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18th September 2018 – THE GOLDEN AGE

We join this session after opening up in the usual manner, filling ourselves with golden Light.

Bring your attention to your heart centre, open your heart like a beautiful golden flower. Enter into this portal of Light and Love, feel the warmth and the Peace. As you go into this portal you see a golden ladder and if you climb up the rungs of this ladder it will lead you into the clouds, beautiful white fluffy clouds. The ladder is strong, supported with your Love, carry on climbing up until you find yourself above the clouds.

In the distance you see a beautiful white city with spires gleaming in the sunlight. Take a journey across these clouds, gently stepping from one to the other, your supported, lifted and buoyant upon these clouds. Make your way to this beautiful place of Love and healing and find yourself in the Masters arms as he embraces you and welcomes you to this place! You have been here many times before in dream state and you recognise the landscape around you full of peace and bliss. There are many who come to join us as we sit in holy communion. We watch and wait for the Master to speak and seek his approval for you have come a long way upon this journey, and are most welcomed into the fold.

Do not be surprised that you are here for we welcome you with open arms. We transcend those time frames and are governed by our instincts to join with one another in holy communion, the staple diet of Love. There is no idleness here, only a will to succeed and we know you have worked long and hard. You have fulfilled your destinies to shine like the brightest stars. You have come full circle to face us head on and we say, well done to you all, you have made remarkable progress and we are astounded to see your talents! We make way for others to join us, to come into that central beam of Light and to speak to the masses. Do not be shy on venturing on this journey with us, for it is ordained and shall be so with the highest intentions and goodwill.

Q. May I ask a question, when you ask us to come on a journey with us, who are ‘us’ please?

We are those disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and long have remained so, unforgotten, forever held in this sphere of Light. We welcome you and beam you aboard this Lightship of Love, and we have not forgotten you, or the values you serve, we bring an ocean of well-wishers to your side.

Q. Were there more disciples than mentioned in the Holy Bible?
There were many who came to hear our words and more yet still who venture forth, forever learning and growing in the greatest Love. We are mentioned in the book of the apostles but there were many, many more with huge crowds of followers, spreading the word of eternal life for all.

Q. Did Jesus have a special trusted band of disciples?

There were those closest to him . . .

Q. Were any of the disciple’s women?

They were a close-knit band of followers that gave their assent and we needed these as extra protection and guidance.

(I didn’t hear the question about women disciples as I was still in the process of channelling the previous question, which could mean that spirit need to hear through my senses. Very often they give a short answer then expand on in greater depth if given the space to do so.

Q. Was there a man named Zodiac part of this?

We have some knowledge of this symbol that reverberates out into the cosmos, bringing a radiance and a grand awakening. (Pause). There is an opening that shall compel you to study further, this is of great necessity to bring forward the truth of those past days. It shall no longer be kept secret but come out into the open for all to share. The Greek myths shall come to light, there shall be more to see and conquer and we come into your energy fields to help you to do this.

We are open to a summon of enquiries and shall do our best to answer your questions in the formats that you wish. This is an ongoing process and one that shall be registered in the hearts of mankind as being of truth. This amphitheatre of Love and Light radiates out into the cosmos and brings forth further enquirers. We deliberate and ask you if you are ready for this, are you ready to hear our words and to believe with open hearts and minds that which is brought into this arena?

We are always ready to listen with an open mind and welcome what you have to share with us!

There shall be a thanksgiving services and we enrol you!

Q. Please can I ask who sent the Lord Jesus Christ to Earth?

The Lord Jesus Christ was given as the greatest gift to mankind from those heavenly spheres of highest Light and welcomed, most welcomed into those dark days upon the Earth plane. There were many who were blinded by the Light of this mortal.

Q. Is it true that Jesus will come again and walk amongst us?

Jesus has been reborn in the truest sense, in the hearts and minds of all those who follow his words for they shall never die upon the cross. The cross is a symbol of resurrection, of truth and Light, a symbol of the pain and suffering of mankind to be reborn in the truest sense into the Light and Love of a glorious creation. There is but one pathway to this Light and that is through the heart.

Q. Is Jesus Christ the only one true Master or are the other ascended masters equally valid?

All come in comparison to that one true Light, all have mastered their essence of that Divine gift of eternal life.

Q. So could one say that the Buddha stands equal with Jesus Christ?

We stand together in truth, Love and Light, there shall be no comparison made! All are equal in the eyes of God, all have given their life to maintain this Light and frequency. All have suffered but remain in their state of perpetual bliss.

Q. Does God still continue to send Masters to the Earth plane?

There are many among you who have this facility and are given the impetus to shine, so that others may follow and take up that banner of loving energy, projected out into the cosmos and far, far beyond. We ignite that Love within the breasts of you all, for you have given so much more than you ever realised was possible in your life’s span.

Q. Who are the Aquarians please?

There is a tendency to hold back and hide your lights under a bushel but we expressly ask you to come out of hiding and to shine! (Here the previous question was still being answered).

The age of Aquarius is upon us, a golden age and this is what we work to assimilate and to become part of in the greater scheme of things. The golden age is no myth or legend, it is coming to fruition even as we speak and you are part of all of this.
There are many who come to be healed in this Light of eternal bliss and we come forward to help you do this. Hold this flame of Light within your hearts, create that loving energy that shall expand and grow further and wider.

