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What is Living Ascension in the 5th Dimension?

We hear a lot about the concept of ascension at this time, and although many people know exactly what this means, it sometimes helps to read a bit more about it. It has disturbed me to hear a couple of people doubting that this potential for human ascension exists at this time. Osiris is the ancient teacher of ascension, and he communicates his teachings via Jacqui Gilbert. These communications form the basis of some published books, along with discussions. So, here is some discussed information from Book One: Upliftment of Consciousness, for anybody who is interested:

"Currently, because the bulk of both humanity and the Earth have made progress from the lowly levels of the 3rd dimension, we are resident in the 4th dimension of pure physicality. Nevertheless, we still feel separated from the Godhead, because living in the 4th dimension means that the divide between the physical dimensions and the spiritual, 5th dimension is still so vast that we feel our connection to the unconditional love of the Godhead is severed.

Experiencing the physical, overly dominant 3rd or 4th dimension consciousness as we do, our lives remain distinctly spiritually unbalanced. Shifting our physical lifetime experiences higher into the spiritualised physical reality state of the 5th dimension is the challenge of living ascension. Generally, the unconscious desire of the soul presence within humanity is to reconnect to the state of being of the Godhead and to communicate within the higher dimensions properly again. But, not many people want to die in the process in order to do this. To this end we seek physical and spiritual balance in our lives and call it the search for meaning. Until we find out how to achieve this state of spiritualised physicality in our human lifetimes we will continue to go around and around on the revolving wheel of reincarnation, or Wheel of Karma, as the Light Beings call it, interminably discontented.

As physical human beings, we need to, once again, learn to resonate with the higher frequency states of Bliss. We call this new, balanced, blended experience of life in which neither physicality nor spirituality is sacrificed, living ascension. The living ascension process is the natural result of increased resonance and expanded awareness, and this awareness is a consequence of the upliftment of consciousness.

The reason that our dissatisfaction is virtually guaranteed in any purely physical dimension is very simple: we are looking for both meaning and how to reconnect and communicate with the consciousness of the Godhead predominantly in the wrong place. This is because we are disconnected from Divine Truth. Firstly, we are looking for answers 'out there' in the external world of our lives and secondly, we have been grossly misinformed for centuries by those power mongers who want to maintain their material power base on Earth. As a result of this toxic combination we have drunk many a putrid cup of concocted 'wisdom' and 'knowledge' and swallowed many a bitter pill of pain and suffering. The net result is that we have achieved passage to lifetime after lifetime of seemingly worthless lives along the reincarnation pathway on Earth."

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 9, 2012 at 8:04pm

Interesting ... I would like to connect your blog to another one which is also on dimensions and ascension ... 



Sonja MYriel

Comment by william abbott on July 9, 2012 at 9:50pm

Well worded :0) Sonja love your work and overall energy.

I  am enjoying relaxing within the gentle embrace of Gaia and allowing her to lead the way .

Thanks for your guidance love and light .


Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 9, 2012 at 11:00pm

For you, William:


Sonja Myriel

Comment by Gary WalkNCrow Cooke on July 10, 2012 at 12:58am

:)) Peace, Love and Light. Namaste :))

Comment by william abbott on July 10, 2012 at 7:33am

I would like to share an experience.

when I was 7 my mother and her boyfriend lived in a small town called Rotowaro it was a small town in New Zealand.

There were 2 houses we the children My older brother of nine and myself  were made to sleep in the second house  it was a frightening experience and we would often cry ourselves to sleep .

On one of the many occasions I was awakened from what sounded  like chanting it was very loud it was coming from my brothers room I jumped out of bed and saw a very old Maori lady shaking my brother and speaking in a different language she saw me looked for a moment smiled then left.

My brother was beside himself with worry and shock so I comforted him and we both stayed in my room for the evening later that night our TV turned itself on not very strange in that house as things were turning themselves on and of all over the property.  At first there was only static  but then a strange man a paired on the screen  he was a black man with a Afro that literally stood  on its ends.

He was sitting around a fire with what looked like disciples as they were very attentive to his needs.

The screen then changed to what looked like a catholic priest and he spoke about miracles and that he was sent to investigate the Afro man   .

The screen changes again and this time there was another person this person looking back seemed like a scholar or scientist and he also was talking about the Afro Man and he was also going to test to see if his miracles were real.

Next the TV was again back at the fire and there now was the priest and the scholar The Afro man acknowledged  them both  and it seemed like he recognized me also and seemed to smile right at me.

