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The Gift of Emotional Triggers

I found my self being triggered these past couple a days by emotions that I thought were long behind me. It is within my memory bank that they pop up sometimes for no good reason apparently. They can make me feel happy, yet if it comes to the emotions of sorrow, fear or anger it’s a different game.

It makes me aware again of what has happened in the past, or is still present in the now. Otherwise it wouldn’t be triggered in such a big way at times. It’s a familiar road I have been travelling for a long time already. Even in my younger years I learned to trust the importance of taking a look at what lies beneath it.

Working with energy I learned this is traced back often to more then one lifetime, and many more experiences with the same kind of core lesson. I realized then the importance as well to address them. Because any time I would ignore and trying to put it back into the box or drawer it came from, it would come back even more intense.

So there are days were everything is pretty smooth and out of the blue something pops up. It can be about blame, or it can be about betrayal, or just being ignored. There is a whole range of emotions, which are been building up after the years. It depends on what lesson you want to have given yourself to work out.

So one of the things that pop up is the pain and hurt it has caused me when I felt betrayed by someone. There are many ways we can betray some one else. Not keeping up our promises with a negative outcome for one, or deliberately creating a situation which has a major impact on some one else. It is a world wide universal issue, not just a personal.

That’s what I sensed in the emotions that came up with it. Over time and time again, humanity has been dealing with the betrayal of love and the highest good for all. On personal levels, as well within a society or country. The pain and sorrow it caused is something we no longer can ignore.

If we want to heal our inner pain and regrets on a personal level, and betrayal is one of the lessons that needs to be addressed, we need to pay attention. Because betrayal is like a sword, it cuts both ways. Not just the one its inflicted on, the one who is inflicting the emotional wound is affected as well, maybe even more so.

It’s the opposite of loving yourself. It causes deep internal wounds as well with the attacker, or betrayer. We only have to take a look at the story of Judas, who is for a lot of people the personal symbol. What this story tells us as well, is how forgiveness is such an important part of the healing process.

As long as we blame some one else for betraying us, its difficult or maybe impossible to forgive. To be honest, it is the hardest thing to do it seems. Only if we want to heal our emotional wounds, the only way we can achieve it, is through love. Love for ourselves first probably even more important as to love some one else.

I think we all want to feel loved and be in harmony and balance with the outside world. If we are not in harmony within ourselves, how can we expect the outside world to treat us with love and respect. It is a two way street always in our connections with others. When we take a look at the emotions that erupt, where do we stand in the story.

The way I see it, we are responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Not just towards our environment, it all starts within. Some journeys are harder as others to learn through the emotional wounds how to heal and find this inner spark of love again. Some think the spark is gone, others feel the smoldering of the warmth of the spark.

To be able to let the spark light up again, we need to feed it in order to create this warm fire in our hearts again. Like plants need water our heart needs love. It needs tender care and nourishment in order to spark up our lives. The focus we need to bring in, is to accept the emotions and to address them as they come.

Taking baby steps at times, because you can only handle as much as you can chew. Yet by bringing in love and allowance, acceptance and awareness, it is possible to change the way you perceive the emotions. Like taking a little step back to oversee the situation. Or from a higher ground to get an overview. Do we blame someone for causing the emotional wound, for our emotional distress and pain.

By understanding that the ones who caused it, they are lacking of self -love and self-respect as well. If not, they would treat themselves as well the outside world with love and respect. As they would wanted to be treated. We have a choice, either see ourselves as a victim, or taking back the blame. By doing so, we take back our own responsibility.

Now by taking back the blame, the energy will shift. It will be a lot different to watch and sense your emotions around the event that created the pain. If we are able to bring in more love and understanding to start with ourselves, it will also effect the outside world.

It will create a space in your heart that opens up for love and respect for yourself. The more love can find its way, the lest need you will have to blame a situation you are in, a person creating you pain or sorrow. Love has a quality which is healing the emotional wounds. It has the quality of nourishing your self for what ever it is you need to feel loved and balanced again.

We can create ripples of love without blaming, we can create waves of forgiveness. All is connected with each other. So if you think you need to heal the world, start with your own inner world. That is the most important world you live in. You are the world as the world is a reflection of you. The way you perceive the world outside yourself is coming from this heartfelt place within.

Then love can work miracles. It makes it easier to take a step back and take back blame as well, in order to bring in forgiveness. Because this is liberating you from the hold emotional victim you have created. It is time to take a stand for yourself. Be proud of your inner world, and it will show to the outside world. Together we can move mountains if we unite with our inner Loving Heart.

And so it will be done.

Heartfelt Messages 30-01-2018
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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