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Trance group 5th July 2017

There were five of us today and the energies were very intense. After bringing down the golden light into our bodies, we sent healing energy around the room and out into the cosmos, bringing healing energy back to Mother Earth and to ourselves. Spirit directed us in a guided meditation that had us travelling in the cosmos back to the Pleiades.

(In astronomy, the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, is an open star cluster located in the constellation of Taurus. It is among the nearest star clusters to Earth and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky).

We thank those who participate in this exercise and send Love and healing vibrations to you all. You are well respected within these realms and we thank you for all that you do, for all that you have done, and for what is to come in the future in your work with those less fortunate than yourselves. Be at Peace little ones, go into that heart space, journey within into those realms of Peace and Light, and Love personified. We capture that Light and essence within your souls and bring you home to be with us for a short while. Feel the Love we bring you, feel the joy rising in your breast and feel that essence of ‘oneness’ with the Great Divine.

We are beholden to those who work with us in a wider arena and we spread our messages far and wide. We sanction a blessing from the Great Divine and ask you to go forward together in greatest Love. It has been noted there are many among you who are ready and willing to speak the word of God, and we ask you to come forward into the arena when the time is right for you. We shall be there with you, coaxing you along and giving you the strength that is needed for this mission you are on.

Please believe that you are not alone, we shepherd you from dawn to dusk and give thanks for this association of minds. We ask you to be open and above board in your dealings with one another. We shall shed light where it is needed and where we can go forward together in greater union.

Do not be afraid for you have ventured on this journey of the highest intent. We are your ‘back up’, we are the strength and the energy you can tap into. We come from Light, we come from the ‘Source’ of all that is and we help you along this pathway. A myriad sunbeams light your path to protect you, resonating with a greater life force. Cosmic awareness! Feel yourself drifting through the cosmos, see the Light and the energies, see the vastness of the great universal plan. Feel your hearts drawn to your home, expanding and growing, opening up your vision, pushing back the boundaries, dancing with joy and freedom of expression. This shall be yours and so much more, use your imaginations and fly. All is possible! (Series of bangs in the room).

See the beautiful, blue lights, clusters of light that are the Pleiades. Feel yourselves being drawn into their orbit.

At this point I was shown the beautiful structure of a crystal Temple of Light and Healing in a white mist. It was here that I was shown a man with long white hair and given a crystal bowl to wash my hands in. After some time in deep meditation we were called back.

It is time to leave this place now and to journey back to the sanctuary on Earth. We thank you for visiting us, we thank you for the Love and the energy you bring, and we thank you for sharing our vibration. Make your way back through the energies, through the colours of the universe, through the stars and the planets. Flying through the cosmos with the greatest of ease until you come to the blue sphere of planet Earth. Gently, very gently, drift down through the heavens into the country known as Wales, back into this little spot of heaven reserved for you on Earth. Feel your feet upon the floor and your hands in your lap, feel the Love within your heart and know, without a shadow of doubt, that you have journeyed thus far, and shall do again, to those territories previously out of reach.

You have come so far little ones and we are most proud of your achievements on the Earth plane, and we give thanks for this reunion of souls. We know you can be greatly affected by the energies and vibrations on Earth at this time, and we know there is great resistance to that which holds you down and pulls you back from the service you are committed to. Draw from those reserves of energy, know that you can always tap into those reserves when you feel depleted, there is a great deal to be done and we need you strong and in one piece! Go carefully upon the Earth plane; we allow you to rest and heal.

There was a long pause of 15 minutes as we received healing.

We touch upon those deeper aspects of yourselves and ask you to bear witness, to go into that timescale and adjust your sights for the betterment of mankind. We have grown fond of our counterparts on Earth and we have created a deeper bond with those who wish to work with us in greater harmony. We depend on you to set the scene and we shall be there with you, adjusting controls so that we may be seen and heard on all levels.

Are there any questions? Are there any questions that you would like to ask at this time?

All the girls were so deeply entranced that they didn’t feel able to speak.

We see those thought patterns working overtime and we assist you. There is an opening coming very soon, where we shall put you to the test of opening up your vision whilst staying where you are, happy in your own personal space, and this is your Divine right of course!

I started to sing: - ‘raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, these are a few of my favourite things’!

We are headed to the Stars and beyond and nothing can stop this process! We are on a highway of Love personified and we bring you these gifts to help you travel wisely, safely and securely. We give you this Love from the very core of our being and we shelter you and protect you at all times, motioning you not to lose heart, or lose faith. For we have said many times before that we are always with you and we always shall be. Take the Love we offer you and go in Peace. We bring that mantle of Light around you, and ‘know’ it is there for all time.