He then started making powder come from his hands I mean lots and lots he filled pot after pot he then grabbed the powder and made items out of it jewelery crosses rings etc...

both the Priest and the Scholar both had shocked looks on there faces and the Afro Man danced and laughed like a child I remember laughing with him and jumping around.

The other men despaired and then the man spoke it seemed like to me this is what he said.

I am not God or Guru (I was thinking actually that he was god) But he said I am neither God Nor Guru I am the potential that all has to aspire to.

There are no right or wrong ways only ways.

Let the heart lead in all that you do or say.

Do not fear love will show the way the TV then turned of and I had a warmth about be in fact I also had a smile from ear to ear and I had no idea why.

That was my first contact with SAI BABA  but not my last as on another occasion I was taken to a temple and taught some things .

I have quite a few experiences with the like and I will share them as time goes on .

I just would like to let the people know who have doubts this is real these experiences are not unique we are indeed in a very special time of existence. 

LOVE can show you the way in fact love is all that is needed there is an abundance of love everywhere you look at times it may feel elusive but fill your heart alow your love to seek love and your life will follow along your true journey .

William   Thanks for listening .

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 12, 2012 at 1:44pm

Thank you so mch for sharing, William!

Wouldn't you like to post this under the title Sai Baba in our Ascended Master Realm as a separate discussion? I would love to share it with others!

Your story also reminds me of the merging of dimensions, lol ;-)

It must have been a frightening experience, though, for those who did not understand what was going on!


Sonja Myriel

Comment by william abbott on July 12, 2012 at 9:19pm

OK thanks for helping a newbie I really appreciate it.

At first it was but I was captivated by Sai,s joyful childlike spirit. In fact at times when needed there is still some contact but as I grew older and cemented within the illusion (3d existence) it became more differ cult to merge through the Vail.

At some stages in my life I was meditating 7+ hours per day and entering the etheric realm what I called the static as its like a TV with no signal where you become the static and only have a presents of self . I must say it scared the bigeebeeez out of me when if first happened as it was like knowing you had arms and legs but they were not there any more. But I meditated on fear then death and realized nothing dies only transforms  , This para dime sorted the issue with fear and the exercise could continue. This was done over 6 months of meditating.  I then realized that the techniques needed to progress involved hibernation breathing and shi shoei ching exercises that would need many more hours of training so as  I had family responsibilities  I postponed the latter parts of the training .

The energy at present is very strong and I have found less preparation is needed and recently while performing a light body meditation after a 12 Chakra cleansing  and a little work with the new 13th chakra above the soul chakra  I perforned a walk in into my light body . and traveled through the solar plexus chakra , I had planed to hover as  its a good way to realign the illusion  consciousness with the reality self However the reality self (light body lead me to  a Chrystal chamber which  felt like Shambala  it was within the earth . It was a light body exercise & was genuine as I experienced the Bliss I then opened up and they worked on my light body I then returned through the Solar Plexus Chakra then back into to the thyroid gland by the heart chakra however the heart chakra expands over the Gland  Its in the gland where I built a little house where the true self lives and I visit and merge its a exercise that shifts the consciousness back into the light body true self and the two realms can start to consciously co exist. That is where I am at at present however there have been 3 visits to the chamber and 1 to a large vessel of world.

I am a late starter I feel but I am getting there and I use any spare time helping people realize what is happening in the best way suited to them learning. Its a gift I have always had I know when and how a person is feeling and I have the ability to bring forth the correct way of allowing the person to find out whats needed for them to reline with there souls purpose. Sort of a impath thing.

I met my first physical master when I was 16 or there a bouts and I was instructed in the 4 step enlightenment kung . Its an ancient method that Pao Jaco and dA Mo Buddha introduced into china in 495 AD  however it is the 4 step method taught by Guatama Buddha.

I learned the Yi Gin Ching Muscle Tendon Changing Classic and later the shii soei ching Marrow brain washing classic.

The third step involved merging with the light body and the forth entering the door hense the hibernation breathing was needed as the time frame differs in the realms and the body would simply waste away unless the functions were slowed.

It involved using the skin as the third lung and absorbing the energy this way as this has a lesser impact on the energy needed.

Anyway when the spirit is raised into the brain it activates the cells and one experiences a time where by the body auric field around the head is charged this causes the halo that many no today.

Similar to kundalini but slightly different.

The spirit can then leave the body partially or permanently through the 3rd eye chakra.

