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I am now going to start posting from notes I've collected over the last month. rather than create separate discussion threads for each, I am going to try an experiment and post each within this discussion. Hopefully it doesn't get to confusing. If I have new and current experiences to share, I'll start a separate discussion thread for those.

Each has a date for when that experienced happened. There are also many details which I've edited out, didn't capture in the first place, or which were entirely separate experiences. Added up, those experiences are probably equal to or greater in scope than those I am posting. I share this because it shows just how busy I have been, and helps explain why I feel I have crammed a year of expansion into a month. Not just me, but other people in the group I've been working with. Clearly, my guides and higher aspects of myself had a hand in it.

January 25, 2015

Prior to this experience, I had merged with my own dragon self many times, and was finding that the more I did it, and the more physical as a dragon I was becoming, and the more egoistic and arrogant I was becoming. The dragon energies are very strong and intoxicating, and I was becoming drunk on the power of it. This brought forth great fears and anxiety for I didn't want to be an egomaniac dragon, but rather a loving dragon. it took a lot of patience from friends and guides to get through this, and eventually I did. It was a very healing experience as it brought up a lot of baggage I had been carrying around.

In most of my experiences, Obsidian, my ancient dragon guardian, has usually been present and participating as a separate being and as a mentor. This is one of the first experiences I had when merged with Obsidian.

I merged with Obsidian, and after some significant and powerful energy work with a group member (a group focused on healing Gaia and holding divine energies) we traveled to the crystal temple and city within Mt. Shasta.

A crowd of enlightened beings gathered in a circle, including many friends.

As this energy grew around us, it was as bright as the Sun inside the temple. I could see even enlightened beings shielding their eyes it was so brilliant. All of Gaia, purging and filling with multiple colors of light and flames. So much power and yet so focused and controlled.

The light was so bright! It was filling all of Gaia with the radiance of the Sun and moon and stars.

I bent and bowed before Gaia, Gaia Sophia, Goddess Sophia (whom I had learned is my highest self's twin flame), and gently kissed her.

All present in the sacred circle took a knee and shared their reverence and respect for Sophia. As I bowed, the Diamond light blasted through me in a column like a giant laser.

We merged energetically, and as one, ascended this column and sent great waves of energy to Gaia purging and cleansing and healing. Many dragons joined in this work around Gaia.

I returned to my hot tub and I just sat there enjoying this loving and beautiful energy. The merge with Obsidian was a very loving experience, and doing so without fear of being a dragon egomaniac, made a huge difference in my comfort level with choosing to BE a dragon. Obsidian is helping me learn what being a dragon is about. He, and I, have been around since the beginning of creation, and regardless of roles played, there is much knowledge and experience to be learned from.

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Found on tr toonpool

found on tr toonpool

Jan 26, 2015

Breaking the Chains

Upon starting to meditate, It took me about 20 seconds to engage and be a dragon. As I was doing so, spirals of flames were flying around, like it was shooting out of me and bouncing back.

As soon as I was Obsidian combined with my own Diamond Dragon, I leapt out of the hot tub and joined others in the group in a distant location.

I breathed dragon fire throughout the building we were in and ignited the fires to burn throughout.

I moved to acknowledge group memebers as well as Ragnarok, Gaia's Dragon, and of course Goddess Sophia and Gaia Sophia. Some angels were in attendance as well.

Gaia Sophia filled the room with vines and flowers.

My physical hands were on fire through all of this, my ears were on fire, my third eye was on fire, etc.

I felt like some group members were getting a little too cooked.

Invited the rest of the group to join, I asked where we should go. No words were spoken, but I/we knew.

We instantly dived into the swirling golden tornado to the base of creation. We stepped through the door and the fire, and stepped out into the void of creation. The domain of dragons.

The galaxy spread out before us and we gazed at the spiral arms of star dust taking in its beauty. We moved to the center of the galaxy were divine mother and divine father were waiting for us. We all merged together as ONE, Gods, Goddesses, all coming forward as part of this merging and greeting procession.

In this union, I stated the intent to manifest peace and love for mankind on Gaia, to experience new earth and the majesty of higher dimensionality, for infinite prosperity for all and the freedom to pursue happiness and joy.

