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WHAT IS IT LIKE IN SPIRIT? - Eileen Zizzecli Coleman

Trance Group 16th August 2017


I had asked for questions to be thought about and brought forward at the appropriate time for today’s session, which turned out to be quite an emotional one. After cleansing ourselves with golden light, we sent our roots down deep in the caverns of Earth.

As we stand around the healing lake in a cavern deep within Earth’s crust, a beam of white light comes down into the centre of the lake and there is a bridge for us to walk across and enter into this light. The beam acts as an elevator and very gently lifts us up into the higher realms of Love and Light.

(I asked the girls to step out of this beam of Light onto a beautiful cloud where your guides will join you to speak with you, and to help you in whatever way is right for you at this time. I then left them for a while to adjust to the energies).

You may now bring yourself back into the elevator of Light and journey down into your heart space. You are now linked to the heavenly realms and also anchored to Earth, you are in that place of deepest Love.

We are in that place of deepest Love and respect for our elders, and we come among you to help you and listen to the queryings of your mind. We are open for a discussion of sorts and hope you will question us, and we will do our best to answer you. We may not have all the answers you require at this time, but these will come in the foreseeable future. We do our best to open this conduit of Light that reaches out to you and we hope you will reciprocate and challenge us!

There is an opening for many of you on this highway of Light and we see that you listen to the prodding’s and poking’s and enable a massive turnaround of energies that circumference the globe at this time. Please believe we are here to help, and we do whatever we can to guide you thoughtfully along this highway of Love.

My dear, we believe you do have a question for us!

Q. Thank you for coming today! Can I please ask how I can communicate with my spirit guides?

There is a growing network of energies that enable a strengthening of communications such as these, and we feel you drawing closer and closer into that network of Light. These communications will be forthcoming on a higher level and it is through practice that perfection will be achieved, as with all things, practice makes perfect. We feel your Love Light drawing ever closer and we admonish those who would stand in your way, for this is of great purpose. The energies within and around you are growing brighter and stronger!

Q. Can I ask if meditating and praying will draw me closer to them?

This is indeed conversation on the higher realms, the higher dimensions, listening to your heart. Speak with your heart and listen to the answers that you will receive and it will be abundantly clear that you are on the right pathway. This is how we communicate and you need that quietness to hear us. The hustle and bustle of your world sometimes holds you back from hearing what we have to say to you, and it is in those quieter moments of contemplation that we can be heard. Write down those thoughts that enter your mind and look and see what it is we are trying to say to you. We always listen to you my friend. Thank you.

It is the will of those in the higher realms for mankind to open their hearts and to respond to us, to take that time out to listen, and to believe. We come armed with a special brand of courage to enable you to step forward into that beam of Light and become one with us. In those quiet times when you need help and someone to talk to, we are always here! We depend on you as we listen to the workings of the minds of mankind, their ups and downs, their fears, their hopes and dreams for a better world. And we come to assist, it is as simple as that! We are here to help you in your endeavours and we do believe you have already come on in great leaps and bounds! We see your lights growing stronger and we are most proud of your achievements. It means that we are actually getting somehow, we are actually making a difference!

Q. Can I ask what it’s like in Spirit?

It is vibrant and full of Light, it is joy and happiness personified, it is all you would wish for and could ever hope for. It is ‘magnificent’!

(I can hear my chair creaking at this point in the recording and remember that it is here I leaned forward in joy of describing those heavenly realms).

It is not dissimilar to your world but the brightness and the colours are magnificent, the life forms upon our world glow with that inner light and the music from the heavenly spheres are welcomed with open arms. We bring great joy, great happiness to those among us, and you will see, you will get glimpses of these heavenly spheres in your dreams and even in your waking moments. This is why meditation is so important, it joins us together on a deeper level and helps us convey more than can be expressed in worldly terms.

We liken it unto a boat upon the waters, sailing through the tunnels and out into the wider oceans, there is so much to explore it is limitless! And we welcome you here with open arms to join with us, and those that have passed over join with us here, they come from many dimensions.

There are many from your world who are here with us, we join together to give you that initiative not to give up hope but to know of the heavenly wonders that await you here in the most beautiful splendour. And the animal kingdom and the bird population, they are all here, awaiting your visits.

Q. Can I ask, what happens to all the animals in the world who are treated badly whilst here on Earth?

They join that greater life force energy as do you, and there are many here who were ill-treated that run now, joyfully, across those meadows. We welcome them with open hearts and treat their wounds, and give them the greatest Love. They shall not be forgotten!

Q. There are so many animals that suffer on this Earth, while alive is there anything we can do to help them?

But you do this, my dear, already! You send out those healing vibrations and that is all we can ask for. There is much being done to help those little souls that bring much joy to the people of Earth. They are being helped, do not fret or be fearful, the expanses of Heaven are vast, there is room for everyone! The dandelion and the tulip shall stand alongside each other in greatest Love and energy. All plant forms, all lifeforms are welcomed and rejuvenated.

There are sanctuaries here especially for those who have suffered and fallen and there are many that work here to help those souls, they are received with the greatest Love. They live amongst each other with no venom, no hostility, they live alongside one another in Peace. The Lion walks with the lamb, their frequencies are different to those on the Earth plane. And the children also that have suffered are received into nurseries of the most loving energy, and they too walk among the animals and frolic and play and are uplifted! We all work together to create greater harmony.

Q. When it is my time to pass, will I be able to be with my family and friends?

When your time to pass comes, my child, you will have made many more wondrous friends on the Earth plane, and when you come back home there will be many friends awaiting you here, not only from those in this lifetime but from those in previous ones! (There was a very emotional feeling here). And there are children here awaiting your return! You are much loved, there is nothing to fear, there is only Love and you are most cherished, never forget that! Thank you.


here is one in particular here who wishes to say something to you!

