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Was Oil Spill and Possible Disclosure in the Pyramid Timeline ? Part 1

Was Oil Spill and Possible Disclosure in the Pyramid Timeline art 1

For at least the last 85 years, Pyramid scholars have predicted 2010 as the year "the bottom falls out of the world" -- but this is a necessary
trigger for a coming Golden Age. Historical events are now unfolding in
real time, validating ancient prophecies!

If you haven't yet watched our new release, 2012 Event Horizon, I recommend it -- as I give valuable information in the video that I'm not
going to reiterate here, due to time constraints.

Suffice it to say that in 1864, Piazzi Smyth discovered a key alignment involving the Great Pyramid, where the former pole-star Alpha Draconis
shined down to the bottom of the Descending Passage while Alcyone of the
Pleiades was directly overhead -- in about 2170 BC. (It was later
corrected to 2141 BC.)

Pyramid researcher Robert Menzies had already theorized that the passages within the Great Pyramid were a "Message in Stone," conveying
historical information.

After finding out about Smyth's alignment, Menzies expected to find a marker inside the Descending Passage that would indicate where you would
begin counting a hypothetical timeline, expressed in Pyramid Inches.

Sure enough, Smyth noticed that the "Scored Lines" fit the intended description very nicely. And once you began counting "one inch equals
one year" from this point, all sorts of highly noteworthy events in
history jump out as key points where the passages change.

What's so cool about Pyramid Inches is there are exactly 500 million of them in the diameter of the Earth from the North Pole, through the
center, to the South Pole. They amount to 1.00106 British inches in

Therefore, it appears the Pyramid's designer scaled everything to the natural measurements of the Earth in a very precise manner.


Even well-meaning and polite readers of my material often have trouble believing in the Pyramid Timeline, so I've gone significantly out of my
way to strengthen the Pyramid data in my upcoming book 2012 Enigma:
Blueprints for a Golden Age,
which should be available as of late
this Fall.
I must admit that the complexity of this section of the book has been nothing short of staggering to work on -- but my forte is writing it up
in such a way that it doesn't feel difficult to read.
I should finish the entire Pyramid section today and move on to much easier parts to write, since I've been dealing with them much longer and
their data has already been outlined and structured in much more
To be perfectly honest with you, it is very difficult to tear myself away from this intense of a creative process in order to update you as
to what is going on -- but events are happening so rapidly now that I
cannot content myself with letting weeks go by without new posts.
Let me be clear that I am not doing this to appease people who write in and complain. I'm doing this because I genuinely don't want you to
suffer needlessly as you watch these events unfolding.

As the oil disaster has mushroomed in scope, I found something I had forgotten about: namely the year 2010 is directly flagged in the Pyramid
Timeline as the year where "the bottom will fall out of the world."
If you look at a diagram of the internal passages of the Pyramid, and look at the Subterranean Chamber, there is an area that dips lower than
the others that is called the 'Pit.'
The lowest depth of the Pit begins in the year 2010. This was openly predicted in Lemesurier's 1977 book as the year where the materialistic
world would reach the full extent of its visible collapse -- to help
usher in a mass awakening.
The events that are now happening show us that we are indeed living through those prophecies.

We've had a few downright vicious letters come in, as if this oil disaster somehow invalidates everything we've been saying about where we
are all heading as a planet.
I do understand and empathize with you if this disaster is really freaking you out. Let's not forget that there are so many diverse
prophecies relating to 2012 that we absolutely SHOULD expect that things
will get really intense as we head into this time.
That's part of the script that we're going through.
The script is intended to create a mass awakening.
The greater reality is that our entire experience of life on Earth is ultimately a grand illusion, whose purpose is to awaken us to
the basic importance of loving and respecting each other.
Therefore, I believe the high-level ET Management permitted this disaster to occur. It very likely is an inside job by the
wounded lion of the New World Order, slashing at everything around him
in his final death throes.

