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What is there to say about Paradox
if we take a look at our self?

She shelters and yet she shields.
You are that contradiction, that magical paradox too.

Fernia the dragonfaerie

A paradox is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true. Most logical paradoxes are known to be invalid arguments but are still valuable in promoting critical thinking.

After all, you are just another in a long line of billions of personalities in body on your beautiful blue orb, are you not? Well, no. You are not. But also, yes, you are.
Because each level of consciousness, from the inception of a thought to its ultimate potential is a being. Let’s stick with you however.

It has all been, and is, and will be experience, a learning experience. It is the experience of I AM learning who I AM can be.

The Council of High Selves

So with this as an intro or appetizer where can I go from here? It feels like all has already been said and what is there to add to shed my light on the matter of this topic? How can I think, feel or sense myself as being me, me and I. for therein lays the paradox isn’t it?

As a child we grow up learning to deal with the day to day life experiences.. going from some sort of oblivion state of unawareness of separation to learning as a baby that we are not all of that, there are all these different faces, different smells, different voices, different senses, and different feelings to absorb. Do you have any idea what kind of task you took upon yourself to come to this planet as a baby boy or girl?

Maybe you would have thought twice before you made the decision to come into this tiny fragile and yet oh so powerful strong little body with all its secrets to discover. How all is connected to another, for when you are hungry your body will let you know won’t it, and before you know it you scream your lungs out of your little body.

Loud enough to keep the neighbors awake. And the more you grow, the older you get the more you will be able to distinct, to recognize, to define.. someway.. somewhat.. for I can tell you even for adults we are not even sure how to define ourselves.

So you learn by smell and sound, by touch and sense the difference between the people who handle you and at one point apparently they want you to call them by their name, mom and dad, or even better learning your own name.. and how to make sense out of gibberish of sounds, yet apparently this in any given language is your name, for everybody addresses you with it..

You learn by sense the difference between warm and cold, by taste what you like and dislike, which taste you develop that apparently fits your design somehow. For what you like to drink or eat isn’t something someone else likes to as much as you do, or the other way around.

People face come and go, and the more you see one particular face you begin to learn this is part of your surroundings, your circle of life so to speak. You will learn to recognize and to identify them as your parents, whatever that means, and your sister or brother.. because everyone is telling you that is your mom and that is your big brother.

More and more faces, experiences, senses and emotions are becoming part of your development and all it does is creating separation. For you no longer are part of the whole and whole in itself, you are becoming an individual living with other individuals and the way they treat you will define your relationship with them eventually.

Everyone who is kind and nice, soft and sweet, compassionate and loving to you will be sensed and seen through the eyes of your heart and embraced for the energy field they create together in your existence. Just as much as anyone who isn’t nice, speaks harsh, creates pain in any shape or form will be part of your existence.

Yet given another label to it and finds a different part within your body then your heart. Slowly along the way you begin to learn the way of duality and it propels you out of your existence of unity you were only aware of in the beginning.

When you grow up and start to walk and talk what a different existence you create for yourself then and with it comes also a bit more understanding of how this process works of growing and expanding your beliefs and also your behaviors as well.

The moment you are able to talk and understand the messages around you, there comes this sense of dis-ease as well, for a lot of people around you are talking about things you have no clue about what they are talking about let alone what the significance of it is.

And there are also all those rules and boundaries you have to learn and get used to, which will be easier for someone with a mild and even character, then with someone feisty and an inquisitive mind that puts questions to all the answers.. oh no it’s the other way around.

You learn to adjust to your surroundings as well for these are expanding pretty rapidly and the older you get the bigger it will become. If you are lucky you will grow up with a sense of belonging and fitting in. When you are less fortunate, this will create a sense of not belonging and will create automatically questions about what to do about it to make sure you do.

Because this will give you a sense of dis-ease, and as we all know, dis-ease isn’t easy, it isn’t a comfortable easy feeling. So you want to change the dis-ease feeling and then you are being challenged. How to go about it. What to do or don’t do to get this far more attainable and less confronting feeling within yourself.

I know I can only speak for myself and my journey through life growing up. For each and every one of us this may have had a different start, or a different outcome. What to do with a sense of not belonging within a group, or your class at school? I tried to adept yet I was never able to hide my eyes for they were truly the mirrors of my soul and even if I didn’t speak up, people around me could read my face being the open book it is.

So how do you think that worked out for me, exactly, it didn’t. So I tried different approaches to see what kind of outcome that might bring to make me feel more acceptable to other people around me. At one point I realized, the only way I would feel truly at ease with myself, was being at ease with me. So I came to terms with me, myself and I and had to learn how to go about it in the interactions with others.

I realized that I could see, sense, feel emotions and physical issues when I was open to everything and everybody around me. Yet it took me a while to realize it wasn’t all about me all these sensations until at one point started a study as spiritual healer. There I was given the tools how to learn to define what was mine and what belonged to someone else, emotional, mental, physical as well as energetically.

I learned to work with energy by exploring and shielding, fine tuning so to speak yet the most important thing I had to learn was how to shield myself from my surroundings, other people, emotions, feelings and physical signs. This acquired both from me to develop or should I say to refine, for it is something we all have naturally only some of us are having a different way of accessing into the unified Field of energy we all come from and go back to.

Working with the students in my groups as well the clients that came to see me for consults it dawned to me at one point and this was a major shift in perception on my part that’s for sure, everything I see in someone else I am only able to see because I recognize it for it is also part of my design. That made a huge different in the way this enabled me to give shelter to those who needed shelter and at the same time shield myself when energies not beneficial for me were around me.

So what is the paradox in our earthly existence then?
We all are an individual yet we are also part of each other, weather we realize it or not. And therefore we ourselves are the living paradox.

After all, you are just another in a long line of billions of personalities in body on your beautiful blue orb, are you not? Well, no. You are not. But also, yes, you are.

And so it will Be.

High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 12-2-2015

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