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I am posting the follwing message because I really felt sick last week - without any apparent reason. I do not say that this message is TRUE or FALSE - but I would like to discuss this topic with you: Could it be that the Ascension Process is coming to a halt because there are not enough Lightworkers really WORKING???

Read for yourself and tell me what you think:

Ascension's Detour and Your Help Desperately Needed

Ascension's Detour and Your Help Desperately Needed
A number of people have reported to me that they have been feeling
'sick' the last day or two without apparent reason. I myself have been
taking FULL bottles of herbal tinctures as directed me by my Guidance,
tinctures such as Melissa and Goldenseal, in order to ward off a
continued feeling of, literally, dying. What those who are sensitive to
what's going on are feeling is the complete 'stoppage' of the ascension
process in order for it to take a so-called by Guidance - 'detour'.
It seems that, due to the fact that so few people are ready for what's
about to take place, because there are so few so-called Lightworkers
manning the oars of the ascension process, the planet cannot lift itself
any higher without endangering the entire ascension process and its own
existence as well.
This is not created by the darkside or any other form of opposition,
this is simply created by the fact that those who came here to do the
work of assisting the planet with its ascension process have not being
doing what they came here to do. Like a couple of higher level angelic
Beings I talked to and worked with yesterday, these co-creators and
support personnel are instead focused completely on their own survival
and their own well-being.
Nobody knows better how difficult it is to lift one's self out of the
old Matrix, the old paradigm, and the subsequent repercussions of doing
so, than do I, so there is little 'blame' I can attach to these people.
The simple fact is however, that the planet's ascension depends almost
entirely on the payload it is carrying and the number of Lightworkers
manning the oars. And right now that, no matter what you think you see
Lightworkers doing of their own self-willed Guidance, there is not
enough going on right now for the planet to continue on into the higher
levels of Creation to which it is headed.
As explained to me by the Spiritual Hierarchy with whom I have been
working for so long, this means one of two things, the entire ascension
process must stop here for the time being and wait till things change
--a very unlikely scenario at best. Or planet Earth/Gaia, must make a
detour through a less arduous route by which she will more easily
ascend. Like the crossing of a mountain range, this means that she must
take the circuitous mountain pass routes rather than heading straight
across the mountain. Believe it or not this will mean a far worse time
for all of us riding on her back than if she had simply taken the most
direct route.
Not everyone is supposed to ascend with the planet since the general
consciousness of the planet long ago decided of their own free will NOT
to ascend with the planet since they were not ready to make the changes,
learn the lessons, and to dump the heavy baggage and burdens they
carried. They will, instead, be headed off to another 3rd dimensional
holographic world to continue the lessons of attachment to 3D pleasures
and 'stuff' that hold most of them back. For those of us who were meant
to survive this process utilizing our moment-by-moment Guidance, this
means however that times will be even more difficult than they already
were going to be.
Guidance showed this to me metaphorically the other night when the Lord
of the Rings played again on television. When leading the Fellowship of
the Ring over the snow-covered mountain passes, the group was hindered
from moving forward by the darkside and instead had to make their way
through the Orc-infested interiors of the mountains, fighting for their
very existence every step of the way. So it is now with what we face in
making sure planet Earth makes it into the higher reaches of the 5th
dimension. The sickness many of us feel is the slowing down of the
planet on its upward journey mixed perhaps with a little dread for what
it is that will not take place with even more ferocity that we had
originally spiritually been prepared for. Batten down the hatches, get
your spiritual swords sharpened and at the ready, realize that you are
the ones who have been so self-involved that only so few have been
rowing. Change your attitudes, change your focus, dump your garbage
along with all that baggage you're still carrying, turn outwards INSTEAD
of inwards, and lift yourself AND OTHERS up into their rightful places
as Light WORKERS and not Light-buttsitters.
The planet needs you and now is the last time you will ever get such a
chance again to be one of the Fellowship of the Ring who made this all
happen for not only this Superuniverse, but for all of Creation Itself.
With Love and best wishes, Peter

Interestingly enough I just stumbled over the following channeling as well - and if we read it in regard to the message above, it could easily be understood as a wayshower in the same direction - just putting it all in ore loving and understanding words:

The entire company of heaven is by your side as you awaken within the full realization that you are all one magnificent Being; yet to live this�Onenesswithin your body, mind and everyday world takes a profound knowing in your heart. This�knowingis often the first step to releasing the control the ego has had on the mind as well as the first�bigstep in your ascension.