Merlin was with us and suggested that one of the group members use his mini-black hole now (a magical item he received from Merlin in a previous experience). Merlin said it would be better than wondering when he should use it... It seems Merlin has a sense of humor. He placed this black hole in the center of the galaxy and with it's pull and our concerted effort, we drew Gaia forward toward us, pulling on the chains and blocks attempting to slow her down.

While the black hole pulled her forward, we charged a blast of light from the center of our ONENESS which shot through space, into our sun, and into Gaia and our other planets. This blast of brilliant light shattered these chains pulled tight and Gaia lurched forward, freed from restraint. The old earth remained behind.

I saw visions of the old guard trying to maintain control holding chains that were crumbling under their own weight. The people that held them were like statues of dust where the slightest touch would cause them to fall to the ground in a pile.

We departed the void and stood at the bottom of the golden tornado. I asked each group member to leave their burdens, their past lives that don't serve them, and their fears in the tornado and let it take them away in love and healing. Any darkness that remains, they would have to face personally, but we've all been doing that, so no surprises there. Releasing into the tornado takes care of hundreds if not thousands of blocks, and does so with grace.

When I returned to my hot tub, I was still on fire. I opened my eyes and the moon was brilliant and the stars were a little fuzzy, like I was stoned or a little buzzed. I sat up and looked at myself in the water being lit with moonlight. I'm starting to see myself as a dragon even with my physical eyes. Mostly human, but in that altered state, I see both.

When I climbed out of the hot tub, I was pretty spent and almost fell over a couple times. I've been eating and drinking since and feel refreshed.

Found on katepowellart deviantart

Found on katepowellart deviantart

Healing Atlantis Trauma


Jan 27, 2015

As I was getting myself in order, preparing to meditate, Obisidian was talking with Ragnarok and Azure (another dragon) about this physical linking and how blessed he feels to be working this way.

One of the group members I've traveled and worked with a lot, traveled with me to Mt. Ida in Arkansas (where many of the crystals sold in metaphysical stores are mined). It is a sacred place and several powerful crystals were hidden there, deep underground, before the fall of Atlantis. This location was an important destination for connecting to these crystals and 'downloading' information from them. It was also a catalyst for the next part of this experience.

Next we were off to Atlantis, ancient Atlantis. When there, we were each experiencing the past life aspects of ourselves that were present there before the fall of Atlantis. We were experiencing ourselves as being merged with them (past life aspects).

She was crying and pleading with me, not to do what I was doing (it was a very dark life). I looked into her eyes and said (as me was merged with old me) something along the lines of "it's over now, all has been healed." This was a statement from the present me, or the oneness me through the mouth of the old Atlantean me (I know, it's super confusing). She collapsed and Obsidian carried her to the healing temple at Atlantis. He placed her on a crystal table and many gathered around to witness it.

The larger group was there among many others. Obsidian and I breathed air and fire into her. The temple was flowing energy as well, and she was resuscitated or revived, or maybe more, not sure. As Obsidian looked on, I climbed onto the table as my Atlantis self and accepted the healing as well. Obsidian said that ALL aspects of ourselves were being healed in the temple, and many faces of my being were flipping by in my vision.

As for aspects of myself that have needed healing, it is this dark lifetime in Atlantis that I had struggled with the most. I now feel this chapter in my soul experience is healed.

Disregard this entry.... I accidentally posted this comment.

Found on vinternv deviantart

 Found on vinternv deviantart


Healing a Tormented Witch

Jan 28, 2015 (I think)

One of the members of the group I've been working with was experiencing difficulty with a negative entity in her apartement. She lives in the NE of the USA and had been working on healing the land there for some time because of the extensive imprinting of negative energies in that area. It was the land of witch hunts and a lot of paranormal activity. She was no longer able to sleep in her bedroom and sleeping in general was difficult. She is quite empathic, and is a powerful person, but this particular situation was getting out of hand.

I cannot find my notes for this event, so this is purely from memory, so most details will be omitted.

