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Trance Group 9th August 2017

(After opening in prayer, our friend drummed as we sang the drumming chant below).

We are rising up like the Phoenix from the fire, brothers and sisters spread your wings and fly higher. Flying high . . . we are flying higher, higher! We repeated three times.

(After taking the group through the process of relaxation, our Star friends drew closer and closer, blending with me).

We are Light and we are Love and we spend this next 15 minutes or so going back into that beautiful womb of Light that replenishes our energies and helps us to grow as human beings and as the spiritual creatures we are, engulfed in the greatest Love that surpasses all understanding. Go into that loving energy and fly, fly on those wings of Love and enjoy. Enjoy this experience, become one with us, your most beloved companions!

(I felt a smiling, gentle presence with me).

We rise like the phoenix from the fire, higher and higher, spread your wings and fly higher than ever before into those beautiful realms of Light. We welcome you with open arms, we welcome you to those lands of Love and Light.

This has been a most auspicious occasion to welcome you here to come among us so that we may blend our energies together, so that you may see for yourselves that we are ‘one’. There can be no separation. We relay the stories of our youth and come among you. (Long pause here).

There has been a settling of energies and we are now ready to answer your questions if there are any that linger in your minds!

(Thank you for joining us, we feel your energies are very strong! May I ask your name please)?

(I really struggled here as no name was forthcoming, it was as if they couldn’t bring a name forward in a way that could be pronounced or verbalised. Eventually I got an M sound and then Melis . . .Melisand . . . Melisandre).

(We welcome you)!

The vibrancy of your Love brings us closer and closer together. We feel that strength of purpose within you, we feel the envelopes which you have been given are opening, you are being made aware of the gifts you bring to Earth. You are all sheltered and protected by our Love and you will know this from deep within the very core of your being, this is so, is it not?

(Yes, we know this, we feel it deeply, thank you)!

There is much to learn for all of you, much still to take on board and to be utilised in your journeyings. We help you to assimilate the energies, to enhance them, to make them more durable for a lengthier time so that all may be accomplished and brought together to assist in your growth.

Q. Do you connect with our consciousness when we are giving healing?

We feel these connections most powerfully and strongly, we amalgamate the energies and bring you closer into our orbit so that you may manifest what is needed for the participants upon your couches, and we come to aid and abet you in your endeavours. We strike out to reach that heavenly point of reference.

Q. The phrase Star seeds, comes to my mind, does that mean anything with you?

It brings a warmth to our hearts to hear you speak thus. We do indeed come from that seed of Light, that Star reference. We amalgamate with many star systems, we share responsibility for those on Earth and we come to help in whatever way we can, to enlighten you to your heritage, to those stars from whence you were borne.

Q. What can we do, ourselves, to help the Earth and mankind when the leaders on our planet seem to be obsessed with power, pain, war, ego?

This will drop away, this cannot be held for a lengthy period of time any longer. This will slip into oblivion as the energies increase and manifest in greater strength and velocity. We are indeed rising up, higher and higher, those that cannot join us will be left behind. They will belong to a different regime that cannot hold these frequencies, but those that can will start a new world of grace and energy unsurpassed. We raise you up to come with us!

(It may have been at this point that I raised my arms, like wings and held them there for some time as if they were held there by clouds of Love).

We are borne on the wings of Love. We are indebted to you for your help in this matter, and there are those in the darkness that shall rise to the surface and become one with us. There is more being done than you can ever know behind the scenes. There are those in the spirit realms that give much energy to this situation, they are working tirelessly to help the children of Earth who shall be borne into a new dimension. And those on the lower planes that are happy with their lot shall remain, but those that wish to rise and become one with us, this shall be so!

The little ones are working with us to help in this endeavour, the Light shines strongly within them, and they shall help at each time right for them. That flame of Love shall be ignited within their breast and they will bring such strength and wisdom to the fore, helping you to sustain your energies as you work alongside us.

There is great joy in the heavenly realms as we watch you. There is much still to do but we shepherd you along, helping as best we may to convince you that, that Light within, those whisperings within your heart and mind are of truth and not of your own violation. Listen to the Angel within!

We spread our Light wisely and circumference the globe, asking you not to be put out or put off by those who try to tamper with your energy fields, who try to put you off with words of discomfort or discord. This shall not be the way for you are stronger than this. Stand in your power, stand in your Light!

