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There is a problem with meditating in the hot tub, which is that I have to remember what happened, who said what, etc, well after the event takes place. Sometimes I can 're-channel' material, and often get more clarity and depth out of it, but I also tend to paraphrase to capture the gist of the information instead.

Last night I didn't get out of the tub until 12:30 am, so it was a late night. I was able to scribble some notes down though, which should serve me well this morning.

As a side note, a couple days ago, I was feeling a bit 'pissy' about the so called delays with the reset of societal standards, and the ongoing statement that 'The Creator' is only allowing so much leeway for our Galactic and Angelic breathren to intercede on our, and Gaia's, behalf. So, I took it upon myself, as a Creator and Co-creator, as a being that is One with God (just like all of you), and spoke for our behalf. I told the Galactic Federation and the Archangels that as Creator, I authorize action to bring about changes that are in our divine best interests. How could that possibly go wrong? In my opinion, it can't... I then asked the Angels and our Galactic brothers and sisters to take action. As my Archangel-self Everian, I participated in telling (as opposed to encouraging) those few that have been jacking us around, what few options they have remaining to get out of the way.

Did this action make a difference? Hard to say, but sometimes it takes getting a little pissy to actually stand up and take action. Something that is happening globally as people have had enough and are taking to the streets in protest.

Today, on my way to a massage, an aircraft was laying a big and obvious chemtrail over our region. I asked the Galactics, Angels, and Sylphs to transmute it. Then I thought, why am I only asking for help, when I can participate? I imagined the Violet Flame consuming it. Even though I was driving at the time, I saw myself as Dragon, flying along the trail burning it away. It was only a few minutes before it was severed in several places and breaking up. I saw it as a team effort, and the point of this sharing is that we can all be participants in change.

While at my massage, Kristen, who also does energy work and intuitive guidance, felt moved to suggest getting in touch with my child self. It was an interesting and fun experience seeing myself as a boy and talking to him/me. Kristen was speaking through a guided meditation, and he said "I can hear her just fine, you don't need to repeat everything she says..." Humorous can be our many aspects (bad grammar inspired by Yoda). Anyway, connecting to my inner child will hopefully help me be more creative, more fun and spontaneous, and ultimately, less rigid. I'll continue to work on this with him/me.

Finally, I get to last night's meditation time. Clearly, this is where most of my adventures happen (in meditation), but I wanted to touch on the other stuff to show how multidimensionality is also part of everyday living too.

I was having some difficulty getting into meditation, focusing, and getting energy flowing. My mind was a little distracted thinking about the day's events. After many minutes of this, Archangel Everian 'took over' and energy started flowing. What does 'took over' mean? It means that this aspect of myself became the focus and anchored into my physical body energizing my systems.  Once that started, it was very easy to bring in the other Archangels, Ascended Masters, Dragons, Faeries, etc. I spoke to the trees about how they are beautiful even without their leaves. They were pleased I was addressing them. They said that Mother Earth keeps them warm in this winter weather. I talked with the Moon about how bright and clear she is. Basically, I made the rounds, which I enjoy doing.

I was just sitting there and a very friendly face appeared in front of me. She was just smiling this big smile and I certainly couldn't ignore her. She had a round face and rounded ears, similar in shape to a bear's ears. She had smooth skin and a very small nose. 'Physically' she was very similar in size and appearance to my faery friend Uri (the first faery I met) who looks after our amphibian friends.