As I am mentioning in the mass healing for Germany (separate post), only those that are ready and willing to be healed are affected. Sacred Universal Laws are upheld, and the life path and plans of others are honored. At this time in our evolution, expansion, and awakening, I'm finding that very large numbers of people/energies are eager for healing, which is why these mass healing events become so big.

It is also good to note that I follow angelic and/or dragon guidance when doing this work.

We went to where she works and started by doing healing work on her to restore her energy and balance. I was merged with Obsidian, and Archangel Michael was present with me, as well as this person's two dragon guides.

I/we asked for the being that was in need of healing to come forward. At this request, a dark form appeared doubled over in front of her. I reached out my hand to her and when she touched her hand to mine, she transformed into a light being, completely healed.

This being was an aspect of the person we were helping, and had been traumatized and tortured in a previous lifetime as a witch. She departed with angelic guidance for further healing.

This was a turning point in how I approached healing of individual beings. Finding out that a simple touch was enough to fill them with light was a wonderful revelation.

Upon this aspect of her being healed, I figured, why not just go ahead and work on the whole town, as she had said there was a lot of dark energy imprinted throughout it.

I personally did not do that much, but rather Obsidian and other dragons, Gaia, and angels did all the heavy lifting. The golden tornado I talk about frequently performed the transmutation work from dark to light as energies, ready to be healed, leaped into the tornado.

A lot of old energies, overdue for healing were helped that day.

Found on dailymail

Found on dailymail

Jan 29, 2015

I meditated in the hot tub and it took me a little bit to get settled.

It was time to go to the crystal cave.

We took off like a bullet into the stratosphere, took in the view of Gaia, then emerged from a portal in the cave.

There were very large natural growth selenite, quartz, and other crystals in the area emitting soft natural light energy.

There were priests and priestesses in the cave, experts on crystals and ancient knowledge. Laying ourselves upon crystal healing tables, they placed specific crystals inside of our primary chakras. The root chakra crystal was quite phallic. They also placed a metallic headband/crystal on some, to facilitate downloads of information.

As they did this I looked around the cave and noticed there were other crystal tables, with our group members on them. They were also receiving crystals and downloads as appropriate for them.

One of the group members was not laying down, but was standing and holding a tablet which she was reading from, and looked very much the Goddess. It wasn't stone or purely crystal but technology too. I can't remember what she said verbatim, but here is the gist of it.

"We are here today in this sacred crystal cave to activate ancient aspects of ourselves and connect with the crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis. These priests and priestesses are your fellow masters from that time, and in most cases, aspects of yourselves from then. They, and you, are all masters. The crystals being placed within your chakras are accelerators for our transformation to crystalline forms, the building blocks of your lightbodies. They will only accelerate your transformation at a rate that you are ready for." Plus some more I don't remember...

I opened myself for downloads and had a vision of standing with Divine Father on a beach with a beautiful ocean stretching away from shore. We were talking about my mission on Gaia, and that when the time was right, I was to use all of my powers to shake the very foundations of the old so Gaia could break free and enter into her higher being. Goddess Sophia stood by my side and there were many others around as well. He told me it wouldn't be easy. I asked Father and the others to visit me and give me strength so that I may succceed in my mission.

I waited silently for the downloads to finish.

Found on bbc

Found on bbc

Jan 30, 2015

After Obsidian showed me a vision of how a clearing in Germany might go down, and his offer to do the clearing himself (with help from other spiritual beings and group members), I felt it necessary to facilitate this work and walk the path I am on.

It is important to say that with mass clearings, only those that are ready and willing to be healed are affected. Sacred Universal Laws are upheld, and the life path and plans of others are honored. At this time in our evolution, expansion, and awakening, I'm finding that very large numbers of people/energies are eager for healing, which is why these mass healing events become so big.

To get the fires going, I initiated the fires in myself and merged with Obsidian. It was time to go to Germany.

We landed at Auschwitz. I 'stepped aside' from Obsidian, as my iridescent flame/diamond dragon. Ragnarok the destroyer was also present as was Gaia's Golden Dragon, and many angels waiting.

Right away Gaia opened a huge hole, more likely a portal, all around Auschwitz. The entire place was crumbling down into the hole for her to transmute into positive.

