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Maybe it's just from experiencing thousands of years of incarnations, but it sure seems like there have been a lot of skeletons in the closet waiting to be acknowledged and cleaned up.

In my last clearing effort, I entered into my timeline spiral again with my dragon, archangel, and galactic friends (some of them being aspects of myself). I can honestly say I only saw three shadows of incarnations past, that were ready to be acknowledged.

I approached each in turn, and spoke about what events had trapped them, keeping them from self forgiveness and love. The three had distinct personalities and stories.

The first I encountered was a Catholic priest. I couldn't tell exactly what timeline period this incarnation was from, but it appeared to be awhile ago (in linear time). When we dug into the core reasons for his entrapment, it came down to lying, and those lies caused great pain for many people. We were able to work through that and set him free.

The second encountered was as an Elf incarnation before the veil descended. I am well aware of this incarnation from other clearings I've done. This is also a being that has been around in mediations, but has kept his distance and has been quite aloof. In this case, it really came down to addressing the rift between him and the remainder of the elves in the fairy kingdom, and with humans, for a betrayal long ago. When this resolved, the fairies came out of the woodwork and celebrated. This aspect of myself is now all smiles when he joins me in meditations.

The third and last one is what we would call a Reptilian. He was, shall we say, pissed off and full of hatred. I asked him why, and it came down to some ancient conflict in a galaxy far, far, away, where his family was killed, bad things happened, and pretty much the same story as is told with most wars. Having my Pleiadian higher-self aspect of myself present, seemed to cause some aggravation, as I'm guessing this war would have pitted each on opposite sides, so I talked to him about this, and made some progress. I got him to hold my hands so he could feel that lightness wouldn't "hurt him." Then his deceased family showed up, and the whole thing lightened up greatly. With their appearance, and support from them, he was changed and ready to go.

With these three clearings done, I looked around and could see no more shadows. Instead the spiral was glowing with golden light swirling about like a slow tornado.

After this I asked Archangel Michael if we had really cleared all the shadows from my timeline, and he agreed that we had. I asked if the golden light would clear anything that might "pop-up" and he said that if that was my intention, that it would.

When I do my pillar of Iridescent Flame mediations, I envision this pillar passing through my timeline spiral, and Michael agreed that this is a great way to envision this.

He also said that more shadows may come forward, but that they are mirrors of shadows other people are clearing, people I know, or have known in this and other lifetimes. Basically when they work through issues that I am somehow associated with in any way, those issues/shadows will be mirrored. These are not my burden to address, and the Iridescent Flame would clear them anyway (if needed).

I feel like these last clearings were a little too easy. I hope it's just because I've been doing so many, that it's simply become much easier to do. It also feels a little weird that there aren't more sitting there waiting for me to acknowledge them, but I have been clearing some every time I meditate, so maybe I shouldn't be that surprised.

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