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I feel the need to share and I thank you for this gift of sharing.

The energy of present is changing and evolving (as we are also) everything is in a form of exchange one of giving and receiving on all levels of understandings.
Be this on a physical level an emotional level an energy level and a soul level.

At these times we are able to understand that the universe - our divinity- our brothers and sisters both on and off world within all dimensions and all understandings
posses pieces if you like of the one truth the one understanding and this truth and understanding is also evolving and inter reacting on all levels of being.

We are all 1 we have heard this many times and it resonates within us because it speaks to the divine within each and every one of us.

We have all been on a great journey , A journey of great discovery - one that leads us closer ever closer to self realization of the self the (divine self) and to the understanding
of our true nature this is the understanding that we are not alone have never been alone (will never be alone) we are all realizing
that we are each and every one of us connected by LOVE to each and every marvelous creation that exists and is manifested within and without here and beyond past present and future.

It is an absolutely wonderful time to be .

At one time or another we have all felt small and we have found it differ cult to manifest change within our lives. I will say that we may not have been aware of the change but indeed
change has manifested and is manifesting RIGHT NOW (Take a moment to feel it) Go to your heart your center feel LOVE FEEL KINDNESS it is the either of the universe it is endless and abundant.

I know this fact in life (you are not small) in fact there are no small creations and I know this also You (YES YOU) have brought about the change that is manifesting right now within this reality.
Feel the love its everywhere .
If you at times find it differ cult to find this connection this will help you.
Go to your center - Think now of a moment past or present that embodies LOVE A parents embrace - The love shared with a partner or spouse-the love felt for a child or loved one- Hold this thought within your mind
Why do this ? Because this will take you back to that moment and in all essence you will be there allow the love of that moment to walk with you into your life and know that it is and will always be available to you
should you need it. These moments shared with each other past present and future are all connected through the fabric of the one.

If there is an answer to the question of life one that enc operates the myriad of understandings that lead one to the myriad of answers to all the questions there in then LOVE is indeed the answer.
Love is there has always been there and will always be there it can be many things and as divinity so often does it will answer the many questions to the many problems that exists within this realm of learning and understanding .

All we have to do is call upon it -work with it - talk with it- and you will find as I am also that eventually you will become one with it hereby connecting with the essence of everything and all .

If we are all honest with ourselves we will admit to ourselves that we are lonely we feel an emptiness within we try and fill this emptiness with
desire by the way of self gratifications through SEX or Objects of our desire MONEY -WEALTH - POWER ETC... Only after short felt gratifications we find ourselves back in the same place of origin with this feeling of loneliness
still prevailing.

We all know this to be true ( can you feel the change) I CAN you can also can you not !

There is a lightness within the air.

LOOK to the MOON look at how clear it has become one can see the creators and surface just with the naked eye.
LOOK to the environment and our magnificent Gaia her majestic beauty.
LOOK to the colors all around you ARE THEY NOT BRIGHTER do they not seem fluorescent and vibrant.
LOOK to the hearts of Men and our cherished Women There emotional states are elevated and overflowing with positive energy and emotion.
Many a Man today will be overcome with emotion over a movie or a special moment indeed the energy is changing and we are all the creators of this change.

Do not look for what you deem as major changes within the economy or the governments even though they are there yes. But LOOK towards the seemingly smaller things around and within you for this is the major changes that will manifest the most change as they are the manifested results of your actions of your feelings of your LOVE.

You are the reason for the wonderful change occurring you YOU YOU YOU and I thank you for your efforts.

So be excited my brothers and sisters and be loving for love will indeed lead you to your divine path and understanding.

At this time there are a myriad of paths available to each and everyone of us because the planet and in fact the universe is constantly evolving
so to are a myriad of tools if you like becoming available at every moment we are all TEACHERS and at other times Students each and everyone of us possesses the God spark and are fully qualifies if you like to pass on the myriad of our
experiences and knoll age , Every experience that you undergo has yet to be experienced by another soul this makes or puts if you like you into the unique position to pass this great knoll age on to another thereby elevating your consciousness and helping to
elevate another.
For this very reason we are here and the knoll age acquired will pass to the collective consciousness where by it will aid the universe in the upliftment of the consciousness within the known universe and beyond.
Just as it will perform the same task here within the 3d actually 3 1/2-4th dimension were we are coexisting at present.

Do not be shy to share what you have accumulated as it is a wondrous and very unique thing that will aid others now matter how small you may think it is .
Indeed it is the smallest things that manifest the greatest of changes. We can only look to science to see that truth The smaller one looks to the level of capability one finds more there is to see.

Try all that presents itself to you trust your divinity and work with love and you cannot but excel and ever elevate .


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Comment by Lynette Williams on July 30, 2012 at 10:09am

Dear William

Thank you, that is beautiful, Love Lynette

Comment by Patrizia on July 30, 2012 at 11:25am

Thanks William, you touched my heart...eyes closed, with the nose up in the air to smell...LOVE, that is and always will be the FUEL for ALL the Life of everything and everyone!

Love and Gratitude


Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on July 30, 2012 at 1:53pm

Comment by viracocha patchacutie pachacamac on July 31, 2012 at 7:26am

this is love supreme...suplove

infinite blessings

infinite gratitude

Comment by Faith Jacobs on July 31, 2012 at 8:43am

Thank you William for sharing, this was a very interesting read.

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on August 1, 2012 at 8:56am

Thank you William for this beautiful message. Yes, the change that is happening is within us.

Many blessings, Ishema


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