Obsidian was blasting purple/violet flames above the portal/hole and with a continuous stream of flames and light a violet tornado formed above the hole. People, pain, agony, regret, guilt, all the energies that must be transmuted, cleansed, were pulled into the tornado. More and more were pulled in, swirling around.

Above the tornado, Gaia's Golden Dragon was breathing golden flames of love into the tornado from above, pushing these transmuting energies towards Gaia's hole/portal.

I was beaming diamond light, like laser beams, to each particle of energy in the tornado, and straight down into the core of Gaia.

Gaia began projecting this diamond light in a huge column of energy out of the hole/portal, upward into the sky.

The millions of angels waiting, flew into the tornado and guided people out by their hands, flying toward a place where they can rest and heal further.

The tornado stopped spinning when the last of the angels guided away their charges.

Gaia's hole/portal closed.

Where the portal had been, a dark figure appeared, call it a demon for lack of a better term.

With a quick movement Obsidian literally ate it, and upon consuming this darkness, he began glowing with violet flames and light from the inside, outward. He was re-assimilating this darkness as his own (it was an aspect of him), and transmuting it within (this is one reason why I needed to separate for this event).

With a huge blast of violet flames,what was once darkness was now light, sparkling in the sun.

Gaia, in her joy, began popping flowers of all colors up around and throughout the grounds.

I looked at Germany from a bigger picture vantage point. There are ley lines which cross through it and at some of those crossing nodes are many of the concentration camps. They were built specifically in those locations.

We began filling the ley lines with energy and one by one, the other locations were swallowed up by Gaia with huge pillars of light streaming upward from them.

I focused diamond light outward to seek out any and all who were affected by Nazi Germany so that this light could fill their heart and heal their pain.

We honored all for their sacrifices, for what they went through and what some have continued going through. Not just those where were victims, but also those that perpetrated the crimes against humanity, for many of them are ready for healing too.

After this clearing, we flew around purely for the joy of it. To laugh and smile like kids on a playground. Dragons, angels, and a Griffon (first I had seen so far).

When I returned to the hot tub, I sat in healing energy as archangels surrounded me. Rainbow light descened through my crown and into my being and I just basked in it.

I have more rest to do, more integrating and processing.

Lily of the Valley

Events of January 31st, 2015

This post is largely about Lilith, a Goddess from the beginnings of creation on Earth. I am not a bible scholar, nor an expert on religion. I write about what I see, feel, hear, and experience. This post and some of the other experiences I've had lately may be difficult for some readers to deal with due to their belief systems, and they may disparage my experiences as a result. That is fine, as my experiences may not align with anyone else. However, what I have experienced may very well be a trigger for many, or even enlightening for them. That is why I share.

I am using this image to start this post because it is closer to how I see her now.

Found on atlantisqueen 

(Found on atlantisqueen) - Comment posted by Martha Coffey on Pinterest: "LILITH - Jewish folklore defines Lilith as the first wife of Adam, made of dust exactly as Adam was. When she refused to be submissive to him, she was banished from the Garden of Eden, and Adam was given Eve, who was created from his rib to guarantee obedience to Adam’s will."

For this day's meditation time, I received guidance that one of our group members was in need of healing work. With love and compassion, and for the interest of privacy, her identity is not being shared in this post.

After traveling to her, I held her hand and filled her with pink light, very gentle, very subtle. I tried not to be too bright, too sharp, or overbearing. Gaia Sophia wrapped her in a nest of foliage and flowers, holding her with love.

While I sat there, holding her hand, AA Michael was on the other side and AA Arielle to my side.

One of the high aspects of this person is Lilith who was sitting away from us by herself. I had a conversation with her.

Lilith was similar to the character in the movie Malificent. A goddess that was maligned and labeled as dark and evil. For many millenia, she was maligned and feared, and that just pissed her off... The oppression of women and divine feminine, just piled on top of these feelings, creating long-lasting pain. I am greatly over-simplifying, but I am trying to set the stage for general understanding. I like the image below as it depicts a dark impression, but not evil, especially compared to many images I found.