I performed the first 2 stages  and am working on the 3rd at present .

However I have been lead to many understandings recently and I am working towards manifesting a method that can take into account the so many many many more spiritual tools that now present themselves in this place at these times within the 3d existence.

Hope I have not talked you to sleep thanks for your love it is greatly accepted and returned.

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 12, 2012 at 9:53pm

WOW! So you have been trained since your early childhood and seem to be ready now to pass on your expertise in travelling the dimensions ... Much of what you say resonates deeply within my being ... one topic which I find very interesting is using the skin as kind of a third lung ... I will have to try this out!

Your gift to teach exactly what is needed ... or not teach but bring people to realize what is needed reminds me of one of the Greek philosophers who did exactly the same ... was it Aristotle? Well - whoever - it is TRULY a GIFT!

The 12 Chakra clearing has me also thinking ... Could you tell me where they are exactly and how you do it? I am currently working on cleansing my 7 chakras and would love to update my progaramme, lol ;-)

LOVE LIGHT BLESSINGS, dear William, and thank you for the detailed description of your eperiences,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by william abbott on July 13, 2012 at 2:18am

I would love to.

Thank you for the honor . I will first list the Chakras all 13 of them I will then explain to my limited level of knowledge there functions

Lower Earth Chakra  in fact there are 3 here tat make up one Transference chakra between you and Gaia. It is on the heal of each foot with feet flat on the ground build an inverted triangle facing down with the point into gaia depending on location it will be shorter if you are standing on the ground already but longer if you are within a building allow the point to merge with Gaia about 3 feet within the earth. This I call the earth grid Chakra.

There are also smaller gateways within the centers of each foot I call them secondary gateways. They are used to sense and ground with nature .

We can call this Chakra 0 Earth Chakra

We now move into the chakra 1 Base Root Chakra this is a very important chakra and as it is used for raising energy into the other chakras activating them.

It is also used for raising energy into the mind where by you are able to activate dormant cells to the 100% capability this enables one to understand the higher aspects of the training and to create strong enough EMF,S Electric Magnetic fields  that can lead the energy to parts of the body for activation and cleansing. Also marrow washing or rejuvenation if needed.

The 2nd Chakra is also called the Dantien or Sacral Chakra.

This is also important as it can be used to balance the energy of yourself or your partner during sexual intercourse using the testicles or the ovary also this is done while sleeping as you will find that your out breath becomes your partners in breath as you merge into a 2 person 1 breath cycle.

It can be useful if your partner is at a level where they can understand the practice both are able to benefit greatly from shared sexual practices there are many that I can add at a later date if requested.

Chakra 3 Solar Plexus Chakra . One of the 2 preferred places of spiritual practices beyond the body.

Very convenient as the thyroid Gland and Heart chakra is in close proximity and it is here where the spirit body can be reconnected with  and once a relationship has been reformed a merging is able to take place that enables one to leave the 3d dimension into the 5th etc.... Where you can go is dependent on your current frequency radiated and your ability to change frequency's. this is also connected to the adrenal glands and the pancreas.

4th Chakra The heart Chakra This is the foundation of the 3d as it is this chakra that resonates and transmutes the vibrational frequencies of the upper 3 chakras  the throat chakra the 3rd eye chakra and the Bahui or connection to the devine chakra. is is also close to the thymus gland  where the higher spirit body resides.

5th chakra Throat Chakra This is a very important tool or chakra as it translates the inner message into the external communications within the 3d existence.

It is here that we can practice correct speech from within from the spirit body divine self.

It also gives us the opportunity to gain control so to speak of the ego as it manifests.

It is also close to the Thyroid gland and the parathyroid glands .

6th Chakra 3rd eye chakra It is here that the spirit body can also leave the body it is useful in communicating with higher dimensions and also for receiving insight gained from such encounters this information is fed to the consciousness and one experiences insight about the higher aspects of the kung. Training. This is also used for activation of the pineal hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

7th Chakra The Bahui this is an important chakra as just as the 0 Earth Chakra communicates with the earth based systems the 7th chakra system communicates with the higher dimensions.

It is your connection to the divine and all there in which is everything past present future .

These 0-7 chakras will help you to understand your connection within the Earth Gaia system the next 8-12 will help you to understand your place within the universe.

It is here that you start to leave the self initiated existence and move to a non self more expansive reality .

Comment by william abbott on July 13, 2012 at 2:26am

Small miss print its thymus not thyroid am I able to change it thanks.


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