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TRANCE GROUP 19th July 2017


In our group meditation today, instead of bringing down the golden light, I felt inspired to bring down a ball of white diamond energy. We visited the cavern beneath Earth’s crust around a huge pool, joining with the Brotherhood of Light. I suggested we bathe in the pool of shining Light and left them for a short while.

We now leave the pool and donning our white robes, join with our brothers and sisters of Light. There is a beautiful bluish white glow about this water, almost like ice and blue flames wined, still fluid but it becomes a mirror that you may look into. Ask your guides and inspirers to join you, and to show you that which you seek as you blend together in the greatest Love. It is a time for going within and for seeking the teacher that is there for you. See the ripples on the surface!

(For me, these became gentle waves).

See the shapes and pictures within. Go on your journeys into the unknown and we will meet back here and share our experiences.

(15 minutes later).

If anyone feels they would like to speak, please feel free to do so! We come to this gathering hand in hand as soul mates. We have sense and purpose for what is to come, and we enable you to tune into those energies that will help you in the times to come. Be purposeful in your endeavours and trust your intuition, for here you will be given the impetus to forge ahead or to stand back! We enable discussions on the subject closest to your heart, so come forward into the arena and air your views for we are all here listening!

Do not be shy, dear sisters for we are here for one another and we come with the greatest Love to welcome you aboard (this Light ship of Love).

It has taken many years for us to reach this point in our journey. We tread lightly and carefully among those around us and do the best we can for the population of Earth, so that they may be brought into that loving energy and vibration of a higher, finer energy.

It is perhaps a little late in the day for some we hear you say to yourselves, but that is furthest from the truth. For all are welcomed into this Light of Love, especially those who have fallen, those who think not of others but only of themselves. We bring these forward into the Light so that they too may be blessed and share in that greatest energy, for are not we all born from that Divine spark, there can be no separation!

We shed light on cloudy issues that surface for recognition. Be at Peace dear sisters of Light. Rest in the loving vibrations we bring around you and know that you are greatly loved. There are no two the same, we are all unique and yet we are joined together in that sisterhood of Love. There is a Master language of Love that has been spoken between us, and this Love shall circumference the whole world in intermittent frequencies that shall be understood and accepted by all. These frequencies can be registered in your heart centre and here they radiate all around your bodies.

Q. How can we open up our heart centre to receive these messages?

This will come in the form of a loving embrace and the more we give out, the more we receive.

Q. Will meditation help, if we practice meditation more often?

Meditation is the way of connecting to the source of all that is, and so will always be very beneficial to you, but spreading your loving energies to others ‘will’ help them accomplish what you do so easily. There is a fine vibration, a mesh of energy that circumferences your world, even as we speak. And this energy entwines around each and every one of you, helping you in your adjustments. This is why you sometimes feel out of sorts when there are new adjustments to make, there is a configuring of energies, much like your computers. There can be many hiccups but we are doing our best to smooth the way for you, to smooth those ruffled feathers. At times, we know you feel drained of energy but this shall be kept to a minimum, and on these days, rest and go within if you are able. Rest and assimilate the energies, do not worry about rushing hither and thither, let the energies do their work and you will reach that level where you will begin to feel more in harmony with yourselves. It is likened to the growing pains of a child. All will be understood.

Q. Thank you for coming to talk with us today, and could I ask you a question. I’d like to know; do you love Earth?

We are Love, we love all life forms, all planets, all universes, we are Love. Planet Earth is very dear to us, the most beautiful planet, a wondrous creation put here at your disposal for mankind to explore the limitless wonders of your world. The animal and birds, the diverse creations on this planet are magnificent, here for you to enjoy and to look after as custodians of this beautiful orb of light.

Q. Have you ever spent time on Earth in the physical form?

We have been here, yes, my dear and we have lived and loved and walked upon this Earth in many different incarnations.

Q. By respecting Earth and caring for her and strengthening our connection, will that strengthen our connection with you also?

Strengthening your connection with the earth will strengthen your connection with us, with all that is. Earth was born from Love, as were you all, we feel that life force within her, we feel that strength and energy. We feel that pulse, that life force, pumping through the veins of Mother Earth, through her rivers and streams, through the oceans. We give thanks, we give thanks to the Great Mother and we unite as one to protect her, to keep her safe from those predators that may harm her. And we rely on the Children of Earth to join together to help her, to assist her as she assists you by nurturing you and giving you shelter.