Found on zoegem-heartofanangel.tumblr

(Found on zoegem-heartofanangel.tumblr) - Comment posted by Kay Harman on Pinterest: "Sumerian Goddess: Lilith the goddess of female sexuality she is also the Goddess of female independance The goddess who once protected mothers and infants Goddess of womans rights to be equals to men She Taught women to want sex for sex's sake and not for the sake of perpetuating the species, and to be sexually Aggressive."

I promised both of them that I wouldn't impose a healing or clearing. That both of them (human and Goddess) will decide how they want to handle their own state of being. I also said that the time has come for real change, for love to blossom. For divine feminine to return in balance with divine masculine (and for the out-of-balance oppressive masculine to go).

Lilith, apparently feeling a little annoyed by my statements, flicked some ethereal 'dirt' at me which vaporized when it hit me (to me, this visual is not indicative of her having feelings of human annoyance, but rather how I will see a visual to convey a feeling or story). I told her that I am now too bright and full of love and light for that to bother me. She said I was being an arrogant prick. (Not an exact quote...).

I told her that she could touch the pink light, which was still flowing, if she wanted to. She didn't appear to desire this.

I asked her if she trusted me. She said she didn't. Not after all the years of pain. I reminded her that at one time, she didn't feel that way, and that I remember that love.

It seemed she was starting to 'warm a little' to my continued insistence to communicate.

I reassured her again I would not force the issue, but that she could touch the pink light and see what it feels like. She reached out with both hands and touched it with her fingers, then pulled them back and said it was hot. I told her it was gentle and warm and wouldn't hurt her.

I said that she had avoided it for so long, that the fear of losing herself is preventing her from being her true self. She didn't disagree or agree.

I asked her if maybe the golden light of unconditional love might be better. She didn't reach for it either, but I told her that I do love her without conditions, purely and simply, and genuinely felt. She looked at me like, it wasn't possible for that to be true.

I told her I would not invoke the diamond light as I didn't want to cause alarm or disrupt anything with intense light. I told her that this incredibly intense light has been present a lot lately and it hasn't hurt her yet. She said she has avoided it.

I was holding the left hand of her human form in my right hand, and I reached out to her with my left hand and offered it to her. She took it and held my hand.

True to my promise I did not try to fill her with light. I just gently held her hand.

I told her that the time has come for love and that the sooner we adjust, the easier it will be, when all of Gaia is nothing but light. Archangel Michael reiterated the same thing.

I told her that when both of them are ready for healing, it will be done. The fact that she held my hand told me she is willing.

I said the golden tornado can be called at any time to cleanse the residue of pain. It is not special to me, it is a universal energy of love and transmutation. It can also be any color or feeling it needs to be.

Lilith was fully healed a few days later, and now prefers to be called Lily, or Lily of the Valley, which I think is very appropriate (and why I picked the first image in this post).


Adam, Lilith, and Eve,c. 1210 AD, Base of trumeau, left portal, West Façade, Notre Dame, Paris. (Image found on rofmag)

 Events of January 31, 2015

 Found on shannonassociates

Found on shannonassociates

This event was really about feeling and BEING Tok, and Obsidian as completely and physically as possible... I've tried to find good images to convey some of how this feels, but none of them really stand up to the visuals or feelings I get. But, it's close enough for now I guess.

I arrived as 'Dragon Man' (Tok) with elements of Obsidian and Diamond both. Coloring constantly shifted like the iridescence was swirling, as glowing and glittering light, across the darker base, like a swirling galaxy of stars over the void of space.

I appeared like the Sun fully engulfed in brilliant light, filling the room with pure light, standing in a column of energy. I extended my arms and an explosion of light ushered forth.

I wanted to open to as much of my true power and energy as possible, and it was great.

Found on booksbonesbuffy

Found on booksbonesbuffy

I willed myself as physical as I could, to feel movement and energetic flow through physical.

Found on magicartworld

Found on magicartworld

I transformed into full Dragon body and grew immensely in size, hundreds of feet tall, and roared a great burst of sound.

