is it then the cameras are watching? Well, notice beloved there
is mostly blue/green waters and occasionally fish, jellyfish and humans are
seen. The waters one mile down do not have these life forms, nor are they this
color. These are being filmed just off shore of Louisiana dear ones. In shallow
water. Now a couple days ago, some claimed there was yet another big blowout or
whatever of oil. No beloveds, there was only a big plume of oil floating
These are completely
faked. And have been since they announced the public coverage of this "spill".
This was all to dupe the American public and not just the Americans, but
everyone in the world who could or might be affected.
Now, as this methane
begins to erupt, there will be teams high above it that will suction what is
possible to suction off. It is not possible to get it all, but we do not want
this heavy pollution to the air, which will force stasis before it can blow. We
have considered that, one of many options on the table. But it is important for
your world to know truth. We can do little at all about the quakes and
tsunamis, in fact nothing. But we will siphon the methane, because I am NOT
ready to do stasis until we have this situation under control and we see how
the world responds.
There absolutely will
be the triggering of some or all of the New Madrid. The circular plate on the
south borders on Louisiana will see to it, because that is going to move hugely
as the methane escapes. We did NOT plan on this one dear ones. But it came and
we deal with the
"what is."
Now this activity
coupled with all the other activities, will set off quakes elsewhere. We
"sealed" the big area off the Tonga Trench for a time, after the Gulf of Mexico
problem became obvious as to severity. How it is sealed matters not on the
technology we have. We can "unseal" it too, let me just say that, which is
California is in
terrible shape. The levies there, which hold back the sea so people can have
fresh water, are shaking loose. Millions can quickly loose their fresh water.
The dam above Nashville Tennessee is a mess and may well go. With or without
activity on the New Madrid.
The wildfires will
continue to erupt about the planet. Increasing methane levels will assist their
spread. The air will become more toxic. The gulf alone is causing changes in
the weather around the planet. You have drought contrasted with flooding. The
flooding in Pakistan is karmic. Mother is tired, very tired of the activities
going on there.
The Chinese have a lot
of potential doom coming quickly now. There are great dams there becoming
unstable, including the massive Three Gorges Project. The ground movements are
forcing the rupture of oil pipes, and this will include also Alaska. There are
many gas and oil pipelines that could fail all over this world where they
There are the
"cave-ins" of land, in many countries all over the world. Not just your
sinkholes, major cave-ins going on and there will be more, many more as earth
readjusts from what man has done. Many of these are because of material removed
from drilling of water, oil and mining. Some are due to underground waters
seeping thru various cracks here and there. The world is full of fault lines
that have not been mapped that will expose themselves.
GAIA is moving. We are
not preventing her movement, but we have kept the sun reasonably quiet, and it
wants to move too. We have created a great many CME's that are not earth
directed to "vent" your sun, to buy you just a little bit more
Now if this all seems
harsh, the original plans were to let you live through the harshness until the
natural axis change, not pole reversal, Axis change. This is not just a
tipping, there is change in where the north and south poles lie. We have had it
on the table to create this, a small one of 2 degrees, to jump-start the
process, but it seems the gulf is jump starting it just fine. And it was MAN
that did this. By this, I don't mean the blowouts were intentional; I mean that
they drilled where they could not manage the pressure issues. The area also a
lot of salt banks under those southern US of A states along the gulf, and these
break easily, and dissolve easily. Need I say more?
Now what of Mexico and
the other states around the gulf? Well they may fair a little better than the
US of A because of the locations of the wells that are blowing out, and that
circular plate next to Louisiana. But they will still have problems with
Tsunami actions. So will poor Cuba. Those other islands further out will fair
better. Cuba will actually protect the coast along the northern portions of
South America. We will be evacuating Cuba, all of it when it is time. We are
showing our selves more there at night, stimulating curiosity and it's going
better than it is in America.
We are doing a lot of
show and tell in this world particularly in areas where evacuations may be
Now, there is also a
major fault line, or lines on the eastern Mediterranean. Israel is going to pay
dearly as well Greece and other countries. We are heavily showing ourselves in
those regions. Giuseppe in Italy told Candace about the show of at least 100
craft. We are making big shows around this world. America will not look yet, we
shall wait to do more there when they make it worth out time and
Russia is beginning to
evacuation its people into some of their safer underground areas. They are
providing directions and education to many about them. Ditto China. Everybody
but America and much of Europe, knows something is going on. The governments of
Russia and China will take care of their people as able. The United states,
although having huge underground basis, and we have cleaned the reptilians out
of them, have some room, but they are not willing. The ones in California and
Nevada will not do well during the coming earth changes in that
Now I think this is
enough for the time being. Continue your preparations, continue to LIVE DEAR
ones and stop just wanting out of your jobs and family problems. YOU CAME TO
All writings by members of AbundantHope are copyrighted by
©2005-2010 AbundantHope - All rights reserved

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Replies to This Discussion

I was really hoping that we would get it together and start helping each other. I just dont understand how we are capable of such incredible love and consideration, but then this.
Who is Christ Michael and where is he from. What of these ships? Can someone fill me in on this.
I say good Morning everyday to Gaia, I play her music from The Hawthors and I keep telling her that I see her waters cleansed and teaming with life and her back to her original perfection.

I'm ready for the call.