I asked her who she is, and she said Valerie (my daughter) knows her. She then proceeded to snuggle up close and I held her in my arms. She said that she is a friend to cats, and the "water kitten" I met recently is similar to her as well. She said she likes water a lot and I commented that Valerie is not a big fan of water. She (faery) said that is only because of those pesky past life traumas... I asked her what her name is and she said I can't pronounce it. I decided to invite Valerie into my meditation to see if she could help me understand a name for this faery. Valerie appeared as her teenage self, full of attitude. So, I asked to meet and speak with her higher-self. I then met a Feline Goddess (head of a cat, and body of a woman) and I asked her what her name is. She also said I would have a hard time pronouncing it, so we worked out a suitable name (which took awhile) to use, which is, 'Tsie Na Ta' (Shee Nah Tah) with an optional 'Ra' at the end. She then told me that a suitable faery name for this other being was 'Tjya Na' and that the faery is an aspect of 'Tsie Na Ta,' as is Valerie.

Tsie Na Ta (Ra) is very regal, and similar in appearance to Goddess Sekmet. If I had to guess, Tsie Na Ta is an aspect of Sekmet. I don't really need to guess, I'm sure that is the case.

I asked if she had a message for Valerie. She said that we feline beings are very intelligent, beautiful, sleek, and physically strong and agile. She said we can also be egalitarian, standoff-ish, arrogant, and difficult to get to know. She said Valerie needs to focus on the traits that help her achieve her goals and to be aware of those traits that may not always server her. She said that Valerie will discover other aspects of herself and that she should leverage the experience, skills, knowledge, and endearing traits that come with these many aspects to help her be a well rounded and balanced individual.

I invited Tsie Na Ta Ra and Tjya Na to stay and contribute their energies to the pillar of light.

I also invited some friends to join me, whom will remain anonymous, but likely know who they are if reading this. Most appeared in Angelic form, but some were as Unicorn or Dragon.

I wanted to visit Helios Lightship One, but I didn't want to interfere with energy work channeling light through physical into Gaia. I hadn't done this for awhile, and I wanted it to continue (as Archangel Everian was doing). I asked which of the Archangels present wanted to anchor in and continue the work while I went to the ship. Archangel Metatron then anchored into my body, and the energy flow rose dramatically. The physical sensations as well as the intensity of the pillar of light increased. I am very familiar with this feeling so it was no surprise.

I focused on my Dragon-self Luna and traveled to the ship HL1 to visit my Dragon Lightbody forming and growing on the ship. With each visit she seems more solid, more real. I could see her crystal Dragon heart beating inside of her, as the body is quite transluscent right now. I could also see her 'breathing' with little tendrils of iridescent flames flowing out of her nostrils. I was told I could now lightly touch her and in my 5D human form, I gently touched her side with my hand. I could see and feel energy pulsing through her surface as meridians of blue and rainbow sparkles of light flowing by. I'm not sure she 'needs' to breath right now, but I feel this was shown to me as an indicator that she is alive and growing/forming.

I could see and feel Archangel Metatron's energy in the pillar of light that was flowing through the ship and through my Dragon Lightbody. I had the sense that it was enhancing the body significantly.

I checked in on my physical human body then I invited the Archangels and my friends to come to the ship and shine their light on my Dragon Lightbody as well. Each Archangel is a well rounded light being, but also has a signature energy, so shining this light on the growing body was a very beneficial process to have, and enhances the iridescent colors.

I had the familiar sense that various beings on the ship (the crew) were very honored to have this Dragon present, and to see all of these Archangels, Unicorns, and Dragons working on her.

I returned to the hot tub to wind down and while relaxing, I had the distinct feeling of celebrations happening on the ship. I returned and crew members were giving toasts and enjoying a momentous occasion. I had been reading about good things happening with the GCR and societal changes in the world before my meditation, so it could be that influenced my perceptions. It also could be that celebrations are ongoing for years, because in 5D, Gaia and humanity have already transformed into the Golden Age. Regardless of why, I certainly enjoyed seeing celebrations happening. I also started skipping around to a variety of visions where people were playing parts in 'pressing the button' which activates the GCR as a first domino in the energetic and physical changes happening around the world. I saw excited people checking and rechecking their computers and initiating protocols to perform functions. I also saw a being, masquerading as human, that attempted to stop the process, but was quickly escorted away by security forces. Other people in the scene commented that the failsafe code prevented any malice from happening and allowed the 'person' to be caught. Then the failsafe allowed the process to continue unhindered.