Found on scontent-b-mia.xx.fbcdn

Found on scontent-b-mia.xx.fbcdn

I invited the wave of energy approaching Gaia, to arrive, to bring the great impact, power, truth, love, and compassion it will bring.

I could feel and see Gaia expanding with light.

When I went to sleep, I laid down and with Goddess Sophia at the temple on 5D Gaia which I've written about before.

Found on vintagevixen.hubpages

Found on vintagevixen.hubpages

111 views. Cool :)

Events of February 2, 2015

The 'Big' Wave

Found on

Found on

This is an excerpt from a meditation involving Gaia and Maldec, twin flames and reunions. Unfortunately, I am missing most of that in my notes, but I do remember it as a beautiful merging and reunion of connections. The following is what happened after that. I had a vision of this prior to meditating, and was drawn to 'go to' the wave of love that is approaching Gaia, and all of us. It is a wave of support and awakening, something that will not only help the shift, but also move all of us forward with strength and purpose. We will all be riding this wave whether we want to or not, and it is a beautiful event.

Some think of this wave as waves in the ocean, and it is, for water cleanses and has great strength. I've been thinking of it as a vast cosmic wave of energy speeding through space from the center of our galaxy outward toward us. It is both and is internal and external. The image above captures both and is amazingly perfect for this post.

As a group, we all went to the wave. Some call this the Tsunami of Love, and is an energy wave which is traveling from the center of the universe, toward our solar system and through Gaia. It has been gentle and subtle so far, but the main 'big' wave is still enroute.

All merged within Obsidian's enormous merkaba. We shot out into space (far away from Gaia and out solar system) and passed through this shock wave that is bigger and wider than you can take in. We circled around behind it and flew into it, riding the wave toward Gaia.

Within the wave was this great sense of love and oneness, iridescent lights moving around like being inside a psychedelic lava lamp. It was clear to me that this wave from the center of the galaxy is from us, from our higher selves, Divine Mother and Divine Father.

I wept cradled in this energy. Super intense, yet soft and comforting.

This wave will be here soon...

Events of February 8, 2015

Deep Thoughts

Found on facebook somewhere

Found on facebook somewhere, artist unknown


I am doing good, no dark energy, nothing extreme going on at all. I am having some minor ascension symptoms, but very minor. After asking for an uptick in energy, I am buzzing and light-headed, slight headache, just little stuff. I will be asking for another uptick, well actually, I'll do that right now. I am noticing looking in the mirror I look yet a little younger and lighter.


I do feel a little uneasy I guess, but mostly an anticipation thing and feeling higher energies flowing. I find it harder to sit still, but don't feel motivated to do a lot either.


As I have been learning more about my many aspects of self, a lot of them, and for long stretches of history, have been extremely dark energies, at least when viewed from the judgment of duality consciousness.

Found on no-sp00n.deviantart

Found on no-sp00n.deviantart


We can become lost in the details about our past lives, and start to relive them, or just live multi-dimensionally within those. This is an awesome and amazing thing to do, but that also entails focusing on duality where duality was the focus. Focusing at least in part on the dark aspects of ourselves. At this moment of NOW, that doesn't serve Gaia because she needs love and light above all else. She needs all people that are here to cleanse and purge, to become love and light, so she can proceed.


If the major dark beings are the last, holdout of big dark energy, they will either embrace light or move on to where duality may continue, because they cannot exist where the light is too bright, where the frequency is too high. Focusing on them, or other darkness as purely dark, lowers our own energy enough that general dark energy can engage and attempt to keep duality alive.


Where I find myself most of the time, is strongly in the light. Merged with Obsidian I am, we are, focused on the light and that is combined with his awesome power. Coming into my own, my true self, is one of awesome power as well, so the combo seems to be somewhat amazing.


I still feel human a lot of the time, but I also feel that human aspect shifting and changing constantly.


So ultimately, it doesn't matter who we were. As we shift, we become one, and then we are ALL, not just some.


We have been learning that LOVE is the energy that creates, that is the universe. The only energy that truly matters, and that we are at our core. The rest of it is experience for the benefit of the collective, for the infinite knowledge of oneness. How can oneness have infinite knowledge without experiencing all that is? And so, in an infinite universe, there are always experiences to experience in the now, and there will always be experiences and individual expressions of one playing out experiences.