But her's the full message for everyone to judge:



The Masters

May 15, 2010�

Conscious Ascension�

Part I

You have been preparing for this magnificent shift into the freedom

that naturally abides within Unity or Christ Consciousness�

for thousands upon thousands of years.

Masters El Morya and Lady Miriam

As representatives of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, we are here to assist you to shift your consciousness into an entirely new way of being in your world. This�shiftin consciousness,�often referred to as theascension, is already taking place within many hearts across your world, yet the more consciously and joyfully you participate in it, the more you can create freedom and abundance for yourself and all of humanity, for you are indeed one body of consciousness.

You have been preparing for this magnificent shift into the freedom that naturally abides within Unity or Christ Consciousness for thousands upon thousands of years. Many of you made pre-birth agreements to be here as way showers during these times, to walk your mastery in this embodiment, and to use your gifts to facilitate the ascension of humanity and the planet as she moves into her new�orbit�of consciousness. When you know within very cell and atom of your body that you are here for this grand event and that�living your masteryis what will assist others in remembering how to live as their Presence, you will experience the eternal joy that resides within our hearts in the ascended realms.

Who and what you are being in every moment affects all of life everywhere. You are either a conscious part of humanity�s great awakening or you are an unconscious part of sustaining the illusions that have created fear and duality within millions of souls. For they are each, in their own way, feeling the pressures that the planet and all life upon her are going through as part of the ascension.

Life on Earth is always presenting you with vastly important opportunities for living your mastery and experiencing the depths of love that is the natural estate of all beings living in Christ or Unity Consciousness. The entire company of heaven is by your side as you awaken within the full realization that you are all one magnificent Being; yet to live this�Onenesswithin your body, mind and everyday world takes a profound knowing in your heart. This�knowingis often the first step to releasing the control the ego has had on the mind as well as the first�bigstep in your ascension.

What does your heart ache for that you do not already have? Many of you would come forth immediately with answers such as �freedom and peace of mind.� Surely this is a valid desire, yet the frequency with which the conditional, relative mind moves into dissatisfaction, rather than looking at things from the perspective of the Presence, is so common that it usually goes unnoticed. Being in pain and suffering is part of humanity�s addiction to drama. Your movies demonstrate this to you in a way that leaves no uncertainty. The present state of affairs in your world all stems from believing in the separation and the fear and drama that goes with it.

When you focus your mind, heart and body upon the deep contentment that comes from surrendering your mind into the heart of your Presence, you will create your life in a way that is aligned with the natural joy of your original, true Self. In fact, you will start to realize that�every quality you would attribute to Source is a quality that is within you. The embodiment of these qualities will attract everything and everyone to you who is in support of your highest good and theirs ~ and you all become active participants in shifting humanity�s consciousness into the freedom of the 5thdimension.

As you realign with the Truth of your true Self,

all of the thoughts that have created your false

sense of fear and separation start to collapse.

Knowing who you truly are is a giant leap, yet the�living of your masterytakes ongoing dedication. We are presenting you with an overview of your potential to live in the natural inheritance of your original freedom. We are encouraging you to consciously take part in your own ascension and thus consciously take part in creating Heaven on Earth, so that the fear of tomorrow can start dissipating into the joy of the moment.

To support you in your ascension, we have created a�Conscious Ascension Course ~ Living as the Presence, Bringing Heaven to Earth.�


To learn more about the�Conscious AscensionCourse�created by the Masters, go to:�

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Comment by sheena ann baker on May 15, 2010 at 1:26pm
As i have put on Karen Bishop,s message, yes i feel i am going through this on my own, have tried to wake friends and family but all they seem to be worried about is where to put their money.

I feel i am a conduit for the light, energys at the moment are extremely strong, with feelings of wanting to give up and go home,

But something inside of me says NO you are here for a purpose, and this will pass, we must continue to hold the light, and know that our needs are met and we are supported.

Sites like this is a blessing where we can share our thoughts and support one another and know we are not going mad.