In Unity
I don't doubt her channeling abilities at all but being a channeler myself I have gotten some similar things but more on a very positive note. A few things that I question is Christ Michael is called as such because supposedly he is Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael. Something about that seems off. Very off. Like I literally hear bells and whistles. If this entity is Christ (which by all accounts ascended in human form to heaven, whether be it on a ship or literally into heaven) then wouldn't he still be alive in a sense that time does not really matter to ETs or Heavenly entities. Also Archangel Michael tends to channel alone if he does so. He is his own entity.

I will say yes we need to put more love and energy towards Gaia. We have always needed to do this. This is not new information but this is a scare tactic. There is really nothing to be scared of. Things will work out how they are supposed to work out.

My Andromedan guide Shogeh has a few words: The article listed here is not very accurate. The key to the next few years is bringing in the light to the planet and helping others see and love it. You the people of this realm and planet need to take action for this will happen. Now will it happen to the degree of total devastation and destruction and chaos, no. It will happen and then quiet down. Are there more of our ships on their way and making an appearance? Yes. We are about to make a better effort in communication with you. We feel that the human race is ready to be in alignment with us. Will it be a moment of great fear? yes. But most instances of humanity meeting new things demonstrate fear to a certain degree. Try not to take everything so seriously and learn to love and live in the light. The light is all around you and we have been around you since before the dawn of man. We are here to raise your vibrations to actually propel you into the next phase of this planet. The 2012 end of days scenario is not going to be like it is portrayed in movies, books and so forth. It will be the beginning of days. The dawning of new ways, thinking, healing, and love. This is nothing to fear. We are from the light and we come in love. You will meet people and others who come from a far distant place who act as though they too are from the light and love but know this, they are not. They come from places that are set to continue binding you and set on destruction, We will not allow this and like you human warriors of light, we too will help fight against those who stand to keep you in the dark. We will be of service to you when the time comes. We want you all to take time out and teach others about the light and expose them to love. Teach them about raising themselves higher. Bring your people together. Thank you for allowing me to talk.

If you want to read more under blogs- channelings
I hope I didn't scare anyone with is from Galactic Free Press here on Ning. I simply post the channelings I get from them. This happened to be one of them....and I like to see what peoples opinions are-not trying to generate fear- that is not the point of this posting.....I don't believe a lot of channelings that come through but post them anyways at times to see what the group has to say. I believe you take what you find relevant and leave the rest. This post did not generate fear with me-I did not let it. There is nothing to fear. I hope this explains this post. I would suggest maybe looking into the galactic free press site on Ning and Inquiring and posting how you feel.
Love and Light:)
Angela I wasn't trying to jump down anyone's throat nor was what my guide channeled. I was just adding my 2 cents and apologize if it cam out wrong. You are right no one should be afraid for what's to come. It's not going to be as bad as what most people think. :) It's actually going to be quite an experience. :)
It's going to be wonderful!!!! No big deal-just wanted to let everyone know where I got the channeling from and what my thoughts were;)!I was not upset at all-we are all one!Nothing but love here!
Brightest Blessings!
Hi everyone
Thank you so much for your comments and helping me to better understand the messages. I do not know how I came to find Lightgrid, all I know is that it is perfectly divine and I am so happy and grateful that I am now connecting with all of you with the same passion and interests. I feel like I am developing new friends. :) If there was a way I could connect with someone to help me learn more, I would love that. I am studying metaphysics, have a daily meditation practice and am starting a little business to help spread love and light. I have read a number of channeled books and am very open to a world of possibilities. I understand and totally get that we have a galactic family that we have been blocked from (although I dont really understand why). I guess since i have never been on the path of power, it would make sense that I dont get that....
Anyway - is it the Annuki that we need to be cautious of, and are they the dark forces that have been working with the Alluminati/World Order? Are they somehow related to the Sons of Belial as well?

My name is Paula, I live in Canada, and I LOVE LOVE!!! Thanks for letting me chat!
I didn't get scared because whenever a channeling is not of the light they use the tactic of fear... and I don't resonate with messages of the kind... Some channelers need to be careful whom they are getting their information from... Sometimes, as I have read from Esu, entities deceive the receiver of the information by making them believe they are of the light, when they are not....Their purpose is to misinform, manipulate and confuse us. It is up to each one of us to discern the truth... As Esu said:, " If a message doesn't sound right, or if it makes you feel uncomfortable, just ignore it and move on... but if a message makes you happy and peaceful then pay attention to it." With much love to all...
I agree!:) Thank You! As I said ,I just posted for opinions....not for anything else:)!
Love and Light!
Wow, great what your posting did - it brought us all together and helped us learn about discernment, fear, and much more!

I only started out to read the message - decided that it did not resonate with me and went on to the comments section. And oh what a great discussion has ensued! Thank you all so much for participating and thus giving us the chance to learn from each other!

I would like to ask Lauren a question - or maybe Shogeh ;-): I always thought that only mankind has the gift of Free Will - now if there are dark forces out there who would like to bind us: Do they also have a free will? Or are they dark beings who do not have the chance to repent? What will happen to them when we have ascended?

Blessings of Love and Light to ALL,

Sonja Myriel
Thank You Sonja.........this was the point of the post:) I'm glad to see it got some of us talking.
Love and Light!



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