Deep stuff...

Events of February 8, 2015

Fallen Angels

 Found on prlog

Found on prlog

Beelzebub, the devil, all very scary to many people, particularly any who are religious. To me, a fallen angel, ready to rise up and return to heaven. A being that took on the difficult task of playing a dark role, something I have become very familiar with, and have had to heal as part of who I am as well.

It seems I am well suited to help fallen angels return to grace for I have no fear of them, and I have their respect at the same time. What an odd turn of events in my life.

This experience has become one of many, helping those who have played dark roles to find their way home. I hope that you can find it in your heart to read this with love and compassion.

This event, was focused on healing a specific being, known in religious circles as Beelzebub. Like Lucifer, a 'fallen angel' that was playing out a role on 'the dark side' for a very long time. Being dark is not a fun or easy mission to perform, but, in the big picture of enlightenment and the evolution of humanity, and even the universe, it is a role that has pushed humanity to breakthrough great barriers to awaken to their true selves as light beings. Many people are still working on this awakening, and some still seem to be completely asleep, but, it is time for those who have played dark roles to return home to the light. Lucifer was dark, but has since been healed and returned to the light.


Do not let these religiously charged names confuse you, or think that I have been duped by the 'dark side of the force.' We are all created from light even though that spark of light may be so dim as to barely see or feel it. A given name being labeled as evil, is a human association that has no bearing beyond our 3D experience.


This meditation was done in partnership with Mamafoo. Thank you Mamafoo for your support and guidance with this work.


Beelzebub appeared to me as a dark and unhappy being, shifting black smoke surrounding his large body, with three other beings in tow.


I was merged with Obsidian and we said: Not here, not in this house, follow me."


We took off out of the house and gained in size, looking for a good place to do this that wouldn't directly affect some random family.


We converged on New York City, at the top of a very tall skyscraper.


We were instantly there, standing in the wind, at the top of this building.


Obsidian "You come here seeking peace? You come here of your own free will to return?


Beelzebub "I do. I am ready."


Obsidian "You have done well (voice booming)! You have performed your tasks as darkness, pushing those that need to hear, toward the light. You have been instrumental in this grand expression of life, and it is time to return. Who is it you bring with you?"


Beelzebub "Others that wish the same."


Obsidian "Is this what remains of the dark minions running rampant across our mother Gaia's back?"


Beelzebub "There are many others, smaller and frighted of your blinding light."


Archangel Lucifer and Gaia Sophia now appeared behind us.


Obsidian "There is nothing to fear, no pain or anguish shall pass through you, just the warm embrace of the mothers love. It will be like taking the blindfold off and seeing your true self for the first time, in a long time. Take my and Lily's hands in yours."

(Note, as described in a previous post, Lily was known as Lilith, once considered by many as dark, albeit a misnomer regarding her true self. We now call her 'Lily of the Valley')


Lily and Gaia Sophia are crying tears of joy.


Timidly and with trepidation, Beelzebub reached out his hands to Obsidian and Lily. When they touched a great blast of light shot through his body so fast he could not react to pull them away.


Obsidian "With this light, you are healed and forgiven for all that you could not forgive yourself. You are now complete again, filled with the Mother and Fathers love. Now the other three hold our hands and with your healing, this light will travel to ALL dark minions, all hiding in fear, all absorbed in doubt and self loathing. No darkness is too small to go untouched, for this spark will only grow in strength, power and brilliance."


A great column of golden, diamond, and white light shot vertically through the building. The light from the three flowed down the building and started spreading across the city in all directions.


Obsidian "Archangel Lucifer, angel of light, guide the blessed beings to where they can rest and rejuvenate."


Archangel Lucifer came forward and took their hands, rocketing off into the sky.

Found on ethiopienne.tumblr

Found on ethiopienne.tumblr


The light, spreading across New York city, was quickly racing across the entire planet, sparking awakening in all the little bits of darkness scattered around. It is the beginning of a spark for some, and a complete transmutation for others.



Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!

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