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The call for help, from one individual

Arises the call for ONE, riding Dragon steeds

Into battle, ONE and ALL

To light the fires in this time of need

Stoking the flames in the hearts of souls so black

We free ourselves, never to go back

So be it!


I decided that the catalyst for action was too great not to initiate a call to battle, whatever that would actually mean. It was a call to those that would participate, both physical and spiritual. While the number of people responding to this call via facebook was small, the number that responded in spirit was extremely large.

This is my recount of what happened for me.

This was no "ordinary" meditation, but then most of meditation experiences aren't what most consider "normal." I called forth and stoked the fire of the iridescent flame to get my energies flowing. When prepared for anything, and when called to action, this is basically instantaneous. I will describe this as what I said, and what I saw, rather than in generalizations.

"I AM the Iridescent Flame, it burns in all aspects of me, in all dimensions, and all timelines" (I see the flames flowing all around and within me, licking upward several feet above my head).

"I AM the Iridescent pillar of light" (I see the brilliant pillar of light extend up and down, with a sphere of glowing light around me).

(I "flip on" my chakras and active the Instant Sun and see my chakras grow in brilliance.)

"I acknowledge Gaia Sophia and Mother Earth. She grounds me, heals me, and keeps me safe." (I see vines and flowers grow around my legs and torso, her green energy flowing. I see her beautiful goddess self before me, holding my hands with a knowing smile and twinkle in her eyes.)

"I acknowledge the Elementals, Earth which gives us form, Water which fills our veins, Air which brings us oxygen, and Fire which warms my body and electrifies my being, and Ether which holds my spirit. I ask that you support all beings and Gaia in this event."

"I acknowledge the Crystal Realm and my body vibrates in unison to the song of the crystals in Gaia and in the many temples."

"I acknowledge the pyramids and temples of power and those of Atlantis to activate and share their light."

"I acknowledge and open the faery portal. I invite all Faeries to come forward and participate in this event" (I see thousands of Faeries flow through the portal flying around me in all different colors and forms).

"Faeries, I ask you to take whatever roles and forms you wish and to share your love, joy and laughter with ALL."

"I acknowledge and open the Dragon portal and invite all Dragons of love and light to come forward and participate in this event" (I see Dragons streaming through the portal as stretched and streaming light transforming into Dragon forms and flying around the area).

"Dragons, I ask you to fill the pillar of light with Dragon fire and to participate in this event in concert with the Archangels" (I see the Dragons blowing Dragon Fire into the pillar of light).

"I acknowledge and open the Ascension Portal" (I see the portal open above me). "This portal will welcome all ready to ascend, and cleanse those that need help."

"I acknowledge Sjernafina (faery), and invite her to anchor though physical" (I see a rainbow of light as this aspect of myself anchors into my body and chakras).

(Note, that I am formalizing and streamlining this "Role Call" as part of the overall intention of going to battle as a Light Warrior and Archangel, as opposed to the experience of anchoring and flowing energy, which is what I normally do. Sorry it's so long...)

"I AM Sjernafina (she is speaking) and I acknowledge the Elf Talliander with his blue light and ask him to join us in physical" (I see his blue light join in and feel his presence in my body). "May you bring your joyful spirit and nimble quickness to this event."

"I AM Talliander, and it is with gratitude and joy I join this merry band of light. I acknowledge Dragon ********* (Luna) with her luminous iridescent flames ask her to join us in physical to share her power and wisdom in this event" (I see her flames magnify the already intense energy and feel her immense being fill my body).

"I AM ********* (Luna) and I greet the many Dragons that have joined us tonight. It is with great honor to serve on this mission. I acknowledge ********* (Obsidian) and his deep purple and diamond flames, as well as Dragons Ruby, and Emerald. I also acknowledge the Lord of Dragons and Gaia's Golden Dragon whom we shall join, and follow her lead." (I see each of these Dragons nod/bow in their acknowledgment and imply their agreement and intent on this mission). "I acknowledge Commander Arryn of the Pleiades Command and ask him to join in physical." (I see Arryn's aqua ray of light mix with the energy as he settles into my body).