A very strong energy came forward and spoke purposefully and powerfully.

We stand strong and true and await your return but this will not be for some time! We know you will return to us, but we wish you to carry on with your journey on Earth. There is so much more that you have to do and we are with you every single day. There is a blending of energies which can occur that will help us to come closer into your energy field and we do believe you will gain greater strength by this. Just think of us and we will be there by your side! We acknowledge your feelings of doubt and despair at times but this shall become a thing of the past. You must go forward, don’t hang back, make this journey count like no other! We feel that bond of friendship, that bond of Love and we ‘know’ you ‘will’ win through the doubt and discord. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing you achieve this, and we put this garland of golden flowers around your neck to give you added strength. Thank you.

We ask you to accept this and know that it comes from the heart of God.

I accept it with all my Love and thank you!

Go into that Peace and feel the Love. We blend with the energies and bring about a greater state of absolution, for all is well, all is as it should be in Heaven and here on Earth.

We thank the Great Spirit for drawing close to us this afternoon and helping us with this experiment. We thank our guides and inspirers for the Peace and the healing. We ask for Love and Light to go out to all those who need that greater strength and that Love and healing energy. We send this to our friend who couldn’t be here today and to all our families. For all those on healing lists around the entire globe, we ask that the Love, the Light and the healing energies will manifest for them and bring them to that place destined in the greatest Love. Amen.

When she walked across the bridge at the beginning of the meditation Cathy saw a white stag. When she asked about the animals, she could see the Lion and the Lamb and the beautiful green meadows and it made her very emotional.

Cathy felt it was probably her Nan and her Aunt Doll who had come forward and sometimes her Dad just stands behind them sending his Love. Cathy felt as if she was floating out of her chair when they spoke to her.

Belinda felt someone with her a Mick or Mickey and she told them she was not here for linking in for mediumship. This had her plummeting down to a lower level of relaxation. Cathy told us she knew a Mick who used to live above her Aunt Doll, but wasn’t sure if he had passed over, he was also into Spiritualism like her Aunt.

Eileen assured Belinda that it was alright to share whatever she received at the time as this is all an experiment under the watchful eye of Spirit. It is possible to have three-way conversations spirit to spirit, so that we are all connected.

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on August 18, 2017 at 12:40am

Thank you so much Eileen for sharing these messages with us

Blessings of Light and Love,


Comment by Eileen Coleman on August 18, 2017 at 9:42am

Thank you Ishema, I asked if it was OK to do this and this is what they said!


Great Spirit, Heavenly Father, we are so in awe of the Love that you shine upon us and the words of wisdom that you whisper in our ears. We are so thankful for the friends who gather around us and support us and encourage us in our journey of enlightenment. I pray Great Spirit that you will draw close to me now and listen as I ask you a question.

Would it be appropriate dear friends, for me to suggest to the group that they write down some questions of their own, that they can ask next week when we are all gathered together once more. Can you tell me if this is something you would agree to?

We intend a dry run and we shall be there with you as you put these questions to us, and we will, by trial and error, get this right. We shall be prepared for all eventualities and in this we are most grateful to you for your suggestion.  We begin to make a map so to speak, we begin to build upon that Love and trust and we come armed with the knowledge you seek, for it is there deep within you all. We tap into those reserves of energy that will allow us to broadcast what is necessary for these meetings, and we hope you will allow us a little savvy! (Shrewdness, the ability to make good judgements).

I can now see a Frenchman from the television series, Versailles.

We allow you a little respite from your chores!

Thank you, friends, I’ve been meaning to come out all day to speak with you, but I’ve been busy cleaning and such like.

And idling with your fingers on the phone!

(I had to laugh here as I had indeed been messaging friends on my phone).

We see the choices you make and we see and feel the necessity of these meetings for your very soul. This has been brought about by a great gust of energy sweeping across the land and we register your distress at intervals of unrest. These shall be brought into the equation to measure the durability of our actions and to cease all hostilities in the bosom of mankind.

We have grown weary of the exploits of those that barge their way through the world, disturbing the peace and curtailing any joy. We have detonated a series of strikes that will cover a larger area in purposeful pursuit of those who challenge the establishment! This shall not go unnoticed in the Houses of Parliament and we put it to you, most succinctly, that we have remained in a calm and aloof position to enable this to happen with greater strength and ease. There are those who are brought to justice that beggar belief, but we understand now the workings of the human mind and put it to you that we, in the higher realms, are on a crusade of sorts that will put the world to rights!

We make adjustments where they are due and we ask you to stand on guard and relish this journey you are on. It is no mean feat, the accomplishments that have been made, and we do indeed embark on a journey of the greatest necessity to overcome the malfunctions on Earth that have created and caused havoc in every nook and cranny. This shall be rectified and those brought to account who have been led astray.

We devise a new strategy and propel you further upstream to accept and to wait our further instructions. We have been mealy mouthed in the past but this is about to end, for more information is gushing through at an alarming rate, emptying the coffers and producing a higher yield of more substantial nourishment. This is a bargaining process that cannot be stopped or underrated, it brings with it a mammoth stream of energy surpassed that will allow greater involvement with those in the know. Please prepare yourselves for this quest for these are no idle measures of that you can be sure.

We are transparent in our undertakings and bless you for coming aboard, for we know there are greater deliberations within your heart that shall reap the benefit of a lifetimes work. God speed little one. We keep you safe and forever within our hearts, and we request a time of going within every single day, this will strengthen our connection and bring greater sway in our recordings. Thank you, friends, thank you.


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