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Although it's been sort of a tough week, with many lower energy moments, I've been able to connect fairly easily when I do so. I've been meditating daily, and having conversations with my guides as well.

Today I revisited my time spiral to see if anything new had come forward. In my recent blog post I had released what I thought and felt were the last of my shadows in need of clearing, but I still feel compelled to look periodically.

I entered the spiral and saw the beautiful flowing golden light I saw the last moment I was there. Archangel Michael had to point out a young girl crouched down and curled up. She was no shadow, she was glowing with beautiful energy.

I approached her and asked who she is and what she is doing. She said she has been waiting for me. She is my daughter in this lifetime, and she has been with me in many lifetimes.

She was pretty deep in my time spiral indicating to me, this lifetime was "long ago." We talked for a bit and embraced each other with deep love and compassion. I asked how long she had been waiting, and the answer was that it has been an eternity, and yet, like just yesterday. (Weird thing this non-linear time...).

I asked her to show me what happened. We walked out of a lush jungle of foliage on a pathway into a beautiful meadow. I've seen this meadow in my mind many times before. In the meadow as a space ship. Apparently, I boarded the ship, and never returned to her or her mother.

I have had strong, even extreme, reactions to anything related to abandonment or the idea of that related to her. It has been one of my big issues in this life (current). I'm not sure if this abandonment continued for multiple lifetimes or not, but it has certainly haunted me in this one.

I feel like this experience has cleared that for me. It has made it even more crystal clear to me that I will never abandon her again. It has also made it clear that I must cherish the moments I have with her as well.

I asked her if she wanted to visit Agartha, so I assumed my dragon form, she got on my back, and away we went to the crystal temple I visited before. It was nice way to conclude my meditation.

I've added this last bit later as I forgot about it until after I posted this. I need to say that I had a very hard time forgiving myself for this. I almost didn't as a matter of fact. I spent a lot of time wallowing in this feeling of regret. At one point in this, hundreds of beings came forward. All of them were me in past/other lives, and seeing myself in many different clothes and forms pushed me over the edge of forgiveness. How could I not forgive myself when all of me was standing around me and my daughter was asking me to do it as well? As I said earlier, I've struggled with this for a long time, and I've even had Archangel Ariel show me having committed suicide in the future due to this issue not being resolved and happening again.

This is powerful stuff!

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Comment by jan marie price on June 12, 2014 at 11:33pm

Hi so would this come up naturally for people, if and when needed, as I have been clearing, on many levels for a long time. I am aware of raises in frequencies, and see Asceneded ones, etc, and Archangel michael, often, I just wondered what you thought of the male image that appeared to me in church several Sunday's ago, he just stood to my left as if within my aurci field he was siloette, or in shadow like form, and wondered what was going on.

One of my students also had a self-part of her come out of her body and walk towards my window, so there is lots occuring. 

Thanks if you can share any light on this.

I am Jan marie

Comment by Paul Lange on June 13, 2014 at 7:38am

Hi Jan Marie,

The time spiral is a visualization technique I learned from my spiritual counselor as a way to discover aspects of myself/lifetimes that were unresolved and thus "shadows" to be cleared and cleaned up. Some of these unresolved issues are from lifetimes where I did horrible things and wasn't able to forgive myself, or horrible things were done to me and I couldn't forgive those that perpetrated or allowed that to happen. Honestly it could be ANYTHING from ANY lifetime or experience.

What you saw as a shadow may not be at all what I have called a shadow. I have seen "shadow spirits" before, just sitting on my bed at night. I wasn't frightened because I didn't feel anything that would make me fearful. Appearing in this way doesn't necessarily mean bad or evil. It could just mean a message is being conveyed to you in a way that will make you take notice.

I haven't been doing many psychic readings lately, so I don't really want to figure out what this particular one means for you. I read most of your blog posts and you mentioned that most of the time the beings you see don't talk to you. It's fairly rare that people get clairaudience messages when spiritual beings talk to them. It takes a lot of energy and focus to send these messages and not everyone will "hear" them. I get my "spoken" messages (with a few exceptions) telepathically in words/thoughts. I've learned to differentiate those thoughts from my own most of the time.

If you don't trust yourself to differentiate your own thoughts from those coming from your guides and angels, you could ask for the answer when you are asleep and dreaming. I have received answers this way, especially when I am being a little slow and not listening with my heart-mind or paying attention to the thoughts that aren't my own. Michael is the best Angelic talker for me so far, and he joyfully provides this guidance for me.

To answer your question about how these things to clear come forward, I think it is different for everyone. I get nudges and if I ignore those, I usually get hit over the head with a big life event that I can't ignore. This isn't always pleasant... Once I started proactively seeking out clearing and following the guidance of my angels and guides, I am presented with those I should deal with next. Michael is usually the one to do so, but not always.

I hope that helps a little. :)

Comment by jan marie price on June 13, 2014 at 11:47am

Hi Paul,

I do here, from time to time, it is usually my child, or one who calls mum, and I do readings for people, where the angels present varying communications, as if the person needs healing etc, it is quite funny as they commune in differing ways, or will present energies for me to work with, or should say have formed a way to work out symbols, energetics,or when I do healing on others,I will see in their body where the energy is blocked.  The most exciting times is drawing the negative, debris off, and seeing the differing forms that takes, from black smog, to grey plumes, one young Indian woman came and I was working over her third eye, as a part of the session, and when this energy begun to release, it came out in small tufts, of grey smoke it reminded me of a small steam train sending out plumes.

I have noted a clarification in communication over the last several years, and a deeper awareness of expression.

Blessings paul


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