I feel there will be a fall, and maybe then they will wake up and join us.

Love to everyone for we are all one sheena
Comment by Ana Antaka on May 15, 2010 at 4:54pm
I believe it is progressing as usual. I too felt sick but didn't react. I just thought that was part of the process. It looks, to me, as if you forgot, for a moment, that we are all one. And when you stop in fear, trying to blame it on others, it appears to me that you have just stepped out of your heart energy. Get back into your heart!
Comment by Angel~a on May 15, 2010 at 9:12pm
Good article......but man the classes are expensive-why can't we learn what we need to from the Maters for free if it helps us ascend-there is where I get caught up in it-when people want $400 for a class that the Masters say we are to take-what about the ones who can't afford that-I would think the masters would want everyone to have this info for free-not for a price-are they getting the money?No. Sorry if I offended anyone-I just don't understand this entire money attached to everything spiritual you are to learn. It's just like the groups I belong to that offer free attunements -and ask that you not charge for these attunementsand then you see the people who took the attunement charging for it?Kind of crazy. I think it all needs to be ree so everyone can acccess it and better the planet and ourselves.Like I said-sorry-I hope I didn't offend anyone but greed taints so much of what we are trying to accomplish.
Comment by Myriel RAouine on May 15, 2010 at 9:16pm
Dear Leslie, I AM in my heart :-)

I do not blame others, I do not blame anyone. I'm looking for answers ... and you just gave me one ;-)

Love and Light to you!

Sheena, I know what you mean - from time to time I feel exactly the same ... it's a longing for HOME, when I ask myself why everything is so dense and difficult and SLOW here in 3D reality ... then the wish to simply step out of this density is rising, the wish to return to where your wishes come true in an instant as your creative energy immediately sets free the result. And then just the next thought is about my children and family and I know I've chosen this 3D density, given up the light dimension to BE HERE NOW ...

I have raised tis discussion not to blame anyone but to find solutions. If it is true that lightworkers with contracts prefer to stay asleep, isn't it our task to wake them up? And I do not think that we will reach them her in cyber space ... it means to go out and find them and tll them of what is POSSIBLE if we only choose to co-create, to work together in UNITY ... but I do not talk about preaching or trying to convert anyone, no, just BEING, but in real 3D reality out there with our immediate neighbours and friends. And by just BEING with them, raise their frequency until they cannot help but wake up - LOL!

I was thinking about this after I had posted this blog ... and I only talk for myself. The call is becoming louder and louder, I will soon have to make a decision ;-)

May Love, Light and Beauty surround us all and may the clarion call not go unheard,

Sonja Myriel
Comment by Angel~a on May 15, 2010 at 9:30pm
Very True Sonja,
My husband and I long for home everyday!At times we feel like hermits.You feel lost and hopeless at times!
Comment by Myriel RAouine on May 15, 2010 at 9:32pm
You are absolutely right, Angela, I agree with everything you say.
Comment by Myriel RAouine on May 15, 2010 at 9:49pm
That refers to what you said about the nonsense of charging immense sums for courses or attunements ;-) - and yes, the feelings of hopelessnes as well now - LOL!
Comment by sheena ann baker on May 15, 2010 at 9:58pm
It is very easy for me to feel hopeless, i walked out of my home of 30yrs paid for, my husband was schizophrenic, and it was kept from me i was lead to believe it was depression, i am now in a rented flat, only a few friends have stood by me, the ones who i thought would walked away because i was no longer of use to them.
It had to be done as i was getting resentful, i have grown a lot and would not have come this far if i had stayed, my 5 sons understand and keep an eye on my husband, i keep a good wish in my heart for him as i know i broke his heart.
To be a master we must listen to that inner feeling, and walk and talk with no fear.
I now live in the moment.
Comment by Angel~a on May 15, 2010 at 10:14pm
Living In The Moment is the only way we can live;)
LOL Sonja!
Comment by Myriel RAouine on May 15, 2010 at 11:15pm
I will follow your example sheena, and listen to my inner feeling / guidance and walk and talk with no fear :-)!
Thank you for sharing your experiences with us - this is what makes life so beautiful, when we start to share what we have gone through ...

Love and Light to you and Angela, BB

Sonja Myriel


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