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I can see my daughter’s dog, Molly in the clouds again. I sent my Love to her and told her we all miss her very much!

We come respectively from the great mighty Source of all that is and we wish you welcome this most auspicious morning. We are delighted to see that you take note of the cloud formations in your blue sky this morning. We know the weather of late has been poor but we say unto you that there is more in Heaven and Earth for you to contemplate.

I breathed in deeply, looking out at the garden, I just love watching the trees swaying in the warm wind, and the conker tree my husband calls ‘the dancing tree’ shaking its dress of leaves! Just then a wood pigeon settled on the bird bath to take a drink. Oh it gives me so much joy, friends and makes me so happy that I could be of assistance to that bird in some way.

We welcome all of creation to our door and welcome you in once more to our Family of Light. Be not perturbed at events that have surfaced for recognition for we do offer you protection in all things. It has come to our notice that there are many who suffer in your world, simply for the lack of water, clean water, and this is abominable for with no water there is no life. We urge you to be most careful in making sure you keep your fluid intake to the highest level possible. Drink at least three or four glasses of water in each passing hour!

That seems like a lot of water in an hour, have I got that correctly friends?

I’m seeing a constant circulation of water in and around the body, keeping the body clean and free of toxicity, free of stagnation.

I think I could manage three glasses of water, but if I had that every hour throughout the day wouldn’t I be rather water logged?

This cleansing process is necessary to eliminate the poisons from your body which you are breathing in on a daily basis!

So when I think I am outside breathing fresh air, it is anything but fresh!

That is correct!

But even the water may not be as pure as we would like it to be!

At the back of my mind I’m hearing - it’s the lesser of two evils!

I get the feeling you are keeping me chatting until somebody else draws close, so I’ll carry on. We haven’t had much Sun lately at all, so really I should be out in the garden instead of sitting here in my sanctuary, but it’s been nearly a week since I’ve been able to talk to you properly.

Feel free to talk with us, we like to hear your thoughts and to answer any questions!

Let me think, oh yes I was going to ask you about nutrition.

Nutrition is a powerful tool for inspiration and we come close now to alleviate the distress that is present in your earthly lives. The Sun and rain bless your food, brought to your table by those who toil in the fields among the ripened corn. The Sun has blessed the corn with her golden light and we vouch safe a glorious harvest for those who bear witness to our Light, the Light of God, the Son, the Father, residing in your heavens and being brought to bear witness of a greater Light entering your hearts and minds. We do in all honesty ask you to bear witness to us your friends and helpers in other lands far away, far beyond your wildest imagination. And this we bring to your door today, a basket of goodness.

I’m seeing a wicker basket being placed outside the sanctuary with bread and sheaves of corn.

This is symbolic of the Love we bring, the staple diet which is necessary for your wellbeing. We are governed by a greater life force energy and we welcome you to these shores once more to bring in that overture of Love and greatest regard for the people of Earth. We intend to shuttle back and forth and to reside in closer proximity so that we can be there by your side to keep you safe at all times. This is necessary at this moment in your time frame for we do believe a boundless energy, coming your way, will erupt very soon into a crescendo of greatest Love and Joy. We reignite that flame of Love within your breast and keep you to us in the greatest Love and respect for services rendered in your past, present and future!

Thank you dear friends.

We honour proceedings with a powerful rendition of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, Mother of the free and we know you will join with us as we shout it from the mountain tops that we are here now among you all, ready to give our observations and to register your just intent to share with us in this momentous occasion of Love and greatest Joy! We hold you aloft!

I can see someone being carried on the shoulders of the crowd around them.

We are absolutely delighted with how this all pans out and we shall shadow you from morn to night, bringing in a circulation of energies that will manifest and bring in all that is needed to amplify our messages. We delve deeper and deeper into the archives, monitoring our connection at all times, bringing in the help we need from either side. You are surrounded with Love my dear.

I feel like I am contained in a ball of purple Light, rolling along protected by this sphere, nothing harmful can touch me. I feel rather like a hamster moving forward faster and faster in this sphere of Light. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee the little ball has now sprouted wings and a propeller on the front, I’m flying through the air as if in a little spacecraft. Where are we going friends in this gift of protection?

We are moving on to greater commitments, hurtling across the great divide at breakneck speed, all in a matter of moments, and we supersede countless productions of energy that will be given in the nick of time, ready for us to bring you up to date with all that has transpired in your absence.

We bring aboard those golden few who have undoubtedly had great courage for this voyage, and we shall see you to your quarters, instructing you on the whereabouts of your counterparts, who come to take part in this great scenario where we expect the utmost best from each participant, allowing you to touch Earth at this greatest time in Earth’s evolution.

