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Feel The Divine Love By Ann Albers & The Angels

Hi Everyone!

Today's message is one of profound love from the angels. I think they know we all need a dose of heavenly, loving-kindness these days. I'll share some insight into what's going on vibrationally and how I manage to stay up, happy, and most of all connected with love.

Have a blessed & beautiful week,


Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine for a moment that you are outside, wrapped in a warm blanket on a cool night, looking at the vast expanse of twinkling stars overhead. Feel the smallness of your physical form, the relative smallness of your planet when compared to the immense reaches of space and the countless galaxies that revolve within it.

Imagine that this very moment the light reaching you from those stars was shined from them thousands of years, sometimes tens of thousands of years in your past! Imagine that the light shining from your sun will reach these stars in thousands to tens of thousands of years. Your universe is that magnificent! It is diverse beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations. There are planets, unlike anything you can imagine. There are species and life forms that defy description in your current languages. There are galaxies of life that exist as well within each tiny cell of your body.

We are working here, with your energy, to give you a sense of the magnitude of creation. Can you imagine the love, the mind, the intelligence that has imagined all this into being? Can you imagine the ultimate sculptor, the artist whose vision never ends, the engineer whose ability to orchestrate details from the interaction of galaxies to the tiniest reactions in your own mitochondria? Can you fathom the love that wanted YOU to exist within these glorious worlds, living within these glorious worlds, created in a body that contains these glorious worlds?

The same Source that dreamed the infinite galaxies into being, dear ones, imagined you. The same Presence that imagined the most beautiful scene you have ever seen in nature, imagined you. The Infinite love and wisdom that coordinates entire universes wants to help coordinate your lives and assist you in achieving your dreams. Can you imagine?

You matter this much. You are loved this much. You are surrounded with so much help and assistance that it would reduce most of you to tears to feel it and yet dear ones so many of you feel alone, scared, frustrated, or angry for one reason and one reason alone. You are not yet aware of the love that breathes life into you, sustains you in every moment, gave you free will, and wants for you whatever loving desire that you want.

Your world looks so chaotic now and indeed, for now, it is. At present, there is clashing between those who want change and those who don't want to change. There is a clashing between those who want to change one way and those who want to change a different way. There is a clash between those who want to mandate behaviors and those who want the freedom to choose behaviors. Through all of this, however, the love that sources universes – the same love that created that magnificence you see in the night sky – is Sourcing and guiding you.

Take a breath and for a moment imagine you could feel this love permeating your entire being. Breathe and imagine that you can feel this love giving life to your cells, energizing you, lulling you to relax at times, helping you want what is good and pleasurable for yourself. Imagine this love whispering to your heart saying, "I created you. I live within you. I live within all. I want you to have what you want. I want you to know My love. Relax. I will guide you with good feelings. I will help you orchestrate your dreams in harmony with the world, as surely as I orchestrate the stars in the heavens. I love you. I love you. I love you. I have always loved you. I will always love you. Relax into my embrace."

Dear ones if you could take time each day to simply imagine this love washing into you and through you and whispering this message of love to you then you would tune into the very real vibrational reality in which this love does wash into you and through you and whisper vibrations of love to you.

If you would consider taking a small amount of time regularly to do this exercise, to tune into the immensity of the Love that is there for you, your lives would change. Fear would slowly dissolve. Frustration would melt away. After all, if the Creator of Universes has your back, who could you fear? Why would you find fault with any situation if you feel this sort of love?

Dear ones, when you feel loved by another human being, truly loved, you feel nearly invincible. Can you imagine how you would feel throughout your days if you were to consciously and intentionally tune into the massive Love that creates you, adores you, sustains you, and guides you? We, the angels, are part of this Love. We feel this Love every moment of our existence because we consciously tune into it. It gives us the strength and grace to tune into your upsets and frustrations and fears without sinking into them, but rather with only the intent to lift you.