Why, you ask, would something like this be permitted?
Remember -- we are at the end of the entire third-density cycle. This is truly a monumental event -- for the entire history of this
watery blue planet known as Earth. Therefore, we should expect that
world events will become increasingly monumental as we get closer to
the Big Moment.
In this case, we are being given a very powerful lesson that it is time to stop using this century-old technology of oil-burning
internal combustion engines.
There are many, many power players in the world who are ready to roll out alternative technologies that can eliminate our need to pay for
So, when I see this happening, I see a worldwide teachable moment. Unfortunately, humanity has been so ridiculously stubborn and
unwilling to change on this planet that events of this magnitude are
necessary to shock us into greater awareness.

I had some of those jarring events in my own life recently. My car got broken into at my conference in San Francisco, and the next day I had a
minor but nonetheless real car accident on the road while driving to my
next conference in Santa Cruz -- with no driver's side window!
I'm certainly not perfect, and sometimes I get frustrated about being put in a position where so many others look to me for guidance, while I
myself am still learning and evolving and making mistakes.
It would be easy -- and fun -- to take some time off and completely ignore my work on this site for, say, a solid two weeks, even a month.
No email, no messages, no telephone, nothing but my own contemplative
relationship with the greater Identity of the universe, preferably
somewhere out in the mountains and trees.
I've never done that. Not since I started this site in February 1999.
I don't feel I have the luxury of doing that at this point. Even when there is a gap in posting, I'm still working my tail off, either on the
book or on developing new content that hasn't yet appeared.
The reason why I don't stop at this point is the Principle of Honor. This means doing things you may not always enjoy because
you've made an agreement with your Higher Self, and with others, to take
on a certain degree of responsibility.
It is thus your honor / duty to perform the work you have chosen.

Given the challenges I face, and the overwhelming number of people who are urgently trying to get in contact with me every day, I step back and
reflect on how silly the whole thing often feels.
I've met many other people who are recognized public figures and can assure you this is a very common reaction people have to significant
public exposure.
Lately I've had experiences where I look at myself in the mirror and wonder why in the world so many people chase me down and want to meet me
or otherwise connect with me personally in the letters they send.
Really, by comparison to the beings who are out there in the Universe, and more importantly to your own Higher Self, meeting me in person would
be decidedly lackluster.
I moved in with the original founders of L/L Research -- the surviving channels for the original Law of One series -- and expected that magical
things would happen to me once I got there.
I felt that since this awesome work had come through them, some of it would rub off on me when I went there.
The truth is that we went through a full array of typical human problems and difficulties.
Whatever glorious transformation I was expecting did not happen.
It was just people in community, sometimes getting along and sometimes not getting along. Very flawed, very real, very human people. I was
happy I went there and I was happy I left. I do wish them all the best,
and am extremely, extremely grateful for the Law of One series.

Over time I've had people I put on pedestals. I've also been fortunate enough to meet almost every single one of them and work with them in
some form.
While I don't knock the 'wow factor' of this, you still have yourself at the end of the day. Your heroes are real people. You may meet them
when they are tired, or cranky, or hungry, or thirsty, or otherwise not
in the right mood to socialize. It happens!
Obviously, I'm not Santa Claus and I can't even hope to answer the letters coming in, and I no longer guarantee I even see them because
there are just too many. I've bulked up my volunteer staff to help me
handle the load because it is so significant.
As I'm going to explain after my little rant, the most important being you want to meet is your own Self, in its greater sense.

I've had a major bone to pick with Facebook long before the Big Revolt got started recently. As I've said on the contact page, anything written
into our own website email weighs significantly more than any
attempt to contact via Facebook.
One of the things that I have not seen discussed in the big privacy debacle with Facebook is that when they instituted the new changes late
last year, they also opened the floodgates and allowed people to post
'gifts' onto other people's Wall.
No option was ever given to block the Gifts, unlike what had happened with Apps, where they were all killed off fairly quickly by diligent
effort of blocking them.
So many people thought it was a cool idea to send Gifts that it threatened to choke the entire page from any legitimate discussions. And
remember, Gifts are a business. People write them and get paid for how
many times they are accessed.
Before I put staff to work on it and found out about a blocker application called Defensio, I spent significant time each day fighting
the 'gifts'. Not only do you have to stop them, you also have to face
the bruised egos of those who sent them. Hence we lost about five
'friends' a day.

