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What does it mean to be in service?

There are many areas you can be of service, or be in service: 
the action of helping or doing work for someone.
"millions are involved in voluntary service"
synonyms: act of assistance, good turn, favour, kindness, helping hand; assistance, help, aid, offices, ministrations
"he has done us a great service"

source: Wikipedia

When we were asked to shed some light on the topic of being in service, how to be of service I already had a text in mind which I wrote in 2013 about True Heart Feelings.
It was about freeing myself from fear of losing some one very dear and close to my Heart and it certainly put me to the test, at that time and yet again. So after wanting to post it out again there also was this hesitation. Like it wasn't finished yet and I needed to create another perspective to add to this question about being in service.

Yesterday when we were waiting in the hospital, I was reading something and I was sharing it with a friend. The reaction I received wasn't what I expected and it made me realize how the truth comes with different perceptions as well. For we all are looking and perceiving things we feel, sense, read by the way we were raised, taught, experienced, gender issues and other stuff. Lets not forget the impact religion has on almost all of humanity. Old ways, new ways, they all have their own truth hidden within these experiences that create our perception on Truth and True Heart Feelings.

So I was looking at this article I wrote again and wanted to put it into my perspective from this Now Moment in time. I wanted to reflect again from another point of view, my point of view, for that is the only point I can express myself. I was looking at my own Mayan Galactig Signature, being a Blue Spectral Storm with my qualities and lessons, guidance to be found within and how this relates to being in service.

Blue Spectral Storm: Mayan signature

To come out of the shadow: Step free from judging and denying your experience. Call upon your Higher Self to carry you through intense feelings that accompany profound growth. Turn your transformation over to Spirit.

Life Question: How can I release and let go?

So how can I implement this in my own life, if being in service is not just meant to be in service of others, also being in service for myself. I already have learned that freeing myself from judging myself by standards of others is creating a potential for detachment in regard to my relationships. Our children were great teachers and enabled me as well to become more and more aware of my own character, flaws and all. And this imprint that is grained deep within me as a life question how to release and let go has always been a great stimuli to research, search and dive in my own emotional, psychological and physical environment so to speak, or better expressed as my state of mind at times.

There is also this drive and passion I have found within myself and to be recognized later on in my life time experiences to be in service for others as well. This led to my studies, becoming a therapist and social worker and my own practice at one point in time. It required a certain distance as well as being connected to do the best job I could do, in order to help others to be reconnected again with their own self-worth and self-love. The more I could clear myself and heal along the way the more freedom it created in my attitude towards the people surrounding me, personally or socially as well in my proffessional life.

It became clear to me that in order to be in service means not only to be in service to others, it was reversed, the more I am in service to myself in order to transform my initial emotional wounds the more it enabled me to grow and connect with my spiritual guides and inner voice, which you can call intuition, higher self, nodges by angels or just common sense.

My analytic ability to soar like an eagle above the terrain to see all the details and the bigger picture to put pieces of the whole together was helping out big time as well to come to the core of problems, past and present in order to change the future. And the great passion that was the source of it all, was coming through the Heart, my Love for every human, no matter gender, age, religion, for there I found my true Heart feelings

True Heart Feelings

Why does Fear dictates our ability to the amount of Love, or degree of Love we have for another person and creates this Experience of Pain when trust is involved.
If you speak of Unconditional Love, does that apply to your Self, you as a person, a Be-ing, or does this apply to the love you have for others?

If there is Unconditional Love with Self, there is always the part or aspect of Compassion, Forgiveness, Kindness and Understanding. Knowing you don’t have to Be flawless coming to Earth and willing by choosing your experiences to Bring Home closer to your Heart.
If there is Understanding and Compassion through Awareness this will create also the ability within yourself to be able to look at the steps you make in life with Compassion and Love. In there lies the ability for Forgiveness to your Self by releasing and clearing any old flaws – emotional wounds caused by Fear.

So when do you speak about Forgiveness? Are you looking at the flaws in others and is it easier to forgive them, for Father they didn’t know what they were doing, instead of giving yourself the same intention? Since all the choices and decisions you made through Life that were not Beneficial to you only came out of lack of Knowledge, lack of Awareness, or lack of Self-Love at the time.

Why is it that this is so much more painful and is placing trust in someone else and we are feeling betrayed and hurt when the trust seems to be broken? Or is it easier to look at the other who caused the pain and blame them for the wound they seem to inflict in you? 
And why is it so difficult to make a mence when your trust in someone else is broken if it isn’t about You. Not intentionaly to create a wound which was already there in the first place if your trust comes from fear. Fear of abandoning, fear of not being worthy, fear of not being loved if the true cause lies within lack of Unconditional Love for yourself and you are seeking healing, not within yourself, but outside and place the responsibility in the hands of someone else?

Unconditional Love, Trust, Compassion, Kindness and Awareness starts within You, then the hurt caused by others isn’t about You anymore.
The True Heart Feeling enables you to Love the other one unconditionally as well and then you will find Forgiveness and Compassion, because then you will Be able to see the Truth within the situation and then you can say, it isn’t about Me.

High Self - @RheaDopmeijer
Heartfelt Messages 9-10-2013

And so it will be done

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