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Share your love and be loved

Share your love and be loved. This is a phrase I see on a daily basis. At first it was posted on the wall in our former home when entering our home. Now it is on my table, next to the lights and cards I received after Herman made his transition. At one point it was placed somewhere else and I missed it, so placed it back again on the table. Why is this so important to me? How important is this also in our relationship with each other as well, between the two of us. The importance of having this inner relationship within ourselves as a result of sharing our love for one another.

Even still today years later, sometimes a remark remembers me of something or a period in our life that wasn’t always easy. It is shown in the way people can judge and keep holding on to a believe or grudge they hold. First thing I learned was the importance to let go of grudges, for it always was obstructing my flow of freely love and care.

It didn’t matter if it was something that was connected to someone else or something I did. Holding a grudge is obstructive. It will always cast a shadow. More importantly even when other people hold a grudge against me, the negative energy can influence my own well-being. So to me it is very important to let go of any grudges I might hold.

To know we all are on our journey together and connected with each other, makes a big difference as well. Over the years with every encounter I have had, either with family members or at work, what tends to stick is the negativity by treatment. When this isn’t done out of Love, we all get bruised along the way.

We choose our family and our parents because from soul’s perspective they are the most qualified to teach us to expand our qualities and learn from life experiences through the fear, anger, sorrow, insecurity that only one thing matters at the end. Love is and will always be the only key. Maybe not through our lifetime we are always able to learn, how to let go and release those anxiety emotions or fears of being betrayed, hurt in any way.

Sometimes we have these intense and hectic experiences that works like a slap on the wrist or a highlight, in order to wake up. Sometimes illness and death create these turn around life time experience. Going through this whole process of letting go of abilities and working through every layer backwards, it will leave us naked and bared.

Yet when the heart is filled with love, we can also embrace every encounter and even the little precious moments that bring in the joy and gratitude at the same time. For those are the moments when you love and share it with your loved ones. In return they will give back the love they hold for you.

So: share your love and be loved.

And so it will be
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©
Heartfelt Messages 3-5-2016

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