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Ok, so this is my first proper vision, i think and i'm not sure what has just happened, I feel happy but at the same time slightly scared because i'm unsure of how to react to a situation like this. Please read and tell me your views on what just happened...

I was having a magical bath with candles, music, and lavender essential oil. The "Aradia chant" came on when I was completely relaxed and I began to chant along to it, then my vision became blurred and although I tried to resist it, as the sirens song came on I felt my eyes flicker shut. My spirit guide (a wolf made of bright silver stars) was in front of me and he told me to follow him, and I did so in complete and utter trust.

He led me through a forest and out onto a beach with golden sand and crystal clear water that was as blue as the sky above.  I could feel the sand beneath my bare feet and a warm breeze against my body as I then realized that i was naked, as I assumed I must have come here from being in the bath. I looked up and even though it was daylight I could see stars scattered in the sky above.

The ocean rippled and a pod of 3 dolphins emerged from the water. The wolf walked out to sea but he floated above the waters surface, yet I had to wade through. The dolphins then pulled me further out to sea until a shining angel appeared and told me to take his hand. I was unsure and asked who he was. He said his name was Gabriel and he held out his hand to me, a white light was shining all around him. I hesitated at first then took his hand, letting go of the dolphins. I began to rise out of the water until i was level with the angel Gabriel. Then we rose together and I was surrounded by a brilliant white light, yet it didn't hurt my eyes.

We appeared then quite suddenly, still hand in hand somewhere new. (I assume planet dolphin as you will see why in a minute but let me know what you think) There was a pyramid in the distance and we were surrounded by sea. He lowered me into the water and I remember smiling at a whale blowing out air from his blowhole. Then tiny pink dolphins swam all around me, surrounding my legs. They were happy and made me feel elated. I felt something inside me ignite. I felt completely cleansed, at that moment I could only feel love, joy and happiness. The angel then took both my hands and said he was going to help me. He was to bestow upon me the power to control my foresight. He closed his eyes and instinctively I closed mine. I felt my third eye for the first time properly. I could feel it glowing, gaining energy from the angel. When I opened my eyes I could feel my third eye glowing with white energy, I could also see two eye like symbols glowing on the palms of my hands. He told me I could only use it in this pure and powerful state and said this wasn't the highest power either. He said I need to keep practicing  and meditating until I can access this state more quickly. He taught me how to use it. First I cleared my mind completely. Then I placed both my hands on either side of my temple and envisioned activating the energy now stored in my third eye.

I saw myself, standing atop a pyramid. A princess was there, she emerged from a large flower and word a flower in her hair. She was radiant and I could feel her pure happiness. It washed over me like a wave. She took my hand and welcomed me and then led me down some steps. She seemed familiar but before I could see what was waiting at the bottom of the steps my vision ended and I was hovering next to the angel again. He said I had lots to learn but my potential had caught the eye of many beings. He said with the right teacher I could become a valued ally. Then he smiled at me and waved. I began to fall, through the white light, through the stars and the ocean and then I heard a splash. I was awakened from my vision and water was all around the bath like I had been splashing around or had fallen into a tub full of water.

Needless to say, as it has never happened like this before, I quickly got out of the bath, wrote it in my book of shadows and then decided I needed to ask for your help.

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wow, i astral traveled :-) I can't believe i managed to do that!

Thankyou for this reply sarah, I feel more reassured now and i'm sorry for making the room hot. who do you think the lady/ princess in the flower is, who ever it is i am to meet her in the future on planet dolphin but i don't know when...

Blessed be, i hope you have a wonderful night

A faerie soaring higher than ever before x

I'll keep my BOS with me and a pen :-) thankyou for the prewarning, and I think you told me about getting visions while making cakes :-)

Thankyou arleem, this is beautiful!

I feel so happy this morning and this just made my morning even better!

I send you lots of love and many blessings

Gemma the faerie


I am happy too Dear Gemma!!

Love and Light xxxx

first off, wow.  i believe that you where shown this vision because you are indeed a chosen ally.  what help do you need, when you have ally's like that?  i hope that you have been meditating and practicing with these new tools, as they are high level healing techniques.  if you use them, you will be granted even more abilities.  use them wisely, and ask for guidance and protection through each and every step along the way.  you will soon actualize the vision, if you so desire, i wish you the best.

I have been meditating and have had many more visions and I performed a circle with my friend and the goddess spoke to me and gave me a message which I will post later today :-) I'm sorry it took so long to reply, I've been so busy with everything thats going on, I can feel the vibrations all around me!

Dear Gemma,

I am sorry that I did not find the time to read your post when it was new, but now I did and I will fill my bathtub now and take  beautiful bath, allowing my Spirit to wander a bit. 

I could feel your surprise when your journey started ... and when you met Gabriel it was like: "AAAhhh, Gabriel!"

I have been travelling to my inner worlds a lot - but I know that this experience was much more vivid and "real" than most of my inner world journeys. It is a BLESSING your received and now you are to work with the gift which Gabriel has given you ... to elevate your Frequency on demand ... ha - that's not so very much different from my own training, lol! 

I would LOVE to hear in how far your vision has enriched your everyday life!

Sending you a loving mother's Violet Ray Kiss,

Sonja Myriel

Thankyou for this reply dear sonja, I'm sorry it also took me so long to reply but so much has been happening, I'm allowing my spirit to guide me more and more and i am being taken to the most beautiful places, I have also been trying to use my new abilities to discover a bit about my past lives and I've had some interesting and beautiful visions and pictures in my head, I am to try and paint some of them I think :-).

And yes I was rather shocked to find gabriel had taken me somewhere while in the bath :-P could you tell. It makes me laugh though!

I feel so happy, I've just been made redundant but the world looks so beautiful I hardly notice it! I just feel happy all the time, and I feel that where ever I end up next will be for a reason.

Sending you lots of love and light sonja

Gemma the faerie (letting her wings take her to amazing places)

Dear, dear Gemma,

Thank you for letting me participate in the joy and happiness you feel :-) Why do you say you have been made redundant? 

We ar developping our skills in harmony with the incoming energy waves - and are lifted ever higher and higher :-)

Your comment reads as if written in full 5 D Reality :-)

BLESSINGS of Love and Light,

Sonja Myriel

My job let me go because they couldn't afford to keep me on, I should be sad but I'm not, I feel too happy and full of the joys of life and all i'm experiencing to be sad, I've baked them lots and lots of cookies to say goodbye :-) they will be eating chocolate biscuits for weeks :-P

And I feel myself being lifted dear sonja, higher than ever and I feel you helping me follow these waves, thankyou so much dear sister of light!

So you are FREE now :-)))

We are on this journey all together ... facetted into various view points ... you and me and Sarah and each member of lightgrid ... and then BEYOND ... there are SO MANY of us here on Earth already!!! It is awe inspiring to see us all wake up - each at their own speed and pace - and finally CONNECT through the ONE Spirit ... our HEART being the GATEWAY!

Past, present and future meet in the NOW of our Being - and we bring all our incarnations together HERE, in this life time, through gaining CONSICOUSNESS!!! And, indeed, all our lives are affected ... BLESSED BE, my dear soul sisters :-),

Sonja Myriel Aouine


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