You are so cherished, dear friends, Cherished. We honor the courage you have to be here during this time of awakening. It isn't the easiest time on your planet. There are so many disconnected souls spreading the virus of fear. There are so many insisting that their way is the only right way. There are so many more, however, who – like you – are laboring in love to usher in an era of kindness, tolerance, freedom, and openness. You will get there. For now, however, allow us, allow your Source to simply love you into a vibration where you become the invincible creators that you truly are. Receive dear friends. You are all worthy. You are all loved. You are all precious souls adding light and love to a vast and beautiful creation.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Activate The Light Of Love Meditation" By Melanie Beckler


Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I felt such love in the angels' message today. It seems everyone needs a bit more of it these days. It is not a wonder that emails came in faster than I could answer. People were reporting all sorts of physical anomalies, mood swings, and anxiety, so if you were experiencing any of those you weren't crazy. However, the good news is that Love is the steady and strong vibration that is always available if you stay centered in it.

Think of standing in a pool with an entire class of kids having a blast splashing and jumping in it! If you were strong and centered, the waves might toss you around a bit, but they wouldn't knock you over. However, if you get distracted or fearful you may well find yourself underwater for a bit.

The energy on earth reminds me of that wild pool right now. There are all sorts of waves of energy. Mother earth is scooting around inside of her skin and the volcanoes are blowing! There are solar flares that were a bit weird, to say the least. The political and social climate is stirred up. There are those perpetuating the pandemic of fear, and those handling it with a healthy attitude while focusing on well-being. And in the middle of it all, here we stand – empathic, caring, energetically sensitive souls feeling it all.

I asked the angels years ago, "Do I have to feel all this?" "You may feel it briefly," they answered, "but you get to choose your focus." Thus I entered into a whole new understanding of empathy and how to handle my deeply sensitive nature. I can feel a bee flying through my aura feet away and feel the feelings of people I think about, no matter far away. I wake up and if I'm not careful to program myself the night before, I feel the buzzing static-y feeling of the world's energy within me.

Here's the good news. I get to choose. I get to choose what I tune into. While the din of the world's energy is quite compelling and we're bombarded with opinions at every turn, I still get to choose what I tune into.

So before bed, I think of all the goodness around me, all the good things that happened throughout the day. I think of things I'm grateful for and things I did well that day. I imagine myself surrounded by the angels that are already there, and cocooned in love. I imagine waking up feeling happy, well-rested, and ready for the day. When I do this I sleep well and wake up feeling great. When I don't I wake up feeling tuned into an old-fashioned television doing its after-hours black and white static buzz!

Likewise, I know what's going on in the world but I focus on the things that give me joy. Do I have my "head in the sand?" Maybe, although I'd argue that all day long my head is in the world's deepest pains as I work with beautiful clients going through all sorts of challenging life situations. Even then, however, my focus is on love.

I focus on loving people who are going through tough stuff so I keep my vibe in the frequency of love. When I see someone in public who has acted horribly, if I see a picture of their eyes, I could burst into tears witnessing the pain in their soul, so I must go back to my focus of compassion and pray for the upliftment of their soul.

Most of the time, I look for the good. I constantly remind myself of all the kind, positive people in the world, and I run into them everywhere I go. I do my best to spread kindness and cheer.  When you wonder about how to change the world, start local. You never know the ripple effect of one powerful prayer, one kind word, a smile, or one kind act. I know those things, given to me freely by others at times in my life, have been game-changers when I was down.

It has been more challenging lately to stay in a high vibe with the world tugging at us to join in the fear and frustration, but what makes it easy – if you're willing – is connecting regularly with the Source, which is nothing more complicated than connecting with love in one form or another. I sit, breathe, and receive as the angels constantly suggest.

I take care of my feelings first and then give to others. I tend to my thoughts like I'm weeding a garden and don't allow the weeds of a negative thought to choke off the love that is always trying to flow. I watch videos that inspire me, read passages from books that uplift me, craft, garden, or sit in silence at night after hours to make sure I end the day in joy.

I think of this as "soul maintenance" and it is even more necessary than physical maintenance.