We are most concerned for it has come to our attention that there are many who harbour resentment and these thoughts are like daggers piercing the energies, dark grey thoughts, and these are a constant threat to those on Earth. By amalgamating and becoming ‘one voice’ there is something we can all do by spreading this loving energy around the globe. We can condense and obliterate those dark thoughts that go out. We can anchor the Light and the Love, we can combat those dark energies until eventually all will be brought into that Light. Like a moth drawn to the flame, all shall be encompassed in that Love, but it takes time and time is of the essence! We must strengthen our approach and every day of your lives here on Earth shall become paramount in this fight to save the planet and all those upon her. She is like a ship in the night, sailing brightly, and YES, we do Love her. She is your mother and you are her children and she loves you and cares for you. This ascension process is a very lengthy business but we are getting there, little by little, step by step.

And so, it has come my friend to that time when we must say farewell once again! But we thank you for your energies, we thank you for sharing together in the greatest Love and harmony as we come among you and encircle you in our Love. Be brave and be bold in your outgoings, do not be the shrinking violet. Be the Love you are, be that wonderful soul and presence of Light among the darkness of Earth. You radiate that Light so beautifully in your Love, in your laughter, in your friendships, and we are most proud, most proud indeed of you all! You have come so far in leaps and bounds and are continuing to do so.

Thank you for joining us today in this special place.

We thank you my dear. Your work is very important upon the Earth plane, very important indeed. Thank you.

May God’s Great Love be with you now and forever more, and may you always walk that golden path of Love and Light. And may that rainbow energy be around you now and forever more.

Thank you, Love and Light to you.

May those of you in the room, come now back to your earthly selves, come back and feel your feet once more upon the Earth. May you feel rested and renewed, giving you that impetus to carry on with your journeys upon the Earth plane. Thank you for joining us and we would like to say one more thing before we take our leave. We would like to say ‘well done’ (clapping hands), well done indeed!

Another energy drew even closer at this point. I felt myself sitting more erect with my chin lifted higher. I felt the urge to open my eyes and slowly looked around the room and at each one seated.

What a beautiful room, indeed it is! We thank you, we thank you!

I couldn’t see the faces until my second scanning and then my eyes filled with tears and I felt very emotional.

Glynis said they came down through me into the room and looked around each and every one of them. A being from another place that bore a resemblance to my Egyptian lady with big dark eyes.

Catherine went very deep and vaguely remembers someone with their hands on her shoulders and then felt them step back. Her throat chakra felt strange, this is the seat of communication and where we hear Spirit, they are probably working on this chakra to open greater awareness.

Belinda went into the lagoon and became a mermaid. At the very beginning of meditation, she saw Egyptian writing on the wall. Towards the end she saw an old Chinese man dressed in blue and received healing in the form of acupuncture.  She was asked to lay down on a bamboo bed, and the golden needles were applied to her head, thumbs and feet. There were smoking herbs around her and she could hear the sound of tinkling chimes.

Cathy saw her wolf again. She is afraid of water but went into the pool, and she had a dolphin swimming with her who looked gold and shimmery. Then she was on a camel in the dessert and came to a Temple, there were three empty wooden throne type chairs and was told they were for three elders who were coming into the circle. This sounds as if more of us are going to be bringing through wisdom from the ancients.

Dawn found herself outside a pyramid and felt they were trying to do something to change something inside. A coughing fit catapulted her back into the room.

Glynis felt someone poking her in the lower back. When she was giving Cathy healing in the week she felt someone tapping her on the back too but there was no one there! Glynis felt silver roots going down, deep, deep into the cavern and her Stag was there. Towards the end before the last entity came through, she saw two huge white doors and was worried whether she should open them or not. Glynis did open them and went through but didn’t see anyone or anything but bright white Light. This is a powerful sign that she can stand in the Light and not be dazzled by it.

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Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on July 20, 2017 at 4:03pm

Thank you all...

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on July 24, 2017 at 6:17pm

Thank you so much,

With gratitude and love,


Comment by S. Narasimhan on July 25, 2017 at 12:38pm
Thank you all. Indeed it is true, white bright shine is the symbol of Her. Very good useful forward indeed. Welcome.


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