(At this point a gust of wind blew the closed curtains into the sanctuary and we could hear the chimes tinkling away).

Q. Is the sound OHM special to you and would it be beneficial when we are standing in our Light to share this with the universe?

Shall we test this out, shall we sing?  (We all then chanted Ohm three times).

OHM . . . OHM . . . OHM!

Feel the strength this brings, feel that connection to the source from whence you came. This is powerful stuff, powerful energy and can be used whenever you feel the need, and is indeed a blessing upon yourselves, upon us and upon the Great Divine.

(We send Love, Peace and blessings to the universe).

We thank you! Melisandre.

(They used the name again and I wasn't expecting it, so it seems this is confirmation).

May God’s blessing go with you and may we strengthen this bond of Love and affection upon the Earth plane.

(Thank you, we hope so).

Q. My hands at the moment are absolutely burning up, would there be a reason for this?

Our sitter’s hands also burn with the Light of Love, with the energy being brought through, which you use in your healing work and carry with you wherever you go. This is your proof, your identification with us. This is the awakening of Love that pours through you and is used and utilised by all you come in contact with.

(We send out this power of Love and Light to the universe and to Mother Earth).

We do indeed. And to your friends and your families and those far, far beyond. To all Healers and Light workers on this Earth, we send Love, healing and protection to everyone. To all life forms, to the animal kingdom, to the birds of the air, to those that crawl and creep upon the Earth that nurture and nourish your plants and your trees, your beautiful trees. And to your Sun and to the heavenly cosmos, to all life forms on other planets and Star systems, to our brothers and sisters, we thank you for your Love, we thank you for your energy, we thank you!

(I felt my North American Indian connection came forward at this point to round off the session).

We thank also the rivers and streams, the oceans! May God’s blessings go with you and may you walk in Peace forever more. Go now armed with Love out into the highways and byways on Earth and share with others that which you have learnt. Do not hide your Lights under a bushel, share, share, share!

And so, we go now and leave you in Peace to partake of the rest of your day. Thank you, dear sisters of Light we honour you and bless you and always watch over you with bated breath as we see you expanding, growing and learning so much, and understanding so much! It brings us the greatest joy to watch this process and to know that we, on our side, are doing the job we came to do, to come among you and to whisper those words of encouragement in your ear so that you may trust your inner self, that intuition that tells you whether something is right or wrong.

There are some things that should not be touched, even with a barge pole but we know you do listen and we are encouraged by this, so well done, well done to you both! And we look forward to meeting up with you again, and in formats such as these where we can talk to one another, and we hope and pray that our discussions will become stronger and more easily taken up. We are all getting used to the energies that are coming in and being utilised by all of us.

Farewell dear hearts!

(Thank you for joining us today, and we look forward to the next time)

We thank you, until the next time, au revoir!

(The reverence to envelopes and the French farewell make me wonder if White Cloud is around, or whether it is Sitting Bull. Again, we shall find out more as we progress with these sessions).

(Looking up on the internet I found this description of the name we were given. Perhaps we will find out more at some point if they join us again).

Melisende of Jerusalem
Melisende of Jerusalem is an important person. She was most prominent from 1218 to 1233. Melisende was born as the child of Aimery of Cyprus and Isabella I of Jerusalem in 1200 in Holy Land.


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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on August 13, 2017 at 2:40am

Thank you Eileen for these inspiring messages,

This part of the message is comforting and reassuring to me:

Q. What can we do, ourselves, to help the Earth and mankind when the leaders on our planet seem to be obsessed with power, pain, war, ego?

This will drop away, this cannot be held for a lengthy period of time any longer. This will slip into oblivion as the energies increase and manifest in greater strength and velocity. We are indeed rising up, higher and higher, those that cannot join us will be left behind. They will belong to a different regime that cannot hold these frequencies, but those that can will start a new world of grace and energy unsurpassed. We raise you up to come with us!

With gratitude and love,


Comment by Eileen Coleman on August 13, 2017 at 10:17am

Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on August 13, 2017 at 4:06pm

Dear Eileen,

Yes, who are not ready yet, we should try to make them ready for Ascension and so that they also can join with such type of Healing...



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