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12.12 - 12.12.2021 - Peresphone's Return

Demeter mourning over her daughter's disappearance

“I will find you,

will never stop looking…

you are my love eternal”

You are in each breath I take, each kiss the sun leave on my skin.

In the breath of the wind that caress my hair.

Each day I hear you whisper my name on the wind,

The smell of a warm summer day on the breeze, reminds me of you.


Each day my eyes search for you, my heart skips a beat,

When I hear you breathe my name…

Where can I find you my love, where do you hide?

Each look, each hand I feel, I seek you, yet you are not there.


My heart yearns for the deep recesses of your eyes,

My lips burn in yearning for yours…

Why do you stay on the breeze?

Why do you hide from me my love?


I touch those around me, seeking the love, I lost

None can fill your place, none see me,

All they see is what they can gain, from me.


Where do you hide my love, how long must I wait?

Why can none see, the truth of my soul?

Why can’t you find me?

Why did you leave me between the wolves,

That plunder who I am


They do not know love, but the forfillment of their own desires…

They crave the power of the energy that surrounds me

And they take what is not theirs to have…


Why can none see deeper than what is seen…

Why do they seek more, and more in their greed?

You left me to suffer alone while you saved your own soul.

Still my heart yearns for you, my chest hurt in longing…


When will you keep the promise you made?

The whisper on your dying breath:

“I will find you, will never stop looking… you are my love eternal”


Yet you left me to the wolves, alone as you, went on your path

The sacrifice you made was me, so you can gain what you crave.

You left me to feel the raking of teeth on naked skin.

The pain the darkness bring…


The wolves come with promises, yet their eyes stray

Their promises empty lies, as wolves can’t see

The truth in my soul, only what is reflected in their own eyes.


No eye here can see the light phoenix,

Inside the diamond soul that fill my chest

Where do you hide my love, where do your lies reside…



As I kneel among the wolves, the rain hides my tears,

Filling the emptiness your betrayal left in me.

Hope is fading with each passing day

Taking with it the beauty I once possessed.


Eyes filled with sadness, reflect the certainty that my love

Has forsaken me to the wolves and their lies…

So they can take what they need,

But never truly see the secret reflected in my soul.


Every passing day bring the certainty,

That you have forsaken me, just like everyone else

The promise on your dying breath, to cover the lie in your soul

Your death gave me life… yet what is this but a lie


Why have you forsaken me my love?

Alone in the dark, among the wolves…

Alone.. to walk as the Queen of the dammed.

While you sit on the throne of light

Holding the hand, of lust and greed.

Written by Anush

Why Peresphone? WHO IS SHE?

Peresphon's story of abduction by God HADES tells humanity's story.

On 21 Dec 2012 we were celebrating the RETURN of the GODDESS energy from the underworld on the day that was said to be "THE END OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR".

In Mayan Cosmology there are 9 layers or levels of underworld.

Now, 9 years later, Peresphone is about to cross the 9th doorway.

She entered the Halls of TRANSITION back to LIFE on 12.12.'21

9 years - 9 layers of the underworld being crossed.


Because Peresphone represents the SOUL of ALL that IS ...

She is the COLOUR and the SMELL of flowers and trees,

She is BLISS and JOY when you are vibrating HIGH

She is the the song and the singer, the sung and the singing

She is the ESSENCE which lifts all life up -

but like a flower, when picked her fragrance dies,

her colours vanish

her song is unplugged ...

and her ESSENCE chooses another VESSEL

NOW is the time to PICK UP all our lost soul fragments,

bring togehter the best of each of our past vessels, of every incarnation,

and BUILD on it!

This is the CALL of your SOUL:

FREE ME - and you shall LIVE a LIFE full of GRACE and ABUNDANCE,


to SUSTAIN you is my granted SERVICE!

Let me IN

I AM your SOUL,

nudging you,


Building BRIDGES between HEAVEN, EARTH and HELL.



This is the BASE of the Triangle, the pyramid:


And the TIME of their REUNION is NOW!

This Yule - December Solstice and the REBIRTH of the SUN

on Dec. 24.

Now, who is SHE, Kore /Peresphone?

SHE is the SOUL.

SHE is the living substance which can and will NEVER perish

but is EVOLVING with every experience and consious decision.

SHE is the one who in her innocence and sincerity conquered the HEART of darkness,

so she had to follow the call and FALL ... fall out of her Angelic Dream, right into the physical world ...

and then even LOWER down, into the ABYSS if DESPAIR ...

Abducted, abused, ...

but never defeated!

SHE has preserverd the PRIMORDIAL LIGHT in her HEART

and she is NOW waiting in the HALLS of TRANSITION for our VISIT,

for our INVITATION to Her to NOURISH ans SUSTAIN us again,

and REVITALIZE our entire 4-body system,


Peresphone's Sacred REALM,

where she found refuge in her darkest hours and

was HEALED from the darkest imprints of memory -

just as WE SHALL BE HEALED and RESTORED by the LIGHT of the TORCH which she lit down there:




Peresphone's / Core's TORCH of ASCENSION is LIGHTING UP the Crystalline White Light CREATRIX ...

the Temple of Ascension at the Etheric Retreat over LUXOR and the HATHORS

are transmitting the Purity of the Rainbow Serpent's LIQUID WHITE LIGHT PLASMA now

throughout Mother Earth's White Light Net of Protection and Ascension,

greeting the RETURNING DAUGHTER, our SOUL at the verge of REUNION with ourSELF!

On Dec. 21 we CELEBRATE our REUNION with HER, our SOUL ESSENCE, which is returning to us now,

HEALED and WHOLE, LOVING and WISE, firmly grounded in Divine Will and UNITY consciousness.

Peresphone, my SOUL, WELCOME HOME, which is where I AM HERE AND NOW!

And so it IS!

Use these 9 days, starting out today, Dec. 13,2021

to accompany your SOUL back to yourSELF HERE AND NOW!

Gather together all soul fragments, if there are any, and BRING THEM BACK to the LIGHT with you in these days now

before the 21st!

On Dec. 19, 2021 I AM to receive Peresphone's message to SHARE with the world.

SHE is the ONE who carries all the seeds of WISDOM needed now

for the NEW WORLD to SPROUT and FLOURISH from 21 Dec 2021 onwards!

This date, 21-12-'21 marks the lowest point of human devolution - and thus the TURNING POINT, too!

More to come.

Sonja Myriel

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on December 19, 2012 at 3:33pm

Queen of the damned ... this reminds me so much of Peresphone's dream, dear Anush, it'S AMAZING! Thank you for sharing :-)


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