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Our experiences lead us to the divine path of understanding our true nature (Here is one of mine)

I am resisting as a blog Maybe you have experiences that you would like to share.

An experience that I underwent when I was 12 years old.

I was meant too be at school but had decided that going for a ride on my brothers motorcycle as a passenger was to take priority.

So I jumped on the back behind my brother and of we went motoring down the hill as we came around the corner just in front of the School a car flew around the corner there was no time to do anything it was a Holden and we were on a motorcycle it was a very bad accident .

I was conscious through the entire event my leg was crushed between the bumper and the motorcycle the collective collision speed was over 140 miles per hour .

I remember flying through the air and landing on the road about 100 feet down the road (In fact right out side the school) My leg was hanging of and there where several compound fracture where the bone had broken and penetrated the leg the leg was hanging on from a little skin and flesh there were also other breaks many of them. The artery had been severed and blood was everywhere.

I saw my brother lying in a position that looked unnatural so I dragged my self to his side and called out to him over and over .

The dental nurse had heard the crash and was in a panic she kept calling get an ambulance get an ambulance the blood oh my god.

I can remember feeling a great warmth come over me and I started to float at first inside my self then it was as though I was starting to leave the body.

Just then a great old man appeared with a great big white beard I mean it was huge zz top had nothing on this guy He He .

He rested his hand upon my head and I started to feel heavy again and I was overtaken by horrific pain pain and the feeling of being sick.

The man asked if he could take the pain away I nodded and then there was no pain at all and the bleeding stopped .

Who are you I asked but he did not answer he just smiled .

The dental nurse was screaming oh my god he is dying I looked at the old man and asked him am I dying he shook his head and smiled its not your time he said.

The dental nurse held my hand and started to cry, Its OK I said I am not going to die shhhhh sweety she said where is that dam ambulance.

We lived many miles from a city and the ambulance took over an hour to arrive.

When they did apparently the morphine was low and my brother thankfully was awake and literally screaming in pain as he had a broken hip and a low pain threshold. They insisted that I took the morphine however I declined and insisted that my brother had it stating that I was in no pain. Both the Ambulance drivers were talking to each other and I remember mom arriving holding my hand . I'm OK mom the old man is looking after me its OK and I comforted her and my brother through the entire trip to the Hamilton Hospital.

The ambulance driver was saying that in all his years he had never seen anything like this and that it was a miracle I should be dead and that I was coherent was another miracle.

We got to the hospital and the doctors took over hit me with morphine and that was it I woke up in Hospital where I remained for 3 months and I underwent about 9 opp orations and 4 skin grafts the old man hung around for about 2 weeks and we talked about all sorts of things.

I was going to lose the leg then out of the blue a expert turned up and I was given new procedures and titanium or the like pins about 13 of them through the leg to hold it together white it healed .

It did great there is a lot of scaring but I don't even walk with a limp.

Oh some years later I found a picture of the old man he was a guy called Abdul Baha He was the profit of the Baha'i Faith.

Thanks for listening it feels good to share .

Only told that story about 3 times in my life oops 4 times now :0)

Love William

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Comment by Anita Marie Anderson on August 9, 2012 at 4:39pm

What a Wonderful story! Thank you William for sharing.


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