"I AM Arryn and I acknowledge the galactic fleets and ask for their support on this mission of liberation and freedom of Gaia and humanity. We shall support with our ships and light for ALL and assist in the safe transport of those in need and those requiring healing. We will work together with the Archangels to accomplish our mission." (I see the ships lighting up and I call to Helios Lightship One and feel a jolt of energy beaming from her). "I acknowledge the Atlantean Priest (I don't know his name yet) and ask him to join in physical." (I feel his presence join into my oneness).

"I AM "this" Priest from Atlantis, and I join you on this mission to reverse the fall of Atlantis and free Gaia and humanity from the cycle of shadows. I bring my knowledge and wisdom to bear. I acknowledge Tylund the Druid and ask him to join in physical" (I feel another shift and see an old druid merge in).

"I AM Tylund, and I bring the knowledge of alchemy and wizardry to this mission (said with an Irish accent). I acknowledge "The Shaman" and ask him to join in physical" (I see an aboriginal Shaman come forward).

"I AM the shaman, I AM nature and the universe. I travel in time and I AM a shapeshifter. I will take whatever form necessary to fulfill my role in this event" (I see him shapeshift into a black panther). "I acknowledge the American Indian brave riding a spirit horse, with bow in hand. He is fearless and I invite him to participate in this mission and to learn" (I see him riding a paint horse glowing and translucent). "I acknowledge Nina the Unicorn and ask her to invite all Unicorns to participate" (I see her prancing into the area glowing with a rainbow of light).

"I acknowledge the Archangels and Archangel Everian."

"I AM Archangel Everian (he was already merged), I have called forth this event and I invite Archangel Michael's legions of angels to come forth and participate" (I see many thousands of angels appear and circle the area). "It is with an open and loving heart that I greet you and ask of your service. I acknowledge Archangel Michael and embody his Blue Flames to merge with the iridescent flame. I acknowledge Archangel Gabriel and embody his love and wisdom. I acknowledge Archangel Raphael and embody his emerald ray, I acknowledge Archangel Sandalphon and his galactic bridge, and embody his aquamarine flames. I acknowledge Archangel Metatron and embody his Platinum flames. I acknowledge Archangel Arielle and embody her pink flames of love and protection. I also acknowledge our friends and cohorts, Archangel Aeris and Archangel Amoran and welcome them in this event." (see each Archangel in turn smiling and glowing brightly with light and returning a greeting in acknowledgement.)

"I acknowledge the Ascended Masters St. Germain and Sananda. I ask St. Germain to fill the pillar of light and each of us with the Violet Flame and I ask Sananda to fill the pillar with the Golden Flame of unconditional love. I unconditionally love myself and all of humanity and Gaia."

"I acknowledge Arak and ask him to join in physical" (I see and feel Arak anchor into physical and spread his golden wings).

"I AM Arak and I join this mission, igniting the golden light of my being to flow fully and lovely for the benefit of Gaia and humanity. I acknowledge the God and Goddess of my being and the Gods and Goddesses present with us this night as well as Source and the Creator within ALL. It is with great joy that I return the floor to Archangel Everian to continue."

"I (AA Everian) welcome all participants to this mission. I start this event by calling forth the individual that has asked for our help" (I see her take form above the hot tub and centered in the ascension portal). "With the combined energies of myself and all of the company of heaven gathered here tonight, she is protected and filled with love and light to heal her with ease and grace. The ascension portal and the violet flames purify her bodies and dissolve any and all hindrances to her health and ascension (I see her glowing brightly with many colors of light). We invite her to participate in spirit riding her purple dragon and empowered as her angelic self" (I see her assume mastery of herself and fill with intention and purpose).

"I ask for the guidance of the company of heaven regarding the next step in this event" (I am inspired with guidance as described below).

"Join together in Gaia's center" (I/we appear inside Gaia/Agartha).