We obey our calling and take you to one side, resurrecting that inner urge to move forward at alarming speed, overcoming all malfunctions and fears of undue honours that we insist you are ready to take on, and with the utmost clarity of expression! And we move now into the arena to give you first-hand experience of what it is like to achieve greater distinction in the circles of your compatriots.

Believe us when we say to you, this will come to fruition in the blink of an eye and we shall be there to resurrect your services and broadcast them to the entire world! You are no shrinking violet, you are born to live and survive the injustices of your world, and we bring you aboard to offer you advice and to accept our congratulations on a job well done! Be it known now in our world of greatest Love that you have made utmost sacrifices to help those around you, and this has been noted! And we tell you now that the greatest sacrifice you have made has been movement in your recovery, movement in self-expression, movement in Love for yourself. Planting that seed of Love in those around you have brightened the core of who you are!

Love comes full circle and as we send out that Love and Light it comes back to us, and that is why you have built this golden sphere of Light around you, and we see these lights around you all, those that shine like the brightest stars, giving their Light to others and receiving from the Great Divine. For once you have learnt to Love yourselves, this sphere of Golden Light around you cannot be broken! Remember to Love yourselves as you Love those around you, this is the most important thing you can do for us, and we uplift your spirits one by one, sanctioning a renewal of energy all around your globe.

I’m seeing the Earth enveloped in a beautiful pink and golden glow of Light, as if fairies are flying around and sprinkling their fairy dust.

Close your eyes and visualise this Light, perhaps when you drink your glasses of water you could visualise this at the same time. Close your eyes and drink purposefully. Visualise this life force energy penetrating your body and at the same time, see the Earth in a bubble of pink and purple Light.

Be thoughtful as you drink, with emphasis on the healing process this will bring you and all mankind, for as you drink your water you are loving yourself, you are honouring your body. And that great wave of Love will circumference the globe of Earth, empowering you for the greater changes coming that will enhance your connection with all of creation.

We depend on you to see this through and to give us all greater cause for celebration in the coming months ahead. We believe in you!

Thank you friends and I believe in you!

And so together my friend, we shall champion the cause of upliftment for mankind, and that is all that can be expected of any of us! And with the Love Light burning brightly, we shall achieve the impossible, a chance to live and Love in a world where dreams really do come true. And we superimpose our thoughts on yours to allow this to happen, to reach out to you upon the Earth plane and this shall be so in greatest Love and Joy. We go forward together in body, mind and Spirit, opening the doorways to Heaven and all that is waiting.

Praise be to God!


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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on July 16, 2016 at 1:50am

Thank you for another encouraging channeling.

With love and gratitude,


Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on July 16, 2016 at 1:56am

Dear Eileen Coleman,

Thanks for sharing your Love and experience...

What we give it come back 100 times...yes.


Comment by Apple Goddess on July 16, 2016 at 2:39am

Beautiful! Interesting about the water!

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 16, 2016 at 8:25am
This IS such an important message: to cleanse and PURIFY our bodies - as our Body IS Part of Mother Earth!!!

I began to pay close attention to my body at about ONE month ago. I am learning a lot about nutrition now and about what IS good for me and what not, building new and healthier eating habits. And yes, I am aware of the fact that I do this not only for me personally but for all connected to Mother Earth, Nature and thus the Universe. WE are preparing ... Preparing for a wave of LOVE LIGHT Frequencies unprecedented ... To BE able to benefit the Most of it it IS advisable to help our bodies through deep rooted cleansing NOW ... As WE transmute all negative imprints of the past this month, WE are contributing our share As the LIGHTGRID Community, too: Soul Family of the Violet Ray and Light come here to RE- UNITE and help in the necessary cleansing process!

Thank you all so much for your presence in my life!!!

Sonja Myriel
Comment by Eileen Coleman on July 16, 2016 at 12:05pm

Thank you so much for your comments, and you are right Myriel there are such exciting times ahead as we prepare to ride this roller coaster of Love, which shall be upon us very soon. The call to drink more water is as you say most important, our frequencies are changing on a daily basis and we need to keep hydrated to cope! Some days I am high on Love, at others I can feel flat and drained, keeping hydrated and being mindful of what we eat helps to keep a balance as we adjust to the new frequencies. 

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 17, 2016 at 7:43pm

So it IS!

Cleansing and clearing on ALL levels WE ARE!

The more we aid this process through conscious nutrition and life style, the EASIER it is on us :-)


Sonja Myriel


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