May God and his Angels watch over, until we meet again dear friends!

We thank the Great Spirit for drawing close and we ask that the healing generated in this room go out to the far corners of the world and those we know who are in great need.

The girls then told me of their journeys.

Catherine said she had seen a Chinese man dressed in a long blue robe and he was writing. Catharine asked what he was writing and he replied – ‘the future’! Eileen has a Chinese guide dressed in blue called Tyekinder that came to her at the beginning of her spiritual journey, maybe he has come to help the group. Catherine felt sick after she whooshed back into her body and had a heavy head. Eileen explained that when you begin this kind of work it can feel strange at first with sickly sensations in your solar plexus. Gradually your vibrations adjust to the different vibrations coming forward into your energy field. If it is too much we can ask them to back off, to stand back and give you more space.

Belinda said she kept jerking, her neck and hands as well. At the beginning, she saw a massive butterfly and other animals, then she had the word ‘Mwlla’. (See the surprising notes at end). When she opened her eyes, and glanced across at Eileen, in her place was a bigger, fair skinned lady, dressed in a royal blue tunic with hair slightly longer and blonde with a centre parting.

Another member had felt sickly too, she had been given the no. 5 at the beginning, everything else she saw was coming in pairs. In meditation, she enjoyed her flight into the cosmos and didn’t want to come back. She could see so many lovely colours and the waves breaking as she looked down at the sea. There were shadowy images and she could see two faces that came in and out of focus. At one point, she saw an image of an Angel. At the end was an image of a Peacock with its beautiful tail fanned open.

Cathy sensed so many people coming into the room that you couldn’t separate them.

We all still felt entranced, and so I went back into the energy to see what they had to say or if they wanted to show themselves. I asked that if anybody could see or sense anything to speak out loud. Belinda closed her eyes, asking if the energy was still here, could they make themselves known by either speech, sound or colours. Almost immediately she was shown Tutankhamun’s tomb and felt she was lying flat. There was a heaviness around her head as if someone had placed jewels or some kind of headdress upon her and another heavy chain upon her chest. At the very end a woman came into view with white hat and grey curly hair, who looked rather like Agatha Christie, who had written ‘Death on the River Nile.

We are behoven to you for speaking the truth as you see it, we have come many times before and indeed we have given chapter and verse on our bearing upon the Earth plane. It is a great privilege to come among you and we are honoured by your presence. Thank you for your endeavours, do not be afraid of the energies as they come closer into your field of existence. It may feel strange and heavy at first but this will lift and give way to finer frequencies that can adapt to your energy fields. These promptings come from within and will become easier as time passes and you have adjusted to these frequencies. It is not for the feint hearted, it takes many years for some to become accustomed but the times are a changing!

We encompass your energy field with our own and blend together with greatest ease, this takes practice but in a matter of moments we have lift off and you will see how easy it is. There is nothing to fear only fear itself! Use your imaginations to expand and grow, this will stand you in good stead if this is the path you wish to follow. We adjust our settings as we approach each one of you so as not to cause too much discomfort, but as we have said this will lighten and ease off the more you become accustomed to our approach.

We amplify our messages and give hope to the people of Earth and this shall bring in greater joy and happiness for all concerned. We broach this subject of your removal from one time frame to another and this will give completion to the Children of Earth. We come to fulfill your destiny and this may come in many different formats of your choosing. Be serene in your countenance that will open to our promptings. We come to nurture you and to help you make these adjustments that are most necessary all around the globe.

We bring you our blessings and a treasure trove of loving joy!

I held out both hands, holding a treasure chest as a parting gift for all the group.

Afterwards Cathy said when I was speaking I looked like my painting of White Cloud, but it was the painting’s face that was moving.

As Spirit were speaking about vibrations, Belinda remembered looking into what looked like a science room and seeing a copper coil connected to something with sparks of electricity going through it. There was a connectivity and she heard me saying the word amplify which confirmed to her what she was seeing. Cathy was saying that at one time in Earth’s history there was perpetual energy that replenished itself, that’s how they provided light. So much knowledge has been lost from the Atlantean times and maybe it will be recovered and used wisely and respectfully for the good of all.

* Astrological Analysis and meaning of MWLLA. This was the word/name that Belinda was given during meditation. Here is the link below.

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Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on July 9, 2017 at 6:50pm

Thank you so much Eileen for sharing these inspiring messages with us,

With Gratitude and Love,


Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on July 20, 2017 at 3:51pm

Dear Eileen,

Love, Light and thanks  for sharing your experiences...



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