"I ask you to encircle Gaia's Crystal Core and channel all of our combined LOVE and POWER to her being" (I see thousands upon thousands of beings of all types described above completely surrounding the core and Gaia Sophia's Golden Dragon (at the core) reaching many layers thick, all radiating powerfully at the same time).


"May this joyous chorus of energy permeate all aspects of Gaia in all dimensions and timelines, and leave no stone and no heart untouched. There is nothing but LOVE and LIGHT and there is nowhere for darkness to reside" (I see Gaia radiating this energy outward in all directions and bursting forth through her crust and outward into space).

"Gaia Sophia, Send this energy throughout the universe to  merge with the heavenly bodies of planets and stars, to fill the ships and beings in all dimensions, and to flow to source and back" (I see this energy flowing instantaneously in all directions throughout the universe).

"Dragons, I ask each of you to go to an individual (human or otherwise) that has not been able to see themselves for who they truly are, and need help getting the spark of LOVE burning in their heart" (I see the dragons flying off in all directions). "May your Dragon Fire ignite the spark of divinity and love within their heart and stoke the flames of LOVE such that they cannot ignore their true self any longer."

"With the power of St. Germain's Violet Flame, we fill each person's (being's) heart with the power of transmutation such that fear and darkness dissolves."

"With the power of Archangel Michael's Blue Flame of truth, we fill each person's heart and mind with the knowledge of their true self."

"With the power of Sananda's Golden Flames of Unconditional Love, we fill each person's heart, and the newfound understanding of self with unconditional love of self."

"Archangels and angels of all types, I ask you to escort these beings to be cleansed and loved by Gaia, to release their pain and sorrow. I ask you to escort them to the waiting ships where they can continue healing before returning as beings ready for the New Earth and ascension."

"Archangels and Dragons, I ask that ALL beings that refuse to see their own light be held in loving embrace and the Violet Flame and the grace of God return them to source."

"Archangels and Dragons, I ask that ALL beings that are destined to continue in the cycle of reincarnation be held in loving embrace and that our galactic brothers and sisters encase them in protection for transport to their new world of learning and experience."

(I see examples of each of these actions taking place one-by-one as beings are helped in the way they need it most, while it happens simultaneously for ALL involved.)

"I ask that all Archangels return to Gaia's Crystal Core."

(I see all Archangels surround the core and kneel, placing the tip of their swords into the surface of Gaia's Crystal Core, and with great energy of LOVE and LIGHT we bless her and give thanks to her, and for the wisdom that there was no battle. Our swords are a focal point of energy, and they were not needed in combat for the light emanating from the Company of Heaven and from Gaia herself is what was needed to accomplish this mission).

With the completion of this mission, I returned to my hot tub and just sat in the water enjoying the very high energies still pulsing throughout it. I did NOT separate from myself in different aspects, but rather stayed in a unified form as one.

I thanked all of the participants for their roles in this event and called out the Faeries and Unicorns in particular for their amazing demonstrations of joy.

All participants played important roles, even though I did not "see" all of them or the extent to which they fulfilled their roles.

As I basked in the energy, I could feel the pull of the ascension portal, and the souls flowing past me into it. I relaxed and visualized my body streaming into the portal as individual streams of molecules, each glowing with light. Sort of like the a crew member on Star Trek dematerializing on the transporter. I knew I wasn't physically ascending per se, but my body continues to become more and more lightened with every passing moment.

I stated "I intend, and create, that we jump to the timeline of ascension. That the New Earth is filled with peace, infinite prosperity for all, and that all live in love and joy. So be it!"

I ended my meditation with decrees that the energy and light heal my body and be in grace for the night. I went to bed unified and feeling great.

I honestly didn't know what would happen in this event, and I fully expected the potential for an actual "battle," more in line with the image at the top than the image below. But I've been learning that the time for battle is over, that love and light is what is needed at this time.


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Comment by gulden brown on November 13, 2014 at 4:37am

blessings dear brother :) love-light-always



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