I was more than happy to hand off the entire thing to staff, no regrets. I did not delete my Facebook pages because it does give you a
way to discuss my work, and to get updates from me when something new is
Nonetheless, letters to me on Facebook almost certainly will not be seen or read. Thankfully we now have so many bottlenecked friend
requests -- significantly more than a thousand -- that they no longer
allow new ones to be submitted. The Fan Page, or whatever they're now
deciding to call it to be more politically correct, is the way to go.
The only reason I'm even bothering to tell you any of this is that I am arguably dealing with hundreds of requests for my personal time every
single day of the week.
I'm sure every single person writing in would be interesting and fun to talk to and hang out with -- and again, such luxury simply does not
exist in the real world. There are no lottery winners at this point. I
just don't have the time.
The only thing I can say, in response to that obvious conundrum, is that the most important meeting you can have is with your own Higher
Self. And the way this is done is in seeking the love within this

It's easy to lose track of that. When we go long enough without tuning in, we get hammered -- just like I did with these recent mishaps in my
own life.
I do believe they are negative greetings. No doubt. The circumstances are far too metaphysically strange to be attributable to random chance.
Nonetheless, I do not believe any physical third-density Illuminati /
New World Order 'agency' is responsible for causing these events.
However, it is a fact that both the theft of a Divine Cosmos laptop in Hawaii and the break-in of my car in San Francisco were performed by
severe chemical-dependents.

The Hawaiian theft was from a severe drug addict who brought the computer back to rehab, and bragged about having stolen it. Although we
are not certain, he may have actually been ballsy enough to walk right
in and steal it while we all had our eyes closed and were meditating!
He didn't even delete his personal information off of the machine when we got it back -- it was all easily available in the History folder.
We found out what girls he was hooking up with on Myspace. We watched their videos and appreciated their musical abilities. We also found out
where he planned to fly for the Big Getaway he was planning out of
The San Francisco break-in was from a severe and probably homeless alcoholic. He was missing most of his teeth, was overweight, and his
clothes were old and tattered.
It took him three attempts to break my glass and try to grab the GPS I had inside.
I even heard the car alarm going off -- it was quite loud and distracting -- but I had no idea it was my own car.
Those blasted car alarms, I thought to myself. Can't even hear myself think. Funny, it sounds like my alarm, but nobody would
break into my car. Of course not!
The third attempt was a success -- but before he even made it ten feet away from the car, he was arrested.
He got so involved in the struggle to break in that he didn't even notice the police car that was cruising right down the road as he
achieved 'success.'

In both cases I honestly did not wish my attackers any ill will.
In the case of the laptop theft, we never met the young man who did it. However, in the second case, the peace officers had my car thief
handcuffed right there on the street. It was cold and late. I could
almost see my breath.
I was standing out there, and he was just three feet away from me in a heap on the sidewalk.
Although this could be my own projection, the police almost seemed to be egging me on to say something nasty to him. This was the vibe I got,
very clearly, and I don't think I was making this up:

"There he is. He's CAPTURED!
We got him! Right there! That's him! He's CAPTURED!
You can say something if you want to. Go ahead!
He's the Villain, you're the Victim. Let 'er rip... we'll look the other way...
This is your Big Moment! Use it!
All your anger, all your fear, all your rage -- this is your guy. Your Scapegoat.
You're lucky. You earned this. He destroyed your car. We got him. Now it's your turn.

I know this sounds corny, but I looked into his eyes and all I could see was love. The peace officers were just as amazed by this as he was.
Honestly, his eyes were those of a pleading young child, desperately lonely and hungry and confused.
It had been so long since anyone had cared about him. I certainly was not going to make it worse.
Perhaps my treatment of him might give him hope that he is not such a loathsome and terrible person after all, despite what the world was
probably showing and telling him almost every day and night of his life.
Only other homeless people might offer him any respite from this nightmare, but they are also living in fear and scarcity and cannot be
(Continued In Part 2)

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