I'm choosing to be the optimist that I normally am, and believe the visions I had are indeed true, and that makes me feel very good.

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I had another chance to practice what I preach today in cleaning up chemtrails. There were far more today than the single one I saw yesterday.

Today the sky was laced with them, and most of them were old, and had been there for some time. Hopefully our Galactic and Angel friends had already done work on them. But as I drove down the freeway, I saw a new one being sprayed in the distance, coming in my direction.

I immediately asked for help, blazed the Violet Flame, and decided to target the machinery inside the aircraft.

The spraying stopped within seconds with an abrupt end of the trail.

The aircraft doing the spraying was not at high enough altitude for the trail to be a genuine contrail and I could clearly see the actual aircraft, albeit being very small. Even while driving, and having to look back and forth between the aircraft and the road, I could track it visually. As it got closer to where my car was at that time, I could see wisps of vapor coming out of the back of the aircraft. It appeared to me that they were trying to get the sprayers working again. Then, they were working again and a swath appeared for a few seconds behind the aircraft as it passed over me. I targeted the spraying gear and again the swath stopped. It restarted two more times in short bursts.

At this point I had enough. I became my Dragon self for a few moments and flew next to the aircraft. Yes I was still driving, but being multidimensional also means being in multiple locations at once... Anyway, I telepathically asked the pilot if he was ready to die today and telepathically showed him myself. I know that such a threat doesn't sound very loving, but maybe a more aggressive approach will help. Maybe he will say no when told to fly next time.

I hope he got the message. You would think such a message coming from a Dragon would make an impression.

Please forgive me if you think I'm being too aggressive.

That's a cool GIF. :)

Yes, Paul, the White Lion :-)

Did I tell you already that it LOVe it when you take action? You are spontaneous and you never miss to double check if there is something MORE for you to learn ... in this way we are speeding up our growth process enormously!

Btw, VINEGAR can help to dissolve chemtrails, too. Just put out the opened bottle - or put vinegar into two cups. A chemical reaction will take place and make the chemtrails disappear.


Sonja Myriel

Interesting about Vinegar, I didn't know that.

I do try not to fly off the handle with action. Growing up I had a very long fuse, but when it reached the end, watch out because a bomb was going to go off... I'm much better now, but still some of that is present and when I've had as much crap as I can accept, I go into action mode... :)


But look here, Paul, this is for you ... I was looking for information on Sanatana DHARMA - and what I have found is that in order to walk the path of liberation from all evil we need to be WARRIORS of the LIGHT ...

Enjoy, the DHARMA WARRIOR - for you, Paul ...


Sonja Myriel

Beautiful...... I've been somewhat feeling the unbalance of the surge of energies as well dear Paul.. I love to hear these amazing multi dimensional journeys you share.. I adore the feline power animals have always been the large cats and lions... Sha, RA, etc. they eat dark energy and transmute it for uplifting while I do mass energy work.. My cats walk with me in the 4d world as my protectors in the forces of dark and light.. They have laid on my bed and I miss them so much I will just start bawling like a big girl.. Each time I see them and hug them..Lol.. Such a wizard you are Paul.. Many facets but your wizard self is culminating rapidly. To hear your daughter has this beloved aspect is really special to me..

Thanks MamaFoo, :)

I told Valerie about this meditation, and shared the message with her. Valerie's response was "Is that all she said?" I like that response much better than, eye rolls and thinking it's crazy. She's a believer though, so I've never received that response from her (except when spiders were coming in the house after I told her the Spider King had agreed to try and curtail spider invasions...)

Anyway, I love meeting these regal and beautiful beings.

LOL!!! tell her shes one of my long lost feline sisters of long ago...   too cute... 

Sisters ..,.

Nice, I'm a cat lover too. :)



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