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Soulstice Rising with Kara!


Soulstice Rising with Kara!

I am a 3rd Degree Reiki, have been trained in the method of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, am an ordained minister with Rose Ministries, and am a certified Path of Grace coach/mentor., I have taught classes in spirituality and have offered emotional healing and connection sessions (intuitive energy sessions) for more than 27 years. I offer spiritual weddings and other sacred ceremonies. I have published two spiritual journals; have written numerous articles on spiritual issues, including sharing my own path in a personal way. I was also executive director of a bustling spiritual center called Heart Center. I graduated from University of California, Irvine in Human Development and have had a career in helping people with addictions, giving me a balanced perspective in helping others.

While I have received training in many modalities, my practice is based on being guided by my Soul/Higher Self. I follow my Guidance 100% at all times.

I was living in Southern California when I was awakened by a deep, audible voice saying, "Go to Idaho!" I listened, quit my job and went to Idaho sight unseen. That was over 27 years ago. Since living in Idaho, I have had visitations by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light approximately every ten years. The first time was in 1983, in which they taught me in dreamtime and it was then that I began the spiritual center, Heart Center. In 1993, they came again, and I began a spiritual journal, called Coeur, and then most recently four years ago, in which I was guided to share connections to the Archangels and Emissaries of Light. I was told that my one and only Path is to help others step onto the Path of Ascension. Boise, Idaho has a double vortex; one reaching down to the Earth Crystal, nestled at the center of Gaia, and the other reaching into higher dimensions. My most recent opening was while I visited France, where I was more strongly connected with Divine Mother.

KaraI have been a featured speaker at new thought churches including Science of Mind, Unity and others. I offer spiritual coaching/mentoring for people throughout the Western United States. I am available to come to your area for workshops and speaking engagements.

I have written and have taught about Ascension, which has been my Path for the last ten help others release the old limited self and step into the mastery of the Soul Self. My practice is called Soulstice Rising, as this directly is related to the time of transformation we are in. We are rising in vibration, activating our new Blueprints, stepping into the Truth of our Souls, and moving into the 5th Dimension of Light and Love. It's such an exciting time, especially as we let go of old karma and limitation and step into the beauty and power of who we have meant to be.

The current transformation, generally speaking, is to embrace the energy of the Divine Feminine. That is, to go within for all answers, be still, receptive, receive Guidance and then act. The old way is to act in order to do, save, rescue or get. This is of the old patriarchy. Now it's about Being. I have been strongly connected with the Mother for most of my life. My earliest memory was when I was in sixth grade, and She has continued to show up in my life in powerful ways. Archangel Amabael (we know her as Mother Mary and Isis) guides me daily and especially when I am helping others. Doing Ceremony is a very powerful way of connecting with the Mother, especially during Full and New Moons, Eclipses and Solstices and Equinoxes, as these times are when downloads of Light are released into us for our ascension and to access the energies of the Divine Feminine.

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The Story:


As you know, Ascension embraces the Divine Feminine, and the essence of Ascension is Love; who we are. Shortly after writing the last Ascension Notes of July 18 and after the 7th Gateway of July 11, I went through the Gateway again and was greeted by three powerful aspects of the Divine Feminine; the Divine Feminine Trinity. They welcomed me through the Gateway. I asked, “Who are you?” They introduced themselves as Archangel Amabael (Mother Mary/Isis), Mary Magdalene and Sophia. They told me that because we are in the New, the Three Graces had changed, and that they were the New Three Graces. I learned that Sophia’s three daughters were the original Three Graces...Faith, Charity and Hope. The Soul Essences of the New Graces represent, specifically for our Ascension, Love, Courage and be used daily. Sophia=Wisdom, Archangel Amabael=Love, and Mary Magdalene=Courage. Wouldn’t you agree that it takes all three to integrate the high vibrational energies into us and release the old and make life changes?

That night, they visited me throughout the night, awoke me often and told me that I was to make an amulet that represented the Expanded Heart and would integrate that energy more fully for the wearer. They gave me a visual of it. Realizing that I have never made an amulet, I was told I could have someone else make it and the person they chose was Montserrat ( I was told that the amulet would be made of beads that are created from real roses with a glass/crystal with a Rose within it that would hang over the Heart Chakra.

The New Three Graces have been with me ever since, and during a transmission, they took me to their Temple and through an initiation. By focusing on their Soul Essences, I feel a quickening of my own Ascension and much old has bubbled up for release and higher vibrational Light has been pouring into me. The amulet is more than a necklace, although it can certainly be worn as one, and I was guided to wear it at all times, much like we wear any sacred object; so strong has this Guidance been.