The other day I forgot to program my energy before bed. I woke up feeling the world's static so strongly that I felt like my body felt like it was in a vice grip. Not fun. So I walked outside and looked at the strands of pink light pushing into the silver sky at dawn. I felt the magnificent silence and hum of pure Source energy that pulsates at the beginning of each new day. A few birds began to sing their good morning song. The sun rose in a glorious burst of gold. I shut my eyes and let it into my heart. I felt SO loved, beyond anything human as I felt my smallness in the universe and yet my perfect place within it.

You are this loved We all are. Give yourself permission to feel it. All it takes is a little willingness to reach for what feels like love.

Here are a few pointers on how to connect to the loving Source

1. Spend time in nature

Whether or not you hike, sit on your patio, stand in a park, lean back against a tree, or stand at the beach allowing the waves to caress your feet, nature nurtures. If you can't get outside, tune in and imagine being there in as much sensory detail as possible.

Nature is pure. It is exactly as God created it and since the Divine lives within all things, when you are in nature, you are in the embrace of pure Divinity – unscathed, unfiltered, and ready to love you exactly as you are.

Nature asks nothing of you and gives everything. When you are in nature imagine that you can feel the pure love that lives in all you see. Imagine that love aiming right at you. Send it back and then receive it. Breathe it in and then send it back with the out-breath. Feel yourself immersed in this love, part of it, never separate.

2. Spend time doing the angel exercise from this week's message

Take a breath and for a moment imagine you could feel the Love that Sources universes permeating your entire being. Breathe and imagine that you can feel this love giving life to your cells, energizing you, lulling you to relax at times, helping you want what is good and pleasurable for yourself.

Imagine this love whispering to your heart saying, "I created you. I live within you. I live within all. I want you to have what you want. I want you to know My love. Relax. I will guide you with good feelings. I will help you orchestrate your dreams in harmony with the world, as surely as I orchestrate the stars in the heavens. I love you. I love you. I love you. I have always loved you. I will always love you. Relax into my embrace."

Then, in silence, sit, breathe, receive.

3. Giver yourself permission to be happy

So many of us were taught, not so much in words, but mostly by example, that we can't be happy till everything is in right order. That's backward. When you grant your permission to be happy, things get in right order.

Don't wait for the world to be sane to enjoy your life. Find small ways to enjoy your life and make your world sane.

Don't wait for the world to grant you freedom to feel free. Find ways to feel free now and you'll find more and more ways to navigate the world's restrictions.

Don't wait for a person to love you before you choose to be kind and loving to yourself. As you do so, more and more loving people will find their way into your life.

Doing things you enjoy, thinking thoughts that make you happy, sharing what feels good to share, or cocooning when that feels good are all ways to grant yourself permission to feel the Creator's love. It is a love beyond words! Beyond reason. Beyond anything that can be described, and something that can only be felt.

When you grant yourself a moment of joy, fun, comfort, soothings, self-acceptance, or kindness; when you do even the smallest thing that gives you pleasures; when you share something that makes you feel good to share – then you allow that Love that is waiting to flow into your life here and now.

I once had the light of heaven appear out of mid-air. It touched me, permeated me, read me, and accepted every little last thing in me. In silent vibration without words, it showed me its view of my "perfection," not by worldly standards by any means, but by a standard set only but the Love that creates worlds.

It is this love that keeps me strong. It is this love that heals me. It is this love that enables me to walk in a world that believes in death as an ending and feel only the eternity of life. I wish for you the most profound and loving relationship with this love. May you feel it more and more each day.

After all, as we permit ourselves to be happy and to connect with this love, we become the lights that vibrationally lift this world into a better space.

Have a blessed & beautiful week :) I love you all.
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Infinite Blessings of the Creator's Love & Crystalline Rainbow Light with ever-unfolding Enlightenment, Blessings of Violet Flame, & Divine Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment !


Video - "Diamond-White / Electric Blue Angelic Light Transmission: Clearing the Sacral Chakra" By Steve Nobel -


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