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24th May 2017 – Trance Group

I thought I was going to have to cancel group this morning as I fell down the stairs, top to bottom. It’s amazing I didn’t break anything but my back is very swollen not to mention all the other lumps and bruises. With the aid of a special cushion I was able to tune in and enjoy the energies.

There are just two of us sitting in meditation today and almost immediately words started forming in my mind.

May we be so bold as to ask the nature of your journey?

I replied in my head, one of enlightenment!

The other group member answered. I seek to be at one with the truth!

And that is a good answer on both parts! We are known for our searching and seeking for truth.

We are able to glean wisdom on our travels. We seek what is beneficial for all and sundry.

Q. On your travels, do you communicate with any other races apart from the human race?

The human race is but one aspect of our journey.

(I was being shown the universe with billions of stars and planets).

Like a speck on the horizon, there are many life forms of different natures, we, you are just one of many. We are preparing a statement in due course that will be given to the general populace and they, you have been waiting for this for some time now!

Q. Have you been waiting for a special time to do this?

Indeed! We are waiting for that moment when mankind can accept that he is not alone in this universe by any stretch of the imagination! There will be many who answer the call to come to our aid in generating further studies, allowing a greater expansion of minds. We assist you in your journeyings back and forth across the realms of Light, and we do believe you have ample proof of this in your dream state awareness. We travel together being of one mind for the greater good of all.

There have been transgressions upon the Earth plane that have left us speechless! Undeniably it is an extremely ‘rough’ time for those natures of Light and empathy for the human race. We have doubled our exercises in putting to rights the mayhem caused by many of your kind, they do not realise the harm they do. There are perpetrators of heinous crimes who do carry this out with malice aforethought, but there are many too who harm the world without even realising it, having no thought of the consequences of their actions. They shall be brought into line when they hear our words, loud and clear!

Q. What happens to those who have committed acts of barbarity when they pass from this life?

They will be treated with kindness of course! They will be shepherded and shown the truth of their ways, and the impact that it has had on others.

Q. Is there any way of imparting this information to their hearts before they leave this world in order to stop the acts of barbarity?

We are doing the very best we can in enabling the energies to reach all, for yourselves it is an easy task, you welcome in the energies with open arms, but for those of lower natures it takes some time permeate and to register in their subconscious. There will be an evaluation of services to help those that stumble in the darkness of their minds. Some will realise their mistakes, others will not be budged and they will stay in a state of perplexity. It may take longer for some than others, but we are hoping that ‘all’ will be brought into the fold of Light and loving kindness.

We propel you into the Light of Love and thank you for the services you do for mankind, these services will reap great rewards, (click in room) in the fact that you will open up and be able to converse with us on higher levels of vibration. We become, to all intents and purposes, brothers in arms. We do feel a lot of water has gone under the bridge and there have been many mistakes on our part. We recover our senses and walk boldly into that Light of Love, shining our Light on those transgressors who would try to trip us and push us aside. There is no way we shall be held down or held back, we bounce back like a beautiful ball of Light that has wings and we excel in all things.

We ask you to be more open, to listen to our promptings and prodding’s that will bring you into greater alignment. We have no wish to lead you astray for we prepare for a much finer day on this Earth plane. We see a time when all shall gather together in the greatest Love, manifesting an aura around the Earth that shall make her beautiful once more in her truest state, she is after all your Mother, she sustains you.

Many believe this is all ‘claptrap’ and ‘gobbledygook’ but we know, that you know this is not the way. This is furthest from the truth for that which registers in your heart is Truth, is Love of the highest Divine essence, and we bring that Light and Love around us like a cloak, a golden cloak. This will give you protection, this will give you the guidance that you continually seek, and we will be drawn into that main stream of energy for greater prophecy, for greater enlightenment.

Always keep that Love burning brightly and the dark shadows shall fall away and be no more. There are opportunities on the horizon for both of you in different aspects of learning, and we hope to anoint you in the manner of your choosing, for there is free will in all things. Listen to the coaxing of your heart, this is your antennae, this is your home. Step back from darkness and indecision and move forward on this stream of Light that shall encompass you and keep you buoyant. (Loud click). God’s great Love and majesty shall shine around you.

(Loud click). We register the urgency of some of your requests, these shall be looked at most carefully and given the necessary impetus.

I settled back and went deeper into the energies.

There has come about a certain apathy in your world that we are looking at and about to change for the better! This apathy brings many down to a lower level and we anticipate a greater reluctance on your part to express that which needs airing in open forum. There is a greater understanding needed that will allow further elements of mistrust to evaporate so that a settling can occur on a deeper level than before. We know it grieves you to hear us speak thus, but we recommend a clearing out of all clutter in your minds, (click) from those around you that have caused malfunction to your energy levels. We allow a resting and a going within.

The group member present saw white fluffy clouds in a blue sky, there were many pyramids stacking up behind each other graduating up higher and higher. There was a white light too, almost like a very slender candle burning in the middle of this scene.

Afterwards, we sent out healing to those we know who are in great need.

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Comment by Eileen Coleman on May 26, 2017 at 10:51am

This session was cut short quite abruptly, I had gone deeper and heard the words in my mind that they were 'concerned for my safety'. Just at this point there was a loud banging on my door from a neighbour. I jerked back into consciousness and tried to ignore it but they knocked loudly again. It turned out to be a delivery and nothing important enough to be disturbed, but my neighbour didn't realise and thought it was urgent.

I'm not sure if Spirit were referring to my fall earlier or the rude awakening from trance state!  The clearing away of all clutter from the mind to be aired in open forum I shall share with you here. I am usually calm and unruffled by people who make waves so to speak but of late have been agitated by another neighbour who has been determined to ride his motorcycle on a pedestrian shared pathway past the back of our terraced cottages.  We turned a blind eye for the last year but he has increased the number of times he does this and almost rode into us a few times. When he almost knocked into my young grandson that was the last straw and we asked him to use his own access and refrain from riding on the footpath.  He has refused and as you can probably tell, sending out Love to him has been a challenge! At times I have succeeded and even feel sorry for him for not seeing the bigger picture. This is a daily problem I face, overcoming irritations with the power of Love. I'm sure there are many of us that face daily irritations of some kind or another but with LOVE we shall overcome!

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on June 4, 2017 at 2:24am

Thank you Eileen for bringing us this encouragement,

It is much appreciated.

"Always keep that Love burning brightly and the dark shadows shall fall away and be no more."

With gratitude and love,


Comment by maac on June 4, 2017 at 5:03am

Yes indeed, I did too have neighbors that really tried hard to make my life uneasy...I still have one that  up to recently tried so hard to make me angry, but every time I smiled at her...Lately she is being quiet...For how long? I am not sure yet...I keep detached  from dramas as much as I can...Blessings and much Love Eileen, Ishema and all present here...


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