I have been guided to share it with others; those who are guided to integrate the Soul Essences of Love, Wisdom and Courage, as well as an Expanded Heart Chakra. By strengthening our Expanded Heart Chakra, we also strengthen our Souls, since our Soul Matrices rest within our Heart Chakras.

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Comment by Angel~a - Admin. on May 7, 2014 at 5:50pm

Welcome Beth-Beautiful picture. Please post whatever your hearts desire here or anywhere on Lightgrid! We are all ONE. If you need help -just ask!We have a beautiful Soul family here!

Love and Light,


Comment by Beth Davis on May 7, 2014 at 3:36am

 Please fo rgive me for not knowing exactly what I'm doing.  I just shared an image of a painting came across. I feel this site fits the image.  The title is "The Bridal Dance."  This is my hearts desire above all.  I love you all. 

Comment by Beth Davis on May 7, 2014 at 3:31am

Comment by Angel~a - Admin. on August 3, 2012 at 3:48am

Kara's site is listed can contact her via the site:)

Hope this helps!

Love and Light,


Comment by Sonja Myriel on August 2, 2012 at 11:51pm

A message from jan marie price to all members of Soulstice Rising with Kara! on LIGHTGRID - Lichtnetz - REDDELUZ!

I was interested with the comments said from Kara and how did you become a minister. I would love to hear about this rose Ministries. Do you have to be living in the states to train.
I have had most of my life a deep calling and have experienced christ, mary and angelic beings over the last 25yrs. I would be so humbled to learn.

Comment by Gary WalkNCrow Cooke on July 5, 2012 at 3:38am

:)) Now if suddenly a small jar of beads hancrafted from Rose Pedals appears in my life, I'll know the people who made them appear in my reality (LOL). Maybe they will be Rose Quartz Crystals..Light and Love :))

Comment by Zoolithe (Kerrie) *.¸.*.♥.✿´ on November 17, 2011 at 1:30pm

Comment by Angel~a - Admin. on November 16, 2011 at 7:26pm

I understand-very beautiful!!!!!!!:)

Comment by Sonja Myriel on November 16, 2011 at 9:27am

See that ... :-)



Kirar Kereru Pounamu 
Message from 'Spirit of the Wise Ones' ~ "Luminous Wisdom Keepers"

received at Our 'Stargate Portal' 16.11.2011 ...

"Dear One, Your Walk, is one of Tender and Care

for many at this time in Your Cycle of Life

are at a crucial stage, where some will want to give in

To give in to Spirit Guidance, is well; however

to give in; to give up on hope and life; is indeed

a great sadness, for even the Angels cannot enter

to assist when One has shut off all hope ~

So Dear Ones of 'The Light' ... Your Mission is

to 'Keep the Flame of Hope ( and Love'

burning ... more strongly now ...

because some have come to a stop

not knowing where to turn ~

Anchor into the Earth ... Love

whenever and wherever You feel to do so ~

Seize every moment You can to turn

a helpless situation into Hope and through Words,

Thoughts, Focus, Prayers and actions of Love

when best You can ~

For many situation will occur in Your everyday life

wherein You are given a choice to add more Light and Love

rather than take or remove from another ~

Knowing that in the end outcome of All things ...

Love Will Reign Supreme

And So It Is Dear Ones!"


I opened this right after I had expressed my feelings and experiences here :-)




Sonja Myriel

Comment by Sonja Myriel on November 16, 2011 at 9:22am

One image I would like to share with you - which is that of the threefold flame ... the pink and the blue ... become VIOLET and they are dancing in perfect masculine and feminine unity around the GOLDEN FLAME of WISDOM ... LOVE (pink) - COURAGE (blue) and WISDOM (gold) - the new muses who help us to bring upon the Crystalline Age of the THREEFOLD FLAME

HOPE (White Ray) - CHARITY and LOVE (Pink Ray) ... in German we say FAITH (Blue Ray) - HOPE (White Ray) and LOVE (Pink Ray) ... these were the muses of the Age of Pisces - they helped us to go through the DARK AGE, Kali Yuga ... the Age of Aquarius, however, asks for more: we are no longer to ENDURE the hardships of war and hatred, but to transmute them - to FREE ourselves from them: and this takes LOVE, COURAGE and WISDOM - united in the symbol of the THREEFOLD FLAME.


 And from this Unity of LOVE - COURAGE and WISDOM emanates the WHITE LIGHT of all the colours of the rainbow united: HOPE ... She comes with the three - the fourth element - unseen,yet essential for creation ...




Sonja Myriel


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