Turning to a group member whose sister is very ill.

And your sister shall be catered for, we hold her in this loving flame of Light to assist her in this process of recovery and rebirth. Hold strong and fast to this message!

We cosset you and help you in every way possible so that you may continue your journeys with a lighter load. There is much to be done and more to be given and we see your progress growing and growing, ever brighter and lighter upon this pathway of Love. We manifest greater control in your destinies to help you in this growth. We propel you to a place of safe keeping and will not allow one hair of your head to be harmed, for you are most precious to us and have always been so.

I felt I was holding my arms out to encompass the group and scoop them up!

Come little Earthlings, we bring you into the fold once more and ask you not to be disconcerted. We rise to the challenge!

Q. Your sitter is soon to be giving a public demonstration, could you tell us the purpose of this demonstration please?

We come in all Love and sufferance of the distaste in some people’s minds to these occasions! We are armed with the mantle of Love and we bring about a renewal that will extend the purpose of these meetings and what we are about! We aim to show the world that all is not lost, the physical frame dies and moves on but the Spirit remains. And this shall become apparent when the visual effects that we hope to expand upon will show that this is no mere flight of fancy but this is fact! We expand our consciousness and allow you to see us in greater detail and this shall manifest within your space. We hope this shall be accomplished sooner rather than later, it is all down to the vibrations and attaining that frequency that will allow this to occur.

Q. What would be the best way of introducing this to the members of the public that attend please, so that they will not be frightened or alarmed!

We shall explain in greater detail what is to occur and we allow a certain time frame to allow this to happen more gently and with great reverence, there will be a need to step back and allow the energies to manifest in great array.

Q. Will our friend Sitting Bull be part of this please?

We are hoping for this manifestation to occur, greater than any other, for this is seen as the main focus of the event, others will also come in from time to time and there will be an amalgamation of energies that will allow us to do this fruitfully, and with a certain aplomb and regard to the people present. Our wish is not to frighten or alarm! Our wish is to show you what we are made of, pure energy and Light, capable of any form.

Q. Is there anything we should do in preparation for the day like making safe the room and keeping Eileen safe while she is in trance?

We are very pleased to hear you say this my dear, and we know that you know the procedure in protecting and cleansing the area. We shall also do the same here in our dimension, we set out portals of Light around your home and your land.

Q. Are you able to tell us whether Sitting Bull is a Light being or is he a reincarnation of a human form?

Sitting Bull is a being of Light as are you all! You are clothed in flesh but we are clothed in Light, we hope to manifest a transition that will allow the Light being of Sitting Bull to be clothed in flesh. There is a swopping of energies that shall allow this to happen. As Eileen ascends, Sitting Bull takes her place, this is how we have agreed to do this!

Thank you for explaining!

It shall become apparent as the energies manifest. If you look with your psychic eye you may see more than our sitter here. My friend started to gently drum.
Eileen could feel the energies rippling around her face and nose more than usual but nobody had seen who was with her.

We welcome back the tribe and thank you for your assistance! There has been much toing and froing upon the Earth plane and we give thanks for this reunion of souls. We come into your midst to help you grow, ever further, forward and we do indeed register your delight at this occurrence. We thank you my dear, for your drumming!

(At this point I felt a strong urge to stand but was unsure of whether to go with this feeling. As many of you know I have the tendency to be unstable on my feet, often tripping over. However, I put my trust in them).

We stand and unite the group, there is much to oversee and much work to be done but we are getting there little by little, step by step. We see the horizons growing closer and we thank you for your input. We salute you and we thank you! We stand strong and proud and we shall accomplish all we set out to do, we shall remain strong and firm!

I held the scarf that had been on my lap in both hands and it was used as a banner to salute the group! It was then time to sit down. I had felt so strong on my feet with my body proud and erect. The girls did not feel it was Sitting Bull but perhaps White Cloud.

The Rainbow banner of light grows brighter and circumferences the generations, building a bridge, a rainbow bridge! There is much need for people like you on the highways and byways of Earth and we see you bring great encouragement to those around you. We transmit energies to you that will help in this process. There are others among you that shall step forward in this process of illumination and we shall be there to help you in this regard, when you are ready! There are many talents yet to be discovered and we bring these into the arena at the appropriate time for each of you. There is no hurry, just a gentle persuasion of energies that shall ignite the flame within your heart. This is a three-tiered effect that will channel the energies to you necessary. Be on your guard for this happening and do not hold back, for all is in accordance with Gods Holy plan for you on the Earth plane.

Long pause and quieter voice.

We take it upon ourselves to usher in a request and ask you to watch your step, be mindful of your feet.

We send Love and blessings to you from the Great Divine and ask for that shelter of Love and Light to be around you like a warming cloak of Light to take you on your pathway in all Love and respect.

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

We thank the Great Spirit today for the assistance given, for the Love Light brought and shared among us! We send out Love and energy as always to our families and for those in greatest need of healing. And to the wider world, we send Love, Light and healing to those areas devested by severe weather patterns!

After the session I went back to the house with thoughts buzzing around my head and actually tripped at the doorstep, luckily my hand grabbed the handle in time to save myself!

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